August 2020 Announcements

You know when you pick up a series that’s definitely going to be licensed? When you know it’s a lost cause, but you decide, go for it?

That’s pretty much how I do things.


We know Angel is a really saccharine series, but for me, when I started working on it, it was with a sense of melancholy.

I don’t know why, but there’s a feeling of emptiness when I worked on it.

So this plays:


For me, when I finished volume 1, I didn’t plan to start volume 2.

I really didn’t.


Then someone translated the manga.

So I decided to translate an entire volume 2 in 14 hours.

Then it got licensed.


Just to make it official. No, I am not translating Angel LN. No.


I say this all the time, but I’m kinda tired, especially after doing this for a decade.

DMCA, licenses, translator drama, or me just being a relative recluse online.

I already had my retirement plans, until that went out of the window when I translated tenshi, and then mamahaha (or motokano). It’s not a good feeling to see folks I know come and go, and just soldiering on knowing it will be ultimately futile to myself. At this point, translating has been my only respite from work, since I don’t really party or play games or watch anime or anything.

One of those ‘I’m mentally worn down’ phases I guess.

I know I joke about how I have a tendency of getting stuff that end up licensed, but honestly, it is very frustrating to do this all the time, though I may not show it outwardly.


I won’t be surprised if Motokano does get licensed, truth be told. Maybe then I can get back on track to the retirement plan.

As for what I may do after I do retire somehow, I suppose it is for the best to remain silent.


Speaking of Motokano (I still prefer to call it Mamahaha). I’ll like to talk about edits.

Rawon’s the main editor for this series. At this point however, I’ll prefer to call him the Memeditor. That ‘Unlimited Glare Works’? That was his idea.

…Though I have a tendency to escalate stuff.

He will like to apologize for the delays in the project. I’ll be frank and say it’s because he is addicted to Korone noises.

Let’s face it, half of our comments on this series are going. “GDI Yume, stop being so thirsty.”

Yeah, we’re probably open to getting more staff onboard, assuming the licensing tendency doesn’t strike again. I’m the only translator (and actual team) here however. There’s no I in team, but there’s a me in team.

If you guys don’t mind, we’re just going to YOLO and meme up the translations for this series. Hey, we ain’t paid for this, monetary and sanity-wise. I was still figuring out which ‘style’ to use for this series, but after one too many meme, I just went !@#$%%&*() and escalate matters.

Btw, since we’re on this topic, and given my tendency to have series licensed, the tentative plan when Mamahaha gets licensed is to put a fanfic version and rename it as Papahaha.


Back to Angel, the original plan was to just upload a chapter daily, but Ping happened.

Ping found it too slow, and decided to just spam a few chapters here and there.

What do you mean section 2 is done?


…Somewhere out there, a certain pain in the neko is still waiting to be translated.


Oh, and as for the background? That’s Steiner’s handiwork.

Yes, that Steiner who translates Isekai Smartphone for J-Novel Club. I got permission to reuse it.

9 thoughts on “August 2020 Announcements

  1. One could joke that the reason these keep getting licensed is your good taste. You like quality things and it shows.
    Thanks for all your hard work. You give these characters a consistent tone and that’s an uncommon thing in online translations. I’ve had to give up some of the most popular WN/LN simply due to such incoherent or even just uninteresting translations. Part of my enjoyment stems from the work itself, and the other part how it was presented.
    I hope to read another of your works someday, even if it isn’t immediately decided what that might be. I would personally like to know what LN/WN would catch your eye, considering this one was not highly rated – much to my dismay -until you did some crazy work with binge translating.

    1. I think that you’re really doing good work!!

      firstly, I really love your translations, they are good, the best I read, and I would like to thank you for that

      also, I read the first 3 volumes of 86 that you translated, and will confidently say that I’m going to by all the light novel volumes from online once vol 5 comes out. So, you might think it’s a waste that the LN you translate end up licensed, it is honestly, but I would like you to know that you’re helping the author boost their sales and I hope you’re be proud of that fact 😀

      I would be really sad to see you retire T-T, but that’s your choice and I have to respect that, I would just love to thank you for everything you have done 😀

      (btw, I would love to see more 86 side stories translated too HAHA XD)

      1. Hey, of course we’ll be sad if you retire, but a man’s gotta do what he’s gotta do.

        If anything, a monthly list of LNs that caught your attention would be a nice way for us plebes to keep a lookout for up and coming titles.

  2. Honestly I deleted angel LN I was very shocked to the point not awake even if you see my previous comments I was asking why I was deleted I was in love with this novel in a crazy way but when I knew why I was so sad because you were translating something and tired of it and the last thing that is deleted this is something I can’t afford it but when I saw you downloading the WN I was crazyly happy this first novel I didn’t like the novels in general but this story changed my perspective a lot
    Really thank you for translating this novel a beautiful and quick translation go on and take care of your health please

  3. Licensed… Deleted…. No way. Can I cry now?
    Novel that you translated got licensed again huh? Well, you have such a good taste after all..
    wait, could it be they have been tracking this website to look for some quality novel??

    In that note, I’m glad they never licensed Hikaru. That times I’m still in Senior High, with my spending on games I’ll never have enough money to buy either paperback or epub of official translation.

  4. Thanks a lot for the translation work you have been doing. For someone like me who have no access to the translated light novels or web novels in book format (unless I get it shipped from another country), it has been really helpful. Only few gets the ebook format that I can buy afterall.

    I enjoyed reading your translated version of angel light novel before it was licensed. I’m glad I was able to read it
    before it was deleted , considering the usual time it takes it for the official release. And I’m enjoying the continuation on the web novel chapters .. seriously, thanks alot . Just like someone else mentioned, my day also starts with sugar dose from angel and the extra chapter releases were pleasant treats.

    Once again ,thanks alot. I do hope you will be able to get the well deserved rest soon.

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