The Exchange Diary.

It’s meant for multiple people to share a diary with each other.



Now then everyone, this might seem very sudden, and very unexpected.

But recently I, Akitsuki Sakamoto, want to write just one more thing in the exchange diary, and see everyone’s opinion on it.

You probably never thought the other person’s a 17 year old high school girl, a cute maiden nonetheless. Quite unbelievable, right?

An exchange diary between an adolescent high school boy and a girl.

The kind of situation that would make most people say, “Isn’t that just the sweet taste of youth?” I bet some of you even feel a little bit jealous.


But I have to say.

That this way of viewing it is very, very naive.

In truth, this exchange diary’s not as it appears, there was some really illogical mechanism to it. Because of this, my life’s been set on Very Hard mode ever since spring, and I still haven’t been able to get back on track. Just imagine how much I suffered.

So what’s going on?

Allow me to begin explaining.

Now then, reason number 1.

The first reason for this exchange diary.

It’s that girl——Hikari Yumesaki. She is an utterly devious and super duper idiot.

I opened the notebook before me, the exchange diary shared between us. The previous day’s entered my eyesight.

Written on it was,

“Yahoo, Sakamoto! You doing well? It’s sudden, but I worked hard at the shopping center in the next town! Though I got onto the wrong train 7 times and wasted so much time…”

“What did she do now?”

Once I read the first line, I sighed as I muttered to myself. How did she board the wrong train so many times when it’s just the nearby town?

Yep, it’s the feeling.

As you can see, Hikari Yumesaki’s the kind of idiot where you can’t tell if she’s actually stupid or just an idiot. Having said that, she might be a brainless jellyfish borne from a stupid sea, and doing such dumb things like this is all in a day’s work for her.

Getting lost is already normal for her, when she cooks, she mixes up sugar and miso (and half of it is salt), she hits her head on something whenever she sneezes etc. But even then, such stupidity is through the roof. I had enough of her.

Having said this much though.

I’m speechless, and I probably wouldn’t have to worry this much if she’s just an ordinary idiot. It’s like meeting a drunk naked uncle. If he’s not directly related to me, I could just laugh it off and say “Ahh~I might end up like that.” and take it as a life lesson. Even if it’s someone I know who made a small mistake, I should be able to hang my head high as long as it doesn’t involve me, right? Normally speaking.


Everyone, being sufficiently intelligent, might have noticed from this description that things aren’t that simple.

The exchange diary between me and this girl called Hikari Yumesaki’s a little unique. There’s a really big reason why I’m just frowning away.

Summarizing everything, the second point.

The second reason why this exchange diary isn’t ordinary. And that is, Hikari Yumesaki’s no longer alive; not shockingly, she’s the me yesterday.


No, wait.

Don’t run. Don’t turn away from me!

Don’t give me that “Ah, this kid has a few screws loose” look! I’m telling the truth here!

I’m! Telling! The! Truth!

It all started from a rainy day a few months ago. All because I saw Hikari Yumesaki die in a traffic accident.

It’s a really shocking, nerve-wrecking development, but the problems only started after.

A mysterious guy in black clothes suddenly appeared before me. “Use half of your lifespan to save her.”

And starting from the second day!

Something unbelievable happened!

So this really outrageous fantasy of a supernatural method to live in this world that is Hikari Yumesaki’s soul ‘occupying my body’ every alternate day happened!

Erm, did you guys get what I just said?

It’s normal not to understand. I’ll explain a little more details later.

Basically, while I’m normal today, tomorrow, my body’s going to be occupied by Hikari Yumesaki’s soul. To be honest, it’s really unbelievable, and I have no idea how exactly that works, but it’s an undeniable fact. I’ve been living this life for months, and right now, I have to give up and just believe. The world’s always having such weird things.

And after that happened, I noticed something else really troublesome. When we swap over, we won’t retain any memories.

The moment I get tagged out by Hikari Yumesaki, my consciousness will fade completely. I sleep on Monday, and I’ll wake up on Wednesday morning. That means that physically, I feel Hikari Yumesaki take half my lifespan.

Eh well, it’s this kind of feeling.

I guess Japanese’s that complicated, or should I say, shouldn’t be this fraud. Typically, there’s no way anyone can think this would happen…argh.

Our ridiculous shared life in the same body happened.

Both of us share the same body, but not the memories and consciousness. The system we use to communicate is this exchange diary. So what I just read was the diary entry from Hikari Yumesaki, the me yesterday. It’s a long story, but that’s how it is.

It’s really too hard to understand.

So, after all this talk, back on point.

One has to wonder what kind of chemical reaction will occur with this troublesome system, along with how Hikari Yumesaki’s a big idiot. As you can guess, like that. Reading the diary entry every morning’s a daily routine for me. So I just blankly read on, and as expected, I read something that had me sighing. Really, the me today had to remark about Hikari Yumesaki’s weirdness.

So this is what happens next.

“And then, I finally reached the shopping mall, and found a new type of bra there. So this Hikari-chan got careless and forgot she’s in a boy’s body, and wore it as a test. And then there were a lot of security guards…anyway, better not to show up at that shopping mall these days! Ehe~☆!”

“Is she an idiot!? This kind of nonsense while in my body!?”

Well, that’s the kind of situation.

So I retorted hard, and sighed. “That numbskull.” I let slip from my mouth, grumbling away.

Well, it’s this kind of a feeling.

As you can see, our exchange diary life is pretty tumultuous. It’s to be expected that the me yesterday mess up and the me today has to clean up after her.

Also, there’s a moe wakeup app added into my phone early in the morning. The me yesterday once did a strange dance of a ‘squiggly muscle ass’ after showering, and the next day, my little sister gave me a weird look the entire day.

There’s also me being threatened with something like wait till you become a VTuber tomorrow!”, something vague at least (but I could sense something ominous), and I was forced to share my pocket money. Anyway, the situation for me is that the me today stuck between the me yesterday and the me tomorrow, just cornered. Damn it.

There’s a lot of such cases.

Like, there are consecutive pages of doodles I notice in the corner while doing my homework, and whenever I so happen to flip until the very end, I’ll end up seeing things like “Stop procrastinating. Study hard.” Well, I can’t accept hearing these words from her.

