[Bokushinu SS] CUT 5 – Christmas, Yukiko will become Santa, you will revive

It might be sudden to say this, but I, Akitsuki Sakamoto, did share an exchange diary with a girl who should have been dead.

Don’t understand? Right, I’ll start over.

About two and a half years ago, on a rainy day, a girl called Hikari Yumesaki died before my eyes, because of a car accident.

But suddenly, a mysterious person in black robes appeared before me, asking,

“Use half of your lifespan to save her.”

What was he saying? Till this day, I remembered my thoughts.

So I subconsciously said, “Bring it on, bastard.” However, there was a catch to his words.

Thus, a few days later, every alternate day, Hikari Yumesaki’s soul would possess me, Akitsuki Sakamoto. Thus was her peculiar revival.

I spent a day, sleep at night, and the next day, my body would be possessed by the personality of Hikari Yumesaki. She would then spend the day, sleep at night, and my personality would revive. Well, that’s how it feels like.

The memory of one side will not be left for the other, and thus, literally, my lifespan is halved. This ‘giving up half a lifespan’ is pretty much like this. Japanese really is hard to understand.

So we began to have such an intriguing daily life. I wouldn’t be able to know what the me yesterday did, and I could not converse with her. Surely it wouldn’t be a good thing if this kept up, so we had an exchange journal.

I would record down what happened on the day, and provide some things to take note of for tomorrow’s me. The one waking up the next day would then pay attention, live as usual, and continue the journal entries before sleeping. Thus, even without being able to meet, we were able to remain in contact.

However, there was a miscalculation with regards to this two personalities living in one body thing. It’s the personality of this girl called Hikari Yumesaki.


“Oh, it’s here too.”

It was the first December after I became a college student. On a certain rest day.

Living alone, I had nothing to do, and nonchalantly flipped through the manga I brought from my home to this dormitory.

“Hikradamus prophecy! Sakamoto is reading a manga now!”

While reading, at the important page of the heroine’s tragic past being revealed, large round words appeared at this inopportune moment. While reading these words written a highlighter, I was left amazed that she wrote something behind my back. The only one capable of doing this was my other half.

“That Hikari Yumesaki wrote it at such a place…”

Yes. I suppose you know.

I shared half my lifespan with her, the girl called Hikari Yumesaki.

She just wrote down whatever she wanted on my manga. I guess there’s no need for further explanation. This girl’s a miraculous airhead of an idiot girl.

Also, pulling a prank by writing words on a manga is kinda cute.

Hikari Yumesaki always sought out trouble with delinquents, and so I was left to deal with the mess the following day. She would flirt around with girls, and I would end up in chaos the following day. Anyway, there’s countless situations of Hikari Yumesaki doing stupid acts and me having to clean up the mess thereafter.

“What kind of prophecy is this when it doesn’t happen without reading a manga?”

I retorted as I kept reading, and after that, she wrote,

“This character really looks like you, Sakamoto. A virgin LOLOLOL.”

“Woah…the potato chip got stuck in the book. Well, let’s leave it be.”

She wrote similar messages on every single page, and I could no longer read the manga. Thus, I put it down, “this damn idiot.” and cursed out.

“Well, whatever. It’s been a while since I found such things.”

But then, I smiled as I said this.

In fact, Hikari Yumesaki’s soul had vanished from my body a year and a half ago. Before she vanished, she doodled all over my items, so I could still find remains of her mischiefs.

But even so, I would still feel lonely.

“I really want to see her…even though we haven’t met.”

I rolled about on the bed, muttering.

I knew it wasn’t possible. There was no way to return to those times. Of course, the friends I was on good terms with went their separate ways after graduation…we’re all kind of distant. Thus, that’s how it ended up. Feels exceptionally lonely.

“Santa Claus, I’ll be a good kid, so let me see her again.”

So I muttered, probably because Christmas was looming. Of course, nobody would answer. It’ll be scary if someone did.

Well, that’s how I lived through my ordinary college life. While angsty, there was nothing else I could do. It’s that sort of feeling.

But in fact, at this moment, something happened without me knowing. Basically, Hikari Yumesaki’s revival was proceeding. It started somewhere—to be specific, my old home.

It all started because of my little sister, Yukiko Sakamoto, who’s in her third year of middle school, petite and having a short bob cut, always frowning.


“It’s been a year and a half…”

That day,

On that day, brother suddenly went “I’m going to die tomorrow. Your brother will revive, so don’t worry.” He made a ruckus through the house, and embraced Yukiko like his dearest—no, that’s a precious embrace of one who found his fated goddess (finally he understands Yukiko’s feelings♪) A year and a half has passed since that day.

Yukiko hasn’t recovered from the tragedy that was brother living home due to college, but before Yukiko realizes it, it’s finally this time.

“Let’s have a blast.”

December 20th.

This is the mission Yukiko’s dear brother has given. Yukiko is about to enter high school.

It’s time to ensure the success of the final memories of middle school.

“Operation Christmas Day is starting now!”


“Yukiko’s going to organize a Christmas party.”

“Eh? Sakamoto’s little sister?”

“It’s Yukiko’s brother’s request. Please participate.”

One day, after school, the skies are cloudy, and it was about 3.30pm.

A long time ago, brother entrusted me with this mission—“I want to hold a Christmas Party for everyone on this list♪”. To finish this mission, Yukiko first arrived at the Sakurahime High School.

