“Matcha pudding sounds good~”


Amane was eating his shaved ice, and it appeared Chitose had eavesdropped while having her heart to heart talk with Itsuki, and approached them enviously.


“Done punishing Itsuki?”

“Of course, Ikkun’s too rude here, right~?”


Chitose gave a thumbs up, while Amane and Mahiru grimaced away, looking over to where Itsuki was…and found no one there.


“Where’s Itsuki anyway?’

“Went off to buy shaved ice and chocolate banana.”

“There’s more…”

“That’s compensation~”


Chitose then turned her head aside. Amane thought to himself that Itsuki was going to spend all his money, but he did not sympathize, since the latter was at fault.

Itsuki had stepped on the landmines a few times, but never learned his lesson. This might be an interaction, skinship to them, but him angering someone was nothing praiseworthy.


It appeared Chitose kicked up quite a long fuss this time, for she continued to pout away.


“I don’t want them this small~ mean prefer Mahirun’s size after all~.”

“Wh-what are you saying…”


Mahiru quickly covered her chest. She clearly had a larger rack than Chitose, and Amane felt hers was bigger than average, but he never really paid attention to them, for she would be ashamed if he was too bothered.


“I’m not jealous, just a little envious of Mahirun. Mahirun has many things I don’t have, she’s pretty, nice body, athletic, good at studies, can do housework, elegant…she’s a man’s ideal.”

“This is not.”

“Yes yes. Daiki-san will definitely tell Ikkun to pick girls like Mahirun if he meets her.”


Chitose gave a somewhat devastated smile, and Amane realized why she went to visit him and Mahiru alone.


“Did Daiki-san say anything to you?”

“Hmm~didn’t really, but his expression wasn’t really welcoming.”


Daiki was Itsuki’s father.


He did not approve of Itsuki and Chitose’s relationship. Amane had a chance to chat with Daiki when he visited Itsuki’s house, but Daiki did not really seem fond of Chitose, partially because he could not deal with a personality like Chitose’s, and also because he wanted Itsuki to get a good woman.

One would say that he felt there were better women out there, rather than say that he disliked Chitose outright.


“Daiki-san doesn’t hate you actually.”

“But if you bring Mahirun to him, he’ll definitely choose Mahirun.”



Of course, Chitose had her own charms, some of which Mahiru did not have. Daiki probably wanted a Yamato Nadeshiko like Mahiru however, which Chitose was not.

It was not anything Chitose lacked, nor was it her fault, just that they did not get along in interests and personalities.


It appeared Chitose was bothered by how Daiki was not fond of her, and she sighed hard.


“But…I don’t feel comfortable about being like Mahirun. Ikkun told me not to mind, but I do have to be the daughter-in-law though? I want to ensure this relationship goes well.”

“…That’s tough. It’s not something that can be solved immediately.”

“Hm, I think it will take years. I’ll try~but some things are just difficult. We’ll have to see if we can get along.”


Chitose gave an awkward smile as she noted, it will be great if we’re accepted like you two. She clung onto Mahiru, who shared some of her shaved ice. Amane really did not know what to say.


Mahiru probably did not know what to say either, for she merely caressed Chitose gently.

Chitose too fawned  and rubbed herself onto Mahiru, asking for more shaved ice.


Then, they spotted Itsuki through the crowd, holding the items Chitose wanted in both hands.


“I’m not depressed, so don’t tell Ikkun.”


Chitose reminded them, and showed her usual smile as she went towards Itsuki. Amane and Mahiru watched her leave with conflicted looks.

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TN: Let’s be blunt, if you have to choose between Mahirun and Chitose, you’ll obviously choose Mahiru. Why else are you reading this story?


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