[Bokushinu SS] CUT 1 – Yukiko, looking for the special one to Big Brother

CUT 1 – Yukiko, looking for the special one to her Big Brother.

The exchange journal.

It referred to the journal shared by many, which the users took turns to write on.


It was very sudden, but since Spring of this year, I started having an exchange journal.

With a high school girl who was seventeen years old, somewhat.

Not only did it describe our daily lives, it also contained our topics and grumbling. There was a lot of variety in the topics we talked about, ranging from random talk to dirty talk. She was good at drawing illustrations, and included some cute ones, always writing my journal until it was really pretty. I guess she spent a lot of time on it.

Well, I guess that with such an introduction, it won’t be surprising to have all the unpopular virgins in the country say “I’m so jealous!” “I want an exchange journal with a high school girl!”

Unfortunately, there were two points that were definitely not normal about that exchange journal between me and her

First off, the first point.

This first point was what made it different from an ordinary exchange journal.

That was, the person I’m sharing the exchange journal with, this ‘Hikari Yumesaki’, was a super miraculous idiot.

“Are you kidding me…”

It was four months into the start of the exchange journal, on a certain morning during summer vacation.

I was immediately blasted by her—‘Hikari Yumesaki’.

“Good morning Sakamoto! Did you give a nice scary face today? I wanted to go for remedials today, but the weather’s too good today! So? I ended up skipping class and went to the local pool before I knew it. Sorry here’s some psychokinesis!”

“What is this psychokinesis…?”

As indicated in the journal entry, I don’t know whether to say if this girl’s just dumb or stupid. She’s always doing stupid things, causing trouble for those around her. A few days ago, she did something really stupid while shopping online a few moments back. She wrote 10 as 100 by mistake, and I got 100 mouse pads. Anyways, was there a need for 10 of these? What does she need them for?

“She’s always causing trouble for others.”

I sighed as I continued to read.

But if she was just an ordinary idiot girl, I personally wouldn’t have felt bad about it. Skipping remedials and going to school? Haha, what an idiot—if only I could just laugh it off. But unfortunately, I have a reason as to why I couldn’t laugh this off.

And that was the second point that made this different from an ordinary exchange journal.

Thus, number two.

That second points which made it different from an ordinary journal.

That would be the fact that Hikari Yumesaki herself was already dead, and yesterday’s me was her.

…Well, I guess even the smart ones won’t be able to understand that, but I’m not lying. It’s true.

It was a certain rainy day in early April when Hikari Yumesaki had died right before me in a traffic accident. Back then, I was coerced by a mysterious being who asked me “Will you give up half of your life to save her?” and so I answered, “bring it on.”. But—

In the end, Hikari Yumesaki revived in the extremely troublesome ‘occupying my body every alternate day’ manner.

So, in other words, I can live normally, but tomorrow, my body and consciousness will be occupied by Hikari Yumesaki. During that time, we won’t have each other’s memories, so the actual experience inside the body is reduced by half. This is what it meant by my lifespan being reduced by half. It sounds nice. Hahahahaha…haha…ha.

So we had started having a life of two personalities in one body. We needed to share one body, so we never spoke to each other before. We have an exchange journal, and by using it, we got to live a peaceful life of two personalities in one body, without anyone else finding out.

…So I had thought back then.

Drawing my consciousness to the journal in my hands, I continued reading—

“—Now then, this is where the real problem is…to be honest, when I was going back, well old habits die hard, and I returned to the girls changing room! The police was called in, and it was really bad, but I managed run all the way home in the Bermuda trunks! Praise me now, praise me now

“Who’s gonna praise you, you idiot!? What did you do in my body—“

Faced with this idiotic journal entry from yesterday’s me, I couldn’t help but growl, “Uuuuughhhh…” and look up to sigh,

“I told you over and over again to remember that you’re a guy…”

Well, as indicated in this journal entry, our daily lives of two souls in one body was always in jeopardy. It was commonplace for yesterday’s me to barge into a girl’s changing room. Over the past few months, I had been triggering all kinds of crazy event flags.

“But I am kind of happy about it. So  won’t nitpick about it.”

“As apology, Hikari here will draw all she saw in the girls’ changing room! Ehehe, as thanks, just give me five boxes of Koala Marches, partner!” The journal entry then stated. I could only sigh hard when faced with these words and the R18 illustrations—why do I have to thank her for these illustration she drew to make up for her mistake—so I mutter. She was a stubborn one.