The people of the going-home club and third years retired from the clubs are moving out from the gates, and Yukiko went towards one particularly gloomy looking one, saying that to her,

“A Christmas party…huh?”

Misaki Koudera.

She’s a junior, a year younger than brother. Her defining characteristics are a pretty face and nice long legs.

But one shouldn’t be bluffed by her appearance. This one here is a wretch who once cheated money out of men! Two years ago, it seemed she turned over a new leaf after being reprimanded by brother, but Yukiko can’t trust her at all! She’s using the virgin heart of Yukiko’s unpopular older brother! This is a heinous crime!

Just to note, she’s also preparing for further studies.

She seemed to be aiming for a nursing school, but there is no way this wretch should be allowed to be a nurse. Once she puts on a miniskirt, she’ll definitely do weird things and increase the blood pressure of the virgins!

But it does seem like she’s lethargic due to the stress of the exams.

“Hm, is there anything? Misaki has been a little busy recently…”

A rare invitation, and she was so lifeless in response.

Hmph. Such arrogance, rejecting brother’s invitation.

“Brother asked Yukiko to invite you. It will be a bother if you won’t.”

“Senpai…? But I haven’t met him in a while.”

Eh, she’s sighing again. Her pretty face is gloomy for some reason. Hmph, she’s so hard to deal with when she hasn’t met him in a while.

It seemed brother hasn’t been in contact with her ever since he graduated, and there was some distance between them. Was it because of this? Perhaps she had given up on herself as she was too tired over preparing for her exams. She had none of the nonchalance she used to have. Even when working at the café, she wasn’t as eager in showing her pretty thighs. Now she’s wearing long socks.

“Sorry, little sister. Misaki won’t be going. Misaki isn’t up for it.”


Misaki Koudera then said with a blank smile, and was about to leave. Wait—

“W-wait a minute! Can’t you use it as a chance to restart your relationship!? Yukiko can understand if it’s this much!”

But Yukiko’s words did not move her.

“…Senpai’s pretty popular with the ladies anyway. Surely he has found a girlfriend in college. Misaki does not want such a senpai.”


Misaki Koudera hushed her voice sadly, “Now if you excuse me.” She was about to leave. This, this is bad.

In that case, there’ll be one missing at the Christmas Party. Brother made a request to me.

“…In that case.”

Yukiko made up her mind.

And so, Yukiko clenched the right fist—

“Haii ya!”



A delightful sound rings under the grey skies.

What sound, you say?

The sound of Yukiko slapping Misaki Koudera’s legs!

“Li-little sister?”

Stop acting tsundere!

Another slap!

“Wait, it hurts! W-what are you doing!? Stop!?”

“Shut up! What’s with the layers!? And you’re wrong on something!”



“You said that brother’s very popular with the girls, right?”

“…Is there something wrong?”

“It’s correct. But—”

Yukiko then took a deep breath, saying,

“Think about it! You think that super coward, spineless, legendary lecherous Muttsurini who gets bluffed by one bare leg of a dumb virgin called Yukiko’s brother will have the guts to do anything to girls!?”



…Yukiko pointed firmly at Misaki Koudera as she declared this.


Finally, Yukiko’s thoughts have reached her.

“Y-yeah! That super coward of a virgin senpai is trash wood that looks so pitiful, and an utter wreck who’s always grinning away whenever I wear a miniskirt to show him my thighs. No way can he possibly have a girlfriend! No matter how handsome, how kind—he is, he’s just a virgin!”

Misaki Koudera was looking up at the sky, glowing, as though she had discovered the truths of this world.

Hmm. She seemed to have agreed with Yukiko. Her eyes were hoping for something. But she went overboard there. Seriously, don’t imitate Yukiko here.

“So you’ll come. In that case, this is the message brother left for you.”


I took out a message brother left me for a year and a half back, along with a name list. They could have met whenever they wanted to, so why did he leave such a message? I could not understand, but since he had asked me to do so, I had to convey. Hmm, the message to Misaki Koudera—

“When we talk about Christmas Day, we think of Santa Claus. When we talk about Santa Claus, we think of miniskirts. When we talk about miniskirts, I’ll think of Misaki–guhehehe.”

Such were the words of a disgusting virgin. Seriously, if you wanted a miniskirt, Yukiko would have worn it as many times as you wanted.

But it seemed to be super effective on Misaki Koudera.

“Understood. I shall show him the best Misaki Koudera!” Saying this words, she left excitedly. Hmph, one down. Let’s continue working hard like this.

Next is—


“Yukiko’s going to hold a Christmas Party.”


“Brother requested for this. Please participate.”

A little distance away from Sakurahime High, Yukiko arrived at a house.

Yukiko entered the house of the target, and conveyed something important to him.

“And you’re coming along too, Kaoru.”


Kaoru Kinoshita.

He has large eyes, fluffy hair, and a squeaky voice. No matter how anyone looks at him, they’ll assume he’s a pretty girl. He’s Yukiko’s classmate, a Middle Schooler. He’s not an ordinary boy though.

As a boy, he’s one of those super duper awesome gay boys who love boys!

What went wrong? I remembered he was rather agitated when he confessed to brother. He could have continued harassing…brother’s really troublesome here.

Just to note, it’s been a year and a half since Kaoru confessed, and he’s already in third year like Yukiko. It seemed like he’s going through puberty, and he’s a lot taller, already the most popular guy amongst girls in school. It’s hard to talk to him at school, so I came to his room to look for him.

