CUT 2 – Valentine’s Day, you shall become Cupid

Valentine’s Day.

As everyone knows, it was a ritual for girls to hand over chocolates to the boys they liked, a romantic gesture to express their love.

And for such an important occasion, Hikari Yumesaki went overboard by lazily handing over chocolate’s that she had eaten some of, angered Yukiko, and triggered a tragedy of being unable to get chocolate.

But at the same time, something else happened.

Actually, it was another hijinx relating to Valentine’s.

It happened in February, about ten months after I had encountered Hikari Yumesaki, when Valentine’s was about to start.

A Cupid with black wings was about to rumble without me knowing.


“Wake up now!”

“It’s very cold now!”

“Now! Now!”

“This Twitter account is registered by me without you knowing, Sakamoto!”

“I’m going to vent what I think and what happened as much as I want!”

“Once Hikari vanishes, Sakamoto will definitely be crying all day long.”

“He’ll definitely feel lonely.”

“So…when Hikari vanishes, Hikari’s going to make sure Sakamoto finds out this account through some way…”

“Ahh, so this happened before…that Hikari Yumesaki actually did something like this behind my back…”

“Hikari’s going to make you sad and think of Hikari from time to time.”

“I…still don’t want to be forgotten.”

“That’s why I’m going to keep tweeting!”

“And leave some messages for Sakamoto!”

“Leaving that aside, Sakamoto got really angry in this morning’s journal entry.”

“I’m really impressed that he’s able to get angry all day long.”

“I only used the wire of the lamp to practice some boxing,”

“And then I ended up doing a Shoryuken and made a big hole in the ceiling.”

“Hmph! He’s angry all because of this. That’s why he’ll always remain a virgin!”

“It’s all Sakamoto’s fault for being too tall!”

“But Hikari here is kind, so Hikari shall forgive!”

“And Hikari shall be Sakamoto’s Cupid!”

“Since Valentine’s coming.”

“So now, it’s time to go all out and get lots of chocolate!”

“This is also to make sure that I can get chocolate.”

“Virgin Sakamoto shall be happy too, and Hikari will eat lots of chocolate…two birds with one stone, they say!”

“And just to note, Hikari too intends to give something to Sakamoto…what to do?”

“Uu…leaving my stuff for later. Let’s think about it when it comes.”

“Speaking of which, got to bluff the girls into giving me chocolates while I have the chance now!”

“First off, Kasumi! Let’s call her, calling!”


“Wrong person…”

“I called Misaki on accident, and told her “Kasumi! I want handmade chocolates from you! You’re the one—!””

“Misaki kept giving a ‘ufufufufufufufufufufu’ laugh…”

“This isn’t good…”


“Well whatever


“No nono. Sakamoto’s always angry because I’m always so lax about this.”

“Goodness, let’s try to balance this out.”

“Anyway, let’s give Kasumi a call.”

“Well, whatever.”

“Of course, let’s tell her “Misaki! I want handmade chocolates from you! You’re the one—!””

“Now this feels fair.”

“better give a call right now.”


“Yep! Perfect!”

“’Oh, I see. Ho, ho, hoh.” She’s laughing.”

“Now this feels fair, right?”

“…I guess?”

“Well, whatever. Preparations complete! Looking forward to that day~!”

“That’ll be all for today! See you!”


…Something seemed amiss.

That day, I went to school as normal, and spent the entire day just like that.

But for some reason, Kasumi was…I don’t know…giving me pressure? I couldn’t endure how she had been giving me pressure the entire day.

What was going on? “Sakamoto’s first mouthful is definitely me.” So she said. What did it mean?

And furthermore, after school, “Senpai, your first mouthful belongs to Misaki no matter what.”

Ugh…I could only guess that something happened without me knowing.

“Hikari’s sense of balance is perfect!” However, that was the only thing written on the journal, a vague one even. Something to do with Hikari Yumesaki? Ugh…

But even if I did think hard into it, there wouldn’t be any resolution.

And so, I gave up on pursuing the matter.


“Let’s have a nice good shower today!”

“Sakamoto’s little Sakamoto is cute today too!”

“Remember to brush my teeth after drinking milk!”

“Hikari just realized that she’s been sharing the same toothbrush with Sakamoto.”

“Ah, I’m really careless! As a Holy Maiden, Hikari’s somehow sharing a toothbrush with a boy!”

“Hikari’s a Holy Maiden! Hikari’s a pure maiden!”

“Hikari’s a prim and proper Yamato Nadeshiko!”

“Uuuu…if only Sakamoto had reminded me.”