I continued to grumble same as every morning, and finally arrived at the basin to wash my face. Yep, at that point, I finally had a feeling that ‘the day has finally started’.

“You finally woke up, brother.”

I thought as I arrived at the living room, only to be met by these words. The girl watching the TV in the living room turned over to me with an unhappy look.

“Morning, Yukiko.”

“It’s noon already. Even if it’s summer vacation, that’s too lax of you.”

I lazily greeted her, and she answered with a scowl. Argh, looks like she was as peeved as usual.

This would be my little sister who started attending Middle School in Spring this year, Yukiko Sakamoto.

Her unique characteristics would be her petite body and her short bobcut on both the front and back of her head, her large, moist eyes always glittering, and a very cute face. If she did smile, she probably would have been very popular in class.

Right, if she ever smiled.

Yukiko was always aloof, or always fuming away; in any case, she was not good at interacting with others. Thanks to that, she hardly had a friend, and even in Summer vacation, she was holed up at home. Deary me, that wasted lifestyle was so like her big brother. Dear pitiful soul. It was…damn it.

“Where’s mom?”

I wiped the tears from my eyes as I asked Yukiko, and the reply was still the same old disgruntled voice.

“Mom left early today due to sudden work. If you get it, go make breakfast. Yukiko’s hungry.”

Like usual, Yukiko scowled as she answered.

“Seriously. Yukiko hasn’t had breakfast because you overslept, brother. You’re useless.”

“Yes yes, I’m sorry.”

Yukiko grumbled away, and I answered tersely as I put on the apron. Yep, it was the usual today too.

“Are you reflecting on what you did? Be grateful that Yukiko never woke you up.”

“Oh, right.”

She continued to grumble, but it was commonplace, and I didn’t mind too much. So, what to make for noon? Hmm, fridge…nothing.

“Besides, think of how you should be treating your little sister, brother. You’re always causing trouble.”

“Ah, yeah.”

Veggies. Maybe some fried rice.

“Shouldn’t you be grateful to have a wonderful little sister? Yukiko’s unhappy about this.”

“Ah, maybe.”

Need oil for the frying pan—eh? Where’s the oil?

“If-if that’s what you think, show some more love to your little sister…li-like a pat on the head, or a hug. You really can’t read the mood, brother.”

“Ahh, yeah.”

Whelps. We ran out of oil. Mom, what have you been doing all day?

“I-if you understand, get to it now. Should be fine as long as you’re able to go all ‘ahhh~ummm’’.”

“Yep, I’ll get to that later.”

No choice here. I got bread, so let’s make some sandwiches. It was all vegetables, but it’ll be healthy for the body.

“If-if you can do that much, Yukiko will service you too, brother…li-like a shower together or something…”

“Yep, not easy.”

I didn’t bother much about Yukiko’s usual endless rants as I stuffed the vegetables between the bread, and sliced them into small blocks. There was butter spread on the bread, and it was a trick to prevent the bread from being all soggy.

And so, after about five minutes.

I served the made sandwich on a plate and laid it before Yukiko. Come on, just eat now, little sister.

“..” “…”

But Yukiko wasn’t in the mood.

“? What, Yukiko. You’re not eating?”

“I am.”

“..” “…”

Eh, then why aren’t you doing anything? And anyway, why’s your face blushing?

“Hu-hurry up. Nobody else is looking.”

“Hm? What?”



That thing? She was waiting for her brother to start first? Is that it?

Well well well, I do think of her as someone who only knows how to grumble, but this is heartbreaking, isn’t it? I’ll tuck in then.

“Then, I’ll go ahead—”

I pick up the tomato sandwich and took a huge bite. Yep, even I find it nice. Come on, Yukiko. You can eat me. Hm? Why’s she closing her eyes while blushing, with her mouth slightly opened? Hmmm? Why did she open her eyes and widen them once she saw me eating it? Hmmm? Why’s she giving a pose? Hm? Eh? That’s?

Ehh—that…isn’t good?

“Why did you start eating already, you stupid brother—!?”


And in the next instant.

A sudden punch landed on my head, and I collapsed. Yukiko wolfed down her sandwich, saying, “And it’s because of how you are that you’re always a virgin, brother!” she then slipped back to her room on the second floor. Eh, ehhh?