Also, there’s the me yesterday who ate lots of goldfish feed just because ‘it looks delicious since they enjoy it so much’, and I got a tummyache. That day, I had a serious thought if ‘she’s actually borne with stupid atoms’, and just wrote the thought down in the diary. The next day, I had duct tape stuck on my armpit hair as revenge. Her weird acts were such that I never got a peaceful day.

“Seriously, I can’t stand her. How long until my soul gets peace?”

But, but.

I grumbled so much, but this life of two souls in one body isn’t all a bad thing.

I guess you can figure out from the next content.

“So Hikari-chan here executed an Indiana Jones-escape, but Hikari-chan didn’t forget to buy a gift for you! I don’t often buy gifts for boys though! Eat it and eat it with graciousness!”


I grumbled as I grinned away. The bag of potato chips in the middle of the desk was probably what she referred to. I guess it’s typical of her to take a common snack as a gift. Damn it, she’s so adorable yet so hateable.

I got into lots of trouble because of Hikari Yumesaki’s idiocy, but I got helped by her quite a bit, so it’s not false to say that the troubles she caused are part of my happy memories.

For personal reasons, I don’t have friends, so my encounter with this sunny girl’s irreplaceable. She’s cheerful and kind to anyone, and the deep love she and I made isn’t something that can be described in a few words.

The me yesterday and the me today. A teen in her vibrant youth, and a teen in his vibrant youth.

Of course, it’s the relationship where we have various thoughts about the other party.

“Alright, let’s have breakfast first.”

Well, it’s that kind of feeling.

It’s a cold season, mid-winter. We continue with our ordinary lives, praising the usual daily life we’re already used to.

It might be a bit of an exaggeration to say this, but I have to.

This probably happened because we relaxed just like that. A little incident was seemingly attracted by the winter chill, and I’m writing this incident down.

It’s a minor, yet earnest page of youth mixed into our daily lives. This is the story I’m introducing to everyone.

On a certain day before Christmas.

The prelude to why Hikari Yumesaki started off with her own activity for some reason.

It’s an act all students would have thought of, but not many would actually do so.

But despite that, it seems I have an urge to try it out.

It’s called a ‘Counseling room’.

The story all started from this one page.



In the summer, people will just complain about the vicious sun, like ‘can’t we have winter soon’, but when it really comes to winter, we’ll be grumbling about the frigid cold like, ‘that’s enough cold, please come, summer’. People only care about what’s before them. Well, my mind was just running wild on that day.

I woke up in my room, colder than it was in the morning, “mmmm…” and groaned like a molting snail.

“Yahoo, Sakamoto-kun. It’s cold recently. More importantly, the TV remote’s out of power, so I swapped it with the alarm clock’s. Remember to buy some batteries after school!”

“That idiot…”

It’s past 10.

I looked at the exchange diary that had become a habit for me, cursing.

Right, because of a certain idiot, I’m late for school. Speaking of which, no, no no no no no. You’re kidding me, right?”

Wh-what’s this situation?

Is she dumb? Or just dumb and dumer?

She took out the alarm battery, put it in the TV remote, and didn’t install it back. No no no, she would have known the consequence, right? She told me to buy some back, but thanks to her, I’m not even at school!

“Seriously, she’s always being dumb.”

And later in the diary, she wrote stuff like, “To thank you for buying the battery, Hikari-chan shall offer you the song you really love! Lalala~♪ chang la hey papapa~♪♪. Sing with me, Sakamoto-kun.” Worn out by this hopeless content, I let out a long sigh again. Anyway, what I can say is, if I can tell what this song is, I’m probably some music god or something, and if I perform it later, I’ll become a musician for the ages. As you all know, I’m not some music god, so I’m not only confused, I have the urge to beat someone up. Often, the result was me basically muttering, “Seriously, she’s a lost cause.” I really had enough.

To summarize, I was fuming early in the morning.

But I thought that since it’s Hikari Yumesaki, that’s to be expected, “Whatever man. Thanks to her, I got a nice sleep.” I chose to convince myself in a positive manner to quell my rage. For some reason, I felt a little tired realizing that I had trained myself really well here.


But after that.

I noticed some content a little different from usual.

Normally after this, Hikari Yumesaki would spend lots of space writing her thoughts on some serial drama or something, some J-pop, or animation quality, basically unimportant stuff. There’s something special in place of that however.

The words seem a little livelier than usual.

They contained the delight she could not restrain.

“Speaking of which, Sakamoto-kun! Make sure~~~~~ you show up at the multi-purpose classroom after school today! As for what’ll happen…you’ll know once you get there! Good night☆”


I stared at the noisy looking cicada by the side (which had my face on the side for some reason), and felt a little worried? Go to the classroom after school? That’s weird. We don’t usually use the multi-purpose classroom for anything other than classes, so what’s over there? I could tell she’s planning some mischief again.

And written after that.

“You’ll be cursed for eternity if you don’t go, Sakamoto-kun. Eheheheh.”

“I have a bad feeling about this, but I have to go.”

I muttered to myself once I saw the evil mom-like words. To be honest, I really didn’t want to go after seeing these words, but the troublesome thing is, if I don’t, she’s going to set up some contraption that’ll slam my face with a plate the moment I wake up. Now, I can do that against her, but it’s easy to think that if I do so, she’ll take revenge by setting up a bathtub of concrete instead, so I could only let go of my clenched fists. I do treasure my spine after all. Damn it, two souls sharing a body is really so inconvenient. Now I have to hide it from everyone, including my own family, and that’s even more troublesome. I could write four light novel volumes worth of content just thinking of what happened between Hikari Yumesaki and me. Goodness.

Well, leaving aside these vague grumbles, it’s about time to leave (though I’ll be late either way), so I paused my thoughts, and chose to go to school.

Whatever, I didn’t know what she’s planning, but I’ll figure it out once I get to school. If it’s something troublesome, I’ll just find an excuse to slip off.

So I thought.

“Alright, so what will our Princess do here?”

I made a little yawn as I muttered in a daze.

My words blended softly into the faint winter sunlight.


After that, I quickly learned that I should have pretended to have a tummyache and skip school, or some excuse.


After school, I went to the multi-purpose classroom.

Awaiting me there was an unexpected scene.

“Ahh, bro, you really know how to surprise! I never expected you to have such a brilliant idea! Much respect!”

