[Bokushinu V1] CUT 2 – Yesterday, you carried out sexual harrassment, and I got arrested.

TP: Translated by Stardust, edited by .png

“Am I going to be late…..?”

I was woken up by the alarm, and while my consciousness is in a mess, I can only sigh with regards to this situation.

It’s already past 8am.

There’s 20 minutes till class starts.

Going to school on foot takes 30 minutes.

“That idiot…..”

Complaining won’t make matters any better.

I hurriedly grabbed my bag…. Eh? Where is my bag?

“Why is it at a place like this?”

I save my bag from being stuffed in the small space between my bed and the wall, and check the contents.

“She didn’t… do my homework”

“Nor did she…. Arrange my timetable.”

“My school uniform…. Let me see…. Where the heck is it?”

I growled furiously. I later found it on the ground for some reason. Argh.

“Akitsuki, breakfast is ready.”

“Ah? I’m not eating!”

“Huh? You said you were going to eat breakfast yesterday!”

Mom said, sounding somewhat mad. Mom, that person yesterday wasn’t me!

I change into my school uniform, grab the notebook on the table and stuff it into my bag. Preparations are complete.

“Ah damn it! If I get punished by the teacher, it’s your fault!”

I mumbled to no one in particular, and continued to make haste to school while the morning sun rains down.

The wind caressing my body is still a little cold, but the hair covering my ears and neck feel more comfy than usual.

I guess I’ll have to be grateful that I have to rush to school 2 days later.

I enter the classroom panting while class is still underway, and my classmates focused on me as usual. “Erm, ah….about that” I take a gulp of breath I decided to apologize, but the teacher apologizes to me first. (Why did he?) And so, I sit at my desk, still wondering what is going on. The peaceful atmosphere in this class is gone with my arrival. I’m sorry everyone.
Once the surrounding stares have seemingly reduced in numbers, I take out the notebook from my bag. I wanted to read it at home, but thanks to that idiot, I didn’t have time.

I open the notebook carefully, and there’s the message left by her.

“Does that mean I borrowed Mr Hosoi’s SF powers and possessed Mr Sakamoto?”

“Maybe. Anyway, who the heck is Mr Hosoi?” (Note: 細井, the name, can be given as a pun on ほそい, skinny)

I wrote my reply on the line without any sense of tension.

On that day, that rainy day.

“Will you save her with half your lifespan?”

I was coerced by the man in black robes.

From what he said, it sounds like I was to offer half my life to save Hikari Yumesaki. That was what I thought, and this is what any ordinary person will think

But it wasn’t the case.

I don’t know what happened to Hikari Yumesaki, but now we are in a situation where we exchange personalities every alternate day.

This means that there are two souls residing in my body, and we take turns in taking control.

When the personality isn’t in control of the body, the personality doesn’t get the memories, so that does equal to half of my life span. This is what the man in black meant by half. Isn’t this
scam! It really is half huh? Literally half, hahahahahaha, ha, ah….

Having noticed this the previous Saturday, I wrote it down on the notebook.

I’m worried if Hikari Yumesaki won’t believe me, but its already too late, she doesn’t have a choice but to believe. In the end, Yumesaki Hikari didn’t feel suspicious about the situation but instead wrote questions requesting for answers. One of her question was the one earlier regarding Mr Hosoi, probably referring to the guy in black robes. I guess she calls him that is because ‘that skinny guy wearing black robes…’

By the way, today is Wednesday.

After exchanging diaries for a few times, we have a rough grasp of the situation.

But Hikari Yumesaki surely have many more questions to ask.

Questions like what happens in school, my friends, how do I normally act in school, my tone of talking and such. Well, it’s normal for her to ask these questions since she’s suddenly stuck in a
male’s body.

While answering her questions with a red pen, I wonder.

“I guess I should introduce myself.”

Anyways, we’ve been reporting the situation these few days, so it’s my responsibility to write down what’s currently going on.

But if this keeps up, we need to exchange information more frequently.

I need to let Hikari Yumesaki understand my current situation, and let her act like me. After all, if I say “Whatcha say?” with a delinquent tone today, and say “Is that true? ~ ☆” with a
highschool girl tone the next day, my life would surely be over.

