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Well, I’ve been doing this for almost 10 years, and I have to say, I have a tendency to repeated certain words.

Words like ‘inadvertently’, ‘muttered’, ‘chuckled’, ‘delight’ (Yorokobe).

Truth be told, I’m supposed to expand my range of vocabulary, but I don’t really think stories targeted at the high school/college kids range should be too difficult. I do feel a story should be made to entertain after all, not to show off.

…Well, I do think that I have above average language skills in this regards, but it’ll be bad if I haven’t improved on this regard. While I do want to expand my vocabulary range and language skills, I cannot show off too much such that the translations look awkward.

Just a commentary of my own translations.

So, Hello, Hello and Hello volume 1 is done.

Should have been done weeks ago. I’m getting old.

It was a story I wanted to do, for a few reasons. Mostly because I don’t like happy endings nowadays. I’m an honorary member of Baka Test’s FFF after all.

Just to note, please check the below links for some extras:


Okay guys, unless you want to read 86 manga translations, stop here.

Omake (Chapter 2.5) –

Chapter 2.5-

Page 1:

129 days till Run Out Date!!

Kujo: Right…

Kujo: Ahh, it’s raining.

Shinn: You’re not sick of this, Kujo?

Kujo: It’s better than thinking about something stupid like dying, right?

Kujo: Better to look forward to something like ‘moon watching’.

Shinn: Is talking about cats really that fun?

Page 2:

Kujo: Yeah

Kujo: If you can’t have fun or laugh, you lose.


Page 3:

Woooahh…this is bad!


No, those are…!

The ones in that combat zone are…

Shinn (Undertaker) and Kujo (Sirius)…

Kujo: Shi……Shinn…

Kujo: Under…ta…ker…

Page 4:

Kujo: Sorry.

Kujo: I screwed up…

They surround their enemies, leaving no space to escape

Kujo: Seriously…it’s as you said, Shinn…

Kujo: Guess it’s naive to think

Drone: …Ma…ma…

Drone: …He…lp…

Kujo: That I can help others…on the battlefield

Page 5:

Kujo: I’ll leave the cat to you.

Kujo: Shinn.

Shinn: Understood.

Shinn: (Depart first), Kujo

Page 6:

Daiya/Quensar: Huh? Shinn?

Daiya: It’s rare to see you taking care of the cat.

Page 7:

Old man: …Shinn…

Old man: Hey…Shinn…!

Chapter 3:

Page 1:

Chapter 3: Spearhead Squadron

Lev: Shinn!!

Lev: Where are you, you bastard!?

Page 2:


Shinei Nouzen!!!

Page 3:

Shinn: What?

Eastern Forces, First Battle Area, First Defense Line, Spearhead leader

Captain Shinei Nouzen (Personal Name/PN: Undertaker)

Lev: Don’t ‘what’ me!!

Lev: Undertaker!!

Spearhead Squadron Chief Mechanic.

Lev Audreht

Lev: You created another mess again, you bastard!!

Page 4:

Lev: Why do you have to wreck the machine so much every time you sortie!?

Lev: One of these days, you’re going to die in some stupid manner while fighting!

Shinn: Sorry.

Lev: You think a simple apology will settle this!?

Lev: We’re already out of spare parts. What are you going to do, huh!?

Shinn: What about the second unit?

Lev: Yeaaahhh we have the second unit all thanks to that certain leader wrecking the units until we had only two spare units left!

Lev: Maintaining your personal unit alone takes triple the amount of time it does for the other Processors. Who do you think you are, a Prince!?

Shinn: The Republic’s feudal system was abolished in the revolution three hundred years ago.

Lev: I’ll beat you up, you shitty brat.

Lev: If we count the rate you wear them out, the resupply days and the rate you’re sortieing, there’s no guarantee you’ll last!

Page 5:

Shinn: The support unit (Fido) probably

Shinn: had Kujo’s unit scavenged.

Lev: …Yeah, we can get some spare parts from Kujo’s unit…

Lev: But seriously, don’t you think something is wrong about it? Putting stuff from the units of the dead onto your own?

Lev: …No point saying anymore?

Lev: THat’s what you’re saying huh, Undertaker?

Page 6:

Lev: That guy Kujo was blown to smithereens, wasn’t he.

Shinn: Yeah.

Lev: That’s great.

Lev: He’s there now, right?

Page 7:

Haruto: Seo!!

Haruto: Ba dum tss!

Haruto: Now this is really a ‘Pig living outside the Grand Mur!’

Seo: That’s a bad joke, Haruto.

Seo: But well, it’s amazingly big.

Haruto: We’re having a barbeque tonight!

Haruto: Where’s Raiden? And Ange? I want to switch dinner duty with them.

Page 8:

Seo: Well, Shinn’s the one in charge of cooking today.

