April 2016 Announcements

Magdala 2 is done. And I got Strangled 2 Chapter 5, Clockwork 3 Chapter 1, both done.

A lot of stuff going on. Some new work, a total retooling of my schedule, lots of stuff to do…

Yep, I’m tired.

There isn’t much going on for this site, just that I have too much stuff to work on to actually be effective in anything.

…And this is the moment when I wondered what would have happened instead if I’m to implement ads and a donation function on this site. More time to translate, certainly. Long time stability, not exactly…

So, for the random topic this week:

Notable events on my trips to the bookshop.



Singapore Kinokuniya has 4 branches, the main one being at a place called Ngee Ann City in Orchard. From Basement 1 (if going from Wisma Atria), just take the nearest elevator up to the 4th floor, turn right, and the Japanese LN section is right there.

Btw, if you turn left, it’s the Chinese LN section.

That’s the one outlet I’m going to be very specific on, since I hardly head to the other 3. Liang Court and Bugis have about…1 shelf worth of books. The last time I went to Jem 2 years ago, they had a very small collection there…and the most prominent title was a story about a loli yuri vampire (with blatant sex. Too graphic) vs a bunch of ordinary high school kids. Apparently written by the author of Blood+, if I remember.  Terrible, terrible story, btw. Absolute waste of my 20 minutes to read it.

So, what do I do when I check out the titles there?

I first scour from right to left.

Why right first?

Because right is where Dengeki Bunko titles are at. (Cue Sigsawa’s blatant promotional placements…)

Typically, the top and middle shelves are filled the three great Ks.

Kawakami (Yellow), Kamachi (Fuschia) and salmon red (Kawahara).

And they typically fill at least half of the shelves. We’re not even including Satou Tsutomu’s works of Mahouka (in blue).

Tl:dr, for stuff that aren’t by those authors, look at the bottom……that’s what I do all the time.

Btw, if you look at the above image and you wonder what is with the assorted colors there, that is a different publisher altogether.

Right to the left, you’ll see a whole bunch of green spine books. They’re MF Bunko J works.

If you want ecchi, fanservice, PLOTS, these will be for you.

Oh, and there are some yellow spine books, from the company called OVERLAP. OVERLAP is a relatively newcomer to the industry, formed by some executives who left MF Bunko J. Their initial flagship project was the rebooted version of Infinite Stratos…but I guess nowadays, it’s Grimgar.

If you see spines with a little blue and lime green ‘F’ symbol, that’s the Fujimi Fantasia label. Notable imprints under this are DAL, DxD, DYD…anyway, most of the stuff that was hit by the DMCA last year.

If you see a spine that is completely blue…chances are it’s Oregairu.

If you see a blue top and white bottom spine, that’s the Famitsu Bunko label, with stuff like Baka Test.

For other publisher works, like Rokka, they’re typically at the very top. As I joked to the staff, it’s like bumping them to a high position so that they can retire there.

Right on the other end are the Chinese translated LNs (or Taiwanese, but whatever). This one is pretty inclusive of most titles under the Kadokawa label. I got my initial set of Baka Test novels from them (I was still learning back then.)

And then, far, far away, you have the English LN translations.



I won’t comment on the sales numbers, but I’ll like to note that the prices here are double that of the Japanese and Chinese novels.


Now then, on to some little random stories.

The following dialogue will be in relative Singlish to denote how casual the conversations are like.


1. There was this one moment when I saw a vacated space where Horizon used to be at, so I asked the staff (M for me).

M: Woah, someone bought all the Horizon stuff ah?

S: Ya lor, apparently want to give a friend for birthday.

M: Best friend ever.

2. Staff knows that I read Spice and Wolf, and translating Magdala. 

S: Yo, want translate World End Economica?

M: My workload like Tetris sia. Okay lah, show me lor

S: *Shows me the stuff.*

M: Wah lao eh, those aren’t novels, they’re dictionaries.

3. Talking about Baka Test.

M: Too bad end already. 12.5 was a little disappointing to me.