“Sakamoto must have been thinking ‘”hehehe! Hikari Yumesaki’s toothbrush! Kiss!” Definitely.”

“Seriously, that’s why that virgin has been causing me trouble.”

“Anyway, I’m going to use Yukiko’s toothbrush starting from today!”



“I got scolded real badly…”

“I never thought I would have a roundhouse kick delivered on me…”

“And also, a figure 4 lock too…”

“And I got thrown down for some reason! “Yukiko’s going to use brother’s toothbrush too! Hmph!” so she said.”

“And then Yukiko really took Hikari and Sakamoto’s toothbrush.”

“I got to witness Yukiko blushing once she realized what she was doing.”

“Ehehe~! Blushing Yukiko’s so cute~~!”

“Leaving this aside, Kasumi sent a message.”

“Let’s see. “What side ingredients?” I think she asked that.”

“Hm, ingredients.”

“Which on?”


““uhehehe♪ I want some of your big breasts, Kasumi~” just joking.“



“Eh? No reply.”


“Did I mess up?”


“Well, whatever♪”

“This is all for the twitter column! Do your best, Sakamoto!”

“Yippee ay ay.”



The following day, after school.

I was rubbing my swollen cheeks gloomily in the bedroom.

This morning, Kasumi suddenly told me in school, “How can I possibly squeeze them out! You idiot you idiot you idiot!” and rewarded me with a few slaps. Squeeze out? What? Seriously…Hikari Yumesaki must have done something again.

“Hey, Sakamoto! Did you use Hikari’s toothbrush to asjlnvndnsanfknkewunjrlomnew?” But there was just that weird bit from yesterday’s journal. I guessed there shouldn’t be anything much to it. Really.

However, what left me concerned was what Kasumi said next—

“B-but, if Sakamoto insists, that you may directly…suck…”

She said that.

Right, now what did that mean? Definitely not something decent.

I was left confused, so I just waved it off by saying “I’ll leave it to you. Looking forward to it.” For some reason, Kasumi started blushing furiously. Uu, seemed like I stepped on a landmine there. It was torture.

Couldn’t do anything about it.


“Speaking of which, why does Sakamoto like to call Hikari by her full name?”

“Maybe it’s because he wants to call out a girl’s name!”

“But it’s so awkward!”

“That’s why he called out the full name. Seriously, I can’t handle this virgin.”

“Leaving this aside, I wanna grope some breasts.”

“The flaw of being in Sakamoto’s body is that I can’t grope girls’ breasts as much as I want to!”

“Uu, if they look, they might find that he can be considered handsome…”

“He looks fierce, but he’s rather cute if they look closer at his clumsy actions. That matches the tastes of the majority out there…”

“Uuu….feeling ticklish.”

“Never thought I would suffer from not being able to grope…”

“Hikari would have assaulted any bystander if not for the fact that she has common sense!”

“If only Hikari was born without common sense…uuu.”

“Ugh~~~a boy’s body isn’t fun. Breasts! Breasts!”

“Enjoying a boy’s ass in a public bath doesn’t measure up to that!”

“Even though that does give some ecstasy…”


“Well, enough of grumbling, Sakamoto’s breasts are a little too pretty, aren’t they?”

“Like, well, the color of Sakuras in late March.”

“A faint color, fleeting and weak, a drunken scent. An aroma of Spring, some sour in the sweetness.”

“Color, clear, gloss, clear, shape, clear.”

“Uu, I’m just feeling outraged for some reason.”

“He looks savage! This is supposed to be the fetishes for a few!”

“From today onwards, I’m going to call Sakamoto the pink nipple strider!”

“So while I’m making my solo act, someone sent me a message.”

“It’s Misaki.”

“Let’s see, “Valentine’s coming, Misaki shall prepare a really sexy Misaki. What kind of Misaki do you wish to see?”!”

“Ehhhhhhhh~! Innocent pretty girl juniors are so cute~~!”

“Hmmm, let’s think.”

“Misaki’s suited to be sadist after all!”

‘Put on leather equipment or bondage gear, step on someone.”

“And then spit, order others to call her ‘Your Majesty!’ or something like that.”

“Uhehehe…just thinking about it gets me hot…”

“Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing such a character.”


“Did quite a good bit today too.”


…It was unreasonable.

On this day, I remained alone at home, sighing away.

I was preparing to head home like usual, but for some reason, Misaki was standing at the school gate, waiting for me.

And for some reason—

“Hold it right there, you pink nipple strider!”

She shouted, and I took an intense flying kick with that pretty leg.

And then she trampled me over and over again.

