“…No can do, huh?”

It’s a rest day in early July, and the low lying grey clouds are as depressing as ever.

I let out a sigh as I face the icy notebook.

On the day I visited Mdm Hinako.

I decided to confess everything to Hikari Yumesaki.

This matter has to be mentioned to her one day; it’s meaningless to drag this on.

And on that day, I place the student handbook on the desk, writing in the notebook,

“You wanted to kill yourself because you went through a lot of painful things, and I didn’t understand that you were forced into that situation. It may be abrupt for me to say this now, but I’ll definitely stop Kazeshiro in your place. Can you please tell me what happened?”

I’m going to step into the darkness that girl’s been hiding.

And of course, I assumed the worst.

I don’t know what Hikari Yumesaki would think after reading this diary. Maybe she’ll be unable to hold in her emotions anymore and end up crying. Things may get worse as a result.

But I gambled.

That the girl may have gotten stronger.

And so, right now, it’s two days later.

There’s still no reply on the notebook, just lies and words of pretense as usual.

“You’re mistaken, Sakamoto. Trust me and leave me alone!”

“Is your trust of me only this much?”

It looks like I still haven’t gotten that girl’s trust, and I close my notebook while feeling a little dejected. Honestly, I never thought that I could get a reply from Hikari Yumesaki. If I’m unable to get a reply from her, I might as well ask around from others.

“Wait for me, Hikari Yumesaki.”

Under the cloudy skies that looked ready to rain, I dash out of the house.

Even the weather’s being so depressing towards us, damn it.


Having read my sister’s blog over the past few days, I understood something.

Like usual, I went to meet Kazeshiro the previous day. Normally, she was the one who went looking for him after school, and at a certain time during the holidays. The blog does not have any entries on their conversations, so I’m ultimately unable to tell what they’re talking about. However, that girl’s really not good at lying. The feelings she had regarding the outcome of the conversations is clearly reflected in my sister’s ample worry.

“Big brother went out to meet Kazeshiro. Big brother was looking very depressed when they separated! What’s going on here? I can’t help but continue with my delusions…!”

“Why are you always looking at everything like it’s BL…well, whatever.”

Anyway, even if I don’t know the details of the revenge plot, I can at least do something to counter.

But thanks to this diary, I’m gradually able to keep track of Kazeshiro’s movements.

He’ll normally head to school during the day, and head home immediately after school.

And during the important weekends, Kazeshiro would surely head to a certain place at a certain time every Saturday. It seems Hikari Yumesaki noticed this too, and she tried making contact with him at this time.

And so, I can only do this.

“Do I wait here?”

It’s not really the neighboring town, just at the verge of the streets.

There’s a lot of greenery around me, with graves built on a gentle slope.

The plants growing wildly are not pruned in any ways, and it looks like there’s going to be lots of bugs coming out this season. It’s really a good thing that it’s cloudy today.

That guy would always visit this place whenever it was a rest day. Right before 5pm, in fact.

As for what that time meant, I knew very well.

“You came…!”

I hid in the ahade of the parking lot, located slightly afar from the graveyard entrance, and tailed Kazeshiro the moment I found him.

He entered through the empty reception area, holding a basket and broom as he walked in. Once he arrived at a certain place, he started to clean it up.

There’s no need to ask what it was.

It’s her grave.

The proof that my other half had once lived.

And the proof that she died.

The bamboo broom sweeping the stone steps sounded like the rumbling skies bellowing

And then, the boy swapped the water in the flowers, and placed new flowers in it. Once he offered incense, he offered some ‘Koala March’–the one thing she really liked when she was alive. Then he silently clapped his hands together…

It was 4.59pm, the time when she died.

Kazeshiro’s prayer face was ever so solemn.

The thin eyes of his opened slightly, and I could someone sense some anguish in his eyes. Even as a guy, I can’t help but think, ‘wow, this guy’s really cool’–

“How about you come out here, Sakamoto?”


I was picked out without warning.

And I, hiding behind the fence, could only appear without making any sort of resistance.


“It’s you after all, huh? You always appear like this.”

I really can’t bring myself to interrupt someone who’s praying. I guess Hikari Yumesaki probably thought the same thing.

“What do you want today? I’m sorry, but if you’re going to continue harrassing me about that incident, my patience will reach its limits. I’ll be angry.”

