Sexy dream.

An ally of justice who fights the strong and helps the weak.


I never got to meet that Sexy Dream physically after all.

Well, leaving that aside, justice is a difficult thing.

Sometimes, when I did what I thought was right, hatred might ensue instead.

And depending on the location, a tragedy that can’t be salvaged might occur.

What is the real cool sense of justice?

What is the real image of a hero?

Are justice and being cool unable to coexist?

Allow me to speak of a story with this little difficult problem.

That day, Spring was arriving, but it was a cold day.

It was a month until I got to know Hikari Yumesaki for a full year—in other words, it happened in early March.

Due to a sudden encounter, the story shall be started again.



On that day, when the sky was still dark.

Before the bell rang, I suddenly woke up.

And at the same time, I noticed something.

“What is this?”

There was a torn note stuck on my forehead with tape. At that moment, I realized that the culprit was the me from yesterday. In other words, it was an emergency message for me to be read before I open the journal.

“Good morning Sakamoto. It’s very urgent, so I hope you’ll forgive me to leaving the message like this. Please hear my heart out.”

It’s dark, and I laid down, staring at the note intently as I read this. There was an illustration of Hikari Yumesaki wearing a black suit and shades, like an agent. You’re saying it’s urgent when you’re pretty free now, right?

“Anyway, hope you can calm down, and swear not to cause a ruckus.”

That’s what she wrote next. Yes yes, what is it?

“Anyway, take a deep breath. Fuu—ha—ha—ha.”


I exhaled.

“Now then, make sure that this isn’t a dream. Pinch your cheeks, rub around.”

“Rub rubrub.”

What am I doing?

“Also, I hope that you’ll realize that you’re still a virgin, OK?”

“Ahh, how old am I now, I’m really useless…what did you just make me say?”

Didn’t you say it’s an emergency!?

And so, I retorted non-stop, as is tradition.

But at the next moment, I saw something really shocking.

“So, Sakamoto, I’ll say this again. You promised nooooootttt to panic, so look around the room now. I can’t hold my desires in, sorry. Just joking

“Huh? Desire?”

What do you mean? So I thought, but the message ended. Seriously, that idiot never gets down to writing the important parts. Eh, well, let’s just look around the room.


Feeling confused, I was sure it was definitely something stupid, so I scanned the room. I was wondering if she did some meaningless prank…

“Suu suu…”



Reality greatly defied my expectations.


I was left speechless by this sudden development. That’s to be expected, it’s—it’s way beyond my expectations.

Stunned, I looked around the room, and at the floor.

Over there was—

“A-a girl!?”



There was a futon laid out on the floor of my room.

And there was a young girl, one I did not know of, sleeping soundly. Not just a girl, she’s clearly very young, an elementary school girl—

(Wait, wait. This is—)

I recalled the content of the note.

<em>I can’t hold my desires in, sorry.</em>

All the terms were swirling around in my mind.

Abduction. Criminal. Child porn. Selling virginity. Comfort relationships. Lolicon.


Hi-Hikari Yumesaki. Did you finally cross the line that’s not to be crossed—

While wondering.


What’s going on? I was all dazed by this sudden turn of events.

Before I knew it, I stood up from my bed without a second thought, lost my balance, and tumbled over. Uh oh—I wanted to regain my balance, but I could not steady my feet on the floor. I fell on the girl, and while I struggled, trying my best not to hurt her.


“Hyahh!? Wh-what is this! Fuee!?”

The situation took a turn for the worst.

It was too sudden. I had my limbs supporting myself off the floor, spread apart so that they would not crush her.

And right beneath me was the girl who was sleeping defenselessly, her pajamas all messy, and she woke up due to the shock.

At this moment, she probably misunderstood something.

And even in this darkness, I could see the face of the girl pale.

N-no—wait, this, erm, it’s definitely not what you think.


“Wait! Wait waitwait! No, this is a misunderstanding!”


“It’s real! I wasn’t planning to attack you…I just couldn’t help it!”


“I’m being serious here! I have a scary face, but I really am a wimp! I’m the virgin who always tries to recall the feeling of touching a girl’s hand, even if it’s out of coincidence, and enjoy myself! It’s definitely not—”

Eh? It’s causing the opposite effect?

In any case, resistance was futile. The girl’s face paled, her breathing heavy as she widened her eyes, and she opened her mouth wide, yelling—


Ah damn it! It’s too late after all.

The girl’s face was filled with fear, and she just yelled that out loud.

Also, she—


…I took the full brunt of the girl’s hit.

She aimed at the important part of every single boy. The impact caused me to stop breathing.

Ugh…uooohh…it’s super effective…

“Wh-what happened!? That scream was…eh, brother!?”

The last thing I saw was my little sister opening the door and storming into the room.

After that, my consciousness slowly faded away, and it got dragged into the dark abyss along with my collapsed body.

“Brother! Don’t die! B-brother—!!”

I thought of Yukiko’s screams as a requiem.

And so, I lost consciousness.