But this popular boy’s having love troubles.


“I guess I should give up. Bro has already given up on me…”

Kaoru said, his sidelong face looking really sad.

Ever since brother graduated and left this place—Kaoru has been like this. Uuu, brother and Karou have already kissed…Yukiko can’t help but pity him.

“Yukiko. Fate is cruel. The love between bro and me that surpasses the difference between genders, between age actually ended like this. I am no longer at the age to dream…but I don’t think I have any interest in girls…the sweet scent alone doesn’t move my heart like boys…”


You just said such a beautiful line so naturally. Those words, that face, let Yukiko use those for novel writing. Super duper excited here.

Leaving that aside, Yukiko has to figure out a way to convince him. Since brother has requested for this, Yukiko shall convince him no matter what. Time to show off what an author can do!

“So Kaoru. What do you think of this story?”


As Kaoru stood by the window, looking up at the sky sadly, Yukiko began to come up with a story.

“Two men in love, separated by fate. But what if the one who abandoned the other still loves him? What if he held a Christmas party because he can’t be honest?”


“Perhaps, he might not have any thoughts on this…but if he is to see that other become so tall and handsome after a year, he might change his mind, you know?”

“—Th-that is true…”

“And then, the love shall blossom between the men, on Christmas Eve.”

Yukiko’s turned towards Kaoru, who’s looking back.

And then, Yukiko confidently concluded,


“—Okay, let’s go.”

“Ehh!? Isn’t this too sudden!?”


“Kaoru, you’re too naïve. There’s no need for words between two men in love. Is there a need for any reason, when both men desire each other?”

“Th-that’s true…what both men desire…this isn’t weird at all!”

“Yeah. That’s not weird. Love stories are to be on the edge. This is Yukiko’s strategy when writing them.”

Yukiko continued to encourage, and finally managed to get a smiling Kaoru to come along. So Yukiko left the Kinoshitas.

“Good, good. Two down. Let’s continue.”

So, third on the list. The number three on the list is—


I frowned once I saw the name. Uuu…this name leaves me enraged just by looking at this. This woman left Yukiko with a trauma that will never be healed again. Speaking of which, ever since she showed up, brother’s been really understanding of women! Finally, another showdown with that girl with those big jugs!

“Wait and see…Kasumi Sanada!”


“Yukiko’s going to hold a Christmas Party.”

“Eh? Yukiko?”

“Brother requested for this. Please participate.”

The next day, at noon.

The sky was sky, as Yukiko took the train to a certain college campus.

It’s cold, but she was at an open-aired café, and Yukiko, facing her, demanded,


“Isn’t this good, Miss Kasumi?”

Kasumi Sanada.

And Mohawk (Yukiko forgot the name). Both of them are students of the same year as brother in high school.

Braids girl Kasumi Sanada still had the uselessly big rack that’s unbefitting of her small body. Don’t be fooled by her appearance though. This one’s Yukiko’s biggest competitor. She’s been eying brother’s virginity the entire time. She’s a wretched, ultimate bitch! Two years ago, she dared to kiss brother…grrrr!

On the other hand, Mohawk’s a one who would yell “Gyaha!” from time to time. Yukiko’s not very sure, but he seemed to be one of brother’s lackeys. Might look like a delinquent, but actually very polite. A strange creature. This guy’s just an add-on though. Impure stuff should be exterminated as soon as possible.

And just to note.

As you can see, these two are studying at the same college. Once Yukiko learned that her inferior academics ensured that she was unable to attend the same college as brother, Yukiko was grinning from ear to ear. No way can you be a pair with that smart brother of Yukiko.

But it seemed this wretch called Kasumi started acting weird once she got into college.

“Hm~ what do I do now☆~ In fact, Kasumi here has lots of invitations from boys, so where will I go to play on Christmas~? ♪Might not be able to make it~?”

This is frustrating!

Absolutely frustrating!

It seemed that ever since she entered college, this braided wretch became a real slut. Grrr…Yukio really didn’t want to invite her!

“And it’s been a while~ since I last saw Sakamoto~ I can’t bring myself to like a man, who left me behind~☆”

You lying! Yukiko knows you barged into brother’s dormitory before! That day, at around 8pm, Yukiko heard you say something like “I can’t make it for the last train…” Yukiko really wanted to slap you, you know! As for why Yukiko knows, that’s not important! Yukiko didn’t install a bug or anything.

“Eh, but Miss Kasumi, haven’t you been saying ‘in that case, I’m going to start my operation on my twentieth birthday, spike him with wine, and take his…’ those boys chasing after you are all rejected. In fact, with regards to Mr Sakamoto, aren’t you—”

“Can you shut up, Mohawk? You want me…to keep going until month?”

While Yukiko was feeling vexed, this conversation happened between them.

“Hiii!?” at that moment, Mohawk suddenly gave this shriek, his hands on his temples as he shrivelled up. Wha-what are they doing…?

Well, leaving that aside, even though she’s such an annoying woman, Yukiko has to call her along. Brother’s mission is way more important than Yukiko’s own feelings. So,

“Actually, brother has some words for you.”

“Eh? Words?”

Those were the words brother left for Yukiko a year and a half ago, to be given to this woman.

Grrr…Yukiko really didn’t want to say this words, but Yukiko endured her tears as she proceeded. Let’s do this!