“What was she getting at…I don’t understand at all…”

My little sister’s weirdness caused me to tilt my head, but at the very least, she was entering puberty—I didn’t think much further at that point as I munched down on the sandwich. She was a strange little sister.

Well, that was how it  was. I got beaten by my little sister for some weird reason, but my summer vacation was proceeding rather smoothly. It was always like that, but the two personalities in one body life with Hikari Yumesaki would never continue without obstruction.

Two days later, the me on the next day hastily started an incident somewhere I didn’t know of.

And she had involved my little sister—Yukiko Sakamoto.



On a certain day, when July was about to end.

It was supposed to be an ordinary day during Summer vacation, but something suddenly happened.

Yukiko was holed up in her own room, crouched in a corner, pondering over what just happened.

She never expected such a thing to happen.

No way. Yukiko herself couldn’t believe such a reality.

“Brother…why did he do such a thing?”

That immature, timid big brother of Yukiko was still a hidden handsome dude. The long hair was nice to smell, and the muscular body was super sexy. Yukiko never expected him to actually do such a thing.


Truly, it was weird. Yukiko herself couldn’t believe such a reality. Yukiko couldn’’t accept it.


“No matter what, Yukiko needs to investigate that.”

Regarding the one and only big brother Yukiko dearly loved.

That big brother’s—

“Special one.”

“Brother wrapped a present. He said it was for a special someone. But recently, the present had disappeared from the table.”


It was the afternoon.

With the crickets crisping, Yukiko rode on a bicycle with sweat all over Yukiko was back, finally arriving at the Sakurahime High School brother studied at. Of course, Yukiko’s objective was her brother…no, the infirmary.

At the south side of the school, where the sun was shining way too much on, there was an infirmary on the first floor.

Yukiko didn’t enter, but approached from the outer fence, peeping in through the window. Yukiko saw the school nurse playing  a cellphone game elegantly. She didn’t seem to have noticed Yukiko, and through the opened window, Yukiko call out,

“I’m looking into where a present has gone to. Do you have a clue?”

She saw Yukiko here, and looked really happy for some strange reason, beaming as she said to her,

“Ufufu, before that, do you mind introducing who you are, cute Missy?”

“Yukiko Sakamoto. The little sister of Akitsuki Sakamoto from class 2-2.”

“! Eh, Sakamoto…”

At that moment, she immediately showed a stunned look, and then she walked towards the window, smiling brighter than before. Hmph, what was she getting at?

“Oh, I see. So Akitsuki does have a little sister.”

Sutera Higumo.

She was the school nurse of Sakurahime High School big brother has, an infamous witch who tempted male students with her sexy body.

Back in Spring, Yukiko was stalk…ahem, Yukiko was carrying out the mission to watch over her big brother, and Yukiko saw their bodies intertwined. Back then, Yukiko was really troubled, wondering how Yukiko could split her stomach out in one go.

“Ufufu, how cute. Your eyebrows at exactly the same as Sakamoto.”

“D-do-don’t touch Yukiko!”

She reached her hand out through the window, and stroked my eyebrows with her fingers. Yukiko waves her hand off angrily. That fragrance from a girl instantly got me dizzy. Hmph, Yukiko was being teased.

“Ufufu. Sorry here.”

Ah goodness. Now she was showing off by opening up the cleavage under her white coat, showing off those sexy thighs too. What’s wrong with this school? Big brother was still a hungry virgin. He needed to be more careful.

“So you’re going around to ask to whom your brother gave that present to?”


“Hm, I see so. So then…”

The school nurse that shakes her long ponytail, showing a bold smile—


“…Just to ask, why are you looking into where the present went, Yukiko?”

She asked such a question.

“N-no special reason at all.”

“Hm, heh. I see. Ufufu, Akitsuki sure has it tough.”

Grrrrr. She’s infuriating Yukiko.

“And then? Are you suspecting that I’m that ‘special one’?”

“Yep. Brother has lots of H videos involving school nurses, so Yukiko thinks the chances of it being a teacher is very high.”


Yukiko often checked out brother’s computer. Yukiko really needed to put in lots of effort just to crack the password for his secret video folder. It was just that sometimes, the tag for the folder name will change into ‘The capacity of this folder is 5 GB. Please explain yourself as much as you want’ or ‘the last modified time of this folder was 8.45am in the morning. What in the world have you been doing in the morning’ or ‘speaking of which, 8.45am yesterday was the airing time of Hikari’s pretty girl airing time. Maybe the anime of little girls makes you want to…’ well, stuff like that. It does feel like some self-roasting lampshading.

