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Thank you everyone for raising your questions. It’s been a joy to read and answer them!


The answer part is actually divided by word count.


The questions are copy and pasted, but I added line breaks and punctuation for easier reading. Please understand.


Also, I shall surmise similar questions together.


Now then, let’s start answering:


Q: A question for Amane and Mahiru. How many children do you intend to have?


A: “C-children…?”


“Well, I want a boy and a girl. Mahiru’s fine with any number…but it’s not good to burden her too much. If possible, I hope that my salary will be enough to handle the numbers.”


“…You really planned for this.”


“Well, it’s a matter of forming a family with the one I love…”




They want two. Any more, they need to discuss.


Q: A question to every character that appeared. What are your birthdays?

A: Mahiru is December 6th, Amane is November 8th, Itsuki’s April 3rd, and Chitose’s May 5th. I just decided so.


Q: A question to Mahiru-chan! When exactly did you start to fancy Amane-kun?


A: “…I really cannot say when, but…I suppose it started at the end of the year, when I viewed Amane-kun as a male. I did have a good impression on his character prior to that.”


Q: A question to Amane-kun. What’s your favorite egg dish? When Mahiru-san makes them, of course.


A: “Dashimaki. That’s definitely number 1.”


Q: A question to Mahiru-san. What is the one dish you are most confident in and what Amane-kun to eat? What is the most troublesome dish?


A: “Dashimaki eggs. I am confident I can create the flavor Amane-kun likes. The most troublesome dish…if they are really troublesome, I suppose we could eat out. As for dishes I can make at home, probably Kakuni pork? Amane-kun loves to eat Kakuni pork in winter, with the excess fat removed, slowly simmering over a stove.”


Q: Whispers (What’s your opinion on the phenomenon when reviews suddenly increase after the number of chapters exceeds the number of reviews?)


A: “Of course, I’m very grateful to everyone, but…? (Troubled) what’s going on(whispers)?”


Q: A question to Mahiru-san.


>>“You do not seem interested in people like me.” Taken from Chapter 15 – The Angel’s Grace?


That was what you said. Are you still worried about this issue now?


A: “…Not really…I have thoroughly understood now that Amane-kun loves me…”


Q: A question for Amane-kun. Please tell me what’s the cutest scene of Mahiru-chan you’ve seen so far!


A: “Well, she’s cute no matter what she does…but if I have to choose, maybe the time when we fell asleep together? The defenseless sleeping face really was adorable.”




Q: A question to Itsuki. When did the ‘Kick Amane’s back’ group start?


A: “Nn, personally, I’d say it’s when Shiina-san was on better terms with Chii. That’s when I had a thought that there’s definitely hope for him! Sorta.”


Q: A question to both Amane and Mahiru. Was there a time when a sudden gesture caused your minds to go blank?


A: “…When Mahiru was being aggressive, I guess? I thought she wouldn’t be that driven after all.”


“…W-Whenever, erm, Amane-kun…pushed me down, I would space out.”


Q: A question to Mahiru. What did you first like Amane about?


A: “…Well, I suppose it was when he would pay proper attention to me, and respect me. His looks, reputation and abilities did not matter. He was able to see me as I was, and this was when I was captivated by him.”


Q: A question to Amane-kun and Mahiru-chan.


You never managed to mention it to Mahiru-chan, but have you ever hoped that she would dress up differently (like clothes, hairstyle, cosplay) ? And now that you’re hearing it, how would you answer, Mahiru-chan?


A: “Clothing wise…I think it’s fine for Mahiru to wear what she wants to wear…you want me to give my opinion? Well, even if you ask…”


“How about the open back sweater that’s trendy recently?”


“I think it suits her but I can’t just ask that!”


“Ehhh? I think Shiina-san will wear it for your sake, right?”


“I can’t just do that. Would you ask Chitose to wear that?”


“Hm? Ah, I mentioned that to Chii offhandedly…but it’s just so sad.”


“Don’t mention that in front of Chitose. You’ll get beaten up.”


“Relax, I got beaten up.”


“Did you just say that again!?”


“…I’ll talk with Ikkun later. Anyway, Mahirun.”


“…Th-that might be too…”


“Uu, that’s a pity. Ahh, a sweater with a hole in front that reveals the cleavage. How about that?”