“Now, here goes… ‘It’s been a while, Kasumi! Though it’s sudden, I hope you’ll join the Christmas party! If one day I see a Santa Claus with exposed sleeves and cleavage…that might become our first night! Kya☆…that’s all.”

“——!? Fi-first night!?”


This wretch’s eyes glittered once that happened.

“—I see, so the operation to be pushed down a year ago…if I think of it…”

So she started muttering. Grrr. Yukiko got an annoying feeling here. Yukiko must remain by brother’s side at all times at the party. Yukiko shall protect brother’s virginity!

“Th-then please let me join!” after she agreed, Yukiko left the school. Hmph. At least the mission is complete.

Then, next—oh, someone very interesting.

“Next one is, the cool handsome guy Kazeshiro.”


“Yukiko’s going to hold a Christmas Party.”

“Christmas Party?”

Yukiko visited a cake shop in town. There weren’t any customers, so all the part-timers were looking bored. Yukiko talked to him,

“Sakamoto suggested this?”

Mr Takayuki Kazeshiro.

He’s a high school friend of brother, similar in age, though at different high school. He’s honest, a handsome dude, and left a deep impression on Yukiko.

And most importantly, his relationship with brother is so passionate, so much so that brother would sometimes say things like “Only Kazeshiro understands everything about me!” What did he mean by everything! So that means he knows this and that too!? Kya!

Now he’s attending a normal college in town. Like brother, he’s living alone, so he’s working part-time to earn money. It seemed he intended to become a teacher in the future. However, he’s probably using that as an excuse to teach brother some outrageous things. Ahh, my dreams are coming true.

“Yes. He requested Yukiko a year and a half ago. He said I hope that on Christmas, a year and a half later, I can gather everyone for a Christmas Party’.”

“A year and a half ago…”

Hm. He thought of something?

Kazeshiro was dressed like Santa Claus, with an apron and a cap, putting his fingers on his lips as he began to think. I guess he looks handsome even when frustrated.

“Ah, brother left a few words for you. He said that if you hear this, you’ll definitely want to join.”

“Hm? Left a few words?”

So Yukiko began to read the message brother left for him a year and a half ago.

“So here Yukiko goes. ‘Oh! Right when I’m about to be forgotten, I’m back! More importantly, there’s a major scoop here, Kazeshiro! That’s—‘I’ going to revive for a little moment! Look forward to the Christmas Party☆’…that’s it.”


To be honest, even Yukiko didn’t know what this meant. What did he mean by revival? Brother does say some weird things from time to time.



What’s the matter?

Kazeshiro’s actually putting deep thought into this.

“Maybe…no, it’s that person…but maybe…”

Kazeshiro muttered, looking troubled for several minutes.

And then, he seemed to have realized something—

“—Ha, ahahaha!”


For some reason, he suddenly laughed out loud.

“Ah, I see. Revival. That might be the case. I guess…Sakamoto might be happy too.”

And then, he said this.

Eh? Brother???


While Yukiko was feeling all confused, “Alright, I get it. I’ll join the Christmas Party.” Yukiko was told this, and we said goodbye. Hmmmm. At least the mission is complete…but Yukiko didn’t know what’s going on. Well, it’s pointless to think too hard into this.

“Whatever. Now for the final one. Better buck up and invite her.”

The last one’s a little too far away. Also, with regards to her, brother left not a message, but a thick envelop. Yukiko—probably thinks that she’ll be the final boss to beat!

Under the clear winter sky, the weather was cool and comfy. Yukiko boarded the train, aiming for—

“Just wait…Chiaki Tsukimura!”


“Yukiko’s going to hold a Christmas Party.”


“Brother asked me to come here. He hoped that you will show up.”

After much difficulty, Yukiko entered what is called the top academia college in Japan, passed through the wide campus—and finally found her at a certain lounger. With hands on hips, Yukiko stood before her.

“…Eh? Who are you again?”

“I am Akitsuki Sakamoto’s little sister, Yukiko Sakamoto.”


Her expression immediately turned to surprise.

Chiaki Tsukimura.

She’s a girl of similar age to brother, living in a massive mansion in Kanegawa.

She had nice long black hair, and clear white skin. A pretty face anyone would adore. Though brother had many pretty girls around him, this one here is the cream of the crop.

I guess this is the reason.

There was a period of time when brother kept visiting her, and there are lots of mysteries around her. She’s in a super duper premier college, so she has beauty and brains. Ugh, such a despicable woman.

“So Mr Akitsuki is holding a Christmas Party…”

But one shouldn’t be fooled by her serene appearance.

Sometimes this woman would let brother rub her chest. She is a super duper wicked wretch nobody else can compare with! Also, she used brother’s kindness to do whatever she wanted. Yukiko would not have let brother approach this wretch!


(She’s still on a wheelchair.)

Looking at her legs, I had to look away.

Two years ago, while Yukiko was stalk…no, protecting brother, Yukiko noticed her like this. She’s always seated on a wheelchair. Yukiko had assumed she had a fracture, but it’s probably—

While Yukiko was thinking,

Sorry everyone. I want to have some time to talk with Yukiko alone.”

Chiaki Tsukimura said to her friends.

Hm, pretty, smart, and has friends. Nice life she has. It’s infuriating. No need to sympathize with her after all.

But while Yukiko was outraged,

“Thank you for coming such a long way, Miss Yukiko. You came here to notify me of this, did you not?”

