June 2021 Announcements

Plays Magus Killer Spamming translations, roasting readers, getting my brain legionfied. Wait…that doesn’t work. First of all, tenshi. No updates on this thus far as there aren’t any new chapters for the time being. Yep, no chapters at all for the time being. Second, kamiinai, […]

March 2021 Announcements

Trying to match the tune https://bilibili.com/video/BV1Dy4y12753   Teyvat, Liyue Harbor. Little zombie, wants cocogoat. Fated, disappointment. Ice qilin, not a goat I’m really not a cocogoat Yangu is just (traveler’s) imagination. A little chill when I move. A little stare from who knows. I’m really […]