April Emergency Announcements.

There’s always time to press the panic button.






I got some quest to go through for my new job. If I complete, I’ll level up. If not, I’ll die and respawn.

Either way, I’ll remain alive, somehow.

So…what does this mean?

Well, for one, I’ll be busy for pretty much the entire month, so much that I’ll be translating from phone instead of computer. Yeah, I’m going to be that busy.

This means that I’ll have to reshuffle the order.

And…for some added controversy, Clockwork Planet v3 translations is going to be delayed from January 2016 to May 2016 (and to cap it off…I’ll only be truly free starting May 20 2016)…

Hey, no one knows when the anime will start, right? Right?

I can feel the screams of agony from beyond the screen.

And since I’m going to be translating by phone, I might as well do some shorter chapters.

That means 3 minutes BMG chapters will be translated. Each of them is like…20 pages or so? Kinda short.

At the same time, I’ll be doing edits for Bokushinu v2 Act 4. Misaki-chan, here we come…

I’ll continue to proofread Biblia, but that’s going to be on Thursday nights.

Yep. It’s gonna be a slow year for me translating wise, I guess. Got to earn my keep IRL.


So…tl:dr, I’m going to divide this into main projects, and sub projects. Main will take 1-2 months, sub will take 2-3 months.


Main Project: Clockwork Planet 3

Sub Project: Long Title v2


Main Project: Magdala v3

Sub Project: Long Title v2


Main Project: Magdala v3

Sub Project: 3 min BMG


Main Project: Magdala v4

Sub Project: 3 min BMG



Main Project: Magdala v4

Sub Project: Kamimemo v5 (on BT only)


Main Project: Amaryllis v1

Sub Project: Kamimemo v5 (on BT only…it’s 406 pages thick…)


A pity I’ll only be able to do 3 volumes of Magdala this year. I’ll also revisit some old series on BT that I personally find interesting, so it’s like opening a museum there.


PS: On a side note, I just typed out ‘useless goddess’ for a random google search for no particular reason. The result is amusing.




6 thoughts on “April Emergency Announcements.

  1. I’ve waited this long for Clockwork Planet 3, a couple more months won’t hurt. You do what you need to do. We’ll be here anxiously awaiting your translations. 😉

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