[Bokushinu SS] Prologue

The girl opened a diary.

It was a peculiar diary.

They were written by the same person, but it became an exchange diary.

The girl continued to flip through those memories, appearing to reminisce the past.

At the same time, she thought.

Back then, what was she thinking, and why did she have such thoughts.

And also, her thoughts–about ‘him’.

“Hey, Hikari Yumesaki! Why did I get interrogated went I went to school!? What did you do!?”

The girl could not help but chuckle once she saw his diary entry.

She remembered that it was when she accidentally entered the changing room. She really was sorry for that.

“I’m going to show you that there’s a chance of a delinquent being suddenly kissed while walking!”

Again, she laughed.

That was the first encounter she had when playing as a hero, the encounter with Kasumi.

That encounter brought her wonderful memories, so she could not help but smile.

No matter how many times she recalled that scene, her face would warm.

“Yahoo! Spinach!”

And the girl could not help but laugh out loud.

Back then, he fought a delinquent to protect Kasumi, and became a hero.

The biggest delinquent in class–actually a coward at heart, stood up for another girl.

And finally, he left that entry.

Upon thinking about that, the girl laughed heartily.

Following that was,

“You did it, hero.”

“I did it, hero.”

That could be said to be the girl’s favorite memory.

She still remembered it.

Whenever she saw that diary entry, she would feel that their hearts were linked.

After that, the girl continued to flip through the many memories with a smile on her face.

The memories of her bothersome moments to matchmake him and Kasumi.

The memories of her anxiously watching him with that boy who misunderstood her cause of death.

The memories of the commotion that was Yukiko’s love letter.

The memories of them arguing when she refused to visit her mother.

The memories of another pair who also experienced the switch in personalities–Hayato and Chiaki.

Each of them remained fresh in her mind.

What was she thinking back then, and what did she do.

What was he thinking back then, and what did he do.

Those memories were all wonderful.

Precious interludes that she could never forget, no matter how she tried to forget.

The girl smiled.

She recalled those irreplaceable days.

At the same time, she could not help but realize,

That those irreplaceable days–were about to come to an end.

It was a pity, but she was left with no choice. One of them was fated to vanish.

In that case, she would be the one to vanish. She did not want him to die yet, more so than anything else.

The girl really wished, from the bottom of her heart, that he would be happy.

Such a wish caused her to wipe away her tears so many times.

…However, at that moment,

The girl suddenly had a thought.

If she was no longer around,

Would he still remember her?

Or would he still continue to like her forever?

Suddenly, the girl felt uneasy and anxious.

As her other half, would he really be able to live in a world without her?

Perhaps he might–


And at that moment.

The girl lifted her head, having thought of something.


There was a way.

Only one way to revive.

Once the girl thought of this, she finally beamed, feeling uplifted, and the ideas began to flow.

Perhaps she would be able to revive again once.

Since she made up her mind, there was no time to hesitate.

The girl nimbly moved the body of the boy she was used to, and sprung into action.

When would it be? Of course, on Christmas.

She shall make a prayer to Santa Claus– that she would revive once on the Night of the Eve.

Who shall she task this to? Perhaps that girl after all?

”She is the one who gave me the most support after all.”

The girl’s smile broke into a grin. She had nothing to fear.

Even though the sun would set, it would rise again.

The girl stood up adamantly, apparently wanting to prove that.

Now then, let’s begin the preparations.

For the day when the sun does not rise,

For the moon and the night sky so that the sun would rise again.

The story shall be extended a little.





–Sunrise & Sunset Story–


  1. Just reading this prologue has made me realize that I shouldn’t touch the SS until after I finish the main story.

    Thanks for your work.

  2. Seeing the comments are in 2016, I guess this is the end huh? 1 clarification though, who does Hikari meant of

    “She shall make a prayer to Santa Claus– that she would revive once on the Night of the Eve.

    Who shall she task this to? Perhaps that girl after all?

    ”(She is the one who gave me the most support after all).””????


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