“—Eh? Ah, y-yes. Don’t mind.”

She unexpectedly gave Yukiko a smile. D-don’t be fooled by this! This is definitely an act! Yukiko knows! This woman once gave brother a lashing. Better finish this and go home!

“Yukiko’s here to give this to you. It’s from brother. Receive this with graciousness.”

While wary, Yukiko handed her a thick, colourful envelop.

“Just hand this to Chiakin♪ If possible, please give it to her directly~”

That was all. Those were the words brother requested of me a year and a half ago. For some reason, it’s not a message, but an envelope.

After thinking about it, Yukiko still felt weird about it. Might be contents of a date. Better be wary of her and track her down.

“! This is…”

On the other hand, Chiaki Tsukimura widened her eyes once she saw the words ‘to Chiakin’. Then—

“…Sorry, Miss Yukiko, do you mind buying a drink for me? You may pick whatever you please.”


Saying that, she handed Yukiko some money. Hmph, she’s thinking Yukiko’s being an eyesore while reading the letter? Such a rude person!

So Yukiko thought, but Chiaki Tsukimura looked really serious. No choice but to go buy now. Yukiko does know how to read the mood after all, so Yukiko proceeded to a vending machine far away.

Yukiko wandered around for ten minutes or so, sensed that it was about time, inserted money into the vending machine, bought two cans of tea, and—


Yukiko saw something unexpected.


(Sh-she’s crying!?)

My gosh.

For some reason, Chiaki Tsukimura had tears in her eyes as she read the letter.

Eh, ah, erm, erm…what should Yukiko do here!? B-brother, what did you write on the letter!?

Though flustered, Yukiko could not leave a crying girl like this. Yukiko gingerly returned to Chiaki Tsukimura—but was unable to console her as Yukiko did not know the reason.


“H-here’s some tea. Be grateful and drink it.”


Yukiko opened the can, and handed it to her, trying not to look at her in the eyes. Also, Yukiko handed over a handkerchief. Right, Yukiko shall pretend not to notice anything, so wipe your tears off. Yukiko feels sad to see people cry, so much so that Yukiko wants to cry too.


But Chiaki Tsukimura had no intention of wiping her tears away.

Ehh, what now? Wipe them off.

So Yukiko thought as Yukiko glanced aside at her, and our eyes met.

“—Fufu, how kind of you.”


“Just like your brother, teehee.”


But for some reason, she was smiling brilliantly as she said this.

Th-this person’s smile’s too earnest. Yukiko’s heart palpitated. No, no-no-no, can’t be fooled by this. This one here should be a real wretch.


“Hey, Miss Yukiko.”

“? What is it?”

“Do you like your older brother?”

“Puah!? Wh-what’s with this out of a sudden?”

What the heck?

“I-I do like him. In the past, I did have a boy I liked—no, even now, I still do. At the same time, I do like Mr Akitsuki, so much so that I might have a change of heart.”


For some reason, I could see a kind smile…ah whatever.

“I really hated myself in the past. So much so that I wanted to die. There was a period of time when I really hated these legs, and I really was suffering.”


Chiaki Tsukimura starting talking, not directed at Yukiko—but probably to someone outside.

“But your brother did change me. He might be clumsy in some ways, but he earnestly accepted me…this brought me warmth.”


“He is kinder. More so than anyone else. He might not have realized, but he is a kind one. He prioritizes others more than himself, and even in hardship, even in the face of despair, he will work hard for others, albeit with grumbles. He is a coward, but when it comes to others, he will offer his assistance. Thanks to this, I am able to walk a bit, and able to smile. His is kind, and determined—a person who glows with brilliance.”


Saying till here, Chiaki Tsukimura stopped, and with a tender smile, she looked back at the letter.

At the same time, Yukiko’s at a loss for words.

(Thi-this is the first time…!)

There were many women gathered around brother.

B-but, she’s the first one to be able to understand brother like this! Does she have great foresight or something!?”

“Sorry for saying such unbecoming things, Miss Yukiko. I cannot help but reminisce the past after reading this letter.”

“D-don’t mind. It’s common.”

“Fufu, why thank you. I do suppose Mr Akitsuki is so kind because he has such a kind, cute little sister.”

Uu…wh-what’s with that? Feels so gaudy. Why’s she able to say such gaudy lines with such calmness.

However, Chiaki Tsukimura proceeded to attack.

“Eh!? W-wait, what are you doing!?”

“A few steps are fine. It is thanks to your brother after all.”

Chiaki Tsukimura slowly got up from her wheelchair, and slowly approached in a habitual manner. And then—


“Fufufu, caught you, Miss Yukiko. Pardon me, I never had any younger siblings…so I always wanted to do this.”

Head patting.

So Yukiko’s head was patted by that white, warm hand.

So-so that’s how it is. So comfy. Nice smell, so warm…uh oh, Yukiko’s going to be addicted. If-if Yukiko is to call her big sister though—”

“Allow me to participate at the Christmas Party. Let us all enjoy the moment with your brother.”


“Fufufu. How cute.”


This patting lasted for minutes.

“See you on Christmas then.” Chiaki Tsukimura said, and Yukiko bade farewell, returning home. Uuu, Yukiko’s face is still hot, but comfy. She’s like an angel.

Leaving that aside, the mission to invite everyone else is done.

“After that.”

One last thing, send a message.

