April 2020 Announcements

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So, something for an April Fools’ Joke?


Well, guess I’m not retiring.


Thing is, I’m trying to figure out what are the stuff I need to finish. Already I’m working on Unicorn 10 (Hellping must be freezing over). Finished Hello </3 . Working on Kamiinai 2. 86 new anime announced.


…What else have I missed?


Ah, right

Just 3 minutes.


It’s not winter, but yeah, I need to figure out when I can get around to finishing this one. One respite I get from the COVID issue is that I have a little more time to translate, so hopefully I get to finish another 3 of my last projects before I end things off with Kamiinai next year.

Yes, I still have Kamiinai pegged as my last project. I’ve paid for the domain to last until 2023, so it’ll probably last until then before everything’s gone. I’m a little tired, so if I get to (finally) finish the stuff earlier, then…


Now then, now that I have a little more time, I’ll like to pen my thoughts on a certain series.

Hello, Hello and Hello.

Or as I like to call it, Hello  </3.

The only reason why I couldn’t name the chapter pages as such is because wordpress doesn’t accept ‘/’ as part of a chapter name.

Now, if you haven’t read the story, further spoilers abound.




I’m not kidding when I say that I was reminded of Paradox Spiral when I worked on this story.

Kalafina’s Sprinter was the main theme song I used when working on this series, because more than a simple love story, to me, it was a story of encounters and wishes. The pursuit of the one love both Yuki and Haru wanted, but could ultimately never attain.

Yuki means snow, while Haru means spring. Normally, these aren’t compatible, for spring means the passing of winter, the absence of snow, so this is also a story of struggle, how the two of them would supposedly have their relationship remembered.

Why I chose Kalafina’s Sprinter in this case was mostly because…the lyrics just stuck with me as I worked on this story, from the perspective of Yuki, who had the whole world forget her so many times, like an endless loop, so trapped. Given the seasonal themes however, I was really tempted to use ‘Yukitoki’ and ‘Harumodoki’.

Regardless of the ending, who would you have wanted 8man to be with?

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When I read stories, I don’t really look and nitpick at the details, because for me, I’ll never stop nitpicking. Instead, I look at the themes of the story, which is why I feel I’m able to write about this series with a more relaxed disposition, something I don’t feel there is any right or wrong about.

But even then, I can’t help but be amused how the name for the faux-shota is read as Haruto Yuki, or literally, Haru and Yuki.

While working on this story, I made a few comments about how in this story, the whole thing happened because a girl refused to die to truck-kun, and was ‘punished’ to live on and be forgotten for so long. It’s like the author was like, ‘no isekai’.

Of course, the start of the story might seem a little cliche. Rejects super cute childhood friend, falls for a girl who is said to be an otherworldly beauty. A really cliche story, until you see what goes on behind the scenes, and it turns into a tragedy.

Every new encounter, every chance for a new beginning. This is what I feel life should be about. It may be sweet, sour, bitter, but it is an experience that forms part of who we are as persons, our characters, as we continue to run and seek the endpoint we may never reach, but we’ll die trying.

And honestly I would have left it at the first volume, but then I got bored and translated further anyway.

The second volume meanwhile looks to hopes and wishes.

Life…dreams…hope…Where do they come from? Where do they go…?


Now, I don’t go into any story expecting to read an Aesop, but the story in particular was merely a simple story, albeit with supernatural elements.


So, some of the more bemusing comments:

A: Is Nasu involved in this?

A: Somebody needs to do something about truck-kun

B: It’s like she’s transferring schools every week then

C: Now I have a question Ping, so if she plays a videogame, does her data get reset every week? <<< Asking the real questions.

Ultimately, I would say that why I chose to work on this story is because, not all stories should be a happy ending. Assuming that each person’s life is a story, most people’s lives aren’t exactly happy, so we probably wouldn’t expect happy endings.


And speaking of lacking in happy endings:


2 thoughts on “April 2020 Announcements

  1. Hello. I’m the guy that made the initial post on NovelUpdates about wanting this story translated. Again, thank you so much for translating Hello, Hello, and Hello. Just finished the second volume a few hours ago and I enjoyed it just as much as I did the first. It was such a great story. It was tragic, yet incredibly beautiful. It was very unique and didn’t try to force a happy ending like I was expecting it would. A part of me was really hoping that they would together by the end, as I really loved Yuki’s character and she deserves a happy ending after all that’s happened to her. But that would really ruin the theme the author was going for. I’m a sucker for tragedies and this one was a very good one. I will definitely remember the story of Yuki, like the author mentions in the afterword. I hope she’ll be happy with that.

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