“That was not all. Recently, brother said ‘this is unforgivable’ when he read the news on a doctor taking photos, but the next day, he was already wearing a white robe, “Yukiko-chan! Let’s play doctor here! So be shy here and loosen up your clothes. Hahaha.” It was really disgusting.”

But speaking about brother, Yukiko never thought he would boldly carry out diagnosis like that…kya.

“I see. So Akitsuki does have such a fetish. Doctor huh…sounds like it’s worth a shot. Ufufu.”

Hmph. Why is she giving such a lewd look? Looks like Yukiko gave her too much information.

“Leaving that aside, may Yukiko ask if you have received brother’s present?”

“Hm? If that’s the case, you may relax. Unfortunately, I didn’t receive anything.”


“Just relax for now, sweetie Yukiko.”


The school nurse continues on as she strokes me with her delicate fingers. Hmph.

“Th-that’s it for now. Sorry to trouble you. Bye then.”

Yukiko had a feeling that Yukiko would be toyed by her if Yukiko continued to stay here. In any case, Yukiko had to retreat as soon as possible.

“Ufufu. Now hold on a moment, Yukiko.”

So Yukiko thought, but for some reason, she caught Yukiko from behind by my back.

What, what now?

“You know, recently, Akitsuki hasn’t been coming over to the infirmary. So this teacher here is really lonely.”

“So-so what?”

“Yeah. You see, when I see how you look so alike to Akitsuki, my heart just flutters, Yukiko.”


Eh, wh-what’s she saying—

“So, Yukiko…”

The school nurse says as she holds down Yukiko’s neck from the back—

“How about a doctor play…with this teacher here?”



No nono. Don’t blow into Yukiko’s ear like that!?

“Ufufu. Your drool’s oozing.”

D-don’t caress Yukiko’s face! Why was she giving the look of a reptile who had found its prey! Why was she reaching her fingers into Yukiko’s mouth!? Th-this woman’s very dangerous after all!

“Yu-Yu-Yu-Yu-Yu-Yu-Yukiko shall take her leave!”


Yukiko hurriedly waved off her hand, and ran off without turning back. Anyway, Yukiko has to retreat from here first.

Th-that was close…Yukiko was about to lose something very important. There was some disgusting sweat coming out…

“Got to be wary of her. Yukiko has to tell brother too…”

Leaving that aside, Yukiko can be sure that she didn’t receive it. In any case, Yukiko can relax.

In that case…

“Next target, that woman.”

“Big brother wrapped a present. He wrapped it for a special someone. It disappeared from the table recently thought.”


After leaving the high school, Yukiko arrived at a nearby park.

There were few facilities there, but there was a nice bench and a flower bed. It was a large park with a peaceful atmosphere. There, I asked the person who was playing with a large pet dog.

“Yukiko’s looking into where the present went to. Do you have any clues?”

“We-went to…?”

Kasumi Sanada.

The classmate to Yukiko’s big brother, a bitch with braids. This witch took away big brother’s lips, and inflicted an unforgettable trauma to Yukiko. Yukiko was waving her fists in happiness when she learned that this witch got dumped. In any case, she was just a friend with benefits. Serves her right.

“Sa-Sakamoto prepared a present?”

“Yeah. But it’s gone now.”

She gave an uneasy look, shaking those stupidly large knockers. They’re an eyesore.

Yukiko will never forget the matter of big brother bringing her home. Back then, she actually said,

“I hope you’ll call me sister.”

That was ridiculous…uggh, I really wanted to squeeze out all the blood in her body from those tits of hers like milk. No way will I call her sister even if I die.

“Well brother loves big brothers. He was watching a model show on TV recently and said ‘size doesn’t matter’, but the next day, he was yelling, “I could have touched my friends’ breasts however I wanted last time! Is this a symptom of taboo~? I wanna bury my face into the breasts!

What’s with the ‘last time’? And after that, he said, “In that case, let’s get Yukiko-chan…that’s a little too…”Yukiko really wanted to beat her breasts swollen. Even Yukiko is an A cup…sniffles.

“Does Sakamoto want to…bury his face in tits……I would have been popular…”

“What did you just say?”

Yukiko seem to have heard something Yukiko couldn’t miss out on!

“Ah, i-it’s nothing at all! Then, are you asking, if I received the present?”