“Yippee!! This lolilolita Princess is so cute—! Come on, shout along too, Sakamoto!! Lolilolita Princesses are awesome!!”

“Damn it…way too little information in this journal entry.”

Some time later.,

I finally regained consciousness, changed my clothes lazily, and grumbled as I opened the exchange journal. All I saw was just some completely unnecessary nonsense. Damn it, I won’t be able to figure out what’s going on now.

So I had to call Yukiko into my room, and ask her what happened. She would have been suspicious, so I just bluffed my way out by saying, “Eh? I just got kicked, took a hard hit in the head, my memories…who’s that?”

And I got an unexpected answer.

“Please pull yourself together, brother. She’s our cousin Luna. You forgot about that?”

“Luna…eh!? Luna!?”

I was left dumbfounded.

Luna. This name made me recall something that happened when I was young.

I remembered the lone daughter of mom’s little sister, this cousin Yukiko spoke of. She should be three years younger than Yukiko, probably in fourth grade. It had been five years since we met…eh? She’s Rina? It’s been a long time since we met.

“But doesn’t she live far away from us? It’s not a double holiday, so why—”

“You forgot way too much here! It’s because of aunt’s work recently that she moved to a place near us! Mom just mentioned it, right?”

Yukiko answered.

Is that so? Couldn’t remember. Eh, yeah.

But why’s she living in our house? And anyway, why’s she in my room?

“Seriously, how much did you forget!? That’s—”


Yukiko did not continue on.

Why, you ask? Because that girl showed up.

With much vigor, Luna opened the door of the room Yukiko and I were in.

“Don’t get cocky! I wouldn’t have come to such a place if not for papa and mama quarrelling! Don’t make me repeat that kind of personal thing many times, you—goody-goody!”


So she finally changed out of her clothes.

This arrogant one yelling away is the one we’re talking about, the fourth grader Rina.

The white tender skin befitting her age was speckless.

Her body’s petite, and she can’t be considered a woman—but she’s cute. The dress, resembling an evening gown, emphasizes that she’s a girl despite all this.

And what’s the most eye-catching was the haughty, noble and cute face. The large eyes were giving off the charms unique to a girl, and anyone looking into those eyes could feel happiness. The long, narrow eyebrows, the tall bridge of the nose, everything about her was basically saying that she was a pretty girl.

And this elementary school girl, Luna, whom one will pine much hopes on her, was standing there cross-legged as she looked down at me like a king. Well well…she’s really all grown up now before I knew it. The Luna I knew of in my memories was so little.

“That’s how it is, brother. You should know that uncle and aunt always argue.”

Eh, let’s leave the feeling aside.

I remembered about Luna’s parents after Yukiko mentioned them. Oh, speaking of which, mom did seem to be complaining about them arguing lots of times.

It’s all because, while Luna’s parents were a stupid lovey-dovey pair, they would always have a specific moment when they would quarrel like no tomorrow. Since both of them are lawyers, I guess that might also be a reason why they can’t stop quarrelling.

Once that happens, the relatives, led by our parents, would have to act as peacemakers. It’ll drag on for quite a while, so during this time, the nearby relatives would take Luna in. I see, so once they moved to this area, the nearest relatives would be us. Goodness gracious. It’s common, but really troublesome…they always give us lots of New Year money though, so I don’t really hate them for this.

“I see. So you’re going to school from our house here.”

“Right, don’t make me repeat myself again. But I never thought you would attack me while I was asleep, you ‘goody-goody’.”

“No, I wasn’t attacking you—…eh?”

An uppity look.

She gave me a blaming look, like a Princess raised in some rich family. Eh…speaking of which, this kid’s been always scared of strangers and was arrogant. The impression she gives was of a problematic rich kid who was pampered and stubborn. She was clearly showing no interest in her cousin.

No, more importantly.

“What’s ‘goody-goody’?”

“Brother, come here.”


While I raised this question, Yukiko pulled me to a corner of the room for some reason.

And then, she whispered into my ear.

“(Seriously, how much have you forgotten already!? Luna’s the type of kid to ‘say whatever’s opposite of her mind’. She’s always been like that. You forgot about that?”

“(Eh? Ahh—now that you mention that).”

Once I heard Yukiko’s words, I recalled the past again.

Right. Luna’s definitely the weird type of kid to say one thing and act the other.

I didn’t know why she started to do this, and the first time we met, she probably wasn’t like this…she changed by the time we noticed it. Our aunt never paid much attention to it, just saying that she’ll change slowly, but clearly she hasn’t changed, right?

“What are you whispering about? How ‘enjoyable’ too! You ‘Riajuu siblings’!”

“What!? Wh-what do you know? When you always like to sing the other tune, kid!”

Well, sorta like that.

While Yukiko and I were whispering to each other, the lines she said got really ridiculous. Well, the antonym of enjoyable is unpleasant, and the opposite of Riajuu is…hahaha. It really hurts my heart that I can’t say anything about it.