“But, what shall I write?”

I wrote down whatever that came through my mind.

I look hideous; and I’m not good at socializing.

Thanks to that, I’ve been labelled a delinquent, and I don’t have friends nor a girlfriend.

The last time I talked to a classmate was probably 5 years ago.

I don’t get along well with my family too, since I’m In a rebellious stage

Hm, what’s wrong with me? I’m feeling more depressed as I continue writing. If I have some friends…


It feels very vexing, but I still revised my words before writing them inside the notebook.

After a while, it’s already 11pm; it’s about time to sleep.

“Try going to school tomorrow.”

I gave her the order to stay at home before this, but this can’t be a long-term solution. I guess I should try letting her go to school tomorrow.

And so, I arranged my timetable for her, did a little revision, I set my alarm clock earlier for the next day.

I even hung my school uniform on a hanger, and left my ironed T-shirt on an obvious spot.

Of course, I’ve already written what to take note of, and the contact method in the notebook. It should be fine now.


And then, I wonder.

She seems like the person who would laugh and mess around all day, but I’ve never asked anything about her.

What does she think about the fact that the person called Hikari Yumesaki has died?

Regarding her death, “I see. I died in an accident, did I…B-because no one saved me~ (laughs) But nothing can be done about! I’ve already forgotten about it! Alright, this topic is taboo from now on!” Hikari Yumesaki added this line in a cheerful manner, but thinking about this normally, this isn’t something to be happy about.

She can no longer approach her family and friends as Hikari Yumesaki, only as Akitsuki Sakamoto instead.

There’s also something I have to ask no matter what.

Right when I’m about to write it down—-

“……Never mind, I guess.”

I muttered, seemingly seeking approval from someone as I closed the notebook.

Let’s not do anything unnecessary. Such a life like this is already troublesome. Getting used to my new life should be the top priority.

“I’ll leave my body to you tomorrow.”

I then went to sleep.

While harboring anxiety and a little restlessness.



I woke up from a light sleep, and stared at the notebook.

The reason for that’s simple; something unexpected happened.

Of course, the reason was written inside the notebook.

It’s Wednesday today . A week has passed since I allowed her to go to school.

And since then, the way we write our dairy has been more systematic. Basically, the first half page is used to summarize what happened during the day, and the other half is the message to leave for the other me. My records are on the left, while Hikari Yumesaki’ records are at the right. The iron rule is that any important topic is to be specifically mentioned using a picture drawn with a color pen. For example, go to school using this route, to walk to school with the route today, or the quiz tomorrow would affect your overall result, so good luck or something.

At the same time, we’re setting the rules for our cohabitation ( I can say so, right?) is being set.

I wrote the rules in the last page of the notebook, as long as we follow the rules above, we can definitely live this strange life peacefully.

……Or that is what I thought.

“That idiot…..”

I don’t know if everyone can feel how fed up I am from this sigh, but now the miraculous cohabitation life of me and Hikari Yumesaki is in deep trouble.

There’s only one reason.

Hikari Yumesaki herself.

I didn’t think that she is such a person I want to punch.

I flip back the pages of the notebook, recalling what happened these few days. Such a situation is really. It’s really a rare sight to behold, so I’ll introduce what was wrtten on the notebook to everyone so that everyone can see what an idiot she is.

Anyways, this is what was written in the diary on that certain day.


“I’m sorry.”


What’s wrong? Why is she apologizing?



When I woke up and opened the notebook, this is the only line I saw on it.

Even if I want to ask why, I can only ask her tomorrow, and I can only get the reply the day after.

“Be more specific there…”

There was nothing I can do, so I gave up, packed my stuff, and went to school.

And then I got arrested.

I didnt know what they are talking about, and I was completely flabbergasted.

When I got to school, the police said, “Anyways, let’s have a talk first.” They borrowed a room in school, and started questioning me.

I’ll summarize what I was questioned for everyone.

–Why did you enter the girls changing room?

–And even calmly stripped in there?

–According to the victims, when you were changing, you even said something like “That bra is so cute~! Let me see, let me see!” or something.

–In the end, you even said “Hehe~ These are soft~” while touching a girl.

— You even showed the girls your tights and said “This fluffy feeling is disgusting. Sakamoto’s little boy is such a pain.” Or something.