The mohawk was full of vigor, and greeted me energetically the moment I stepped into the classroom. I listened to him as I looked towards the eye-catching whiteboard with words written all over it, muttering the words on it,

“I’ll solve all problems for you! Counseling Room! The Scary guy’s pretty popular☆…huh?”

I was dumbfounded to see such strange words, and the one who provided intel to me was the mohawk who had been agitated the entire time.

But well, the basic summary of it was this.

“But you really shocked me yesterday, bro. I never thought you would open a counseling room for students.”

And I could only think of how the Hikari Yumesaki living inside my body yesterday started a counseling room for some reason.

“Never thought you would have us lackeys help you out, bro…thank you very much!”

And for some reason, she appointed Mohawk as her helper.

“And you called us to help out because you want us outcasts to help society out, even though we aren’t used to school…uuu, my tears are running!”

Well, the purpose of it was to get problem youths used to school after having skipped school.

“You’ve been preparing for this because you’ve been reading some counseling themed manga, right?”

It seemed everything she did was for the sake of pride, but she’s just a stupid kid who’s easily influenced by manga, the type to try whatever she sees.

“So starting today, I’ll work for you bro, as your hands. Let’s settle the students’ troubles!”

And so,

She bluffed the innocent Mohawk, and used a classroom for herself to spend time in after school.

“Klang klang! So, summarizing it all, let’s set up a counseling room for all the troubles after school, every day♪ Just saying, Hikari-chan didn’t set up this counseling room because she wanted to be some protagonist solving other people’s problems. I’m just doing this for your sake when you’re scary looking and have no friends! Hikari-chan will switch turns with you every day, so make sure you become friends with them!”

“Ah, this is the letter you left with me yesterday, bro. You said to return this to you tomorrow, but what’s the point of that?” So I read the message Mohawk passed from Hikari Yumesaki, mystified, and frowned.

Damn it. Why are you making such an obvious lie?

It’s obvious the idea to make friends for me is just a lie.

But it’s true that I can’t get along with others because of this scary face I have. Just moments ago, I stood up on the train, wanting to offer my seat to the elderly, “KYAA!!” but this granny just screamed till her back over and ran away at 14kmh. I can’t disagree with that, and if I just leave this be and go home, the me tomorrow will enact vengeance, so I have to do this anyway. After all, at the end of the message, there’s this part “Just to say, Sakamoto, if you slack away, you’ll become a really popular NicoNicoTuber!” Like hell I’ll want that to happen.

“Let’s work hard together starting today, bro!”


I glanced aside at the energetic Mohawk who didn’t know he was just being an errand boy (it’s kinda late, but just to introduce him, Mohawk’s in the same year as me, a delinquent, my lackey, and also a good guy. Basically, he’s a secondary character of no importance. Don’t think too hard about it.) I sighed hard.

Seriously, couldn’t Hikari Yumesaki just do so herself? Is there a need for her to involve me in this? Her thoughts were really confusing to me.

“Counseling room, huh? I really don’t know what to do.”

I lifted my head, and looked at the clear skies that were the opposite of my mood.

And then sighed for the umpteenth time today.


So began the counseling session of Hikari Yumesaki and I.

To put it in detail, every day after school, we’ll set up shop in the multi-purpose classroom for two hours or so.

The basic idea is just me sitting on the chair in the middle of the classroom.

The minutes taker and errand boy Mohawk will stand next to me, keeping watch. Behind him are a bunch of lackeys with weird hairstyles standing firmly in a row.

It’s said that Hikari Yumesaki passed pamphlets in school, so I guess she’s done with the prep work. In other words, young fellows with their own troubles should gather like troubled lambs after seeing the pamphlets, “No matter what their troubles are *redacted* this scary boy is really popular☆.”

Uh huh. I see. Given her standards, it seemed she did think a little…

To heck with that.

She didn’t think at all, alright? She never put any thought into it.

Rather, anyone would doubt her mental capacity.

Let’s calm down and analyze this. Assuming there’s a girl A in our high school who’s having her own troubles.

She has some trouble. She can’t tell her teachers, her family, her friends, and then she sees the pamphlet Hikari Yumesaki gave. A counseling room.

And on the second day, this A goes to the multi-purpose classroom. Then she sees this ‘popular scary guy ☆’ on the whiteboard that’s in a 4koma panel, nothing to do with a counseling session, completely vague, and lots of hoodlums people will stay away from. I guess anyone who sees such guys and really go “wow, so many scary guys! Now I can just voice out whatever I can’t say to my teachers or family!” is really damaged in the head, and I’ll recommend a doctor’s checkup. Luckily, there’s nobody like A who’ll actually think with a few screws loose from her brain, not in this school, not on this world, just a princess in her delusions. Tl;dr, like hell anyone would participate in this ridiculous counseling room! Does she even have a brain!?

“That’s weird bro. Nobody’s here.”

“I gues so.”

We occupied the multi-purpose classroom punctually after school, but so far, nobody showed up. “Why?” The lackeys led by Mohawk had such a look as the day passed again. There’s no way anyone will show up though. Seriously, you think anyone will come by? Why can’t they imagine such a scene? It’s because of you guys that I don’t have friends, okay? Though I shouldn’t be saying such things in the first place, damn it.

“Why isn’t anyone showing up!? I got Mohawk to get people! I want to solve problems coolly like a manga protagonist~~~~!!! Hmmmmmm!?”

So the me yesterday just revealed her true thoughts, grumbling away in the diary. Looks like she thought people would actually drop by to ask, and her diary entry was full of unhappiness and disgruntledness. That’s causing the opposite to happen though. “Hey you kids! Got any problems you have!?” That’s the biggest issue right now.
(But I’m happy about this. Nobody here, I don’t have to do such troublesome things.)

So I thought as I kept reading manga in the classroom, and the day ended. Nobody dropped by. It’ll probably be a matter of time until Hikari Yumesaki gets sick of it, and I’ll be released. Huhuhu, looks like I won’t get caught in trouble this time. Hahahaha.

…But after that.

I realized I was too naïve. It’s a pity.

The once in a generation weirdo, natural airhead of an energetic girl Hikari Yumesaki wouldn’t give up that easily. I forgot that. I didn’t think what she would do if nobody dropped by for counseling. I really regretted not thinking this much.