“Uuuggghhh…I’m the older sister here. I can’t get angry over such a thing—”

“Anyway, is breakfast done yet? Mind getting it done sooner? ‘Big breasts’!?”

“Argh! Can’t forgive you after all! You’re flat too aren’t you!?”

So, that’s how it is.

Eh, of course, I guess. Yukiko’s a weirdo too, somewhat, and they get along like oil and water. These two eccentric girls are yapping away like cats. Enough already, Yukiko, comparing boob sizes of a middle schooler and an elementary school kid is depressing. There should be some who like them small.

“Anyway, I hope that I can be treated well here, big sister ‘who really hates her brother’.”

“NnnnnnAAAARRRRRRGGGHHHH…! What are you saying!? I-I’m not—”

And that’s the kind of vibe they had after that.

Whenever they spoke, one was arrogant, and the other was frowning, so I could only sigh. Well, that escalated quickly. I don’t really care about Luna’s stubbornness, and even if she does look down on me, there’s nothing to be bothered by; I just need to think of her as a problem child. However,

(What will Hikari Yumesaki do…)

I recalled the continuation written in that journal.

“Really looking forward to the future♪! I can do this and that to an arrogant loliloli elementary kid…fufufufufufufu

That was written. Uugh, this definitely isn’t a good sign.

Even though I was anxious, I couldn’t do anything. As I had expected, this uneasiness struck me in reality.

The incident came quickly, two days later.


First, this happened.

“You’re ‘the best’!”


On that morning, I woke up a little later than usual.

I came to the living room, wanting some breakfast before heading to school, when Luna said those words to me,

“I ‘have a good opinion of you now’! I didn’t think you will ‘make me happy’! Please ‘live a little longer’!”


Luna said that in a huff, picked up her backpack, and stormed out of the house.

Eh, the best means the worst. A good opinion of you now means a bad opinion. Make me happy is…

…She’s an annoying one.

“What did you do, Hikari Yumesaki?”

I had an ominous feeling, but I had to check.

I returned to my room, grumbling away as I opened my journal. Maybe she might have written some apology related to this, in a joking manner,

“Hm, Luna doesn’t seem to be feeling happy today. Why’s that?”

“Eh? You don’t know either?”

But that was written in the journal.

Hm? She was not the reason?

“That’s weird. That kind of arrogance is cute in its own way…but why is she angry?”

“Hm, why indeed?”

“That’s really weird. I didn’t do anything…”

“Yep, it’s really weird.”

“Um um~, I really have no idea~~~”

“Now then, why is that?”

“What to do? I really never thought of it. Luna just so happened to see me bury my face into her pillow “Teehee! The innocent scent of a loli elementary school girl hehehehee!!”…”

“That’s 100% the reason! Nothing else!”

Why did she think it was fine even though she was seen!

So because of this, I apologized to Luna with all my might, finally getting her forgiveness.

Though the price was that I gained the name ‘MILF lover’.



Another incident happened two days later.

“Ah, this is fine too, Misaki. Bondage and spanking play—”

“This sounds good too Sanada-senpai. Naked abandonment play and mental SM—”


On that day.

After classes ended, I returned from school, and returned to my room. I was kneeling before Kasumi and Misaki, dripping in cold sweat.

So this happened.

Two days ago, I emphasized in the journal ‘smelling an elementary school kid is forbidden!’, and Hikari Yumesaki did somewhat reflect over her actions.

“I’m sorry, Sakamoto. I never thought I couldn’t smell an elementary school girl…so in apology, I’ll bring you happiness since you have no luck with women, and filled with tragedies in life! Look forward to it!”

So this morning, the journal contained words that either seemed to be apologizing, or having a dig at me.

What was she getting at now? So I thought, but I didn’t care as I wouldn’t know anyway, so the entire day passed. After school though, something terrifying happened. Kasumi and Misaki suddenly came to my house.

I heard that yesterday, Hikari Yumesaki told them separately, “Sorry to trouble you. I’m suffering a little here…can you come console me?”

So, I didn’t know what they misunderstood.

But they both had makeup on.

One had her cleavage open. One had a wonderful miniskirt on.

So both of them just so happened to meet each other at the entrance of the Sakamotos’ house. Then they seemed to have realized everything. So they said to me, while my mind was completely blank.

“Ahh, so that’s how it is.”

“Senpai. That’s impressive.”

They nodded away as they said that, and the love★purgatory was complete.

So after that, I was kneeling on the floor, while both of them were researching on how to execute me through the internet. Seriously, look what you’ve done, Hikari Yumesaki! You could have realized it if you thought about it!

But even if I tried to argue, it was too late. They had both agreed on a ‘double electric massage’, and I was shivering in fear—

At that moment.

“Hey, ‘MILF lover’! I’m hungry! Are there any sweets at home?”

“Eh? Ah, Luna!”

Luna returned after school, and slammed the door aside with fury. Again, she was staring at me with the arrogant, condescending eyes.