“Yeah. Do you have a clue?”

Yukiko be honest. If this woman was the special one, Yukiko  was already mentally prepared to commit crime. She stole big brother’s lips…

“Uu, I didn’t receive any present…who did Sakamoto give it to…?”

Serves you right. Enjoy it. Yukiko shall let you live for today.”

“Yu-Yukiko. What kind of present is it?”


While Yukiko was cheering hard quietly inside my heart, that woman suddenly asked Yukiko that question.

“Ah, th-that…Yukiko only saw the box. Yukiko doesn’t know what’s inside.”

“I see. Uu, it’s not for me…Sakamoto.”

Of course. He was just toying with you.

“Who did he give it to? This is frustrating. If I find out, I’ll definitely…”


Wh-what are you going to say!? This one’s really terrifying!!

“Th-this is all Yukiko has to say! Yukiko shall get going then!”

“I guess. Well, whatever. It’s my fault for liking him so much. In that case, I’ll just have to be forceful…(mutters).”

Yukiko tried to bid farewell to that woman who wasn’t listening to anything at this point, and walked away. Her eyes just looked scary. It was best for Yukiko to not get involved with such a person.



The large dog who was playing around with the braids girl suddenly blocked the park entrance.

Uu, Yukiko’s really terrible at handling animals. It was a big Golden Retriever too. That fur color was the same as its master. Really annoying.

“Shoo, shoo shoo. Over there!”

Yukiko gesture with hands to chase it away, but it continued to glare back.

No, no nono. It’s not Yukiko’s fault that your master was giving such a scary look, you know? You’re mistaken, so could you please not look here…hya!?

“Wait, ho-hold on! Yaaaaahhhhh—!?”

“Woof woof!”

That annoying premonition became reality.

That dumb dog approached Yukiko, and leapt over. And—

“Yahhhhh!? Wait, no! Don’t lick there!”

That perverted dog shoved Yukiko, and even ruffled my clothing to lick Yukiko!

“No, please! Stop! Don’t lick there!”

Let go of Yukiko! Arggh! Was this dog as sick in the mind as its master!?

“Wait, ow-owner! Help! Yukiko’s skirt is in trouble here!”

If Yukiko doesn’t hurry, Yukiko’s panties will…!

Yukiko continued to plead for help, but the dog owner was completely engrossed in her own world. A cold light was coming out from her eyes as she continued to murmur—

“I won’t lose to anyone else if it’s bust size…I’ll just act like it’s an accident and show Sakamoto—”

What was she mumbling about?

“Wait—! S-seriously, save Yukiko! This is really bad here!”

Yukiko was about to be wiped out right behind that stupid owner.

This pervert dog! If this…stop it! Yukiko butt was weak here!


“This is irresistible…how do I create this coincidence…?”

“Please! Save me! I promise I won’t slander you on the blogs again!”

“I’m good at faking falls; I’ll just have to practice being unable to get up after I pretend to fall…”

“Wait, please, really, save Yukiko—”

“And then, with the ‘mouth mixing skill’ I tried’—”

Ahh, really!

“Save me—‘si-sister’!!”

“Eh? You’re calling me—ahhh! Wh-what are you doing, Rito!? Come here!?”(EN:Rito really knows his stuff even as a dog)

Thanks to the owner rushing over, this Yukiko with her clothes all messed up was saved down. Anyway, what was that? That dog’s name reminded me of a certain harem protagonist’s name. These two are bitches!

After that, Yukiko continued to tell off that bitch who continued to apologize, and finally headed off to the next destination. Uuu…Yukiko’s butt was still itchy from that stupid dog licking. It actually licked yukiko with enthusiasm…how indecent!

But well, since Yukiko got intel, Yukiko shall forget about it.

“Doesn’t look like she’s the special someone.”

In that case, after that is…

“Brother wrapped a present. He said it’s for someone special. Recently it vanished from the table though.”


In the sweltering heat, Yukiko continued to cycle for another 15 minutes. Yukiko was completely worn out as she finally arrived at a lone house.

Yukiko pressed the doorbell, introduced herself to the aunt who came out, and waited at the corridor for about ten seconds. The person slowly walking out was the next target. It was already summer, and he was still dressed in long sleeve clothing. He was a thorough weirdo.

“Yukiko’s looking into where a present went. Do you have a clue?”

“A present, huh?”