It’s been a while since Yukiko worked this hard. Please keep praising.

“Just wait.”

“To brother. Whatever promised is done. Make sure to come back on Christmas Eve.

From Yukiko.”


“It’s cold~…”

7pm, on December 24th.

I, Akitsuki Sakamoto, am on my way home from the dormitory, to the ever familiar station of my hometown. It’s been a while since I returned, but I was too familiar with the place, and didn’t feel out of place. Even after looking at the colourful decorations and large Christmas tree, I just felt cold.

“But what is that Yukiko planning?”

A few days ago, I received a message from my little sister Yukiko. “Whatever promised is done. Make sure to come back on Christmas Eve.”

I didn’t know what was going on, but I had lessons every day until the end of the semester, “No, sorry.” So I replied. Yukiko’s response was ever so stubborn however, and she kept sending messages, “But Yukiko worked hard…” she sounded like she was going to cry, so I had no choice but to return.

As planned, I arrived at the station. Now what do I do—so I thought.

“Ah! Found you!”

“Oh, Yukiko?”

I could hear my little sister’s voice, and so I turned around, spotting something unexpected.

“Ah! Sakamoto!”



“Yo, Sakamoto.”

“Mr Sakamoto! Hello—”

“Eh? Kasumi, Misaki, everyone’s here?”

Under the Christmas tree, the folks whom I spent my high school life with were all gathered.

“Bro! It’s been a while!”

First up was the pretty girl-like trap Kinoshita.

Eh…he’s a little taller now. Anyway that. Stop holding my hands with both hands like that. Let go already, okay? Your abnormal strength and dark glint in your eyes are really scary.

“It-it-it-it-it’s been a while, Sakamoto! I-I-I missed you.”

“It-it-it-it-it’s been a while, senpai! I-I-I’m really happy.”

Running up to me next are the pair of pretty girls, Kasumi and Misaki.

To be expected of girls, I guess? Both seemed a little mature after I haven’t seen them in a while. But…

(What’s with the getup…)

It’s cold, and one’s dressed in miniskirt Santa clothes, while the other’s wearing a Santa costume with exposed sleeves and cleavage. Thanks to that, their teeth are clattering, and they can’t speak well.


“A-anyway, how’s this dressup? Th-this is prepared for you, Sakamoto?”

“Wh-what do you think, senpai? Is-is today’s Misaki the Misaki Koudera you hope for?”

So they asked. Well, no matter what they said—

“Erm…why are you dressed up like this?”


I asked, and they froze up like granite for some reason.

What’s going on?

“It’s been a while Sakamoto.”

“Been a while, Mr Sakamoto!”

I tilted my head in confusion, and Kazeshiro and Mohawak approached me. Oh, been a while! Anyway, you two…haven’t changed at all. So men are supposed to be like that? I never changed either.


Finally coming over was the one with the usual sourpuss face—

“Oh, been a while, Yukiko.”

“…Hmph. Yukiko isn’t happy just because you dropped by.”

My little sister, Yukiko.

It’s the first time we met directly ever since the Obon festival. To be honest, I didn’t think it was too long, but I suppose I can pretend that it’s been a while. I did find that frowning face nostalgic after all.

“So, what’s with everyone gathered here? Holding a Christmas Party?”

“What are you saying? Didn’t you ask Yukiko to organize this?”

Anyway, I tried asking what I was curious about, but this was the answer I got.

I requested?

What’s going on?

While I was left confused, I heard Yukiko say this,

“Yukiko’s returning this to you. The mission you entrusted a year and a half ago is done now.”

“Eh? …Ah.”

Saying that, Yukiko handed me a letter. Seeing it, I was left speechless.



“Return this to me on Christmas Eve a year and a half later!”


The letter from the girl who once was half of me, Hikari Yumesaki.

So I understood.

Why was everyone gathered around so unnaturally on this Christmas Eve? Also, why was the request specifically from me a year and a half ago? I had a look at this letter again.

Just maybe—


I hurriedly received the letter, ignoring the surprised Yukiko, and opened it.

“To Sakamoto.”

There were two letters inside. On the first one, these were the words at the top. Following that was—

“Yahoo! It’s been a while! We meet again, Sakamoto! Hikari-chan at your service!”

“Hikari Yumesaki…”

I read the letter she sent after a year and a half.

The words were lively, just like back when we had our daily exchange journal. I could feel her smile brimming on the paper. Never thought I would be reading something she wrote at this point.

“Now then, you’re in college now, aren’t you, Sakamoto? Sorry for asking Yukiko to organize this Christmas party without you knowing. However, I have something to convey to you a year and a half later to you today, Sakamoto. So…please listen to ‘my true feelings’—”


At the bottom of the page was a Hikari Yumesaki dressed in a Santa outfit. The first page ended here. Reading till this point, I slowly took a deep breath.

It’s fine. I won’t cry, no matter what she says.

I recalled my past promise, took out the second page, and began to read.

From my beloved, other half.

The message my dearest girl left for me—


“So Sakamoto…since you’re still a virgin after entering college ROFLMAO I had everyone summoned here, so graduate hereLOLOLOLLOLO pfffffffffftttttt XDXDXDXDXDXD.”



That’s it.

Hahaha. What’s with this?

Oh, yeah, that. There’s more at the back, right? …No, the actual part’s at the back…I-I can find some hidden message if I turn it around…


I neatly folded up the two pieces of paper, and inserted them back into the envelop.

