[Bokushinu SS] Afterword

I guess those holding this book right now have bought the entire series. So, do you mind taking out your 3rd volume, and flip to the last page, the afterword? What is written there? Probably something like this.

“I’m guessing that the new work will be published unexpectedly soon.”

And so, a year passed. Now, what am I releasing?

A short story collection LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

…Actually, a lot of things happened. I can only apologize to those who are really looking forward to the new work. This year can only be summarized with two lines.


Editor-in-charge: “Are you writing?”

Maru Fuji: “Slump♥♥♥♥”


That’s all. (I’m really sorry. Please forgive me.)

So, after all that, I was only able to publish a short story collection, and to be honest, I caused everyone trouble. I was given an instruction to apologize to the readers who did not know, to write an afterword of 6 pages.

6 pages…well, letting the readers read 6 pages worth of Maru Fuji’s afterword is basically torture.

But since it is an order by the higher ups, I can only start writing. I suppose the readers will feel bored if I’m to just talk nonsense in these 6 pages like before, so I intend to mix in some behind the scenes parts in this part, and mix up the number of pages!

So, the behind the scenes today include.

*Behind the scenes ①: Miss Higumo was originally a male character.

Yep. It does appear from the readers’ letters that Miss Higumo is somewhat popular, but when I submitted this work for the newcomer prize award, she was a male.

Why a man? Because he’s the only one Akitsuki could complain to when the latter’s unable to talk with others. In my mind, Akitsuki isn’t someone who dares to talk to young women.

But in the editing phase, I had to change Miss Higumo’s gender.

Why do I have to do this to a popular character? To explain this, I’ll have to mention some amazing conversation with the editor. What kind of conversation? Two lines will be enough to summarize, actually–

Editor-in-charge: “How about adding some female characters?”

Maru Fuji: “Ah, I’ll just change the teacher to a female.”

That’s all.

Well, it’s a love comedy. I got no choice♪.

So, Miss Higumo became a female, and her name–‘Stella’ has the meaning of ‘star’. One of my favorite, meaningless connotations is to add terms related to the sun or moon in the names of the important characters.

*Behind the scenes ②: The dentist and the secret room, first half.

Maru Fuji likes sweets, and will keep eating them. Thanks to that, I got a toothache. A toothache will affect my work if I leave it alone! Thinking about this, I head off to the dental clinic I often visited when I was younger.

Of course, I’m rather familiar with the clinic owner, so we will chat during the breaks. Suddenly, I notice something.

(Here we go again…)


During the breaks, the dentist will often head to a little room (?) right beside the dental clinic–of course. It’s not to rest. He’ll go in once every few minutes, and come back after another 10 seconds or so. Whenever I see him go in and out, I recall my doubts when I came here during my younger days.

What’s in that room anyway? A basilisk?

This doubt was suddenly solved one day.

“Ah, Maru Fuji, mind coming along with me before you head back?”


One day, right when I was about to head back, the dentist brought me to the mystery room.

(This mystery that’s plaguing me for so long is finally about to be solved…)

Feeling excited, I follow the dentist, and enter the secret room.

“Actually, Maru Fuji, this dentist here–”

“Th-this is…!”

What did Maru Fuji see in this room!?!

–The mystery will be solved in the second half.


*Behind the scenes ③: Yukiko’s character did not exist at first.

Akitsuki’s little sister Yukiko has been highly active as the protagonist of the first and last episodes of this short story collection, and maybe I did mention somewhere else that in the original story, the character Yukiko never existed. The original setting was such that Akitsuki never had a little sister.

So, why did Yukio appear anyway? Actually, that has to do with what I mentioned about Miss Higumo originally being a guy. According to the original setting of the first volume, if Miss Higumo was a guy–there wouldn’t be any female characters appearing! This is something unbelievable ina love comedy!

(Isn’t that bad for a love comedy…it’s hard to say that Hikari Yumesaki is one too…)

So I hurriedly added in the character of Yukiko. This character I spent 2 seconds creating was highly approved by the editor, and not only appears in the story and illustrations, she even appears on the cover. I don’t know what in the world is going on anymore.


*Behind the scenes ④: The dentist and the secret room, second half

What Maru Fuji saw in the secret room was–

“Actually, this dentist has been trading stocks. My computer malfunctioned. Mind checking on it?”

“Stock trading!?”

What are you doing during work?

…I guess though that his personality of not wasting even a single second is the secret to him being an amazing doctor. I’m really sorry that the answer is like that (Laughs)


*Behind the scenes ⑤: About the series ‘Tomorrow I Will Die, You Will Revive’.

Eh, it’s a little sudden, but I want to talk about my feelings on this work ‘Tomorrow I Will Die, You Will Revive’.

This work is as forgotten as everyone else did, a debut work of mine published because I won the newcomer prize. Of course, I’m rather emotional about this series. When writing the second volume, I was told to compress a lot of the plot, and I basically rewrote everything. When I was told that the story would end in the 3rd volume, I was really dejected. Isn’t it great to end this in the best way possible? I was consoling myself, yet feeling conflicted: No, can’t I write some more now?


For some reason and amazing coincidence, the chance to write ‘just a little more’ finally happens. I really do feel delighted to be able to write this work after so long, and finish all the little bits I felt were left hanging. Of course, this is due to everyone’s support. Thank you very much.

Now then, the series ‘Tomorrow I Will Die, You Will Revive’ is officially at its end!

…I guess! (Laughs)


*Behind the Scenes⑥: The next work.

Finally, I’ll introduce the process of actually writing a book.

The basic process is: ‘Planning–writing–correcting–proofing’. That is the process of writing. Now then, which phase is Maru Fuji’s next work at right now?–

Planning ← Over here




Right! All going as planned.

There’s a dangerous presence lingering, but I’m guessing that I’ll continue to work hard. An ordinary person’s weapon is an unyielding heart. When that happens, I hope that everyone can support me. Ah, I didn’t realize, but it’s already 7 pages. I wrote too much! So that is possible, I guess!

Now then, I shall stop here. Thank you all for reading.


Maru Fuji

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  1. So in the end, what was the deal with Higumo? Was she the death god (unlikely), an ex-body switch partner (what I’m placing my bets on), or just a mentor figure?

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