Upon hearing that question, he folds his arms, and started to think.

Takayuki Kazeshiro.

He was brother’s friend, and a handsome one at that. Brother’s relationship with Kazeshiro was so intimate that he had Yukiko stalk Kazeshiro. Recently, brother had been muttering, “Always with those weird pranks…maybe I should get Kazeshiro to be mindful of this. He was the only one who knows our secret.” Yukiko doesn’t know what that meant, but to brother, Kazeshiro was the one special person to us in the world. As expected, men…drools.

“Hm? You’re blushing. Are you alright?”

“Eh, no-nothing at all! Yukiko isn’t having some strange delusion here!”

That was close, really close. As to be expected of Kazeshiro; he was able to pick up on the delicate parts.

Yukiko still remembered the time when Yukiko first spoke to him. He came to our house, met Yukiko, and actually said, “Ah, isn’t this the cute little sister of yours?” He said that before brother! Awesome! Keep praising Yukiko!

“Is that so? Anyway, you’re asking about the present, right? Sorry, but I know nothing about it.”

“Really? Yukiko thought it will be with you, Kazeshiro…”

“No no, that’s impossible.”

Kazeshiro shook his head weakly.

No no, that was completely possible. Very possible in fact.

“It was just a while when Yukiko found BL doujins under brother’s bed. Also, ‘When will Takayuki Kazeshiro push down Akitsuki Sakamoto?’ Yukiko heard him mutter that really seriously. The chances of that is very high.”

“…Hm, is that so…?”

Why doesn’t Kazeshiro look happy while answering to that? No way, that had to be an act. Yukiko had been eavesdropping whenever he was in brother’s room, and heard brother ask him,

“You got someone you like, Kazeshiro?”

“Eh, wh-what’s with that out of a sudden…?”

“Well, Akitsuki Sakamoto is a pretty nice guy. You don’t have an interest in him?”

“Not—at all.”

…That was the part. That ‘not at all’ part really sounds like a tsundere. The dream continues to grow…

“But a present, huh?”

While Yukiko was indulging in delusions, Kazeshiro started to think with a serious look.

“Hmm…‘which side’ is giving the present?”

Hm? Which side? What do you mean?”

His strange explanation had Yukiko tilting her head in confusion. At that moment, Kazeshiro bent down and asked with a serious look,

“Hey little sister. When—did that present vanish?”

Wh-when was it?

“Which day the present disappeared. I guess he gave it to someone. When was that day?”

“Eh, ah, that…”

U-uh oh…


“I want to know the exact date. Even if it’s a day off, the significance differs greatly.”


Wh-why is he so particular about the date?

“So-sorry. Yukiko can’t remember.”

“Really? Oh well. Ehh…which side is it?”

So Kazeshiro left Yukiko aside and started to brood, frowning harder than before.

“Just in case, if that one likes someone, I…”


That someone? That someone referred to brother, right? If brother had someone he liked, then what?

“I-I might go crazy with envy.”


Wait—Yu-Yukiko’s heart lets out a strange sound.

Wh-what was that!?

“I don’t think it’s very possible, but if it’s with a guy I don’t know of… Damn it. Am I no good?”


N-not good…these problematic words…!

“Let’s play together next time. I want to see that beautiful again.”

T-th-this guy was a tsundere as Yukiko thought!

“Hey, little sister. Next time, when I go to your house…eh?”

Yukiko was at her rational limit as she runs away with a blushing face. PUahhh, this is a great idea.

“But it doesn’t look like Kazeshiro’s the special one though. Ughh…”

And Yukiko never expected him to ask the date. So close—

“So close to ‘letting it slip’.”

Once Yukiko was done with investigations, Yukiko returned home, wiped the sweat as Yukiko drank milk. Yukiko then returned to her room, locked the door, pulled the curtains down…


And laid out ‘that thing’ on the bed, looked at it for a while, and put it on.

Yukiko saw herself in the mirror, and couldn’t help but sigh,

“…This is amazing.”

It was a one-piece dress with a nice I-line, matched with some mature looking stockings and a dark colored bag. Obviously it was not cheap—probably branded goods, very pricey at that. There was no way these were bought on a moment of impulse.

“Why, brother…why give this present to Yukiko…?”

A few days ago.

A female dress was placed on brother’s table.

It was carefully placed there, and looked like it was going to someone special.

Who did he want to give it to? Yukiko was very wary of it, but never expected it to be for her.