Seo: Raiden went to town to search for stocks.

Seo: Ange and the other girls are in charge of washing clothes today.

Haruto: When was that decided.

Seo: After breakfast this morning.

Seo: Activate…?

Seo: From Shinn.

Seo PN (Laughing Fox)

Haruto PN (Falke)

Haruto: So in other words… The river’s Heaven now–!!

Page 9:

Krena: Hyaa, it’s cold, Ange!

Kaie: No, well, if I think about it, it’s embarrassing…

Page 10:

Krena: Kaie! What are you doing?

Krena: Stop standing around and come here.

Kaie: is it really okay for us to be having a water fight by ourselves…?

Page 11:

Kaie: Warrgh!

Ange: You’re really serious, Kaie(-chan).

Ange: It’s fine. We’re done washing the clothes.

Ange (PN: Snow Witch)

Ange: And Shinn understood too.

Kaie: Ah yes. He also said it’s hot today. Showed a rare smile even.

Mook A: Guess even that stone-faced leader can be understanding about this.

Mook B: Sorry Krena. Didn’t think about it.

Page 12:

Mook: Since you and Shinn didn’t have anything on, we could have come up with an excuse to put the two of you together.

Krena (PN: Gunslinger)

Krena: T-that’s not it.

Krena: That’s not what I meant!

Mook A: What’s so good about that guy who always seems to have something on his mind?

Mook B: Your thoughts, Kaie-chan?

Kaie: Shinn? Hmm, I personally don’t think he’s bad.

Kaie: Not much of a talker, stoic, but he’s fine.

Kaie PN: Kirschblüte

Kaie: I see, I see. Nobody wants him? I’m going to strike first.

Kaie: Let’s show him an Eastern ‘night raid’ tonight

Krena: Wait.

Krena: E-Erm, I don’t have any thoughts about Shinn, b-but, I don’t think that’s good!

Page 13:

Girls (+readers): You’re so cute, Krena.

Krena: Hey–!!

Daiya: Yo, found you.

Daiya: Everyone’s enjoying themselves.



Daiya: Hey! Who threw a pistol!?

Daiya: It’s dangerous if it’s loaded!

Ange: Is there something, Daiya-kun?

Daiya: This is the situation when you ask me ‘Are you alright?’ with a cute voice, Ange.

Ange: Well, are, you, alright, Dai, ya, kun?

Daiya: I’m sorry. Don’t say that with the blank look. I’ll cry.

Daiya: No, actually, I (in a very formal manner)

Daiya: Will be taking up a part-time job as a messager.

Krena: Can’t we just use the Para-RAID?

Daiya: Won’t it be awkward to hear you girls talk about romance?

Page 15:

Daiya: Most likely, it’ll be about “Krena likes Shinn.”

Mook: Hmm, eavesdropping is bad, but that’s the right way to look at this.

Mook: Oh yeah, when Shinn connects with us next time, get her to say it.

Krena: W-wait!

Krena: I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I didn’t say that!

Everyone else: You’re so cute Krena.

Kaie: So, what’s the message?

Daiya: Ahh, yeah.

Daiya: It’s from that Shinn.

Page 16:

Raiden: Alright Fido, we’ve got a problem here.

Raiden: We got canned bread in a warehouse and factory synthesized food

Raiden: Which one is the trash?

Fido: Pi

Raiden: So Fido, we’re looking for stuff other than that trash today.

Raiden: Get as much as you can, including other kinds of food.

But calling a Scavenger ‘Fido’ is like giving a dog name.

Really, the owner of this guy here very weird.

Fido: Pi

Page 17:

Raiden: …Someone of the Republic’s Regular Army who died nine years ago.

Raiden: Might be an Alba too.

Raiden: No need .

Raiden: …Just leave him here.

Seo: —To all forces on a stroll. Do you hear me?

Raiden: Seo? What is it?

Seo: There’s a sudden change in the weather report. A storm is coming.

Seo: I’m guessing in about two hours. It looks like other forces will be meeting up behind the ones closest to us.

Page 18:

Raiden: Understood. Returning immediately

Raiden: Chise, Clotho. You hear that? Meet at the entrance of Route 12.

Mooks: Understood.

Raiden: Looks like there’s no ‘Shepherd’ this time, just a head on fight.

Raiden: Basically, we’ll set up an ambush near Point 304 and clean them up in one fell swoop.

Raiden: Just ‘Sheep’ huh?

Raiden (PN Werewolf)

Raiden: Good time to hunt.

Seo: You’re slow, Raiden.

Seo: I was worried you stepped on a landmine.

Raiden: Came back as fast as I could. Also, enough with the landmine jokes.

Seo: Ah. Sorry.

Page 19-20:

Shinn: Everyone here?

Shinn: Listen up.

Shinn: I’ll explain the situation.