“Senpai? This girl is…”

“Eh? Ah, no! She’s—”

This kid’s my cousin, a weird kid who loves to say the opposite of what she’s thinking—so I intended to explain. But Luna started introducing herself before I could, and with the usual troublesome words.

“Hello, I’m Luna. I have ‘no blood relation’ with this man, but we are on ‘loving terms’, and we’ve been having ‘love talk’ over the past two days.”


“Wha—Sa-Sakamoto, what is going on!?”

“No no wait waitwait! You’re mistaken! That’s not it!”

I saw that Kasumi and Misaki’s eyes darkened, and immediately shouted in a panic. No, that’s not it, what she meant was that though we’re blood related, we’re on really bad terms, already quarrelling—


I had no room to butt in, as Luna again said,

“I really ‘do like’ this guy, you know? Yesterday, he said to me so many times, “Luna! Come shower with this big brother here! Uhehehehehehehe ROFLCOPTER!” so I ‘agreed to shower with him’, because I really ‘like him’!”

“Luna, please! Just shut up for once!?”

But it was already too late.

After Luna created such a ruckus, she left the room. I was left in the room, facing the two demons. They were giving off black aura as they stood up. And then,

“Sanada-senpai. Bondage, spank his ass, leave him naked, SM, electric massage, which one do you prefer?”

“Full course.”

“I guess.”

“No, wait—ARRGGGHHH!?”


—On that day.

It was midnight when I was finally released.


Uu…I can’t get married now, damn it.


And on another day,

“I want to get her into cosplay.”

“What are you saying?”

So it was written in the journal.

“I want to have Luna cosplay as a shameless witch.”

“That’s impossible.”

“So I went online and bought a whole bunch of stuff, but you can’t blame Hikari here.”

“Of course I’m blaming you!!! Think of the big box that’s put there!!!”

“This costume covers the least amount of area possible. That’ll definitely make Luna an angel.”

“Let’s see…no nono. She’s going to be completely naked.”

That’s way lewder than a swimsuit.

“Even if it’s impossible, I want to make her cosplay. I don’t care if I get arrested.”

“Like hell I’ll allow that! Don’t do it! This isn’t a joke!”

But following that was a ridiculous instruction, “So, Sakamoto, before Hikari commits a crime, try to get Luna dressed as a lewd witch!”And she added an illustration of me drooling while holding a camera and snapping away at Luna. Ah damn it, it’s troublesome…but it’ll be even more troublesome if I don’t do it.

“Guess I got to think of a plan.”

And so,

As declared, this smart me came up with a plan.

Starting off, I had this cosplay costume (which is really erotic…this is illegal, isn’t it?) placed in an obvious spot in the living room.

Then, I stuck a note by the side. “You can be a popular one in real life! Become a witch and be reborn as a super idolSo when she sees this, Luna will be moved enough to put this on, and I’ll be able to get some photos. So that was my plan.

To be honest, only a pitiful, super lonely idiot will fall for this trick. Since it’s an elementary school girl we’re dealing with here, I guess she should be at the age where she desires attention. This much should be enough to bluff an elementary school kid.

So, on that day, after school.

I quickly hurried home, laid out everything, and hid in a blind spot of the kitchen. Of course, I was holding a digital camera in one hand, concealing my presence.

And so, after waiting for a few minutes—

(Oh, she’s back now?)

I could hear the door open from the corridor, and sensed someone returning. It seemed that my target Luna had returned.

I couldn’t see her as I had hidden myself. Determining how she had entered the living room, and also stopped—

(Oh, this sound. Is she changing clothes now?)


Luna was probably changing clothes in the living room. I could hear the ruffling sound from there. Good good, looks like things are proceeding smoothly. Just need to time the opportune moment and take a photo.

(Right, she should be done. Here I go!)

And so,

I timed for the ripe moment, and made up my mind, standing up.

With camera in one hand, I summoned my courage, starting a charge to take a photo of Luna in a witch dress.

For that picture of an elementary school witch—

“Hey, Luna! You’re rather cute, aren’t you! Admiring idols! Lemme have a photo—”

“Ueeeeee!? B-brother!?”


…Time stopped.

Yep, it stopped alright. An unexpected scene happened before me.

There was a witch there. In a lewd dress up too.

But that was definitely not Luna. Not even close to an elementary school kid.

That was my little sister, Yukiko.

At that moment, I understood the sadness that came with wearing a costume befitting an elementary school kid so perfectly. I thought a lonely idiot would fall for such a prank, and it turned out to be my little sister. That little sister of mine was making a cute idol pose ♥ at the mirror, and was frozen there.

Erm, Miss Yukiko? This—

“…Is ‘amazing’.”


At that moment,

How cruel fate was as it arrived at this unequivocally tragic space.

Appearing before us and spliting us was none other than the pretty elementary school girl—Luna.

What exactly was shown in her eyes? Yukiko, excitedly dressed as an exhibitionist witch, or me, holding a camera in one hand and standing before her? Anyway, there was one thing I understood. That escalated quickly.