And then—




I yelled. Even though I’m outdoors, I still have to yell.

Of course, all the passers-by gave me shocked looks. Bu-but—that idiot! A year and a half later, and another of her stupid pranks! Eh…is this really it!? You got to be kidding, right!?

“It certainly looks like you were summoned to the back of the gym by a love letter, and realized got bluffed. How amusing.”

Suddenly, a nostalgic, frosty voice rang in my ears.



Appearing there was a wheelchair-bound Chiaki. She’s dressed rather warmly, with a little Christmas hat on her head for some reason.

“Were you called out too, Chiaki?”

“Yes, it does seem the one you missed is not a particularly honest one.”


“What she wrote to me contains her true thoughts.”

Saying that, Chiaki handed me an envelop much thicker than mine. It seemed she had received a letter from Hikari Yumesaki. Why would she write something so thick to Chiaki? So I wondered as I opened the letter.

Written on it was—

“It’s been a while, Chiakin! This is everyone’s heroine Hikarin! Thank you for taking care of that virgin Sakamoto☆. Now then, if everything goes as plan, my letter here shall be handed from Yukiko to you. Hm, it’s very important though…this time! Hikari wants to organize a Christmas party a year and a half later Clap clap clap! Sorry for saying this to you out of a sudden, but I want to gather everyone together at this time. Because—”

The letter stopped here. Following that was a second page.

There was a voice in my head, one I never heard before, and I continued reading,

“Because…I don’t want to be forgotten by Sakamoto. I was wondering if it’ll be a good thing to have him forget about me. But, I don’t want to be forgotten after all. Occasionally, just occasionally, I hope that he’ll think of me. I guess such selfish words on Christmas day is forgivable, yeah?”


There was another page inside. Having read till this point though, I understood everything.

She did not want to be forgotten. Thus, she gathered everyone together for a Christmas party, after such a long while. For a moment, I did not understand what she was saying. Soon though, I did.

The answer was stated by everyone.

“But it has been a while, Sanada-senpai. You really took care of me during the skiing trip. I had been preserving the memory of your hilarious face when you failed to get onto the cable car. Pfft.”

“It’s really been a while, Misaki. I can still remember how I just so happened to slide out and crash into you and you landed on your butt. Pfft.”

They were talking about the skiing trip planned by Hikari Yumesaki.

“It’s been a while, Mr Kazeshiro! How have you been? Been a while since you were a member of Sexy Dream—”

“Enough with the ‘a while’, Mohawk…”

Over there was the nostalgic name created by Hikari Yumesaki.

Ahh, so that’s how it is. I see, Hikari Yumesaki.

“If everyone is gathered together…they will remember Sakamoto and me.”

Hikari Yumesaki’s scared.

Scared of being forgotten.

She was utterly terrified at the prospect of being forgotten in the world without her.

I graduated from college, and if everyone ran about, nobody would understand how my high school life went. In that case, she might really be forgotten. That was what Hikari Yumesaki really feared. While everyone was scattered, she played her card, to organize a Christmas party.

“A place with everyone around, means a place with me around.”

Kasumi and the others started talking about the past, just as though Hikari Yumesaki herself had declared this. They all involved the memories Hikari Yumesaki and I shared in high school. If everyone’s laughing and chatting—so Hikari Yumesaki would revive here.

“…No way will I forget.”

Somewhere on this world.

I believed she would be looking up at the same sky, and so I quietly declared to that lonely her. I won’t forget this once in an era troublemaker girl.

“While trying to have everyone remember her, Miss Yumesaki probably planned this for your sake, Mr Akitsuki. So that everyone will not go their separate ways, and remain as good friends forever. After that, the one entrusted with this mission is Miss Yukiko.”

With Chiaki’s prompting, I looked towards Yukiko, who was watching Kasumi and Misaki’s quarrel.

Hikari Yumesaki gave the mission to gather everyone, not to Chiaki and Kazeshiro, both of them knowing the truth, but to Yukiko.

It’s simple. There’s only one reason.

I thought that while she was living inside me, the one closest to Hikari Yumesaki would be me. But in fact, our backs were facing each other. We never interacted, never talked. Only one person was different.

Every alternate day, she would face Hikari Yumesaki. Every alternate day, she would hear Hikari Yumesaki’s voice. Every alternate day, she would interact.

Until the moment Hikari Yumesaki vanished, the one who always remained by her side, supporting her was—

“In fact, Yukiko’s the one closest to Hikari Yumesaki.”

And thus, she was entrusted with this mission.

If it was Yukiko, surely she would be able to gather everyone.

She would surely gather everyone, and on this Christmas Eve, this night, Hikari Yumesaki would rvive.

And because of this though, she had Yukiko do it.

Again, I really had to thank this little sister I’m proud of. I looked towards her little back. This little snow pixie gathered us together, and brought Hikari Yumesaki back to me on this Christmas, in Santa Claus’ stead.”

“Ah.” “Wah.”

At this moment.

Everyone raised their hands, looking up at the sky. With this as signal, I too noticed.


This timing’s way too precise.

Right on the day Hikari Yumesaki planned this, at this moment. Beautiful white snow began to flutter in the night sky. It’s like we’re trying to hope for her long-awaited return—

“A white Christmas…Hayato.”

Chiaki too probably had the same feelings. With a fleeting, tender voice, she muttered.

It felt as though she had recalled something. It felt as though she was doting, enduring for something.