“That is the same thing!”


Q: A question to the classmates. How did you feel when you first saw Amane-kun and Mahiru-chan flirting together? I want to hear the opinions of both the boys and the girls.


A: “Well, they’re on such good terms…well, actually, we can’t bring ourselves to be jealous. We’re healed by how happy they are.”


“And thank goodness Shiina-san does not have eyes for other boys.”


“I can tell that Fujimiya-kun really likes Shiina-san. I too want to be treasured like that.”


“I’m so jealous.”




“Unforgivable…but Shiina-san’s happy, so forget about it…”


“Hmm? It’s great that they’re happy. I want a girlfriend I can be lovey-dovey with.”


“Kadowaki’s guilty.”




Q: A question for Mahiru and Amane. If you want to go on a trip, where shall it be?


A:  “…A trip? Well, I guess a hot spring or something like that should be fine during the cold weather.”




“Watching the red leaves under the lights and having an open air bath feels nice too…Mahiru?”


“N-no, it is nothing. Erm…I-I am a little nervous because I thought we would be bathing together.”


“……, ……no, I don’t mean anything in particular. It’s just that I feel it’ll be nice to relax at a resort ! I mean, you usually get quite fatigued, Mahiru!”




“……Do you want to bathe with me?”

“……About that, we have to talk.”


Q: A question for Mahirun, how much of a difference is there between the first and second in your year?


A: “I guess it does differ from time to time, but most of the time, about 20 points or so…I guess. Amane-kun has been closing in recently. I cannot let my guard down.


Q: A question for Mahiru. How tall and heavy are you?


A: “I am 156cm tall. Weight-wise…this is not a question to ask a female.”


“She’s lighter than Chitose.”


“Chitose-san will be angry if she hears it.”


“Eh, no, Chitose probably has about a 10cm height difference from Mahiru, so obviously she’ll be heavier. To be honest, Chitose is more of a sporty person, so given her muscle density, she should be heavier. It’s definitely not because of fat though. I don’t think there’s anything to be embarrassed about, and she’s light to begin with. Mahiru’s just lighter.”


“…You are hurting a maiden’s heart, Amane-kun. This is not good.”




Q: A question for Amane and Mahiru. How many times do you exchange looks in class? It’ll be better if you can tell me what times it occur in class. I’ll continue to support you silently from now on.


A: “About once or twice. After all, I’ve been paying serious attention in class.”

“Yes, I do look forward most of the time…”


“Though we do show embarrassed looks when our eyes meet once in a while.”


“…Th-that is something that cannot be helped, no?”


Q: A question for Amane. Have you ever thought of having Mahiru cosplay?


A: “Not really. I think it suits her, but to get her to wear one is kinda..”


Amane-kun has no real desire to get Mahiru to cosplay.


Q: A question for Mahiru: Have you ever wanted to see Amane crossdress?


A: “…Amane-kun might seem a little too gruff now. To be honest, I wish to see the old Amane-kun wear cute clothing.”


“Stop it.”


Q: A question for Mahiru-chan. Is there anything you want to wear and show Amane-kun? Like a wedding dress?


“…I do want to show him a wedding dress…but, erm, i-is that not a little too early? When we become adults, we…”


Q: A question for Itsuki-kun. You do want to see these two sweethearts with honey aura to get married, right? And how is the convincing of your father going?


A:  “Hm, I’d say that rather than the issue of marrying, the reality is that we can’t get married right away. Even if it’s possible, there’s still the issue of money. As for those two, Amane might not admit it, but they’re outstanding, and shouldn’t have to worry about finding work. It seems like Amane’s parents will come up with some grand wedding too. For us, we need approval, so we’ll be slower than those two…well, pop’s still stubborn.”


Q: A question for Amane-kun and Mahiru-san. What do you like most about each other?


A: “…The part I like most, erm, hmm…there are too many.”


“I guess. Like the way you keep looking at me.”


“If that is the case, I say the same. You keep looking at me, and respect me.”


“It’s troubling if you can’t say anything.”


“…I do think there are some bad points to you, Amane-kun.”




“L-like when you suddenly become proactive. That is a no go.”


“…You hate it?”


“…Just, no,”


“Hmm~ I know that when Mahiru says no, she actually means it’s good, and affirms it.”