S: A lot of the middle part quite funny one. What’s your favorite joke?

M: *deadpans* ‘Name the 4 great Shakespearean tragedies: 4. My dad’s married life’.

4. Talking about Mushoku Tensei

S: Bro, you should try reading Mushoku Tensei. It’s awesome man.

M: Look, I got so much stuff to handle on BT, and after just 40 pages, I had enough of editing them. Don’t ask me to read anymore of that, please. I got PTSD.

S: Then you should at least try out Overlord!

M: Sighs, I don’t really like such stuff nowadays. Maybe if it was me in my Chuu2 days, yeah, can lah. Now I like retired Minister lo

5. Talking about my tastes.

M: Nowadays, I’m too old to catch up with those youngins’ and their action oriented stuff. Give me some relaxing stuff.

S: Bro, it’s like you purposely choose those very ulu, niche stuff one leh. Why ah.

M: Everyone else like the action ones, I just want to slack.

S: Then why you still translating?

M: …Because I’m a workaholic.

S: Bro…

6. Talk about disappearing series.

M: So…lemme guess, people buying because of new anime?

S: Ya lor. Later need restock DanMachi again.

M: Why they never read Grimgar?

S: Don’t worry, that one next season will have one. (and sure enough…)


7. Talking with a friend

F: My fav girl this season is Megumin.

M: Slam my head against the shelf. (Yes, I really do that.)

F: What’s that (Points to Zero no Tsukaima.)

M: That…is the original EXPLOSION!


Basically, the staff there are my lookouts for whatever series there are…until I ask them.

Now regarding the updates…

I have Mondays and Tuesdays for Strangled, Fridays for some specials, and the rest of the days for clockwork.

Other than that, my new job is going to take more time out of me, so I can only go to 10 pages max per weekday.

Maybe I should go the FX route.

Other than that, I’ll like to mix things up a little, so if you want some more novel reviews, just leave a reply and I’ll check it out.


Also, some of you might wonder how slow my progress will be to this point.

Well, assuming nothing goes wrong (which it will…), here’s how the progress will probably be like

For Clockwork 3:

Currently at page 158 (Chapter 2 goes up to page 246)

ETN for Chapter 2: 2-3 weeks later.

Chapter 3 goes from 247-293

ETN for Chapter 3: 1 week.

Chapter 4 goes from 294-390

ETN for Chapter 4: 3 weeks.

Epilogue goes from 391- 450

ETN: 2 weeks.


After that, I’ll continue with Magdala 3.


For ‘Strangled’ volume 2:

Chapter 6: From 93-216

ETA: 2 months

Chapter 7: From 217-262

ETA: 3 weeks

Last chapter: From 263-310

ETA: 3 weeks.


After that, time devoted to 3 Min BMG.




^Well, I guess it’s much better than having a loli again…^



  1. My favorite Baka to Test Question would be, in terms of comedy, the one about Judges. Muttsulini answer. All Judges would use Instincts to execute a strip exercise and the handcuffs to apprehend criminals. I forgot the full sentence. My other favorite is Yuuji and Yoshi’s Smashing through answer. It truly defined the friendship between them.

  2. Andddddddddd, in the US we have the fucking Y*N PR*SS that is slow as fuk and don’t licence shit. ( look at SAO now, in ghost mode) also, we have the stupid other publishers that just stop in the middle of publishing ( Hidan no aria )

    1. Digital Manga is one thing, but Yen Press….
      They’re still publishing Light Novels every 3-4 months. I wouldn’t call them slow.

        1. Your speed and Yen Press’ is almost the same, lol. Not saying that it’s slow, since it’s really not.

  3. Couldn’t agree with you more about baka to test 12.5 though. It’s just like going to a faraway beach and in the end you were presented with a beach full of dead fish.

  4. F: What’s that (Points to Zero no Tsukaima.)
    M: That…is the original EXPLOSION!

    ….now that you mention it…. I don’t know the continuation of that series….

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