[Bokushinu SS] Epilogue

The girl put the pen down, and again took a deep breath.

Right, this is perfect. Surely there would be no further problems.

Seemingly believing in that, she stared at the few letters in front of her.

All she needed to do was to hand them over to Yukiko, and on Christmas, a year and a half later, deliver them to each recipient.

With that, she would surely be able to revive on that day.

For he would understand the intent behind it.

No matter how many years passed, surely, he would be able to understand her thinking.

And certainly, she would be able to revive on Christmas.

The girl imagined the scenery that would happen.

What kind of day would it be?

Would it snow? Would the moon be out? Would there be white breath?

She tried to imagine the temperature, the scene.

And at the same time, she thought of how everyone would look during their reunion one and a half years later.

Will everyone change?

Her impression of Kasumi was that the latter might becoming a little devil after entering college.

Misaki would be preparing for her exams, and might be worn out.

Kazeshiro and that mohawk head might not change much, and they had their personalities set in stone.

Kinoshita will be the toughest to imagine, because he is the most unpredictable of them all.

On the other hand, Yukiko’s easy to imagine. To be honest, she won’t change at all.


The girl thought of the last person.

What about him?

What will happen to him a year and a half later?

Will he trim his hair? Will he become a little more intimate?

The girl continued to imagine, coming up with all kinds of imaginations of the future for the boy she loved.

And then, the most likely answer was that it will never change.

Perhaps, he will not change after all the experiences. This can be said to be what the girl believes.

And at the same time, this conclusion causes her to relax.

He might be clumsy, unsociable, but was a charismatic boy.

Please continue to be the same, be the same person I love.

The girl earnestly prayed.

And then, the girl continues to imagine.

When they reunite, what would everyone be talking about?

What happened recently? What would happen? Perhaps they would start chatting away without realizing it.

Surely, friends who reunite after a long time will say something.

However, the girl was very confident that it might not be all.

Everyone will start to talk about the memories they had before.

What happened back then, and so on.

Such topics will surely revolve around him.

In that case, if that happens.

The girl thought, and her face could not help but relax.

In that case–she will be able to revive at that moment.

She was looking forward to enjoying his shocked face, his nostalgic face at that moment.

Surely, he would be delighted again in a year and a half.

Her face could not stop grinning as she imagined his face and drawing an image of his inner heart.

Her heart was filled with elation, joy, anticipation.

Ah, how wonderful would an encounter be.

The girl noted in her heart.

However, at that moment.


The girl noticed. No, she thought of it.

What that imagination implied.

That during this reunion after so long, what it would have meant.

On the Christmas a year and a half later

–she would no longer be around.


It was a known fact, and she had accepted this reality, mentally prepared for it.

But at this moment, as she thought about the fun future, her heart filled with expectations, she again realized some cruel truth.

She did not have much time to live.

She was about to leave soon.

And–the time she would have with him was short.

She once showed off such a dazzling smile. The girl lowered her head deeply, hiding her face.

Tears continued to fall.

No matter how many times she thought of it–a farewell was so painful.

The happy days were about to end.

She had to bid farewell to all the encounters they had.

In the face of such a reality, the upcoming future, she was utterly terrified, her heart filled with endless anguish and loneliness.

She remained to continue remaining by his side, but such a wish would never be granted.

The girl cried. She was not terrified of death, but at their farewell.

She kept crying–

“YOOOOOOO! You doing fine, Hikari Yumesaki!!?”



But at this moment,


An abrupt outburst broke the silence in the room.

The girl was so shocked, she held down her pounding heart, and looked around. What was with that voice just now?

And then, she immediately understood.

“Wahahaha!! You’re shocked, right? Are you shocked now, Hikari Yumesaki!?”

The voice came from the alarm of the cellphone.

It was probably a recording voice, set to playback at this time, at maximum volume.

The girl immediately understood how he would think.

“Hohoho. You think I’ll let myself be teased by your tricks all this time? That’s a big mistake! I’ll take revenge at times! And, well–“

What he said next shocked her,

“The one teaching me pranks is the biggest prankster girl in the world. I’ll never forget it!”


The girl was dumbfounded,

And some time after his voice stopped, she began to smile again.

She was had. Really. She never thought she would be shocked by him.

At the same time, she was thoroughly relieved.

Yes, she would disappear soon, but even so, it seemed he would never forget about her.

There would be nothing to fear. All she had to do was the enjoy the remaining time.

The time she had with her dearest, him.

The girl opened the notebook, and flipped a new page.

What shall she write?

Perhaps she should write another teasing greeting, or a bigger prank to cause him more headache.

Perhaps an illustration of her kissing him on the cheek? Surely he would be flustered and blushing.

And then, and then, and then,

Thinking about him, all kinds of ideas surged in her mind.

Yes, perhaps she should leave some words in his manga books.

So that whenever he opened them, he would recall her.

No, perhaps she should leave notes all over the room.

She shall play a game of hide and seek with him, leaving behind several clones in the room.

Thinking about this, the girl let the pen run.

To the beloved him.

To the him who saved her.

Tomorrow, you will revive.

I shall forever be the dazzling light in your dreams.


She wrote down her life in this inexplicable notebook.



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    I’m said, really sad, happy too but this result while great still leave me crying for their possible future together T_T.

    —- Thanks for all you’ve done!! I’ve really enjoyed and felt this novel so much that I don’t think it will be forgotten by me.. ha… the emotions, the interactions, their intersections and separations.. so great, so emotional, so joyful and so saddening..

    It’s been a great experience, a great read and ha… thanks for all.!

  2. Thanks for the translation! Of course, thanks to author who wrote this wonderful novel. I’m sad, but happy at the same time. This novel shall be remembered by me, always.

  3. Thanks for translating such a great novel.

    The first time I read this novel was around 3 years ago, and I really loved it. I didn’t want this novel to end so I kept postponing reading the rest of volumes until now. But well, I have to face it eventually.

    I still hope to read the continuation their stories, though. Their interactions that made laughing and crying.

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