“…Welcome, back…?”


Amane returned home, and Mahiru welcomed him with a confused tone.


Hamburger steak was on the menu, and Mahiru probably came to Amane’s house earlier to prepare everything from the sauce.

Dinner is almost ready, Amane knew she was at his place as he received this message. Nevertheless, he felt peaceful seeing Mahiru’s face.


“I’m back…”

“…You seem tired…?”

“…Itsuki tortured me.”


Itsuki never saw the hairstyle back then, so he fiddled Amane’s hair into one he felt was cool. Amane however was troubled as he was unused to this attire.

They then led Amane into a shop which sold clothes Amane never had. They ended up mixing and matching clothes on Amane.


Amane did not dislike it, but it was tiring to have these two choosing clothes for him.


“I-is that so? I suppose you are really tired.”

“…Those guys treated me like a toy…”

“It is tough on you.”


Amane was not as unhappy as he said. Mahiru might have realized this when she smiled and coaxed him.


Amane felt gaudy about Mahiru seeing through him. At the same time, he tossed the bag of new clothes into his room, and went to wash his hands at the washroom.


Mahiru returned to the kitchen to serve dinner. Amane washed his hands, rinsed his mouth, and returned to the living room. She then served the plate of hamburger on the dining table.


Amane went to the kitchen to scoop the rice like usual, as he would feel sorry for not doing anything.

He liked to have his steak with rice, and smiled when he had a whiff of the sweet fragrance of this freshly cooked rice.


“I’m really tired…but honestly, I think those two are amazing.”

“How so?”


Amane served the salad and the potage on the table, sat down, and muttered so. Opposite him, Mahiru tilted her head.


“Like, when we were walking many people talked to us. It feels like those popular ones are really different. I see that they’re very experienced and skilled in dealing with these people.”


A few college girls came to talk during their shopping trip after their karaoke session.

They were rather different in build, but Itsuki and Kadowaki were rather handsome, and were often the attention of females. There were people trying to woo them.


Of course, both of them naturally rejected these advances.


Itsuki had his beloved Chitose, and the Prince really had difficulties dealing with females who took the initiative as he smiled away without letting his guard down, quickly rejecting them.

He was polite in his words and attitude, and did not hurt their pride. They managed to escape without much of a dispute. Amane was amazed by their methods.


“…Did anyone approach you?”

“There were, but I was just a tag-along.”


Truth be told, they were aiming for those two, and Amane was just along for the ride. Amane knew his attitude was dour, and strangers would have difficulty talking to him.


Obviously Amane would look inferior next to two handsome chaps. None of them went right for Amane while ignoring the other two.


Amane shrugged and gave a wry smile, and for some reason, Mahiru made a little pout.


“What. You’re going to say that I lack confidence?”

“That too, but it is not the issue I have.”

“What do you mean?”

“…You do not have to know.”


Mahiru turned her face aside, “Itadakimasu”, and clapped her hands together. Amane was troubled, but like her, he clapped his hands together, giving thanks for dinner and Mahiru.



After Amane left, the two continued their conversation.


“Say Yuuta, you fine with that?”


“About Shiina-san.”

“Ah, there’s no way I’m winning. They…never admitted that they’re dating, but I knew I had no chance the moment I saw Shiina-san’s face.”

“You angry about this?”

“Are you being wary?.”

“I don’t think you’ll feel that way given your personality, but…I just want to be sure, you know? Just asking if you’re really fine with this.”

“…Actually, I really admire her. I might say I have some feelings.”


“Rather, I always feel that Shiina-san and I are the same kind of person, troubled by the opposite gender, happy to be loved, yet suffering from being so loved. She’s like me, but she handles it better than me, hides all her pain, and just smiles like it’s nothing. I really admire that strength of hers…so when I saw that she found she likes, someone she’s devoted to, I thought I should cheer them on before I could even interrupt.”

“And you’re being meaningless cool at this again.”

“Does that have to do with this? Are you even praising me?’


“Sorta? Ah whatever…to be honest, I don’t hate Fujimiya. He’s a nice guy, and I find it a pity that he himself doesn’t know that.”


“It has to be those two together. To put it bluntly from me, I’m fine if it’s not Shiina-san. I like her, but it’s not like I have to have her. It’ll be rude of me to snatch her with this little determination, and she definitely doesn’t have any interest in me.”

“…I see.”

“Instead of feeling jealous and devastated about losing her…I’m more worried about them. I hope those two can get their happiness.”

“You’re really a good guy, Yuuta.”

“Are you looking down on me?”

“No no no.”

“Seriously…do your best too, Itsuki.”




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