“That’s because you accept it even while saying no. I don’t want to label you as what guys will say ‘you say you don’t want it, but you actually want it’, but I know that when you dislike something, it’s not because you really dislike it, but that you’re embarrassed by it..”


“…This calmness is no good either.”


“I’m sorry.”


Q: A question to Kadowaki-kun. Don’t you feel pressured to have two bakauples who are flirting 24/7?


A: “I’m used to it.” (Smiles)


Q: A question for Amane-kun. Uniform, apron, swimsuit, which is the cutest on Mahiru?


A: “Apron.”


“That was immediate.”


“I mean, see, when I see Mahiru standing in the kitchen while in an apron, I feel that I’ll like it more when she becomes my wife. Or rather, this is the feeling I get when this is the Mahiru that belongs to me.”




Q: A question for Saeki-san. If this becomes an anime, who do you want as Mahiru’s VA?


A: Since she did the PV, Manaka Iwami-san. That voice is irresistible.


Q: A question for Itsuki-kun and Chitose-chan. Please tell me how you two met.


A: “It’s when I saw her run. It was a one-sided love at first sight.”


“He suddenly told me that we’re dating, and it shocked me~”


“Well, you know…I didn’t know whether it was the first impression after meeting, or the mood, or something like that, or whether I fell for how earnest she was about track.”


“I’d say that I was forced to date him, like, really forced…I’m not in track anymore, but I do run alone once in a while.”


“Yep. I feel happy about that. And she’s pretty.”


“Fufu. Good that you’re mesmerized~”


Q: A question for Mahiru-chan. Does Mahirun actually read light novels? If you do, what kind of character do you think Amane-kun is? A knight? Prince? Mage? Demon lord? Or…?


A: “I have never read any. As for the character Amane-kun would be…erm…a villager?”


“That’s harsh.”

“B-but…if you are a special character, you might be taken elsewhere.”


“That’s my line. To me, Mahiru’s like a priest or a spellcaster…though I’m not letting her leave me.”


Q: A question for Chitose-san. Please tell me what you find especially cute about Mahiru-san!


A: “Nfufu, Mahirun’s cute parts? The part where she’s happy and sad about Amane. If Amane did anything to her, she’d blush and come discuss this with me. She looks really embarrassed and yet happy. I can really tell that she likes him, and I feel happy to see this cute side of her. When she had that adult kiss with Amane, she actually came to discuss this with me with a serious look, going all ‘how shall I change the mood when I kiss like that’. That innocent look is super adorable.”




“Mgh. Nn~”


“Y-you should not mention this to others.”


“…Pwaah…on a side note, Mahirun wants Amane to do moraauuughhh.”


Q: A question to Itsuki. Please describe the anxiety about the relationship between Amane and Mahiru’s relationship (before they dated), aside from romance.


A: “Ehh~, it’s hard to describe. It’s like there’s a cotton bud stuffed between the south pole of a magnet and the north pole. They could be together by removing that thin layer, but they’re somehow creating that divide on purpose. It’s really vexing.”


Q: To Shuuto and Shihoko. How did you two meet? And who was the one who proposed?


A: “Our encounter? That happened during university.”


“Yes, it’s nostalgic. It’s Shuuto-san who confessed and proposed.”


“It’s love at first sight for me. Amane looked surprised when I told him that.”




Q: A question to Saeki-san! What feelings did you have when writing Amane and Mahiru’s flirting? You were acting like Buddha, right? (LOL)


A: I don’t really feel anything. It’s just that I feel that my children are really adorable (looking as a parent)


Q: Saeki-san, did you intend to write this Otonari Tenshi from Mahiru’s viewpoint?


A: Personally, I feel that it’ll be nice to write it, but it’ll be very difficult to do it all over. I guess I should be fine with writing it little by little, but I’m not sure if I can write it.


Q: My question is for Amane-kun and Mahiru-san! Please tell me the five things you want the other party to do!


A: “Hm…nothing in particular. If I have to say, for her to have a good rest? Mahiru’s the type of person to push herself to the limit, so I want her to at least have a breather, or rest earlier. As for myself, I don’t really have anything in particular I want her to do. She’s always been doing lots of things for me after all.”


“…Th-then, can I say something?”




“…Please hug me.”




“…Can you carry me to your lap?”


“Sure…are you going to sleep?”