I couldn’t react at all, and Misaki—

“Senpai, are you happy now? This is the Misaki Koudera you were looking forward to seeing!”

She shouted. What was going on…

I was thinking that it was definitely because of the me the previous day.

But all that’s written inside the entry was a very confusing “Evil ugly spirits look so fleeting and weak.”

I didn’t know what that meant, but there was probably some demeaning attitude to it.

Damn it.


“Hikari today is different from usual!”

“I don’t know why, but I’ve been feeling enthusiastic since morning!”

“Just feel like these some days.”

“Super Hikari!!!”

“Let’s start doing assignments with this mood.”

“I can’t write!”

“I’m done with assignments!”

“Right, I forgot something very tricky.”

“Right! The Frosty Girl Chiaki!”

“It’s a tragedy! I forgot to remind her to give chocolates!”

“I hope to receive chocolates from Chiaki!”

“So I’m sending a message to her.”

“But Chiaki might look aloof, not very enthusiastic about this.”

“No! This makes me all pumped up!”

“She’s pretending not to care about Valentine’s, pretending not to know about it.”

“But on the day itself, she’ll look away and then go “I…I’ve prepared some chocolates’…”

“Nyahahaha~! Kuuderes are awesome~!”

“Got to remind Hayato to send chocolates immediately.”

“Luckily I know Hayato and Chiaki will switch personalities every alternate days. It’s easier to handle this now!”

“Eh, what do I write in the message?”

“Anyway, a draft first.”

“To: Hayato.”

“It’s been a while since you departed. Doing fine there?”

“Valentine’s starting.”

“So that day, the virgin boy on my side (LOLOLOL) will be visiting; please instruct Chiaki to spare some chocolates for him.”

“And please have Chiaki apply chocolate on her naked body.”

“He wants to lick, so please understand.”

“I understand it’s the delusion of a virgin, so please understand while mocking him.”

“I’ll leave it to you.”



“Perfect! Now he’ll definitely be able to conquer Chiaki!”

“Copy and paste—sent!”

“Hikari shall go to sleep now…”


What the hell.

On that day, I was left distraught again.

The reason was simple. Chiaki gave me a call.

“Hello Akitsuki, are you doing fine? I shall be honest, it is about the last time. I can understand that a boy will have such desires, and I know that you are different from Hayato, not only unpopular, but a hungry male with such malicious delusions. However, I do feel it is inappropriate for you to be making such requests to women, and at the same time, all I am left with is disappointment. If such a thing has to be done, I will only do it with Hayato. I mean, eh…Hayato…can lick…but…”

The long spiel of lecturing got vague midway through.

But in the end—

“Anyway! You’re my friend! And nothing else!”

Chiaki furiously hung up the phone on me.

Why was I treated so unreasonably…

I was thinking that it was the me yesterday, “Hikari understand Sakamoto better than anyone else, the best representative. Hikari understands what Sakamoto likes very well.” But that was the only bit written in the journal.

Yep, I dare say that this idiot did something. Seriously, and finish the homework already!

Anyway, leaving that aside, Kasumi and Misaki had been acting weird recently.

Those two—

“That day, I’ll be first—”

“The first mouthful will be mine—”

They spent the entire day muttering about these things.

And whenever they met, the atmosphere would be at breaking point.



“I’m reading Sakamoto’s palm right now.”

“Feels like his lucky line is short.”

“He’s sharing the same body as Hikari here. That’s too rude!”

“Can’t stand that virgin…that’s why his palm fortunes looks like he’ll be a virgin forever.”

“Let’s just extend with a marker.”


“I got an oil marker…”


“Leaving that aside, it’ll be Valentine’s very soon!”

“Thanks to Hikari quietly helping out, Hikari shall believe Sakamoto will have an unforgettable day!”

“Kasumi, Misaki, Chiaki, uhehehe. Sakamoto will be really happy~”

“Right, leaving this aside, I think I forgot something…”

“Hm, what is it? Doesn’t seem like anything important either.”

“I don’t think I missed out on any girl next to Sakamoto…”

“Sakamoto should probably just want chocolates from these girls…”


“Well, whatever

“Must be me thinking too much—hm? Eh?”

“Yukiko’s calling me! Gotta go!”

“Eheheheh~! Tsundere Yukiko’s so cute!!”

“She said, Someone asked me, what’s the most ideal way of delivering chocolate?’

“So cute socute socute socute! She knew, but she’s using others as an excuse, so cute~!”

“So I just told her ‘feed directly with mouth’!”

“Now Sakamoto has one more in the happiness column!”

