I have a strange habit when it comes to writing a novel or doing my homework. Thanks to this, I suppose I wrote too much for my thanksgiving, and too short for my self-introduction, so please forgive me. I am an unorganized person.

Hello there. My name is Maru Fuji.

This is my official debut after winning the Gold Prize of the 19th Dengeki Novel Prize.

That is my self-introduction.

And now, I will like to thank all the readers of this work!

First, to Master H2SO4, thank you for providing such amazing illustrations for this work.

The editor-in-charge sends me your illustrations when I’m struggling through the editing of the script, and it feels like it’s replenishing me with natural gas and gasoline, filling me with strength. Thanks to this, I’m able to continue working hard on this piece of work, and the nice timing is just filled with love, like a ‘mother’.

And then, I have to thank the editor-in-charge. Thank you for the choice advice.

To be honest, I really didn’t have much confidence as to whether I’m able to meet your expectations. Anyway, I manage to write the number of scenes for the little scene to about twice when editing the script, as you wish. I suppose I made you happy with this. When we’re discussing about some unrelated scenes, you suddenly shouted, “Yukiko’s a very nice name!” and I just go ‘at this time!? This inexplicable timing’s like a ‘big brother’ showering his love for the little sister.

And also, I’ll like to thank the judging panel of the Dengeki Novel Prize. Thank you for awarding me this greatly.

This is a piece of delightful news for me, pressurized from my single life, so I do feel hope for the future. I do feel apologetic for using this as a 3-part joke, but this really is a God-like timing, a real God. I never thought I’ll meet God in this world. Please allow me to continue worshiping in my heart.

Finally, though I do find it very unbelievable, I will like to earnestly thank Mr Sagu Aoyama (TN: Ro-Kyu-Bu! authors, for all you lolicons out there) for writing a recommendation letter. I am really grateful that you did it despite your hectic schedule.

I still have yet to see the recommendation letter when writing this afterword, but I firmly believe that it will be so wondering it is ripe with the the gentleness from his work. I am looking forward to it.

I will continue to work hard with the support of the reliable mother, big brother and Gods who gave me support. With this, I shall bid farewell.

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