“…Am I not heavy?”


“You’re light. If you’re really tired, I can go to bed with you.”


“E-erm, we can go to bed together.” (Fidgets)


“You said something?”




Both of them are already satisfied, so there’s nothing in particular that they want each other to do.


Q: A question to Mahiru-san. Have you ever worn Amane-kun’s clothes?


A: “Th-that, erm…yes. I-I just wore it for a moment!”


Q: If there is an Amane-kun doll that you can change clothes, how will you dress him? Also, if you wish to dress him up like that, what do you want him to do, or what lines do you want him to say?


A: “Clothes for him to wear? …I see. For me, on-once is enough…a white tuxedo.”


“Of course there’ll be that one time. I can’t be remarrying you many times, right?”


“Hya! Y-You were listening!?”


“I heard that…I see. So Mahiru prefers a dress rather than it being white.”


“I-I did not say anything. Please do not laugh at me.”


“No, I’m just happy that you’re planning my future.”




Q: Do you actually have a scent fetish? (To Mahiru)


“…Ra-rather than a scent fetish…I would say it is limited only to Amane-kun. I like Amane-kun’s smell. He smells nice.”


“Just to ask, what smell do you like, Mahirun?”

“Eh, that is…when we slept together, after bathing, the smell Amane-kun had when he got out of the bath…? It was a comforting smell when he hugged me, and I was really happy. I felt relieved, but my heart kept pounding. It is really inexplicable…but really wonderful.”


“Heh~ (Let’s tell Amane later on)”


Q: A question for Mahiru-san! There are still two ‘I’ll do anything you ask’ coupons from White Day. Have you decided when to use it? You can answer as YES/NO (*´∀`*)


A: “……Erm, about that, I have decided, but.” (Glances)


“Don’t worry. Use it when you want to, alright?”


“…No, I shall use it when the time comes.


Q: A question for both Mahiru-chan and Amane-kun. Please tell me the movies and novels you like (you can have many answers).


A: “For the movie I like, a certain spider guy? Novel-wise, I’m the type to enjoy anything. To be precise though, I do like those of the action genre”


“I do like to see anything. I enjoy reading encyclopedias and such.”


“Those aren’t novels.”


Q: A question for Itsuki-kun. You’re basically a different character in the story from Amane-kun. How did you end up on such good terms?


A: “Hm? Amane~? Well, I was rather interested in him, so I kept harassing him, and before we knew it, our relationship improved.”


“Even I’d get used to you slowly with the way you kept harassing me.”


“…But it was Amane who first reached out.”



“No~< nothing.”


Q: To all the couples and married ones. If there’s anything you dislike about each other, what do you wish to change?




“Well, we’re pretty much couples. I see, well, Ikkun usually talks about breasts, so if he’s not going to change his habit, I’ll rip them off.”




“Aside from that…he does occasionally try to shoulder everything alone. I’ll be glad if he can gain the habit to say whatever he wants.”


“…Same goes for you too Chii.”


“Ufufu. Of course. I need to work on that too.”


“…I-If there is anything I want Amane-kun to change…I hope he will be more proactive once in a while.”


“Amane’s working hard to change too, Shiina-san.”


“Oi, shut up, damn you.”


Q: A question for Itsuki! Are you still worried for Amane and Mahiru when you look at them now? If there is, then who?


A:  “Why haven’t they done it.”


“I’ll rip them off.”


“Don’t say the same thing as Chii!……Well, I know you really treasure Shiina-san, but sometimes I do wonder, are you really a guy?”


“I’m definitely restraining myself.”


“Is your sanity a steel wall or something?”


Q: A question to male student A-kun who got shot down by Mahiru at the sports festival. What happened to him after he was unexpectedly reproached by Mahiru?


A: He gave up at the earliest possible moment and continued to live an unimpressive life while watching them with envious eyes.


Q: A question for Amane-kun. I guess for someone as slow as you are, you’ll find the mood tough when it comes to picking female clothes, right?


A: “I can’t say I’m good at it, but I’m unexpectedly happy when it comes to choosing Mahiru’s clothes.”


Q: When will they enter Mahiru’s room?

A: That’ll be in the main story after this.


Q: Is there any gesture that a female (can be limited to Mahiru) can mesmerize you with.