“Looking forward to seeing Yukiko’s handmade chocolates~ let’s see her doing it and attack

“Uhehehe. Can definitely taste the Tsundere power at max

“Then, Sakamoto, enjoy the day!!”

“Uu~I wanted to have the chocolate Yukiko made…I don’t like the thought of dying and becoming Restligest-san…Sakamoto! Try to get the chocolate! Please!”


On Valentine’s itself, those were the few lines at the beginning.

It seemed Yukiko was preparing Valentine’s chocolates for me, but because of Hikari Yumesaki’s messing around, she couldn’t get them, and complained to me. Seriously, what’s with her.

But to be honest, it was not important at all.

For I too was an endangered species.

“Me first! Back down, Misaki!”

“Sanada-senpai, you should be backing away. Senpai’s first mouthful belongs to Misaki.”

(Not good…)

Right, let’s explain the situation.

It was the morning of the rest day, the location, my room.

First thing in the morning, Kasumi and Misaki came to my room, fighting over my lips. As for what was going on at that point, it was simple.

It was Valentine’s Day, so I was hoping something good would happen.

Hikari Yumesaki seemed to have done something behind my back. I was about to wonder why those two showed up, and they ignored me as they started to bicker.

With chocolates in hand, they seemed to be arguing, “Whose chocolate shall I taste first’. What in the world did Hikari Yumesaki tell them.

Looking at this, I seemed to have become a winner in life, and I couldn’t help but smirk.

But because of my moment of carelessness, tragedy struck.

“Misaki doesn’t know how much I want Sakamoto to have this first bite!”

Kasumi said,

“Ever…since I was saved by Sexy Dream, my feelings for Sakamoto…”

Her voice melancholic, her face was red.

Faced with that, even Misaki said,

“If-if I may say so…while I was being a rotten girl, when I first met you—”

And even she too lowered her head, blushing.


H-huh? What’s with the atmosphere?

Both of them went silent…should I be saying something?

“Wh-what should I do?”

But as I was useless, this happened. Faced with that situation, I was left helpless.

An unspeakable awkwardness lingered around us.


The following developments swept away this heavy atmosphere.

“S-Sakamoto, I’ve—”

“Sen-senpai, I too—”

While both of them were blushing, and intended to continue—

That guy broke in!

“Hello bro! Got to strike quickly—have some of my chocolate banana!!”

“EH!? Kinoshita!? What are—nnnnn!!”



For a moment, I couldn’t understand what was going on.

But soon, I did.

This feeling, scent, taste.

When did he show up at the Sakamoto’s? Barging into this room with furor was an effeminate Middle School boy, Kinoshita.

He seemed to have thought of something. Why did I have a chocolate banana in my mouth—

What!? This is too sudden!

Half of the chocolate banana’s stuffed into my mouth!

I supposed there’s no need to explain this.

Black in color, curling up.

This chocolate banana could only be described as majestic.

Kinoshita’s basically feeding mouth to mouth, stuffing the chocolate banana deep into my mouth.

The soft touch meeting my lips caused me to shiver. The sweet scent of the boy (why does he have one?) left me dizzy. The taste of the chocolate banana spread in my mouth.


“It’s here—! N-n-n-never expected a chocolate banana to be the biggest contributor of Kaoru X Big Brother! As to be expected of Kaoru! You chose the banana without Yukiko guiding you. You really know how to do this!”

And that…

Yukiko, who was hiding outside the room and peeping in, yelled that.

The chaotic situation got more intense.

“Wh-what are you doing, Sakamoto!?”

Kasumi tried to peel me away from a clinging Kinoshita. However, the mysterious BL power meant that the boy clinging onto me had no intention to leave.

“Ehehe, bro, this is the mouth-to-mouth feeding Valentine’s you hoped for. Is this the Kaoru Kinoshita you hoped for?”

“Wha…yo-you used my special line—!!”

Misaki yelled and ran to join Kasumi. (So it’s a special line…?) Everyone got tangled up, and it was chaos. The Middle school boy clinging onto the high school boy, the two high school girls trying to break them up, and the middle school girl hiding at the back, watching and squealing in excitement; there was a whole strange sequence. Naturally, my heart was filled with despair. It seemed that recently, I had been kissing Kinoshita…

(The one I want to kiss is…)

Devastated, I looked over at the table.

There was a half-eaten chocolate snack on the table—Koala March.

She only cared about preparing this much for me, and yet she forgot to prepare her own chocolates. I recalled the words left behind by this girl, and was left flabbergasted.


“To Sakamoto. All my love


Written on it were the words from my beloved.


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