His tone sounded a lot colder compared to how it was before. It looks like Hikari Yumesaki was getting really anxious and tried to go straight to the point, asking him about it.

“There’s a person very important to me sleeping here. I don’t want to squabble in front of her.”

Kazeshiro muttered to himself without bothering to look at me.

However, I can’t back down at this point. What’s the point of me coming here if I do?

But even so, now’s not the time to say ‘stop it’, or ‘did something’ happen. And thus, I said,



“My body contains Hikari Yumesaki’s soul.”


A tense atmosphere filled the space.

It looks like he’s really angry now. Or rather, it’s obvious, I guess? I can tell from this atmosphere that he really hates me now. Now I’m ‘bad’ to him.

“Is that so. I didn’t know.”

“I’m not lying here. Hikari Yumesaki and I exchange personalities every single day.”

Kazeshiro sounded really calm, and I’m trying my best to answer as such.

It’ll be a good thing if i can believe me. If this can be a turning point, even better.

“Every morning, at 4.59am, that’s the vanishing point for me. The me that met you yesterday wasn’t me, but Hikari Yumesaki. And the one who called herself Sexy Dream is Hikari Yumesaki, and she’s the one who said her dad’s a rugby player. The one who drank coffer with you at the cafe and is standing in front of you is the real Akitsuki Sakamoto.”

“Hm, that’s great. So you actually know about Hikari Yumesaki after all. Well, whatever.”

It looks like he’s not even bothered to talk to me anymore as he looked completely emotionless. The speed of his speech has increased a little, and it sounds like he’s holding in his rage.

He’s ignoring me? Then I’ll continue.

“It’s really troublesome to have her living with me. She just wouldn’t listen to me, and is always teasing me. However, it’s a good thing if she’s happy.”

This time, I spoke fluently like I never did before.

“I’m on relatively good terms with her, and there was once when she even called me handsome. I do remember her saying, ‘I’ll go out with you if I were still alive’. Well, I don’t really care though.”

I do feel shameful saying some things that never actually happened, but I’m left with no choice at this point. If I want to get someone to say their true thougts, I’ll have to agitate him first.

And as I planned, it’s super-effective.

“…Enough already, Sakamoto. What are you getting at?”

I’m a little overwhelmed by his pressure.

I can’t help but avert my eyes, but I can’t let this happen. I have confidence in my looks; in a bad way.

“That Hikari Yumesaki’s now dead, saying that she’ll stop you, Kazeshiro. Now that she said all this, I can’t just–”

And I got punched.

He came running at me with fury, giving me a straight punch without a word.

You’re really good at fighting. Damn it, it hurts. My nose hurts…

“I thought you were just a strange guy, but I know you’re completely mad. It’ll be better if I didn’t get involved with you.”

And Kazeshiro spoke anxiously, seemingly spitting as he looked down.

“D-don’t ever get involved with me. Stay away from me as far as possible.”

After saying that, Kazeshiro turned away to leave.


But I can’t let him leave like that.

If it were Hikari Yumesaki, she’ll probably end up sobbing away. However, I’m not such a gentle person.

“That girl still wouldn’t admit that she committed suicide!”

Kazeshiro stopped.

His breathing was erratic, his pale face filled with shock as he looked over at me.

“I know about about it! That she killed herself! I know that she went through some unpleasant things at Takiou High! You wanted revenge because of that, right?”

My legs are quivering, my lips are shivering, but I can’t stop here.

“I saw it all, how that girl died!”

I open the student handbook that was inside my pocket, seemingly showing it to the world.

The proof that had lost its owner, abandoned under the cloudy skies.

“The last message is written here! That girl killed herself on that day! She suddenly walked off the pedestrian pathway, got knocked down by a taxi, and died immediately! The image of what happened that day still lingers in my mind. Why did she kill yhersefl? Who are you trying to take revenge on!? If you know, tell me!!”

I was practically howling tearfully.

No, maybe I was really crying.


It’s a world of aching silence.

The glass-like air feels like it’ll hurt us if it blows.

And my nose bridge that was hit was aching.

And so, when the winds finally stopped, I heard a groan.

“Seriously…what’s with you…always saying such vague things. It seems like you did see Hikari’s death after all. I’ll tell you why she wanted to die then.”

Kazeshiro turned his back on me, and looked up into the distant sky.