–Well, enough with that. What you did can only be described as speechless. Even us cops felt embarrassed by it; we actually have to protect the country with such a teenager around.

–It seems that after you did all those stuff, you also said, “Ahh! This is bad! This is a bad thing, isn’t it!?”

–They said that before you left, you even gave a weird explanation saying, “No, I simply forgotten. It’s because I’m used to it!”, and then you ran away.

–You say you’re used to it, does it mean that you do this often? What a luck–pervert!

— Japan is in decline because of delinquents like you….

–Due to all of these, I’ll arrest you. Any objections?

That’s it.

And then, I screamed.

“That idiiiiooooottttt!!!”

And now it’s time to defend myself.

But I can’t tell them the truth. The policemen were like, “Enough already, you bastard.”

In the end, Higumo came to my rescue“Oh ho, you boys sure have guts to trouble on this delinquent. If you guys arrest him, the consequences will be really terrifying, you know? He has someone
really amazing backing him up; just look at his face. Because of this face, I too was threatened and did some intense…sobs.” or it seems the case anyway. As she lied about what I did to her, the girls eventually revoked their report.

You’re a teacher, you should be more conservative. Now my standing in class, already so small, is practically non-existent!

And thus, the first rule regarding our cohabitation was born.


“Rule No.1: You need to know that you’re moving around in a male’s body! Don’t be a pervert!”


Of course, causing problems is against the rules too.

When I opened the notebook in the morning again, the words written were,

“Record the drama for me and I’ll treat you to tempura! Of course, if it’s recorded in Blu-Ray, I’ll treat you to ramen!”

At least tell me what kind of drama it is. I inadvertently sighed.

I pass by my sister as I make my way to the bathroom, and for some reason.


My sister let out a weird shriek, and blushed as she left.

She usually avoids me, but she seems different this time around. What’s going on now, I wonder?

And that night, an incident occurred.

“B-brother, my I?”

My sister knocked on the door, and entered the room.

For some reason she was embracing her bath towel in her bucket, her eyes swimming like an individual swimming medley champion..

“I-I’ll leave it to you again today, b-brother.”

“Huh, what?”

I asked back curiously.

And then, my sister looked thunderstruck, and gave a panicky look.

“H-how can I explain something like that! It’s what we did yesterday! An-anyway, prepare yourself!”

“Hm, yesterday?”

How am I supposed to know what happened? It’s all that idiot’s fault for not writing it inside the notebook.

“L-like I said. Like what we did yesterday. E-erm…”


Right when my mind is preparing for a Dempsey Roll, my sister shouted furiously, her face flushed red,

“Wh-whatever! You liar!”


My sister ran out of the room.

“What did that idiot do?”

Anyway, I’ll write “My sister is acting weird, do you know what happened?” on the notebook first. The day after tomorrow she replied with exceptionally round words.

“Guhehe, it seems your sister has learned the pleasure of a woman. How beauiful it is (slurps)”

“You bitch…”

And then, another rule was added.



“Rule number 2: Don’t mess with my sister! It’s still too early for her to experience the pleasure of a woman!”


She’s more of a frivolous person than I expected. I’ll try listing the troubles she caused.

This woman always set the alarm at a time where I can barely make it to school on time, does not do my homework, throws my shirt everywhere, does not dry my futon, nor does she charge my phone, leaves the TV on when she sleeps, loads my save file and advance the game, always stays up late to watch midnight anime, causing me to be sleep-deprived, and puts the character Ki-chan (き●ぃちゃん. Since we’re talking about anime, my guess is that it’s Maki from Love Live) as my cellphone screen saver. She also walks into the girls washroom, which causes trouble to me the moment I step into school. It’s about time you got used to it, and stop wearing bra and panties. Everyone got shocked seeing you like that when you change clothes for PE.

I vented all my anger onto the notebook.

The day after tomorrow, she wrote,

“I don’t feel safe without my underwear! Sakamoto little thing down there is swinging too much. I feel uncomfortable!”

Just what are you talking about….

Continued by.