“Uuu…i-it’s too short…”

The short one-piece skirt couldn’t cover the legs well. It was cute, but prone to upskirts. Yukiko trips over often, so it was dangerous.

“Lo-looks like Yukiko can only wear this at home…”

Leaving brother aside, no way can Yukiko let any stranger see her like this.

“…More importantly.”

This was a present from brother. A present for Yukiko. But—


It was absolutely impossible.

Yukiko couldn’t believe such a reality.

That immature, timid, hidden handsome brother of mine; his sidelong handsome sweating face caused Yukiko’s heart to race, the neck so unbelievably sexy. That brother actually did such a thing.

Only for Yukiko.

Yukiko never expected such a special present to be for her.

It was not Yukiko’s birthday. It was not Christmas Day. It was not some special day, and yet that present was given. Surely it just looked weird.

Yukiko couldn’t believe it, and went to visit everyone else, but as expected, nobody other than Yukiko received a present.

That special existence—was somehow Yukiko.


That reality caused Yukiko to cry tears of joy. But Yukiko couldn’t believe it; Yukiko couldn’t accept it.


“In that case, Yukiko can only attack the person himself.”

In order not to mess things out, let’s simulate this in the mind today. Execute it tomorrow.

“Got to figure out the truth.”

The one older brother Yukiko really loves.

The special person to him—

“Is it really just Yukiko?”

“That idiot…”

Feeling sleep deprived, I was completely worn out, went down the stairs, washed my face and brushed my teeth. After a quick breakfast, I returned to my room for a change of clothes. I then sat on the chair, and flipped the notebook open. I read the following words,

“Nope. It wasn’t my fault.”

That’s how the entry started off like,

“I was trimming the eyebrows when the nose itched…I couldn’t help but sneeze, but I never expected to sneeze so much…my eyebrows went Super Saiyan 3 now…gi-give me some right now!…I’m just joking.”

“That idiot…why do such a thing?”

I let out a really, really, really deep sigh.

Of course, the reason was due to the face reflected on the mirror. The face that was already scary to begin with looked all the more terrifying. Really, I’m that now, right? I’m more like a gangster than a delinquent now. Hahahaha…seriously…

“But then but then! I shaved off the other eyebrow to make sure both sides are matching! Now you definitely look like a delinquent! Yay! Good for you, Sakamoto! Anyway, this feels really cute instead, right? Just relax and fall in love with a delinquent then!”

“How am I supposed to relax? Don’t make decisions for me like this!”

I didn’t look like a nice guy, and I lost my eyebrows. No way could I find someone on this world who found me cute. If there was, I would have proposed on the spot.

The later part of the journal entry contained her thoughts on the robot anime that aired recently, and she never apologized about the eyebrows. I glanced through it, and couldn’t help but frown. She really was up to no good.

I was already feeling lethargic in the morning, and I closed the journal, lazily dragging my body out of my room with the fatigue. Argh, how do I explain this to my parents?

While wondering about this—



It seemed Yukiko had been waiting for me at the door. She bumped into me.

“What, going out? Nice dress up.”

“…No, I’m not going anywhere.”

Ah, is that so? Well, whatever.

Yukiko was wearing a soft one-piece dress with a matching, classy bag to go along. What’s with that? Did she look more mature because of this getup?

“…Brother. Erm, there’s something I want to ask you.”

“Hm? Me?”


“I hope you’ll answer honestly…”


Yukiko, with a blushing face, started to stammer as she fidgeted, looking completely anxious. Her eyes were blinking like a frantic butterfly. What’s with her?

“E-erm, well, that—”

And with an adorable look, she was flabbergasted for about ten seconds. She then seemed to have made up her mind though.

With her lips tense, she gave me a strong, determined look, and then—

“Why give the present to Yukiko alone?”

She asked.


I was increasingly confused.

What was she referring to—I thought, and then I understood. Ahh, the present, as in that?

Again, I sized up Yukiko. Speaking of which, Hikari Yumesaki seemed to have mentioned that she bought some clothes for Yukiko, and wanted me to give it her. I forgot to do that though, so it seemed that Hikari Yumesaki personally gave the present to Yukiko. Yep, she had a keen eye when it came to choosing clothes.

Then, what was inappropriate about that present?

“E-erm, it was not Yukiko’s birthday, so why give a present to just Yukiko? Y-you never did it for other girls. Why just Yukiko…?”