He probably did not want to go back to being the center of the world again.

He did not want to be the protagonist any longer.

“I first met her when we both entered High School. We were in the same class, and Hikari, who was already pretty herself, was quite the popular person. At that moment, she wasn’t someone I paid much attention to.

I can’t see his face, but it seems like he’s smiling for some reason.

Or maybe it’s just me.

“My first impression of her was about a week after school started. There was once when I opened the shoe locker, and found a letter inside. I felt like there was something heavy it, and opening it was already a chore to begin with. And then, feeling frustrated, I gave up and dumped the letter away. The next day, Hikari suddenly came to me said, “Won’t a normal guy try their best to read until the end? It’s rare that I’m able to come up with one big prank and stuff a love letter to a guy in your shoe locker! You even give a look like you’re gay or something!” at that time, I thought she was just a troublemaker, and I ignored her.”

It seems that girl really liked to play such pranks for quite awhile. She really didn’t change.

“And then, my next impression of her was when she got involved in a dispute in class. It was just a random quarrel between teacher and student, and though she got nothing to do with this, she butted in, saying that we shouldn’t be violent, and tackled someone. That really was very impressionable. I really thought she was an idiot. And then, she was the one who got lectured most as a result.”

I can easily imagine that scene.

The Hikari Yumesaki I knew of is the same as the Hikari Yumesaki he knew of.

“A lot of such things happened afterwards, and as far as I know, there were a few times when there were guys having quarrels with each other, yet she butted in with a broom, causing the situation to heat up. There was a time when she saw a girl beaten by her boyfriend, and she threw the fruit punch she was drinking right at him, only to miss her target. At that time, she was even called out by the teacher, telling her not to be a busybody.”

I too feel that she’s being too much of a busybody. Why must she be proactive and involve herself in such troublesome things? That ‘why’ is something I can’t understand.

“On a certain day, because of a class meeting, both of us were left alone. We were supposed to be just working, but that girl was spouting nonsense all the way, not doing anything at all. At that time, I asked, “Why are you being such a busybody?” If she didn’t do anything, she could have lived a steady life. Guess what her answer was? I want to be stronger, she said. That’s why, to be stronger, I have to continue doing good things, she continued. Her words were so ridiculous that I was speechless. I suppose that was the moment when I started to be concerned with her. When she was in trouble, I would be able to help her.

Kazeshiro continued on blankly, reminiscing all about her and seemingly not wanting to make any mistakes.

“But I was scared, scared that the fact about me being bullied would be discovered by her.”

Saying till this point, Kazeshiro turned to face me directly.

His unhealthy white face was contorted with the curse of his memories.

“A year ago, I was excluded by my classmates. The students in high school were secretly extorting me for money. They said I was too arrogant. You do understand, right?”


“I was worried that this would be revealed one day. Just hiding this fact alone took me all my effort, but that girl just got involved with me casually. I don’t know if she’s worried about me not having any friends, but she said that we should be allies of justice, that a girl has her limits no matter what. That was the first time someone made me a request, and it’s Hikair, who’s extremely popular in class. Feeling so proud of myself, I agreed to help. It was just my single-minded wish, but I didn’t want to earn praise from anyone else, nor did I think of helping her. However, however, I–”

Kazeshiro lifted his head at the sky, and swallowed back the words he could no longer convey.

“But naturally, I couldn’t continue to hide that thing, and the fact of me being bullied was revealed. I never thought that I would be so ashamed, but she still continued to be my friend, to be with this pitiful, shameful me. What she did was a mistake however.”

Kazeshiro’s eyes were dyed black.

Like a deep, deep hole carved out.

“I was always being bullied, and then I had a girl protecting me? I found that to be even more shameful. And then, I directed…my anger at Hikari. Even I couldn’t understand why matters ended up like that, and I know how despicable it was of me to do that. I told her not to get involved with me however, that it was because of her that things ended up like that.”

This memory seemed to sting Kazeshiro hard, and he seemed to be suffering as her continued.