“No Luna. There’s obviously a reason for this—”

“Yeah, I know. I understand everything.”

She said,

And then, with the condescending look of one staring down at garbage, she said,

“I see that you really are a ‘good’, ‘amazing’ pair of siblings. Please ‘remain close’ to me!!”


And then,

Luna shouted, and left the room. The ones left behind were us two idiots. Yep. No need to think too deep into it.

Our dignity as siblings was already shattered completely.

Damn it…

And one day,

“I thought of something that can effectively make use of Luna’s habit to say the opposite.”


Those words were written in the journal on that day.

“If we can go along with her faults, I think Luna’s personality is wonderful.”

Go along with her faults?

“In other words, approach her while thinking that you’ll be hated, and she’ll say something like “I like you! I really like! Please come close to me!” This feels good too!”

“Look at the ridiculous price of your actions!”

So that’s the reason why she was exceptionally unhappy!


Well, leaving that aside.

Luna’s always like that, but there was really something I didn’t get.

“I’m going to sleep. If you dare attack me, I’ll ‘welcome you with love’!”

“Yes yes.”

On that night.

The one saying such inflammatory, delusional words was obviously Luna. She snuggled into the futon next to my bed as she yelled this. Once I heard this, I said out the one thing that had been on my mind the entire time.

“Hey Luna. Why do you always sleep in my room?”


Right. That was what I was curious about. Ever since the first day—

No matter how arrogant this kid was, how she hated me, she kept insisting to sleep in my room. It really didn’t mesh with this kid’s personality, so I tried asking her—



For some reason, she looked really lonely. And then,

“This is ‘something important’, ‘related to you’, ‘think about it’.”

“…Eh? Ah, okay.”

She said these words, being as arrogant as ever.

Well, she’s probably saying that it doesn’t matter, I guess. Those words just now seem strange though. Argh seriously, I don’t get it. This kid’s really troublesome!

“Please switch off the lights. I told you many times that I really want you to ‘attack me’, ‘that I really hope that you’ll violate me’.”


But I still couldn’t figure out the truth. Luna ended the conversation just like that. Seriously, that was questionable from her, and my heart just skipped a beat—no nono, am I not thinking the same as Hikari Yumesaki here?

“Good night. See you tomorrow.”

I said goodnight to the strange girl, and switched the lights off. This kid’s really strange. Eh, but I have strange girls around me, so I can’t say much about that.

Thinking about this, I followed Luna into dreamland.


However, this life of mine changed two days later.

“Sakamoto! Please allow me to report to you on Sexy Dream’s team!”

“Go ahead…”

That day, Mohawk, who became my lackey due to various reasons, came to my room.

As for what he’s reporting, it seemed he was ordered by Hikari Yumesaki to contribute to society in the name of Sexy Dream or something. Sometimes he would drop by and report. Anyway, you aren’t a hoodlum anymore, Mohawk. You’re a good guy.

“First, about what happened last Monday, I found a lost girl—”

So Mohawk’s report for the day began.


I never thought that would be the cause.

“What’s going on here!?”



Luna suddenly slammed the door open, and stood before us. Eh? What’s wrong? Why’s she so agitated…

“You-you’re Sexy Dream!?”

“Eh? Me?”

So I replied.

Hm? What? This kid knows about Sexy Dream?

But Luna ignored this stunned me, as her face becomes increasingly red. I was wondering what she was thinking, but at the next moment,

“‘Great’! Thanks to back then…I really ‘love’ Sexy Dream!”

“Wha—hey, Luna!? Ow owow!! Stop pulling me!”

Luna suddenly threw a tantrum, and it left me all the more confused.

Hey, wh-what’s going on!


“‘As expected’, you’re that kind of person! Let’s ‘talk this through’ starting now!”


Luna never went into detail on why she became like this, and she was on the verge of tears, storming out without saying a world. Only Mohawk and this stunned me were left in the room. We merely exchanged wordless looks.

“Wh-what’s going on…?”

But that doubt was solved in an instant.


Two days later.

“Ahh, I guess it’s this kid after all.”

I was in the room of a friend, one of my rare few, whose house was a little far away from mine.

This cool guy before me, Kazeshiro muttered as he stared at the photo of Luna stored in my phone.

“So it has something to do with Sexy Dream?”

“Yeah, one of those who got dealt with by Sexy Dream.”

After I took the brunt of Luna’s sudden anger, I wrote in the journal.

“Luna seems to have a grudge against Sexy Dream…you got an idea?”

And to figure out why, Hikari Yumesaki had a sudden meeting with Kazeshiro. Whenever Hikari Yumesaki was acting as Sexy Dream, Kazeshiro was almost always with her.

At least they should know something.

“I forgot when exactly it was, but it happened recently. When I was going on a Sexy patrol with her, I saw this girl—Luna, arguing with a few other girls.”

Kazeshiro recalled,

Did he say something really crazy just now?

