April Fools Announcements 2015

No, you’re not at the wrong site. This is the hellicopter site. (thus the Slyphy picture)

Right, now that we can’t walk because of the lame joke, a few notes from my part.

My initial plan was to simply put ads, but after searching somewhat, I decided to implement donations

…well, that was the plan.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore forbids any donations from overseas. (well, it shows that they’re working, which I can be thankful for.)

So I guess I’ll just put some ads and do whatever I want here.

Not much on the translation scene from me for the past 30 months, and I don’t expect that to change for the better anytime soon. My main focus for this month will be my final papers before I graduate, and though I do have job offers, I am holding out for more (especially since I do not feel particularly comfortable about dealing with finances).

Well, it’s not like I’m planning to do this actually:




Hey, maybe that’s a good idea.

Either way, I’m getting too whimsical in deciding what I want to translate. It’s to a point where I literally drop my books and see which one ends up standing on top.

Thus far, the only major updates I managed for the past month are Hikaru volume 7 Chapter 1, and ‘longname’ v1 chapter 1.

Magdala isn’t on the menu because I have yet to create a project page for it. It should be on the site though.

Speaking of which, I do plan to have Hikaru being the first series done amongst the ‘second gen projects’.

I have quit Baka-Tsuki due to certain issues, most notably the insistence of the ads revenue which is against Baka-Tsuki policies (and I helped police it too). It feels weird to be taking this route after the hoorah I caused 3 years ago, but I’m in no hurry at the moment.

And…I do plan to finish Clockwork Planet 2 before the manga reaches chapter 19. That should give me 3 months.

I did work a bit of Biblia, but seeing how people talked about Spice and Wolf, I really want to push Magdala. I just need a Kage Bushin to work.

Baka Test is out of the equation given that I gave the project away. Now that 12.5 is here. TAMAT TAAAAA

And if I want to add a new series…I have yet to work on comedies in quite a while. Then again, I’m mentally unhinged after working on Black Bullet.

With the rate licenses are popping up in the English LN translation scene, I might think of learning another language to translate into (most probably German since the Germans are efficient in the supply chain management, which my current major is)

Too many wishes, too little productivity.

And to prove my whimsical nature, I am currently working on this volume:


5 thoughts on “April Fools Announcements 2015

  1. i still owe you 2 things. Well that should tell you who I am. Glad You are well. Well if you are gonna translate into German then that’s great cause I wanted to learn it for awhile but no motivation for it. You alway take on interesting works to translate so I will be dropping by to read them. Take care man and hope you get a good job. And I don’t mind donating some money to you and you know that I can.

  2. ping = whimsical…..
    nyahahahahaha……….wait….no..i mean, yes you are!
    so like…what’s a heliotrope?

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