A:  “…It’s just Mahiru, but I guess, the way she lifts her hair past her ear? She looks like some amazing painting when she does that, and it’s really pretty. I just find myself mesmerized by it.”


Q: A question to everyone. Given everything that had happened in this story, if there’s anything you want to go back to do, what would it be?


“…Anyway, time to pack up my room.”


“Because I tripped over.”


“I’m sorry about back then…see, I’ve been cleaning up nowadays.”


“I would be troubled if you had not grown.”


“As for me…I guess, I should have been a little gentler when caring for Amane-kun while he was sick.”


“The kindness you showed in that coldness was nice though.”


“…I was too blunt when that happened. If only I could be a little gentler.”


Q: A question to the Amane and Mahiru couple, and to the Itsuki and Chitose couple.

From your view, is there a moment where you go all ‘I feel envious about this…’ about the other couple?


Also, is there an ideal image of a married couple, like ‘I want to be this kind of married couple?


A: “I suppose I want to learn how Chitose-san are proactive in deepening their relationship.”


“I don’t think there’s a need to force yourself. We’ll just go at our own pace.”


“That may be the case, but…erm, are you fine with this, Amane-kun?”


“…Do men not want to do more things?”


“Pfff…well, to be honest, I can’t say that I don’t have any desire, but I want to respect you Mahiru, and I feel I shouldn’t force the issue. There’s still a long time, as there’s no need to hurry.”




“Do you really want to do that, Mahiru?”


“N-not that I want to…but that if there is any unhappiness, I want to get rid of it.”


“This is good enough…I’m the type to have relatively little desire. I’m happy enough”




“We’re obviously envious about them. They’re the ideal couple, or rather, married couple.”


“Well, at that phase, they’re married.”


“They’re already used to being with each other, always thinking for each other, doting, and respecting each other. I really admire such a relationship. It’s not like we can’t do it…but, I just admire this mood.”


Q: A question for Amane-san and Mahiru-san. Estelle and Wilfried, Itsuki and Chitose, Amane and Mahiru, what is the marriage priority like? When do you intend to get married?


A: “…I guess the order will be Estelle, Chitose and then us.”


“Well, feelings-wise, we can get married, but that’ll have to wait until I can take responsibility…or rather, get ready. I’m not anxious to get married. Probably after university. But well, I have the urge to have a common family name.”


“……Me too.”


“That aside, I’m still relying on my parents, so I hope to at least prepare the ring and wedding dress on my own…yep, still a long way to go.”




Q: A question for Amane-kun and Mahiru-san! Please tell me what are the three gestures you like most about each other.


“…Well, there’s that gesture of her pulling her hair over her ear, and then…her tugging her clothes when she’s concerned about something, or burying herself into the cushion when she’s embarrassed.”


“…It is difficult for me to choose a gesture or sorts, but the way he combs his hair up is…welll, very erotic. It feels different from the usual Amane-kun, heart-throbbing.”


“I know I’m usually not sexy.”


“…Th-that is not the case…it is just that, it is unfair.”


Q: A question to Shihoko-san and Shuuto-san. How did you educate the cowardly yet gentlemanly Amane-kun? It might not be anything big, but the like, the crane game at the arcade…


A: “Ahh, the game center was all Shihoko-san.”


“Ufufu, rather, I had him try all kinds of entertainment. The arcade is mostly about him to think about spending money on such things that aren’t valuable, and how to operate the crane by using the proper leverage. Also, it’s so that he’s not a guy who can’t grab one or two teddy bears for the girl he ends up falling for, right?”


“Shiina-san really looked happy whe she received it.”


“Ufufu. She even sent photos to me. Apparently the number of dolls have increased. Mahiru-chan is so cute.”


Q: A question for Amane-kun. What’s the one convenience store you frequent most?


A: “……A certain convenience store that has a time in its name.”


Q: I hope you’ll tell us what your parents taught you.


A: “There’s too many for me to list them all. I was taught all kinds of useless knowledge anyway.”


Q: A question for Amane-kun. Did your cleaning abilities improve after that (the great cleaning operation).


A:  “Well, sorta. As for cooking, ugh, it’s not inedible. I can clean my own room, and I do…really, I don’t need to rely on Mahiru to keep it clean.”


Q: A question for Mahiru-san. Aside from egg dishes, are there any dishes that you enjoy making?