Chapter 4:

Page 1:

Shinn: I’ll explain the situation

Shinn: There’s 300 enemies in total, advancing in 4 rhombuses from the north-east

Shinn: We’ll intercept them at point 304, with six squadrons.

Page 2-3:

Shinn: Once the enemies enter the main street killzone, begin fire immediately and wipe them out.

Shinn: –That’s all. All hands, move out.

Chapter 4: The Legion Attacks

Page 4:

Lev: Load the supplies containers onto the Scavenger (Fido)!

Lev: How about it, Shinn? The legs are all repaired.

Lev: Answer me when I talk to you.

(Do I really have to repeat these again?)

Sub-leader: Raiden (PN Werewolf)

Daiya (PN Black Dog)

Ange (PN Snow Witch)

Shinn: All hands on board

Shinn: Para-RAID activated.

Shinn: Personal Code E022-23093 “Undertaker”

Spearhead Squadron, Move out–

Page 5:





Page 6:

Lena: Begin identification.

Lena: Major Vladlena Mizzle.

Lena: Handler for the Eastern Front, First Battle Area, First Defense Line.

Page 7:

Wow, nice destruction

Page 8:

Lena: Handler One to all units.

Lena: My apologies for being late.

Shinn: Undertaker to Handler One. No worries.

Page 9:

Lena: Enemy approaching.

Lena: Please intercept at Point 208.

Shinn: Confirming enemy.

Shinn: Deployment at Point 304 complete.

Lena: How fast… impressive on your part…a quick roll call.

Of course, what are you saying…?

Raiden: Responding to Handler One.

Raiden: Second Platoon Leader ‘Werewolf’

Page 10:

Haruto: First platoon ‘Falke’


Kaie: Fourth platoon ‘Kirschblüte’

Daiya: Fifth platoon ‘Black Dog’

Ange: Fifth platoon ‘Snow Witch’

Almost half did not responsd…

It is not unreasonable.

All 21 names confirmed.

Page 11:

Fewer than 0.1% survive the battlefields annually, and these soldiers.

Have nothing to worry about, even with their commander (me) leading in the city…

Point 208…

If she had just known that the Legion would attack, that would definitely be the best place to intercept.

Seems like…she’s not just acting like a kind Princess.

Lena: They are here…!

Page 12:

Attack of the (Clones) Legion

Page 13:

Raiden: Timing and enemy numbers are exactly correct as usual.

Raiden: Gotta thank our ‘Death God’ here, eh?

Legion Scouts: Ameise

Page 14:

Legion Close Ranged Hunters: Grauwolf

Raiden: Sure is tough for them to keep sortieing every time.

Raiden: What a bunch of shitty scraps.

Page 15:

Shinn: Shoot

Chapter 5:

Page 1-2:

Chapter 5: Spearhead Squadron’s Power.

Page 3:

Shinn: They’re here.

Page 5:

The “Juggernaut” is definitely a failed machine.

The thin aluminium alloy cannot stand up to the barrage of a heavy machine gun.

Its mobility is overwhelmingly low, the main cannon is lacking in firepower, and there is no chance of it winning against a close ranged hunter (Grauwolf) or a tank (Lowe).

Haruto: ! Woahh…

Page 6:

Daiya: I see it!! I see a fLöwe field!!

Kaie: Where are you looking at, Daiya!?

Daiya: You’re too much, Kaie! This baby (Juggernaut) limbs are way too weak.

To beat the enemy “Legion” units using the weak “Juggernauts”, coordination between several units, landscapes and obstacles will be required to make up for the lack of mobility.

…But, that’s not all…

Page 7:

From the movements of Spearhead Squadron, I can feel that.

There is ‘something’ beyond that…

Shinn: Team Three.

Shinn: Lure the enemy before you and retreat southwest.

Shinn: Team five, hold your position.

Shinn: Wait for all the enemies to enter the kill zone before firing.

Page 8:

Daiya: Daiya (Black Dog) here, understood.

Daiya: Ange (Snow Witch), use this time to reload.

Seo: Seo (Laughing Fox) here, understood.

Seo: Don’t shoot at us, Black Dog!

Shinn: Haruto (Falke). Bearing 270, distance 400.

Shinn: It’s coming out from the building. Once it shows up, open fire.

Haruto: Understood. Kino (Fafnir), lend me a hand.

Kino: Okay…!

Page 9:

Raiden: Haha, you idiots!

Raiden: We got the protection of the ‘death god’ here!

That ‘death god’…

He got the units ready in a pincer position…

…It feels as if.

He can see the “Legion” movements.

…You’re not showing up?

Shinn: Everyone, stay on guard, cease fire.

Page 14-15:

Shinn: Scatter…

Page 16:

That scared me…!!

That’s a long distance bombardier (Scorpion) blast…!