It felt as though this was a reunion the one person we shared our bodies with—our dearest whom no longer existed.


Unwilling to take this, I looked towards everyone else.

White snow fluttered in the night sky.

Some tried to reach out to grab with their hands, some looked up at the sky, and some stared at the snowflakes with nostalgia.

Yukiko—reached her hands out, trying to grab the snow with her red gloves. She hurled about, reaching out. She looked really, really happy. For some reason, it felt as though I was seeing a new ‘her’.

“…Thanks Yukiko. And—welcome back, Hikari Yumesaki, even though it’s a short time.”

I muttered, looking up at the sky as I lamented. At this moment—

“What are you two being chummy about/”

Yukiko probably realized she was being stared at. Her cute little face frowned again, and she came towards us, so close before us that I could hear her huffing,

“Feels like you two are on good terms.”

Again she said some spiteful words.

Chiaki and I exchanged looks, and we grimaced.

“Ah, sorry, sorry. We were just talking.”

“Fufuf. Sorry now, Miss Yukiko. I shall return your brother to you. Have a nice Christmas Eve.”


That’s the end of the recollection, and while we were about to huddle with the others—



For some reason, Yukiko lowered her head, remaining silent.

And then, she finally spoke up—


“…It’s fine, Yukiko’s fine if it’s with ‘Chiaki onee-chan’.”


“Huh?” “Eh?”

That was what she said.


I was thinking hard, trying to comprehend what that meant, but those voices interrupted me.

“Wai-wai-wai-wai-wait!? Yu-Yu-Yu-Yu-Yukiko!?”

“Sa-Sa-Sa-Sa-Sakamoto’s little sister!? Wh-what did you just, saayyy!?”

What’s with that amazing sense of hearing.

Flying in like a Jamaican sprinter from several meters out were Kasumi and Misaki, their faces all contorted beyond belief.

“H-huh? Did I mishear something? H-hey Yukiko. I think I heard you say something you wouldn’t do no matter how much I begged you.”

“Sakamoto little sister. It’s a little sudden, but can you say ‘Misaki onee-chan’? Don’t think too hard into it. Just say it, okay?”

But when faced with the two Santa Clauses closing in, Yukiko averted her eyes.

And furthermore, she was giving an utterly condescending look—

“…Hmph. It’s too lazy for people like you to call yourself older sisters. Don’t get cocky, you two Santa Bitches.”


Brutal. Savage. Rekted.

Instantly dejected were the Santa Claus with exposed thighs, and the Santa Claus in the miniskirt.

Eh, erm…this…?

“Teehee. Oh my, I never thought the Christmas present would be such a cute little sister. Though I had rejected your love confession once, Mr Akitsuki…it does appear there is some room for reconsideration.”

“Chiaki, do-don’t joke around.”

While Chiaki’s giving me a nice eyeful, I blushed. I clicked my tongue to hide my embarrassment. Seriously, Hayato’s going to give me an earful if he heard that.

“Oh my oh my, what are you saying…hm?”

But there was no time to space out.

The dejected Kasumi and Misaki were chattering away about something weird. What are they playing?

“Anyway, a ceasefire first…” “The enemy of my enemy…” I seemed to have heard them mutter.

Also, things were escalating.

“Yu-Yukiko! Call me ‘sister’!”

“What are you saying now, Kinoshita?”

Kinoshita started saying something utterly ridiculous.

“Hm? What? Then I shall be a candidate for an older sister.”

“Kazeshiro? Seriously, can you shut up?”

Fooling around next was that idiot Kazeshiro. The chaos didn’t end though.

“E-erm…Mr Sakamoto, what will…”

“Stop butting in, Mohawk! Don’t think too much about what they were saying.”

I retorted at Mohawk, who was fidgeting around, looking awkward. Even after yelling back, things wouldn’t calm down. Hikari Yumesaki summoned a bunch of idiots after all.

“In that case, I can pretend to casually take Sakamoto’s virginity…good, we’re college students after all.”

“Eh, K-Kasumin?”

Eh? For some reason, her eyes were glowing.

“If I can get senpai’s virginity first…hm, this simple-minded senpai will be done in by the allure of my pretty legs.”


You-your eyes are looking a little dark.

And then.

Both of them were closing in on me. Ah, this isn’t good.

I realized this instinctively. Clearly, I sensed the danger.


In that case, what I should do next is—

“…We’re running, Yukiko!”

“Eh? –Woah!?”

I inserted my head between Yukiko’s legs, lifted her up, and ran off.

“Ah, wait! Sakamoto!” “Please wait, senpai!”

Their frantic voices continued to give chase. Ahahaha, I can’t wait though.

“Hey—what are you doing, brother! You pervert!”

“Oh, you’ve grown?”

My little sister’s yelling as she remained on my head. She grabbed onto my head, yapping about something.

Ahh, nothing changed.

Petite, always frowning and grumbling. But always working hard, so kind, and—


I said,

“Thanks. For being always—by ‘my side’.”

Various memories intertwined, and I thanked her earnestly from the bottom of my heart.

To my little sister, who kept supporting her in my stead during that irreplaceable one year.


Yukiko snorted.

Maybe I could hear her true thoughts—for just a moment, I had this thought.

But coming from her cute lips were words I had expected.


“So what? Yukiko hopes that trash like you won’t talk to Yukiko!”


She frowned, turning her head aside.

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