“Not something big, it’s just an argument between kids. It just seems like Luna, she was shouting at the other girls for some reason. Those girls were looking really scared. So at that moment, Hikari just butted in and went all“Enough alright! Scold me if you want! This wretched Sexy Dream shall be as popular as ever! Wahaha, you dominatrix loli student!”

I tried imagining that scene.

A strange cosplaying high school boy saying such a disgusting line and appearing in front of a bunch of quarrelling elementary school kids.

Ugh, Hikari Yumesaki, look what you’ve done.

“And they stopped arguing. Eh, why does Luna hate Hikari?”

“Well, it seemed something really big happened afterwards.”


I took out a SD card from my pocket, and inserted it into Kazeshiro’s computer. A video was played, showing Luna’s elementary school that was a little far away from here.

“I had Yukiko stalk Luna. Then, I saw something I was concerned with.”

“Something you’re concerned with? …Anyway, your little sister’s really something.”

You think so too? Why exactly did she hone those skills? Better not know why, see no evil, hear no evil.

“…! This is—”

“Yep. As you can see.”

The crucial scene was aired.

That scene really left us heartbroken.

“Looks like that Luna—was ostracized by everyone else in school.”

It wasn’t bullying.

But in the video, Luna clearly didn’t belong to any group, and was always alone. Thinking about it, Luna always headed home after school, and never played with her friends. That meant that she had no friends—

The video continued to play.

Her peers just looked at her from afar. Even though she tried to approach them, they merely waved her off, and it got awkward. No doubt it would leave Luna distraught.

“Ah, it’s those girls who got scolded by Luna.”

Kazeshiro said, pointing at the girls who created this heavy atmosphere.

Yep, I’m sure. That’s enough.

“So, Luna had her friends had some issues…and Hikari butted in and put all the blame on Luna, and had her ostracized by everyone else at school.”

“I guess. Her classmates had come to an agreement to leave the bad guy alone.”

It was a common squabble amongst kids.

Luna merely raised her voice in an outburst.

But Hikari Yumesaki showed up, feeling all heroic, and Luna became the bad guy, her friends using the chance to shun her. Eh, but well, even if Hikari Yumesaki never interfered, it might end up the same…well, the fact remained that Hikari Yumesaki gave them the opportunity.

Thinking back about it, Luna moved in recently, and she had that strange habit to say the opposite and act so arrogant.

All these factors combined to form this situation.

“Uuuuu…what to do what to do? Maybe it’s because of Hikari’s Sexy Patrol that Luna is suffering so much…in-in that case, let’s just reveal to the public that Sexy Dream is really me, and apologize—”

Yesterday’s me wrote in the journal.

While there was no actual proof yesterday, she might have realized that she was in the wrong. Besides the text, there was an illustration of Hikari Yumesaki in a confessional, with lots of spotlights and microphones shining down on her. She might appear to be fooling around, but looking at her slightly twisting words and the illustration, I’m guessing she did realize she was responsible. Well, no wonder, since she is a kind one, and hates to see others suffer. Also, since it involved her, it’s no wonder she was rattled. Anyway, what I wanted to say was that, don’t do this using my body. My life will end there and then.

“So, what are you going to do, Sakamoto?”

“Hm…what to do?”

Speechless, I sighed.

I could only murmur as I looked up at the cloudy sky.

“Sorry Luna. But I think it would end up like that given your attitude towards your friends, right”


It was before bedtime. Luna remained grouchy, but she insisted to sleep by my side, which was strange, so I spoke to her. Obviously, no matter how I tried talking to her, Luna would arrogantly turn her head aside. Seriously, what am I supposed to do?


But right when I was about to sleep.

My groggy mind overheard a somewhat dazed voice.

“What Sexy Dream…”



“You aren’t Sexy Dream. You ‘are cool’, but you’re—”



Luna didn’t respond. All that came from the girl was the little sleeping sound.

What did she say? Did she dream something weird?

The opposite of that just now was, eh—ah? Seriously, this is troublesome.

But those words made me remember something. What is it? I seemed to have forgotten something very important…hm—no. Can’t remember.


“…No good. Got to think of something.”

Once I heard that feeble, earnest voice, I could only will myself.

Luna’s arrogant, and stubborn.

Personally, she was not honest at all, always speaks in such a strange way, and the more I look at her, the more I find her to be an enigma. But after hearing what was said, there’s no doubt she was disappointed in me. She must be disappointed about something.

And looking at it the other way around, I didn’t know what was going on, but this kid already had some hopes for me. Surely that was the reason, since she kept sleeping by my side even though she was a strange one…there has to be a reason.

Though I didn’t know the significance behind that.

But she did have some hopes for me.

“Let’s think of something, Miss Sexy Dream.”

In the darkness, I opened the journal, grumbling at that stupid partner of mine.

To that hero who was a little distraught, who faulted due to carelessness.

“Yo-you guys!!”


Two days later.

This happened in the sunny evening.

“A-aren’t you quite some nice little pu-puddings!! As-as silky smooth and bouncy as pudding!”

“Ahh…!” “Wh-what’s with this man!??” “Mama~!”