So, because of the things tomorrow’s Hikari Yumesaki did out of impulse, I had to start the counseling session for real two days later.

With a trouble of my own.



“Morning Sakamoto. I started a certain operation so that everyone can drop by to ask. Now all the sheep with troubles will multiply! You’ll probably get one after another, so relax☆”

What’s your definition of relax? So I read the message with such a thought, an ominous feeling rising as I went to school. Isn’t she just taking credit for putting out the fire she caused? I finished class with an uneasy feeling, and with a heavy heart, I arrived at the multi-purpose classroom after school. I should have expected it, but the uneasiness showed itself perfectly as fear.

“Eheheh, sorry Sakamoto. I heard you’re opening up a counseling session.”

“O-okay? Welcome. Ahahaha…”

Sitting opposite this utterly confused me was the troubled lamb 1, saying so to me with an apprehensive look.

Kasumi Sanada. Kasumin, as they call her.

My classmate’s the memorable first visitor.

It appeared Hikari Yumesaki had enough of waiting for visitors, and her idea of an operation was “Anyway, let’s call in those who have troubles” (though it appeared to be the case). So then, many dropped by because of her. Seriously though, getting those with troubles is already putting the cart before the horse.

Just to note, Kasumin’s such a girl.

-> Small and adorable.

-> Introverted and a late bloomer.

-> An eyecatching bust.

Well, she’s a really pretty girl who’s hard to approach. “But I’m happy now. I never thought you would hear my troubles out…ehehe.” so she said as she made such an adorable face. Due to certain events in the past, I was on slightly better teams with her. We may not look like this, but any ordinary high school boy will probably be happy to see such a cute girl discuss things together. It’s a fact that I just talked to a cute girl.


From the cold sweat I’m having now, you can imagine there are some reasons why I’m not too happy.


“Senpai. Can you start with Misaki’s session first? You can leave this bitch for later.”

“Huh!? W-what do you mean, Misakin!?”

(Seriously, why did these two show up?)

With tears in my eyes, I looked towards the girl next to Kasumi. She gave me the smile of a blooming flower, and I responded with a stiff smile.

To our audience who don’t know what’s going on, this black haired Missy is Misaki Koudera, Misakin for short. She’s a junior, one year younger than me, no less prettier than Kasumi. The legs especially are irresistibly alluring. She’s a pretty girl I can’t really nitpick about.

She’s polite, and does have a tendency to fawn around. As a guy, she’s an irresistible girl, but the problem’s that she’s not on good terms with Kasumi next to her.

(But seriously! That idiot Hikari Yumesaki! Split them up! Couldn’t you have split them up!? Why call these two in at the same time!? Won’t they end up arguing now!?)

The diary entry on this day was:

“I did arrange for girls to come in one after another! Don’t leer at them just because you’re a useless virgin!”

Like hell that’ll happen! So I thought as I recalled those words, cursing away in my mind. Well, I’m grateful that she got girls here, but things just get weird when it’s those two. I don’t want to thank you for this at all, Hikari Yumesaki. She looks like she’s considerate about others, but she really isn’t.

But no matter how much I lamented, nothing would be solved. Furthermore, the two dark clouds before me started to rumble, and I was left anxious.

“Eh, speaking of which, why are you here, Misaki? It’s my time with Sakamoto. The door’s over there, you know?”

“Eh, but Sanada-senpai, why are you here? Senpai’s here to hear Misaki out, you know? I guess you’re used to going home alone.”


I should say it was to be expected. In the past, due to various incidents, these two hated each other. Right now, they’re just fending each other off with smiles on their faces.

Ahhh, this definitely isn’t good.

“Say, Sakamoto, you’re going to hear me out, right? Just to say this, there’s a particularly annoying girl recently. She’s a junior, but she thinks she’s amazing.”

“Senpai, you’re supposed to hear Misaki out. Actually, Misaki’s really frustrated by an annoying girl recently. An old shameless wretch.”

“Eh, erm, well.”

Not good.

This, definitely isn’t good.

“Sakamoto, don’t listen to just a girl. She’s just an evil girl thinking of you as moneybags.”

“Don’t be fooled, senpai. She’s the bitch you should worry about. She’s just eyeing your body. Oh my, how scary.”

“Huh? What did you just say?”

“Just stating the facts, so what? Huh?”

Please stop.

Stop arguing…

And while I was drenched in cold sweat, the other lackeys, including Mohawk, just stood pale. Everyone, can you imagine how scary looking these delinquents are? Their scary appearances are just hiding such hearts. When you see any scary guy in the future, please treat them well. To be specific, well, is there anyone who can save me from this situation…ahem.

“I’m angry! Sakamoto! You’ll hear me out, right? If you do, I’ll offer you my breasts as a reward!”

“Senpai, you’ll hear out Misaki’s questions, no? If you accept, Misaki shall reward you greatly with her thighs, you know?”

“Eh, no, that’s.”

But naturally, nobody will assist me, and I was flanked in the middle.

Big breasts vs nice legs. It’s good to fall asleep with them accompanying me, but obviously, while heaven awaits me no matter what I choose, awaiting me after that is another hell.

“Sakamoto, you’ll choose me, right?”

“Senpai. Misaki today is the Misaki you want. Come on, choose Misaki.”

(I hate you, Hikari Yumesaki.)






On this day, I just ran off with an excuse, going “Alright alright, let’s decide on rock-paper-scissors”, and got scorned by the two pretty girls. “To be expected of you, virgin.” “Senpai, you can’t get more virgin than that.” Well, it ended off like that.

Though my heart took a huge blow.

Damn it.

And the problems continued.

The next day.

“Kasumi and Misaki sighed with really cold looks! What did you do, Sakamoto! Definitely something lewd! Seriously, you virgins. How useless can you be!”

“It’s all your fault!”

I woke up early to retort at Hikari Yumesaki’s entry with all my might, and I was feeling really impatient. I couldn’t escape her clutches, so after school, I could only head down to the multi-purpose classroom obediently.

And of course, there was another lost lamb led in by Hikari Yumesaki.

“Afternoon bro.”

“H-hi. didn’t think you would show up.”

I felt my body under threat as I responded to this beaming face.

So, let’s introduce our guest for today. Kaoru Kinoshita, or just Kinoshita. He’s the one voicing his troubles.

