“…Why are you looking lethargic?”

Amane looked lifeless as he slumped into the sofa, and Mahiru was mystified.

“I was curious about Kadowaki’s daily training, so I tried doing the same.”

Oh, I see…Mahiru muttered so in response to his weary words, and sat at the empty seat next to him.

“I guess the track team’s training methods might be too much for me now…I nearly fell asleep in the bath.”

“That really is dangerous. You should be careful.”

Amane groaned at Mahiru’s reproach, and leaned completely into the sofa.

He merely did Yuuta’s usual training in the spur of the moment, and ended up in this ugly state. He was physically worn out, and the muscle aches tormented him to a point where he felt his body did not belong to him.

Mahiru showed a wry smile at Amane’s weary self, it is good to work hard, but you have to proceed in order and adapt slowly, so she lectured as she caressed his head.

Usually, it was Amane who patted her head, but this time, the roles were reversed, which left him very conflicted. The force and manner in which she did so felt very comforting, so he let her be.

He lost the strength to resist, probably because he was too tired. Given that it was the one he liked doing so, he was more agitated than displeased.

He started to feel sleepy in Mahiru’s caress, and carelessly leaned on her shoulder. He felt it might be bad to do so, but she merely smiled. Her breath felt ticklish to him.

“You really are tired. Here here, you may fawn all you want.”

“…Don’t spoil me like this. And don’t try to pull a fast one on me.”

“I am merely taking care of you though? And it does seem like you started it this time, Amane-kun.”

Amane could not refute this, and tried to struggle. Mahiru smiled as she had him lean on her.

“You can simply fawn around, no? I can give you my lap.”

“Stop spoiling me rotten…”

“But you are already rotten, no?”

“Shut up…I’m working hard, see?”

“Yes, you are working hard, Amane-kun.  A lot had happened over the past half year. You have worked hard in have done well in studies and sports,  I do feel it is a must to rest a little.”

“…How can I rest well on a lap pillow?”

“You say so when you slept so soundly.”

“…T-that’s because…I was tired.”

Mahiru had no intention to spare Amane, for she giggled and answered,

“You can ‘rest’ lots today then. That is good, no?”

The smile looked so bashful to him, and yet a little infuriating, so he pursed his lips, and pressed towards Mahiru.

She did not seem to be suffering even with his weight upon her, and her voice showed joy and exhilaration.

“Oh, finally willing to fawn around?”

“…Whatever you say.”

“I suppose so.”

Mahiru let Amane lean on him as she gently caressed his head with one hand, the other hand on his palm. He buried his face into her shoulder, wanting to hide his embarrassment.

After that, you are really red, Mahiru muttered at his ear as she continued to pet him, and his face and ears were all red, exposed before her. Hhe could only grit his teeth  and endure so.

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