A: “Well, I guess I enjoy seeing how a stew cooks. I feel accomplished after making it, so I really like it.


Q: A question for Amane-san!


Can you tell me how long was the umbrella when you first talked to Mahiru-san? I feel like it’s a design I like, and I want to customize one.


A: “Eh, it’s just an ordinary guy’s umbrella, about 90 to 95cm, I guess.”


Q: A question for Amane-kun. You casually said what happened back in middle school, but is there any embarrassing secret you are hiding from Mahiru-san?


A: “No, there’s no embarrassing secret…probably not, I guess…maybe?”


Q: A question to Chitose-san. How did Mahiru-san describe her love life with Amane-kun?


A:  “Well, rather than that, I’d say Mahirun comes to be to discuss, and it ends up being all lovey-dovey. It’s like ‘goodness, Amane-kun, he really is…but I like this about him too’. She didn’t realize that she’s in love, but it certainly sounded that way.”


Q: A question to Amane-san. You managed to show your steel-like restraint, but how do you hold it in when you stand up (like the time you entered the bath together).


A: “…Is it really about me standing up, or that it’s already standing up? Erm, well…I didn’t dare to act because I was thinking for Mahiru’s future. I really want to treasure her, and I really don’t intend to do this until she’s prepared. And Mahiru probably noticed this. She still accepts me though, and she’s just a little embarrassed when we lean together…I’m very sorry to have her worry about my feelings, but it’s a hormonal phenomenon, so please spare me.”


Q: A question to Itsuki-san.


When were you certain Amane-kun likes girls? And how did you realize it?


“Hm~? I guess it was Christmas. Well, he wouldn’t admit it, or hadn’t realized it, but Amane’s naturally guarded, so the fact that he had a girl spend Christmas with him at his place showed that he’s somehow attracted to her. For him though, I guess it’s not actually a clear like…he’ll only get involved with those he’s close with, so I guess there’s something to that. I had a feeling when he gave that present though.


Q: A question to Mahiru’s father. Ah, it’s indirectly to Saeki-san, I guess LOL How did the name ‘Mahiru’ come about?


A: I’ll answer as the author. It’s the name between the father and the mother. The parents are named morning and night, so the child is named noon. The one who named her so was Asahi.


Q: A question to Shihoko-san. Did you hear of their lovey-dovey moments when Mahiru sent her messages?


A: “Of course. That Amane’s actually head over heels over her. I don’t know if he’s improving, or becoming more like Shuuto-san…Mahiru-chan looks so blessed to be doted on like this.”


Q: A question to Mahiru-san. To be honest, is there anything you want Amane-kun to improve? I’ll keep it a secret from him, so please tell me.


A: “E-erm, well…I want him to…hug me more, and, kiss me, more. Former aside, the kissing part is too embarrassing…I do not hate the kiss when we stayed at his hometown though.”


Q: A question to Kadowaki-kun and Itsuki. When was the first instance you wanted to kick Amane in the back before he started dating Mahiru?


A: “They were already a couple during the study meet, but they weren’t dating, so we could only kick his back.”


“And also, I don’t know why he had to tell us that he likes her as a friend? It’s so obvious that he likes her as a girl.”


Q: A question for Mahirun and Amane-kun! What shall I do to improve my grades? And I don’t know if you’re arts oriented or science oriented, but you’re so serious about studying beforehand. Please tell me how to overcome the temptation of the smartphone!


A: “You ask that, but I don’t know what to say. Maybe divide your time accordingly, and do things in moderation? I don’t know whether it’s right to say that? I know things will be easier later on if I work hard, so I’ll try to endure for the time being and enjoy later. I don’t really hate studying though.”


“I am probably the same. As for the temptation of the smartphone…I do not use it aside from contacting others…”


“And we won’t play any trendy social games.”


“I-I do play some though.”




“……C-cat collecting game.”


“……” (Warm smile)


“Wh-what is with that face?”


“Who knows~?”


That’s all


Thank you very much for participating, everyone!


I’ll write more commemorative short stories if I have the time and strength to. I hope everyone can continue to wait patiently ~(´ワ`*)

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    I want more fluff

  2. Thanks so much for your effort, this is my favorite novel and it makes me really happy to be able to read with such a great translation

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