“You’re supposed to be a delinquent, Sakamoto, but yet you nag me as if you’re my stepmother saying, ”Hikari, there is still so much dust around, clean it again properly this time!” or something? Bwahahahahaha (laughs)”

I got mad after reading that, so mad that I overwrote the drama she recorded by a sumo show. And then, my sister woke me up the day after tomorrow with a shriek.

I looked around, and found myself in her room, on her bed too. My sister, having just woken up, looked as shocked as I was. I found myself dressed only in my underwear, so I quickly explained,
“This is an misunderstanding! It is just a biological phenomenon!” But even I myself find this reason unbelievable. “This child…” My mother looked livid as she said this, and that expression gave me a permanent trauma.

“Rule number 3: Live your life properly! Record your late night anime, and don’t dance along with the ending theme in a dark room in the middle of the night. You’ll attract my sister’s attention.”


Has she had enough yet?


“By the way, why did I end up in the watermelon fields?”

That day, I threw in a question I have been curious able asking.

For some reason, I slept and woke up in the watermelon fields twice. It really was a rare sight to behold.

In response to my earnest answer, Hikari Yumesaki answers,

“I woke up, and found myself as a boy for some reason. While I was wondering around, I saw the watermelon fields. And when I saw the watermelons, I was reminded of big breasts, and so I pondered as I fell asleep. If you’re asking me what i want to say, don’t you find that your fetishes regarding your hidden anime is leaning towards watermelons? If you treat me to a week worth of Koala’s March, I may consider returning it.”

“Damn it!”

I hurriedly switched on my computer, and tried to open my anime folder, only to see a pop-up “Wrong password”. Damn it, she actually did it!

In my desperation, I bought a large amount of ‘Koala’s march’ candy from the convenience store.

And two days later, the following words were in the notebook,

“So such things were hidden inside the Recycle Bin! This kind of jerking off won’t amount much since you sexually harass girls in such a creative manner! Please don’t use so much tissue!”

Damn it, looks like I got tricked. Why did you end up in the watermelon fields anyway?

“Rule number 4: Be careful when handling your desires, only once per day!”


“You look tired, Akitsuki.”

“Yeah, I’m dying.”

“Oho, was yesterday too intense?”

“What happened yesterday?!”

After so much commotion, the weekend passed by, and it’s already Wednesday by the time I noticed it. Now that my weekend has been halved, I felt that I lost out in some way.

Thanks to that idiot, I’m sleep deprived, and now I’m resting in the infirmary.

I didn’t come here because I had too many things on my mind, nor did I run over here because the girls in my class are looking at me like a convict. That’s definitely not it…

“Leaving that aside, why are you holding my phone since just now?”

“Alright, it’s completed. This is the app I made, “You’ll definitely get a panties shot!’ If you take a photo with this app on, the photo of the person will become a photo of the panties. It’s an
addictive app.”

And after all that wrenching, you gave it such a straightforward name.

“Also, this app is so smart, it can match the best type of panties according to a person’s face and clothing. Say cheese ~☆”


My phone gave a cold mechanical sound, and shown on the screen is a scary teenager with a T-Shirt. Delete, delete…. huh?! I can’t delete it?! Damn it, she must have did something to the settings!

“By the way, has your second personality emerged since then?”


What Higumo meant by “since then” would be since the incident involving the changing room was caused by Hikari Yumesaki. I explained to her that it was because of my alternate personality. I wasn’t
exactly lying back then, because it really wasn’t me.

Of course, the thought of telling Higumo about Hikari Yumesaki did cross my mind, but I didn’t do so even till this point. She won’t believe me anyway.

“But it seems like you’re pretty happy recently. The teachers in the facility room were talking about how active you were recently. The school even gave us a manual on how to treat students who
bring weapons to school. I’ll let you have a look at the guide.”

“Hey don’t do that!”

I flip through the book, browsing briefly. What the heck is this?

“Don’t agitate the student. First, talk to him about his family members to calm him down. It will be better of you are able to say,” If you cause more problems and hav to be counselled, your HDD
will also be investigated’.” Why are you guys treating me like an indoor terrorist?”

But its normal; certainly, the school would be alert when an obedient delinquent suddenly became radical. I didn’t think Hikari would be such a crazy person, but since she’s dead, I guess it can be
explained as her being sad. What reason does she have to enjoy another person’s life?