For those that don’t know him, a little further introduction.

Kinoshita’s the classmate of my little sister Yukiko, a first year. He has an adorable face, so much that one can’t imagine him to be a guy. A super pretty shota. I guess you can infer from my words that though he’s not from this school, but this school’s really lax on security, so I guess it’s fine. He’s not doing anything bad, and well, to put it, best if he’s not spotted.

Most importantly, his personality.

To put it simply, he respects me for being an older brother, and he’s an honest, polite kid. A hearty smile, an adorable voice. Anyone who sees him for the first time will find him adorable.

But everyone, you can tell something’s off from how pale my face is.

He’s no less shocking than the two the other day.

“But I’m happy, big bro. You’re willing to personally hear out my troubles. I’m really touched!”

“R-really. I’ll see what I can do though.”

This boy might look honest and innocent.

But actually,

“I’ll go straight to the point then.”

“G-go ahead.”


“I’m planning on how to make you pant and be my maid and finally experience the delight of becoming a slave. What do you think I should do?”

“Kinoshita!? What are you saying out of a sudden!?”

These sudden words had all the delinquents, including me, to panic away. But–ah, not good. His eyes aren’t looking right. Feels like the light’s gone from his eyes. There’s endless desire in the boy’s eyes. That’s the reason why I had a bad feeling.

(Hikari Yumesaki you idiot. You can’t bring this kid!)

Eh, yep, as you can imagine.

This Kinoshita before me, well, anyway, he’s someone with bad intentions. Due to a certain incident, he’s been looking at me in the back, in various meanings. He’s a boy with terrifying interests. Right, you can tell from the pale looks on the delinquents led by Mohawk, how bad this situation is. So, what I want to say is, why do I always have such people around me!?

But no matter how I lamented, naturally, I couldn’t solve anything.

And then Kinoshita continued to ask.

“Say bro, what do you think I should do? How do I turn you into my sex slave?”

“I think I should fondle with the weak trash until bro cries. After all, bro’s giving off a weak virgin no worse than anyone else. Hehehehe.”

“But then again, I think it’s fun when you’re doing it on me, going “Ahh, a useless bum’s forcing himself on you”. I probably have another 47 plays–”

Something like that.

Over here, he’s already going all out showing his yandere X yaoi fantasies that are really scary to guys (I’m serious!). Not my fault that I don’t dare anything before him.

And then, the eyes that lost all color stared at me, and said,

“Bro, I’ll be honest. Do you prefer 1 or 0?”

“Kinoshita! Calm down first, okay? Let’s talk this through and figure out a third option, alright!?”

I was forced to make such a serious conversation, and it was a really terrifying time.

Seriously, I feel I’m the one who needs counseling here, okay? Damn it…uuu.

But these annoying days continued.


The next day.

“Yahoo, Sakamoto! Looks like you’re working hard at solving people’s problems. ☆Not bad not bad.”

“That aside, since nobody showed up today, I listened to Mohawk’s troubles. He said “Master Kasumi has been rather harsh on me recently”, so I suggested “Show her your manliness!” and he went “Oh yeah! I’ll show her my manliness!” I did great☆”

“Oh, is that so? That happened?”

No wonder Mohawk didn’t show up at school.

I recalled Kasumi looking out of the window with an alluring look, but my mind immediately commanded me not to think too much about it, and finished class like a robot.

So after school.

There’s another teenager causing me trouble, not caring about my issues. This is another case of putting the cart before the horse, right? Feels a little different.

“Seriously brother. You’re taking your exams next year. What are you getting at?”

“Yeah, I’m wondering the same. What am I doing? Sorry.”

For some reason, I could only lower my head at this little sister of mine, her cheeks puffed.

Today’s guest was the girl, Yukiko Sakamoto.

Her unique characteristic’s the trendy puffy hair and the cute face of a creditor. It’s not hard to tell, but this strange manner of speech and haughty tone belonged to my little sister.

She’s four years younger than me, a first year in middle school, the classmate of that Kinoshita who caused such terror in the multi-purpose classroom that outstrips even halloween. As for why a middle schooler’s here, please take the answer I gave two days ago. I don’t know why she has to drop by though; we could have met up at home. Just to note, she’s a loner just like me, and has no friends, but something worth noting that she’s already a light novel author even though she’s in middle school. For some reason, she also has some spy tools, and also some tracking equipment. She’s out of sorts for a little sister. We’ll leave that topic for another time though.

So, what’s my sister here to ask about?

“Th-this can’t really be considered a counseling session though.”


“Remember when you secretly slipped into my room?”

I don’t remember that.

Probably not me, but the yesterday me who did that.

“Do-do you remember flipping through Yukiko’s panties and going ‘oh so this is little sis’ underwear. Great’?”



“I chased you out in a rage…but I was wondering what that was about, so I didn’t sleep that night.”

I wanted to roar, but I tried racking my already boiling brain.

Hm, meaning, meaning.

No doubt there’s no particular intent to that. I can definitely conclude the other me was thinking,

(I’m bored.)

(Got nothing to do)

(Hm? My little sister’s not in?)


(Let’s go flip through her underwear.)

An utterly stupid trail of thought.

But I can’t just tell everything to my sister, and there’s no way she’ll actually believe such a ridiculous story, which makes things more difficult. Hm, what shall I do? I really wanted to end the conversation as it was, but Yukiko’s face is completely red as she muttered, “Yu-Yukiko is your sister, you know.” “If, if you want to, brother.” “That’s, well, a little…” guess not. Seriously, I can’t handle her.

“Ah, I see. Basically, that.”


After much deliberation, what I said to my fidgeting little sister was,

“Well, that’s that. You see, erm–I just want to feel some of my little sister’s warmth! There’s often such a case right? We’re beyond just brother and sister after all.”


Siblings that go beyond just siblings, or super siblings!

…I was a little disappointed by the excuse I came up with, which I didn’t know why. No, but I got no choice here! How else am I supposed to answer!? I can’t be getting horny at my little sister’s underwear, right!?

“Wh-wh-wh, what do you mean…explain clearly!”


