Another quick announcement.

And no, I’m not retiring (yet). ^^|||

My exams will begin on 31st October, so I’ll need all the time I can get to prepare for them in the meantime. This means that you probably shouldn’t expect any translation updates from me in the meantime. (and even if there is, it will be for Magdala since I did promise to finish 2 volumes this year).

On a side note, Biblia volume 5 will be coming out on December 20 2013, but I don’t plan to begin work on volume 2 until 2014 (partly because my editors and proofreader are dying with RL stuff. No Translation, No Life). I hope to complete the Unicorn series (except for the side story) by the end of the year, maybe the 4th volume of Hikaru, which I can assure will be the darkest volume in this series as of this writing, and Shikkin volume 1.

PS: I hope to get at least one new series up and running here soon, within the next 4 months or so. It will be exclusive to Heretic, and yes, I can confirm that it is of the action genre.

And since I do stop by the bookstore often, here are some tidbits:

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  1. thank you for translation and keep good work next time. I hope you can still translate for Hikaru until the end since it’s on vol 8 in Japan btw good luck for your exams

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