The girl Amane worked for, Mahiru, was a perfect young lady.

She was the eldest daughter of a family that ran a conglomerate, and was capable of anything. She was an intelligent girl who knew thousands of things, was perspective, and leveraged her comprehension ability and quick wit to expand her knowledge into learning about many different fields,

Besides academics, she also dabbled in martial arts, and was a top-class athlete in all sports. She was a perfect student with both brains and brawn, her beauty was unparalleled, and it would be appropriate to call her perfect.

She was also a warm, gentle and kind-hearted woman, the ideal lady to anyone.

Or so she appeared,


“Milady, you can’t. I’m working.”

Amane and a few servants knew that when she was off the spotlight, she would discard the persona of a perfect lady and act like a spoiled brat.

The Master headbutted Amane while he checked her schedule in the notebook, and Amane turned around to tell her off.


Amane served her ever since she was a child. His parents were indebted to her family, and the arrangement was that he was to serve them as a butler and chamberlain, but he never expected them to be so fond of him.

It seemed Amane’s parents sent him to relieve Mahiru’s loneliness, who was always alone due to family reasons, but this was beyond their expectations.


“…So it is fine when you finish work?”

“As long as there’s an appropriate distance.”

“That is fine then.”

“That is a huge problem.”


This interaction and closeness was permitted as they were in the house, but not when others could see them.


Amane was tempted to sigh and wonder how this happened, but it was probably because he had been taking care of the lonely Mahiru in her parents’ stead while they had been too busy to appear at all, and he resembled an older brother to her.


Thanks to that, or maybe because of the circumstances, Mahiru was extremely close towards Amane. Whenever the two of them were together, she would snuggle up to him and fawn around.

Mahiru was old enough to get married at this point, so he tried to pull his distance from her since this distance would be inappropriate, but he could not bring himself to do so as Mahiru showed him a teary face, so the closeness remained.


Amane immediately rejected the idea, and Mahiru hammered him on the back, but it did not matter as he looked down at his notebook, as usual.


“Starting at 4pm today, you’ll be having Ikebana lessons, and once that’s over, gym as usual, and once we return home, you’ll have a bath, and then dinner. There won’t be any plans after that, so you’ll have free time.”

“…Does this free time mean that your work ends, Amane-kun?”


“Then, shall we have tea together?”


A sloppy-looking Mahiru clung onto his back, and he felt nostalgic for some reason. “Well, about that,” he answered tentatively, and she continued to do so, happily.

Amane wanted to say that a fine lady should not touch the opposite sex without permission, but she looked so happy behind him, that he bit his lips, acted calm, and rolled the notebook to hide his emotions.


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    1. My guess – because this scene is more or less what this entire story would be like if it followed the same set-up as Umaru-chan, minus the blood relation. Still quite cute, but in a somewhat different way.

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