But for some reason, my sister’s pressing on. No choice but to bring out the long thesis with maths, literature and the view from the universe, one whole long spiel to my little sister about what an older brother is about, what a little sister is about, what super siblings are about. To be honest, midway through, even I was at a new stage of ‘what the hell am I doing’, but I just went with the ‘anything goes’ when all’s lost anyway. Yep, I’m not the one at fault. Yesterday’s me was at fault.

So I thought as I rambled for another ten minutes or so.

But for some reason, this excuse I made up with this boneheaded brain of mine seemed to go well with her.

“I-I get that…I’ll forgive you then.”

“Eh, really? So that little excuse is enough to forgive me?”

Faced with such a startling development, I was rather surprised to be forgiven.

But it seemed Yukiko wasn’t hearing my words anymore.

“It’s here…Yukiko’s era has finally come.”

“That’s the start of a story.”

“This era belongs to the little sister!”

Yukiko giggled as she went home.

Mohawk and his lackeys were behind me, and we’re left behind as we exchanged looks, making the same reaction.

“What was that?”


And, two days later.

The most troublesome incident struck at me like a knockout.

“Bye bye Sakamoto♪. Hayato came from the next prefecture to ask me things☆”

“Hayato’s worry is ‘is there any way to make the kuudere Chiaki blush’?”

“So Hikari here represents all the high school girls, and wrote to him ‘Maybe have Chiakin read an ero novel to him’! Phew, I did good again…☆”


I saw such a diary entry early in the morning, and had a bad feeling until school ended.

And, as expected.

Awaiting me after school was a guest who was utterly furious due to certain things recorded in the morning journal, and she hissed at me with unprecedented rage.

“Hello Akitsuki. Straight to the point, please tell me a way to take revenge tomorrow.”

The flames were burning away.

The girl’s frosty eyes were sizzling with a burning flame, and she asked, unable to contain her rage against me. Seriously, spare me already. Damn it.

So basically, the one who showed up for the counseling session today in utter fury is the super pretty girl Chiaki Tsukimura.

The long black hair and peerless face really makes her attractive. She’s in the same year as me, but her school’s in another prefecture. Due to some disease she’s born with, she’s confined to a wheelchair. She’s a rich princess with various traits to her.

Something else worth mentioning is that she’s sharing her body with another soul, just like me. Her childhood friend Hayato resides in the same body, two souls living in the body that’s inconvenient to move it. She’s a girl having such troubles, but she continues to live on strongly, and I’m really impressed by her.

So, why did it turn out this way?

“I have endured all the problems caused because he’s my childhood friend, but today’s unforgivable! He showed me such a shameless thing…I want to teach him a lesson! Tell me how to take revenge on him tomorrow!”


The eyes on her pretty face were giving off a sharp glare, and she said with a silver bell-like voice.

Ack, guess it’s the aftereffect of the diary entry I read this morning.

Hayato came to Hikari Yumesaki, asking how to make Chiaki brush.

And Hikari Yumesaki suggested that Chiaki should read an ero novel or something (though I feel that’s completely wrong here!)

So as a result, Chiaki was outraged to read that novel, and came to me just to ask how to take revenge, probably. What I want to say is, what were those two idiots taking each other for anyway? Chiaki just went crazy and yelled away, “He cannot be showing me that even though it’s only half done…and even in my mouth in the last page…hiii!!” I really had the urge to just say “Why did you finish reading it?” There’s a lot of paradoxes in this world.

That’s what I thought, but this princess before me didn’t appear to have any intent to end it off with just a “this is stupid”. So, take revenge on the her tomorrow?

“How about you make a posture such that Hayato will end up hitting the edge of the table tomorrow morning?”

I randomly suggested.

“I refuse. The pain will last until two days later.”

Guess not.


“Write a message to yourself tomorrow, like “idiot, fool, pervert”, or something.”

“I know Hayato’s personality. It is pointless to scold him.”

Not that either.


“How about you put a cockroach shaped toy in your bag tomorrow?”

“Hayato is the kind of boy to grab a bug with his bare hands.”

Guess not. There’s too many that won’t work.

Lemme think again.

“Hmm, how about you make some really disgusting charcoal chocolate as a homemade chocolate for him to eat, and laugh at him? Just get his hopes up and disappoint him greatly.”

“…If I go that far, Hayato might really be hurt. I do not want to be hated.”

She’s goddamn annoying!

At least seal up your identity as a maiden in love when you’re taking revenge!

Well, that’s about it. She wants to cool off by making him suffer, but she doesn’t want to get her hands dirty and she doesn’t want him to hate her. This Miss Chiaki’s as stubborn as a black-hearted politician, and I feel as melancholic as a worm.

But if I don’t come up with something, she’s probably not going to go back, so I have to think of something with this slow brain of mine.

Hmm, is there a way? Hmmm.

But I shouldn’t be thinking that hard into this.

“Anyway, what does Hayato mean? He has fun playing with Miss Yumesaki, even though he already has me…”

“Eh, what did you say?”

“!Nothing, nothing at all!”

“What. Stop hiding things from me.”

I got closer to Chiaki, wanting to ask what she was hiding, but that was the start of the mistake.

The closer I got, Chiaki blushed a little as she averted her eyes to the side, and right at this moment.

Very! Elegantly! I!

Slipped over to where Chiaki was!




No, allow me to explain first. This wasn’t on purpose.

I fell down, right onto Chiaki who’s in my way. I knew immediately that there’s no way she could avoid me while she’s on the wheelchair, so I tried reaching my hand to her at the last moment, making sure not to hurt her. I never thought the hand of kindness I reached out would trigger a tragedy.


“What, are you doing?”

“No. That’s not it. It wasn’t intentional.”

Rub rub.

“Your hand seems to be on a convenient place.”

“It’s a misunderstanding. It’s because was trying to protect you/

Rub rub.




“Ah, yes, Chiaki. How about this manner of revenge?”

“What is it?”

“Let his guard down, and then nab him.”

“What do you mean?”

“Make use of the fact that Hayato likes you, and film this scene for him to see or something.”

“I see.”

Rub rub.



The stifling silence attacked my mind; how long has it been since the soft sensation on my right hand started to melt my brain?

The max kuudere Chiaki’s rage could not be quelled, still blushing, her conclusion as expected.

“Mr Akitsuki.”


“I refuse.”



Two days later.

I read the exchange diary, the pain on my face still not subsiding.