Now then, what was I doing on this day? The answer’s simple.

For some ridiculous reason—I was scaring elementary school girls who were on the way home!

That’s because, after I heard the sleep talk(?) of Luna, I went out to Kazeshiro’s house in the middle of the night, woke him up, and organized an emergency meeting.

It’s likely that Luna and the others had a quarrel because of her own stubbornness.

Luna was the bad one here because of Sexy Dream, and in the justice of justice, Luna’s friends started to ostracize her. What could I do to resolve this?

After thinking about it over and over again…unfortunately, I couldn’t think of anything!


I told Kazeshiro about what I wanted to do for Luna. It seemed that was effective. “Anyway, I’ll think about this again with Hikari,” so Kazeshiro gave me an enthusiastic proposal.

And just yesterday.

It seemed Hikari Yumesaki and Kazeshiro had a strategic meeting. So—

“U, hihihihi! Le-let’s have a—hm, erm, cute pudding party for kids tonight! Hyahaha!”

“Yaaahh! Someone save me!”

For some reason, the role assigned to me was to threaten the three girls who ostracized Luna in an alley of few people. Luna was being all lethargic behind them as she walked over. Obviously, the trio was terrified, and unable to say anything, while Luna’s mouth remained wide open. Ugh…don’t give me that look. I just thought of that line yesterday…and there’s a reason why I’m scaring kids here.

It’s about time now—

“Stop it! Enough already!”

At this moment.

(Oh, they’re here—?)

I could hear this shout from behind. “Huh!?” So I continued to act as the baddie, and I turned around, seeing the two girls who should be standing there.

They’re the sure-kill squad established by Hikari Yumesaki to help Luna out—

“You baddie! You bully the weak. Let us…eh, the S-Sexy Dream Team deal with you!”

“Wha—S-Sexy Dream Team!?”

The line I said was so fake. It’s no wonder though. The scene before me left me a little terrified.

Standing side by side were the Sexy Dream pair, the helpers Hikari Yumesaki roped in to help, Kasumi and Misaki. However, they’re different from usual, because they’re the Sexy Dream Team today!

First, there’s the busty girl with braids calling herself “S-Sexy Orange!” That’s probably Kasumi. She’s trying to cover it with the Papillon mask, but the beetroot face clearly showed how ashamed she was.

And the one showing her pretty legs under the miniskirt was probably Misaki. “S-Sexy Pink!” so she introduced herself, covering her own ashamed face with the Papillon mask. Anyway, both of them are dressed in very revealing hero cosplay, so much that I’m wondering whether I should call them lewd or embarrassing. Right, leaving that aside, everyone knows what’s going on, right? It’s the full scale of Hikari Yumesaki’s plan.

“T-take this, Sakamoto…th-the hooligan there! Sexy Punch!”

“En-enough with the resistance, sen…you pervert there! Sexy kick!”

Everyone went according to script.

Kasumi and Misaki punched and kicked me, and I was on the ground begging for mercy. They didn’t hold back, just beating me up. It’s basically—‘Showing excessive justice to scare the kids in another way’.

“E-erm…it’s time to stop—”

One of the kids spoke up timidly.

Yep. This was Hikari Yumesaki’s objective.

These girls were standing on the side of justice, ostracizing the villain Luna. Once they saw this excessive show of justice, they might figure out that they were in the wrong. As expected, once they saw these heroes sink into darkness, they looked like they were about to cry. They’re just kids after all; they’re still scared of bad things.

Just to note, the reason why I’m chosen as the bad guy was because this was written in the diary “Making full use of material”As for why she chose the both of them, “This job suits Kasumi and Misaki really well!”. What kind of reason is that—so I thought, but it was proven in the worst possible manner.

“No, this is becoming interesting…! Ufufu, Sakamoto! Let’s give you a Sexy Turn…haahaaa!”

“Amazing, feels so good…! Senpai, this Misaki today is the Misaki Koudera you wish to see, right? HaaHaaa.”

“So, I say, you two, that’s about—ow! D-don’t aim for the buttcrack!? Stop! Stop rubbing!”

If they keep rubbing, it’s going to be bad!


But, ignoring the heroes who lost their minds, and this groaning me,

The final helper—Kazeshiro, slowly approached the army of elementary school girls.

“Listen up.”


Kazeshiro showed a rare kind smile, and kindly said to the girls,

“What it means to be a real hero, is to be able to forgive the baddies. Even if you never did wrong—using that to hurt others isn’t the right thing to do. Don’t you think so?”


Kazeshiro suddenly showed up, and then gave a lecture to the girls he met for the first time.

To be honest, normally the girls will go “Huh? Who are you?”. As to be expected of a handsome dude though, the girls’ eyes were filled with hearts, and they nodded, before approaching Luna.


And so.

I, protecting my butt as I laid on the ground, saw—

Luna and the girls lowered their heads, and apologized to each other…seriously, I was wondering what would happen, but they’re friends after all. Even after a quarrel, they could still make amends.

