“Huh, you’re serious this time Amane.”


It was break time, and Amane was staring at the whiteboard, copying notes when Itsuki approached him. Itsuki looked a little surprised as he exclaimed.


This notebook was good for recapping the lessons, and summarized the important points well, to the point where he could be proud of it. “Wow, you really put in work” when Itsuki peeked at the notebook, he looked dumbfounded and amazed.


“Hmm…just wanted to work a little harder.”

“What’s the occasion?”

“Nothing really…just want to do something I can be proud of.”


Amane had a goal, to not be so grumpy, hard on himself, and be confident. He decided to improve his grades as the first step to building confidence.

It so happened that there were upcoming tests, so he decided to score better this time around.


Amane had above average grades. He wanted to use this chance to get into the top 10.

There was no way he could beat Mahiru for first, so he decided to aim for the top 10 for the time being. His grades would also affect his post-graduation, so it was a perfect goal for him.


“I don’t know how to become a better man, and the definition of it differs from person to person. Anyway, let’s just make sure that I don’t embarrass her.”


“I think you’re fine like this. You just need more confidence.”

“It’s for the sake of gaining confidence.”


Amane was only getting encouraged, and was not completely confident. He needed something he could be confident of.

Despite that, the only thing he could do was to study.”


“You’re not tidying your hair?”

“That’s a different matter. I don’t need to do so now.”


Itsuki probably was hinting at Amane to maintain that old hairstyle, but Amane was unsure if he could actually cultivate this confidence in this state.

Also, there was a simple, major reason. If he were to appear as the boy they were talking about, Amane had a feeling the other boys would slaughter him out of envy. He thus chickened out.


The ‘important person’ Mahiru spoke of seemed to have shocked many boys.


When they used to talk about the Angel, none of them mentioned anything about love. She just personally mentioned the term ‘most important person’ however. The power was enough to discourage her admirers.


The last time someone spotted her walking with anyone else, she denied it, saying they did not have such a relationship. It appeared she was hinting at one this time, which caused much guessing, and a major incident.


Amane was the rumored boy. He really wished others would not discuss this before the true identity of the boy.


“I just hope that you can finish your transformation soon and scare them. At least I can brag to others that you’re a friend I can be proud of.”

“What’s the point?”

“Hm, if you get a positive opinion, I’ll be happy, you know?”



Amane felt a little bashful when Itsuki said so, but he did not know if he was just overimagining it.


He felt he did have a very good friend. he turned his face aside, not wanting this emotion to appear on his face, but Itsuki burst out laughing, as though he had seen through Amane completely.


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  1. At this point if someone just came in and swooped her away I can’t say that I wouldn’t be happy about that, that’s what you get for dicking around so much mc, perfect ntr material.

    I just really hate the mc atm, like I really hope he gets his shit together cuz I really won’t be able to take it if the whole story from now on is him looking for confidence to tell a girl that clearly loves him if she wants to be with him.

    10-20 more chaps if nothing happens there’s hundreds of series out there I can be reading instead of cuckbaiting trash.

    I really started out loving this series but the mc has just been too grating as of late, like c’mon man after everything that happened? And again I don’t care about whatever retarded reason he has, after they showed us Mahiru’s past, what can compare to that? He’s being such a pussy cuz a friend told him he looked good in black but he was lying? Well you can just suck the filthiest part of my rectum.

    1. I see you everywhere, could i ask you to get away from this romance novel??? I really hate when wholesome novel gets tainted by jargons from hentai… i dont even have to read your long ass comments to know that you think with your lower body, the type that presents themselves as a chad online but loser with no friends in real life

    2. Besides, the whole reason why amane got closer with mahiru in the first place was because of his cowardice and lack of confidence…. but hey, i guess someone like you who screams NTR whenever your otp isn’t dating each other won’t ever understand that SIMPLE THING…. and fans are wondering why anime or manga lover are often described as degenerate by normal people

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