Chiaki spoke of what happened that day to Hayato and Hikari Yumesaki. Naturally, I got laughed at by them.

A taste of my own medicine? Damn it.


Well, the counseling sessions Hikari Yumesaki started might be causing more troubles for me, and this meaningless act happened for at least two weeks.

We started off by strong-arming our acquaintances, but we did solve a few of their issues, and I guess it’s thanks to that, rumors spread quickly, and there were a few who popped by in the multi-purpose classroom after school. Hikari Yumesaki and I worked together to solve the troubles of all comers.

One of us would listen to their troubles, and the me on the next day will figure out a way to solve this.

It does seem inconvenient, but since we’re able to figure it out as a boy and a girl, the system we go by somehow worked.

And so, on a certain day.

They say that the way to solve troubles is like how one can lose stuff in the house; it just pops out without knowing.

And that’s how it is.

I figured out Hikari Yumesaki’s intent in an unexpected manner.

The real reason why she started this counseling session.


“Hey Sakamoto, I got a problem I got difficulty solving today. Mind helping me out?”


It was morning, the cold at its worst, and I had to do the daily diary check while cooped in the bed. The report from yesterday’s me was unexpectedly serious.

A trouble that’s not easy to solve?

“It’s rare for Hikari Yumesaki to write with such seriousness.”

I muttered to myself as I read on.

“It’s a girl. I’m not naming her, so let’s call her A. It feels like she’s on very good terms with a boy, but she’s worried if that boy really has a good impression of her.”


I found the words to be ambiguous, not straight to the point, and felt a little confused. But I thought I should finish reading first, so the explanation next.

“A and the boy are friends, but people can’t exactly hear what the other party’s thinking right?”

“A says she’s a little uneasy. She doesn’t know if the boy she likes feels the same about her.”

“It doesn’t seem like they’re dating, but it seems the boy’s very important to her. Really, really important.”

“Is it embarrassing for her to ask him directly? She’s a girl after all.”

“Can’t you think of something?”


I finished reading, sorted the details in my mind, and sighed.

Eh, so basically, this is what she means.

This A wants to know the true thoughts of the boy she’s on good terms with. She wants to know what he thinks of her, but there’s no way to figure it out. Both of them aren’t dating. Hmm.

“Something’s weird here, but whatever.”

I felt something was inexplicably amiss, but I left it in a corner of my mind, and just thought about it for the day. (Just to note, that A didn’t show up). Before I slept, I took the pen, and made a remark in the diary.

“I think I got a rough handle. If A can’t ask, how about she get the boy’s friends to help?”

“Guess that’s that.”

It’s not some grand scheme, but this is rather standard considering all the intel we have at this point.

So I thought as I went to sleep, passing the baton off to the me tomorrow.


But the next morning.

I woke up to see this puzzling text.

“Hm, that’s a little difficult. Nobody knows that A is on good terms with that boy.”


I was puzzled.

Huh? What? Nobody knows they’re on good terms?


To be honest, I really felt something was amiss.

A wants to know the boy’s true thoughts, but can’t figure out a way.

Nobody knows of their relationship, and they can’t ask their friends for help. They aren’t dating though, yet A came to Hikari Yumesaki (yesterday’s me) for help.


What is this situation?

“That’s ridiculous.”

To summarize, Hikari Yumesaki and I share the same body, so first, it’s weird that she didn’t say A’s name. One problem is, what can I do if A does look for me when I’m in the body? Hikari Yumesaki never had any intent of telling me A’s name, instead calling her A. There has to be something to that…hmmm~~

“Even though she says this, I can’t think of anything.”

It’s that kind of feeling.

A few days later, I suggested a few solutions, but Hikari Yumesaki didn’t seem to react well to them.

“Isn’t there something more revolutionary?” “I really want to know what the boys think. How do boys look at the girls they like?” “What do you think, Sakamoto? How will you look at her if you’re the boy?”

There’s all sorts of stuff.

No, let’s ignore the boy for now. I don’t know A, so how would I know what they’re thinking? What’s with Hikari Yumesaki, seriously? She’s being unexpectedly honest recently, but I can’t get what she’s saying.

And why isn’t that A asking me when I’m in this body? She never showed up. Is there a reason why she only shows up on days when Hikari Yumesaki appears?

“Hmmm, what do I do?”

But no matter what I did, I couldn’t come up with an answer.

As I said though, such answers show up in unexpected ways.


Another two days later.

I was troubled as I couldn’t figure out how to solve A’s problem, but the path showed itself in an unexpected manner.

It was after school, and I was in the multi-purpose classroom.

The person in white robes showed up.






“How long is this going to last?”


“Are you listening!?”

Is she mentally broken?

Alright, the weather after school was fine.

I opened up the counseling room like usual, but the visitor today’s unexpected. She’s not even a student, and showed up without looking frustrated. It’s shocking and frustrating to me.

“Ufufu. This is fine. Really fine.”

“How long do I have to lie on your lap pillow?”

“Until sensei’s troubles are solved.”

I had to sigh at the ever smiling pretty face.

I couldn’t tell what her troubles are.

Let’s introduce her then. This inscrutable teacher who popped by after school in the multi-purpose classroom and suddenly had my head on her thighs while saying such stupid tings as she rub my head around is called Sutera Higumo, the school nurse of this school.

She’s very pretty, or alluring.

A voluptuous body, feminine too, and she’s dressed so scantily, her breasts and thighs are heavily exposed. I really have to wonder if she’s actually the school nurse, but she actually is.

Basically, her relationship with me isn’t anything special. Right when I started sharing the same body, she became my host whenever I skipped class to visit the infirmary. Seems like she’s very interested in me, always harassing me.

Today’s the same, and Higumo probably heard rumors of the counseling room, so she came over to do such meaningless stuff. Seriously, that’s enough. I’m a little uneasy seeing the envious looks from the surrounding delinquents, and it’s already embarrassing just lying on her lap. Most importantly, the softness of the thighs on my face was, erm, yeah.

That’s how it is…rolls.

Leaving the painless stuff aside.

That moment happened when I was having a conversation with this pretty teacher, even though it got nothing to do with her troubles.

“Speaking of which.”

“Hm? What is it, Akitsuki?”

I didn’t really mean anything.

I didn’t exactly want an answer.

“Just to ask.”

