Mahiru usually would not listen to music in general, even when studying. At most, she would listen to classical music or Western music, and she was not familiar with trending music. She only knew of such tunes whenever she heard them on TV.

Despite that, recently, she would listen to some music.

To summize, it was a song that Amane would occasionally hear on a TV concert, and she took a liking to it.

(…Even I think she’s simple-minded.)

She would listen to whatever the person she was fond of was listening, and while the shame crept in little by little because of her cute motive, it was not a bad thing to be interested in something new.

Fortunately, the song was not so intense tune that Mahiru had difficulty singing. It was one that a well-maintained female voice could expressi, and she felt comfortable listening to it, so naturally, she memorized it.

And then she could not help but hum.

“…don’t take it seriously, Mahiru.”

Mahiru, who was preparing dinner in the kitchen, heard a voice from behind.

She turned around and saw Amane, who appeared to have returned from the supermarket, carrying an eco-friendly bag full of things, looking impressed at her.

“I’ve never heard you sing before, but you’re good.”

“…Eh, erm, sing?”

“Well, yeah. You were singing just now, weren’t you? It’s the song I always listen to.”

The moment Mahiru was told that she sang, she couldn’t help but look around frantically with her hands cupping her mouth. It seemed she neither wanted to sing, nor did she have any memory of doing so.,.

But since it was Amane, who had never heard her sing, who pointed this out, the logical conclusion would be that she unwittingly started to sing..

Surely one would feel very bashful when others were to overhear her singing while she did not intend to. It was not that she was bad at it, and she did attain perfect scores in her elementary and middle school, but being embarrassed was a different matter.

Furthermore, she sang a tune Amane liked, and it obviously showed his influence.

“No, erm…I was humming, unintentionally.”

“Well, yeah. That’s why it’s great. It’s the first time I’ve heard you sing, and it’s great.”

“Please do not say that…forget about it.”

“What’s wrong with that…you don’t like to let others hear you sing?”

“I hate the fact that I was heard even though I did not practice it. I am not good enough to be appreciated by others.”

“I see. Then practice for me to hear it, and then sing it to me when you are good enough to be heard.”

Amane said, not too stubbornly, as he patted Mahiru’s head and put the ingredients into the fridge. Mahiaru’s lips quivered and pursed because of the embarrassing words and ticklish feeling.

(Do you know, this is a song that secretly conveys love to the person you like?)

Lyrics aside, the important point was that Amane, who heard that, squinted his eyes, and curled his lips into a smile..

“…One day, I’ll sing properly.”

Amane quietly muttered this confession so that nobody else could hear him.


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