I felt a cold wave of water flushed through my mind.

Yes, surely such a thing was to be expected.

She did this because she’s sad.

She’s sad because ‘Hikari Yumesaki’ is gone.

It’s a normal reaction. Of course it is.

It’s not that she doesn’t care about her death, she’s pretending that she doesn’t care.

Regarding her death, I have nothing much to say; nothing, in fact.

It might not be an eternity, but if she’s going to continue living while enduring her emotions, I’m not going to ask her questions.

But, there’s something I really want to know.

“Hey teach.”


Even I think that the question I am about to ask is unusual.

“If one day, you’re thrown into an unknown world because of a certain person, what will you do? You don’t know anything about that world, nobody will come and save you, and it’s not a sure thing
that you can return back to your own world. If that’s the case… you’ll hate that person right?”

The moment I finished this question, I regretted it,

Why am I discussing this problem with someone who lives so care-freely like a swaying seaweed? She’ll just say, “You said something pretty exquisite for a delinquent. Is your brain rotting?”

But the words have already left me, I can’t take them back.

An unnatural silence filled the atmosphere in this room.

“Hmm…..” Higumo showed a troubled face. Let’s hope that she can give me a decent answer after showing such an expression.

“Hm, if it’s me.”

“What will you do?”

“I’ll enjoy my new life quite a bit? It sounds like a lot of fun to me.”

“….. is that so.”

I let down my shoulders slump, holes seemingly punctured in them. Higumo’s answer is as carefree as she usually is.

Well, I guess that’s the case indeed. Even if she does say some correct answer, I’ll be confused by that.



The bell rang, indicating the end of class.

Hikumo continued as if she was racing with the bell.

“If you are so concerned, why don’t you ask that person yourself? Not that I know what’s going on though.”


I looked up, only to see Higumo staring at me.

She looked like she’s smiling at me.

“Don’t be afraid. You are a kind guy. A kind guy gets forgiven no matter what he does.”

“I’m kind?”



“Because you are always concerned about stuff like this, I guess.”


I ignored her since I couldn’t understand what she was trying to say.

But those words continue to linger in my mind. Ahh seriously, it’s uncomfortable.

“Bye, I’ll head back.”

I get up from my chair and leave this room to escape from her words.

And more words were said to me from behind.



“You’re not going to trim your hair?”

“Stop being such a busybody.”

“Oho, your hair looks tidier today. Finally particular about it?”

“… Stop being a busybody.”

Why is such a person popular with the students?

I think I’m starting to understand.


And on that night, I write the neatest words I can into the notebook.

But the more I tried to be, the messier it became.

I did not erase what I wrote however. If I write it, I won’t have the mood to write it again.


“Do you hate me?”


“Even if you hate me, I can’t do anything about it.”

After I was done writing, I put down the pen silently.

She can’t return to her world anymore.

No matter what her wishes are,, she has to live as Akitsuki Sakamoto from now on.

Even if she has things she wants to do, she can’t, and no matter how unbearable she finds it to be, she can’t escape. I’m the one locking her in.

At the same time, I thought that it was a good idea to let her live in my stead.

But, she might not think so.



I might burn the notebook if I continue, so I lay down on the bed, seemingly running away from reality.

Then I bid farewell to myself today.


I woke up in the morning, and it’s still dark around me.

My grey footsteps sink in the world devoid of color as I head for the notebook.

I flip it open, and see the words on it.


I sighed for some reason.

Even in the bluish darkness, I can clearly see the words.


“Thanks for saving me. Being depressed now won’t help matter, but my life now is surprisingly amusing. Being a boy isn’t bad either! Please treat me well from now on, partner!”


The words she wrote are prettier than usual.

And then, she continues,

“I’m glad it’s you who saved me, Sakamoto.”

There’s a box with a pretty ribbon placed on the table. I have no idea why I can I can vaguely smell a faint chocolate whiff. I’m not sure what does this have to do with the bandages I have on my
left index finger.

After affirming what she wrote, I rub my swollen eyes, and cover myself with the futon once more.

“Treat me well too, Hikari Yumesaki.”

I said to my partner, whom I will never meet

I set my alarm back to the usual time, and head back to sleep.


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