“Uh huh?”

It just so happened, but I was prompted by some mysterious power, and began that conversation.

After that, I realized what that strange sense was about.

“I received a question from a girl called A. She wants to know what a male friend thinks of her. Can you think of anything?”



Eh, what?

(Hm? What is it?)

Higumo’s sudden silence had me reeling from my distraction.

What? What’s going on?

I really wanted to ask, was it really worth asking her?

“…Student A?”

“Eh, yeah.”

But before I asked.

Higumo showed a puzzled look, but her voice was very calm, nostalgic even.

“Oh ho, so student A wants to know what the boy thinks of her?”

“Eh? No, what’s what she says…”

“Student A huh? Does she exist in this school though?”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

What did she–

So I wanted to ask.

But I stopped.

There’s only one reason. Like the pieces of a puzzle coming together, the thing I found amiss was finally solved.

The relationship between Hikari Yumesaki and student A.

I felt a chilly breeze blow by my face.

“Right, this teacher shall be returning now.”


I don’t know if she senses my feelings, or whether it’s related.

Higumo ignores me while I’m silent as she just stands up and heads for the exit. Nobody knows what she’s here for, actually. But at this point, I’m not in the mood for that.

“See you then, Akitsuki. Do drop by the infirmary when you have time.”

“Sorry, but I refuse, I don’t have the time.”

“How cold you are. Ah, and also, when exactly are you going to cut your hair?”

“I’m not cutting.”

Higumo continued with that vague conversation, before leaving the room quietly. I knew she was making a teasing smirk all this while.

The soft touch lingered on my ears.

The ticking of the clock echoed in the empty classroom.

The ruckus from afar told me informed me of the existence of others in this world.

The space basked in the sunset after school caused ripples in my heart.

(A and that boy…I think that boy really treasures A. There’s no reason, but since A treasures him so, there’s no way he doesn’t treasure her.)

Little by little, the chapter is etched in our world as the delightful sound of the pen landing occurs every time.

I look at the truth of the world woven in my right hand.

I’m unable to suppress how emotional I am.

“Seriously, that Hikari Yumesaki always does things the roundabout way.”

I sigh, muttering to myself as I feel relieved, unable to hide this smile of mine.


Simply put.

It’s just a made up story by Hikari Yumesaki.

A only appears as a mysterious requestor when Hikari Yumesaki uses my body.

A’s on good terms with the boy, but the boy doesn’t reveal it openly. They’re not dating, but there’s a relationship of much importance between them.

So then,

There’s only one possible answer.

“She’s always so unfiltered in everything, but unexpectedly timid at this.”

Yesterday’s me is very playful, lively, always doing stupid things.

But she’s actually timid, and very sensitive in her heart.

I wrote my true thoughts to her, called A, as a responder.

“Is that so? Ah, yeah. There’s no way he won’t treasure her. Ehehe. Thanks Sakamoto.”

“Of course. Anything else A doesn’t want to know? Since it’s a rare chance, let’s help her out.”

I made such a reply to the me tomorrow on the diary.

As the counselor to A.

And also as the Akitsuki Sakamoto who can solve any trouble, as Hikari Yumesaki wants.

So the result is that we end up writing so many of our wishes in the exchange diary.

“Oh yeah. A wants to know what the boy likes about her. What do i do here?”

“Ah personally, I guess the boy likes A because A’s really lively and dragging him along. I guess he definitely likes how sunny she is, which attracts everyone.”

It’s an interaction of us checking our bond with each other.

“A says that she’s happy about how the boy’s running around everywhere for her sake. She says it’s a precious memory to her.”

“I think that boy’s able to summon such courage because A’s been helping that. The memory before was driving him on.”

We continue to recollect our memories.

“A feels like she’s glad to meet the boy. She says it’s a miraculous encounter.”

“That boy definitely feels the same. It’s a miracle to meet A.”

We wrote such intimate words to each other.

We affirmed the deep bond between us, filling the pages of our youth. Our hearts were seemingly blended into the sunset.


“We wrote this much, huh?”

On this day, I was reading a notebook alone in the empty classroom basked red by the sunset.

And then, I realize.

Again and again.

She and I.

(Are so close yet so far.)

There’s so many things I thought I understood that I didn’t fully understand.

There’s so many things I thought I knew that I didn’t fully comprehend.

Lots and lots of things.

Once again, I realized this.

Same for us, same for them.

No matter how close we are, some troubles can’t be understood. No matter how willing both parties are, there are some things we can’t do.


Contrary to that, it’s because we’re so close to each other, that we know there are answers.

Why did Hikari Yumesaki set up this counseling session? Perhaps it’s because she wants to get me to find my true friends, to get me more involved in school.

There’s one thing I’m sure about though.

She did so because she needs this interaction.

Because we’re like this, we need to say everything we haven’t been able to.

For the day that will come.




I suddenly noticed there’s a gift on the desk, probably left by the me yesterday.

“Yahoo Sakamoto! It’s sudden, but Hikari-chan here found the CD with that song~♪ Please hear it! It’s a really nice song☆”

“Huh. Ah, that?”

I look at the message left with the CD and the music player, and recall what she said.

It’s the music she likes, which she wrote about ages ago. I recall the utterly unintelligible lyrics and give a wry smile. It’s silly representing such words in music, so I thought.

“Let’s listen to it for her sake then.”

I put the earphones in, muttering to myself, and played the music.

The music that can heal the world reaches deep into my heart.


(It’s a really sad song.)

Filled with some sadness, I suddenly have a thought.

I look around the classroom in the sunset, and an imaginary world appears in my mind.

If Hikari Yumesaki and I are schoolmates, classmates, how would we have met?

Would we be able to meet? Or would we simply be on greeting terms? Or will we be listening to music together in the classroom, after school, in the sunset? I try to imagine the scene of youth that isn’t too possible.

If that happens, what’s our future? What kind of world awaits us?

What kind of eternity–?

Just like this song, this music.

One day, we’ll forget it, but we’ll somehow end up remembering it.

Will we end up like that?

Like the sun and moon that loves each other, but destined to not meet?

“Thanks, Hikari Yumesaki.”

I mutter to myself, and turn away.

My back’s turned towards the classroom colored sunset, facing the color of the anxious large sunset that’s about to fall anytime soon.

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