“This is good, Luna.”

I was covered in dirt.

I looked really gaudy, unable to call myself a hero or anything.

But after seeing Luna’s face ease up a little, I was relieved, and quietly heaved a sigh.

As I remained under the sky filled with the Spring breeze.


“Hi Boss! I got good news and bad news! Which one you want to hear?”

Two days later, I found this initial bit in the journal.

What’s with the American drama-styled templet?

“First, the good news! Luna’s completely revived here! She brought her friends home! Good work Sakamoto! As to be expected of you!”

“Ohh, really? That’s great!”

I exclaimed in joy as I read the report from yesterday’s me.

Once we got home, Luna thanked me a lot…not. “…Hmph.” She remained so arrogant, and refusing. Anyway, it seemed personal relationship wise, she had changed completely for the better. Really great.

And the bad news?

“Then the bad news…I never thought I would see such a large group of kids, and got excited…so I gave them all a large pudding fest. Sorry.”

“Oi, hold on…what did you do?”

What’s going on? What did you do?

I didn’t know what’s going on. That’s making me more uneasy! What’s going on!? “I’m really sorry. This isn’t a joke. I’m really apologizing here.” Why write that all of a sudden!? This is way too weird! What kind of festival did you do!?

As it was too sudden, I got panicky.

But what followed left me stunned.

“But well, it’s really great. She wasn’t bullied, so to say…but she didn’t want to be left alone either. Hikari once had such a thing happen to her before, so Hikari understands very well. Luna here is lucky, because in pain, there is someone who will reach out to her, unconditionally.”


Looking at those words, I recalled the past.

Right, Hikari Yumesaki did encounter this before. Not only her, Kazeshiro too. That guy’s so enthusiastic, willing to help me…I guess he had something on his mind too. Thinking about it, I guess there’s a point to getting myself all covered in dirt and kicked. They didn’t get a hero to reach out to them. So—

“So thank you, Sakamoto! Now Hikari can vanish without any regrets now. Only a few months left, and I’ll be in your care until the very end!”


So the journal entry ended, and I was increasingly saddened.

Yes, soon, Hikari Yumesaki would vanish.

She and I shared the same body, but the amount of time she would show up was decreasing. There was only one solution, that either Hikari Yumesaki or I had to vanish, and there wasn’t much time left. After much negotiation, we had a conclusion that Hikari Yumesaki would disappear…


“…I’m not letting you vanish.”

It’s fine. It’s fine.

444 days since the body swap—three months later, one of us had to vanish.

But Hikari Yumesaki didn’t know that 444 days was a lie I made up.

It’s not 444 days, but 365 days.

I shut up Hayato already. Nobody else knew, and if I could pretend not to know anything…I could let Hikari Yumesaki live, while I vanish. If this keeps up—


For some reason, tears were about to well up, so I looked up and sighed.

Whatever. I made up my mind. There’s no need to reconsider.

“Right, more importantly, better send her off.”

I said to myself, and closed the journal. I left my room, and went to the corridor. Eh, why, you ask? There’s probably only one person I would send off at this point.

On this day,

Luna’s— finally about to head home.

“It’s been a short time, but I’ve been in your care. It’s been ‘boring’!”

“Right right. Better be careful when you head off.”

It was a holiday, but my parents had to work, so sending her off were Yukiko and me. I wanted to send her off to the station. “I’m not an ‘adult’!” But she angrily rejected me. Right, you’re not an adult, I get it.

But the next moment.

When I raised my hand, wanting to say goodbye to her.

Luna suddenly turned her head around.

“Erm…y-you were so ‘uncool’ back then!”


And then,

Luna showed a cute little smile I had never seen over the past few days.


“I feel that…I might really ‘hate you’ from the bottom of my heart!”



Once I heard these words, I was at a loss of words. Seriously, kids, disappointed one moment, angry at another, and beaming away. She’s really like Hikari Yumesaki. Seriously—

“Then, big sister, take care now. Starting today, we’re rivals who ‘hate’ big brother now, so please take care of me.”

“Ugh!? Wh-what are you saying!?”

So Luna left.

She was so arrogant until the very end—but her cheeks were red.

She went straight down the road leading to the distant blue sky.


That night, I had a dream.

A dream when I was younger. I dreamed this little me, and the smaller Luna.

Ah, I remembered. Right, I used to sleep with Luna.

Because she’s so cute.

This kid’s adorably cute.

She was a little unwilling, so I told her, “If you sleep with me, I’ll help you out whenever you’re in trouble. Because I’m the hero Autumn Moon!” so we slept together.

But whenever I tried to act cool before Luna, I always failed.

That ugly state was so different from being a hero.

She said I was so uncool, so uncool. Her mom couldn’t bear to watch anymore, and was unnecessarily worried, so she told Luna, “If you find him uncool, say that he’s cool”. I never thought that would trigger the strange speech pattern of Luna.

And again, she called me uncool.

For this little girl who had been seeking help the entire time.

I finally became the hero in her memories.


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