We need to get rid of the spotters fast…!

Lena: Handler one to all units. Sending possible locations of spotters.

Lena: Three of them. Please identify and suppress.

Page 17:

Shinn: Krena (Gunslinger). Bearing 030.

Shinn: Distance 1200, four units on rooftop.

Krena: Got it. Leave it to me.

Shinn: Handler One, transmission of data through laser may reveal our locations.

Shinn: Please relay only through voice during operation.

Lena: …My apologies.

Shinn: Next wave of spotters are coming.

Shinn: Please continue to deduce and reveal enemy position.

Lena: Yes!

Lena: A tank (Lowe)…?

Page 18 (right side to left):

About time they showed here on the frontlines.

But it doesn’t seem like the “Legion” numbers are dropping.

Shinn (Undertaker) and the Scavenger (Fido).

Have run out of ammo, huh?

Raiden: A little too many of them here.

Shinn: Isn’t it like hunting?

Shinn: Just enjoy this.

Raiden: You heard us?

Shinn: We got a lot more Löwe than expected.

Shinn: Our movements are going to be detected at this rate. Better wipe out a few before that happens.

…His voice is the same as usual.

I’ve never seen Shinn rattled before.

Shinn: I’ll handle the tanks (Löwe).

Shinn: Leaving the other enemies and covering fire orders to you.

Page 19:

Raiden: Understood, Undertaker…

Raiden: You’re going to be blasted by that old man Audreht again.

I guess when he dies, and even after that.

He’ll remain like this.

Page 20:

Legion Tank Type: Löwe

Lena: Undertaker!!

Lena: What are you…!?

Page 21:

Shinn: I’ll handle the tanks (Löwe).

Shinn: You handle the other enemies and covering fire orders .

Chapter 6:

Page 1:

Chapter 6: Shinn

Page 2:


Page 3:

Lena: Undertaker!!

Lena: What are you…!?

Page 4:


Page 5:

He dodged it? Impossible…!?

The tank (Löwe) cannon surpasses the speed of sound…!

Lena: …! It’s dangerous!!

Lena: Regroup with the nearby Juggernauts…

Page 6: Fighting…err, I mean dodging.

Page 7: Goomba Stomping.

Page 8: Lena going OMG

Page 9: Climbing

Page 10: Brutal

Page 11: Savage

Page 12: Rekted

Page 13:

What mobility…!

It’s moving faster than the specs listed mobility…!!

Page 14:


Page 15:

Bloody murder

Page 16:


Page 17:

The Legion is retreating.

Page 18:

This is how the Eighty Sixers ‘Spearhead Squadron’ fight.


The death god’s (Undertaker) fight–…

Shinn: Please pull me back.

Raiden: Understood.

Raiden: Come here Fido.

Fido: Pii

Page 19:

Lena: All units…

Page 20:

Lena: Good work for the day.

Shinn: Good work, Handler One.

Lena: I have just witnessed your victory for the first time…

Lena: It was an anamzing battle.

Lena: …Is it always like this, Undertaker?

Lena: That was really reckless…

Raiden: LOL

Page 20:

Raiden: Ahh, this guy’s always been like that, Handler One.

Raiden: He’s always like this, even before I knew him.

Lena: Werewolf, have you known Undertaker for a long time?

Kaie: Most of us here are like this.

Kaie: For example, Daiya (Black Dog) and Ange (Snow Witch) were always in the same squad since conscription.

Kaie: Haruto (Falke) and I were together for a year.

Kaie: Seo (Laughing Fox) and Krena (Gunslinger) joined the squad with Shinn (Undertaker) and Raiden (Werewolf) two years ago…

Kaie: You two have known each other for two years, right?

Raiden: Three years.

Lena: …

Lena: How long has it been since you were conscripted?

Kaie: Everyone’s in the fourth year.

Kaie: Ahhh,

Page 21:

Kaie: Undertaker’s the most experienced here.

Kaie: This is his fifth year.

Lena: …! So…

Lena: Undertaker, you’re about to finish service soon.

Lena: What do you intend to do once you retire?

Shinn: What knows…?

Shinn: I never actually thought about it.

Lena: I see…

Lena: …but, I do think it is good to think about it now.

Lena: Maybe you might think of something.

Page 22:

Lena: I’m sure it will be enjoyable

Shinn: Maybe it is.

Page 23:

Spearhead Squadron here?

Zero casualties in this battle.

I see…such misfortune.


They will be tasked with that mission–…

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  1. Thanks for your hardwork tehping. Just like what you mentioned, everybody is getting older. It’s been almost 10 years since I first stumbled upon your translation in baka tsuki, particularly shakugan no shana, baka test and infinite stratos. You’re working for so long just like Js06,frozen and shadowys at that time. Thanks again.

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