“Ahhh, I guess…so?”

I wasn’t very sure as I didn’t know what that person was up to. It seemed that Hikari Yumesaki left a present only for Yukiko.

So I tried to guess what HIkar iYumesaki was thinking.



She definitely did it in the spur of the moment. Most probably.

“Yukiko in a One Piece dress has arrived! The One Piece of the world is here!”

Wait, no way, right?

But I couldn’t just answer that. Hm, what should I do? Well whatever, let’s just wing it.

“Hm, well, that. Just in the mood. Yep. That’s it.”

“Really, just in the mood?”

But Yukiko couldn’t seem to agree.

“…But if it was just in the mood, normally, you wouldn’t go this far, brother. It was not a special day…Yukiko hoped that you’ll be honest. Yukiko was curious about this.”

Ahh…she was acting different from usual, clinging on.

Well, Yukiko’s been like that all this while. Or rather, had she been so nitpicky about such strange things? Did such a thing happen when we were younger? I once had a tummy ache, and when I talked to her, I was being aloof, so she was really concerned. “Did Yukiko do something annoying?” She came to my room in the middle of the night, looking all teary. But when we slept together, she was happy.

Well, leaving the memories aside, I had to try to convince this Princess before me. That verbally dumb me couldn’t lie to save my life.

So what finally came out of my mouth were just some vague words.

“Nothing to be shocked about. Well…to me, you’re ‘special’.”


She’s my little sister after all.

Even though I was overly casual with the answer.

Eh, Yukiko? Why aren’t you moving?


“Yeah, of course. You’re someone special, so I chose a present. It’s normal, right?”

I guess.

“Y-Yukiko’s special?”


“O-Only Yukiko, is special?”


“Really, is this true? If you’re lying, Yukiko’s going to curse you to make sure you won’t be with the one you like.”

Don’t say that now. That sounds really likely.

“It’s for real. Okay?”


And then, Yukiko went silent.

Hey, what was with that?

After that, we spent quite some time of silence.

Looking at how it was going, I assumed that blushing Yukiko would say something adorable, but as expected, she was my little sister. Like usual, she frowned hard at me, and then—

“Hmph, is that so? Y-You could have said so earlier! You made Yukiko worry! Hmph!”

And so, she started raging again.

…Why was she angry again? Such a strange one.

She then turned away, and hastily left.

“Hey, where are you going?”

“Just a little stroll! Now that I’m wearing this, I’ll walk around before coming back!”

Huh. Is that so?

“Goodness, you left Yukiko speechless, brother! How dumb can you be?”

With her shoulders huffing, Yukiko left.

Yep. I didn’t know what was going on, but it seemed it was all settled. Well, not too bad. If she was still angry, that showed that she was still energetic, I guess.

It was a little too early to mention this, but it would be really amazing for her to have a boyfriend. She was always fuming, and would throw tantrums for no apparent reasons. It was way too early for her—but if that happened, should I cheer on? For the boyfriend of course.

“Well. It’s finally summer vacation. Maybe I should play some games.”

So I stretched my back. At that moment, my phone suddenly rang.

“Hm? Who is it so early in the morning—”



“What is this!!!???”

I was left terrified upon reading the contents of the message. Another few came in.

Written there was—

“Akitsuki. If you wish to, you can play some terrible doctor play with this teacher in the infirmary

“Sakamoto, I bought a new pair of shoes, but the heels are too high, so I can’t get used to them. Please come walk with me, okay? It’ll be terrible if I trip over and remain stuck. Awaiting you will be the future you wish.”

“Sakamoto, anyway, please clean up under your bed. The you yesterday left something bad there.”

“This is…”

Ahh, here we go again. Seriously—

“That Hikari Yumesaki did something she shouldn’t have done.”

Yesterday’s me probably did something unnecessary. Seriously, she was taking action without care for the consequences. You’re not exactly special to me; just break away from me already.

I grumbled as I thought about the usual foolhardy yesterday’s me as I dealt with the messages. Ahh seriously; I really hoped Hikari Yumesaki could learn from Yukiko. She was weird, but she normally won’t get others involved.


Right when I was feeling displeased, I received another message.

Written on it was—


Yukiko, whom I had just mentioned, sent me a confusing message. While reading it, I was left perplexed at her.

That message from my little sister was titled ‘the Special one to Yukiko’.

‘Your ruined eyebrows—are very cute’

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