“After that, I was always taking breaks, trying my best not to meet Hikari. What happened afterwards? This time, it was Hikari who got bullied. She got into a dispute with our classmates because of me, and the people in school ignored all these things. Nobody dared to stand up for her. No matter how I look at this, it’s all my fault; I was the one who drove her to such a state. However, I continued to ignore her. Hikari tried to call me, but I didn’t have the guts to pick up the phone. She’s just so dazzling to me. Slowly, I became unable to tell who I should hurt, and I ended up hating the one most important friend to me. On a certain day, Hikari sent me a message. It was like a will, and it was her last message to me Looking at the time, it seems like it was sent not long before her death. The police said that she died of an accident, but I know very well that she killed herself. I can no longer live on, and I too seek death. I can’t just die like this though. If those guys making Hikari suffer are still alive, I can’t just die like this.”

Kazeshiro barely manages to catch his breath,

He looks like he’s in pain, suffering, seemingly rejected the fact that he’s still alive.

“Do you want to kill off those guys who bullied her…?”

I was barely able to utter those words out.

Kazeshiro slowly shook his head, his eyes dyed black, showing no signs of denying it.

“I want them to regret it all their lives, a pain similar to the one that caused Hikari to kill herself.”

He showed a pained look as he spoke, and clearly, he was trembling.

“What do you want to do?”

“…Sorry, I can’t reveal more than that. Go back now, that’s enough already.”

Is that all I can do? I was not that cold hearted to go ‘I see. Bye then’ after hearing those somber words.

“Tell me already, Kazeshiro. If you don’t ask me, the me tomorrow, Hikari Yumesaki will ask you again tomorrow.”

“…You’re saying that again? That should be enough out of you already.”

That’s annoying. I still have to say it, no matter how many times it takes.

“That girl and I exchange diary entries, and we report in on our current situations. If you’re going to be silent, I’m going to write ‘Kazeshiro hates Hikari Yumesaki’ Do you seriously want that?”

“…I don’t hate her.”

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s the truth or not. If I write it, it becomes truth. She’ll definitely believe in whatever I say. What do you intend to do? Even if she does hate–”


Kazeshiro’s growl echoed through the air, and the atmosphere’s filled with tension.

“That’s stupid…what do you mean by her soul’s in you? That’s ri–”

“It’s so true I can’t do anything about it! She’s my other half! Right now–”

“Whatever, I get it now! I’ll tell you then! I’m going to de! I’ve decided to kill myself on Hikari’s birthday, but I’m not going to die so quietly. I’m going to gether a bulk of media and onlookers and kill myself openly. I already left a message on the imageboards indicating when I’ll do that, getting everyone’s attention. After that, with my death, my revenge will begin.”

Kazeshiro took a deep breath, and glared at me.

“I’m going to divulge everything to the media and everyone around me before I die, the truth behind her death, how she was actually bullied, the personal information behind all those that bullied her. I’m going to reveal everything related to her death. As for what happened afterwards–do you understand?”


“Once the fact that Hikari’s bullied is revealed, there will be people doubting if she actually died of an accident. The police will have no choice but to continue investigating again. What happens afterwards will be clear to seen. The report of suicide will be overturned, and the public will be concerned by such things too!”

“…Is that the reason why you want to die?”

“…Sakamoto, have you read the comments online? Those guys will definitely fall for it; a pretty girl kills herself after being shamed, and an infatuated boy killing himself out of revenge. Those who bullied her will be bashed. I want those guys to have that guilt they’ll never be able to get rid of.”

Kazeshiro vented out the darkness in his heart as he look up at the sky in pain.

Looking extremely pale, he seem to have given up on everything.

“This is my revenge, Sakamoto. As someone involved, help me stir things up after I die.”

“Are you kidding me.”

“Yeah, kidding. Hahaha.”

Something…seems a little strange about this.

“That girl…Hikari Yumesaki, definitely doesn’t wish for this.”

“I guess. I can’t be the hero she yearns for, but to me, that’s enough.”

Kazeshiro turns away from me.

I have a feeling he won’t be looking back at me, or it’s just me.

“I’ll die, and Hikari will revive, in everyone’s memories.”

Kazeshiro expressed all the despair in his heart.

And towards that pitch black back, I say out my last struggle.”

“I’ll definitely stop you, Kazeshiro, definitely…! Even if it’s for that girl.” .

“If you can, just try. Even if Hikari’s heart never was mine, I won’t lose to anyone if it’s my feelings for her. I’ll stand up for her no matter how many times it takes.”

And the annoying sound of the gravel was left behind.


After that declaration, Kazeshiro left me with these words.

“Your life is filled with joy.”


“Sorry for beating you up just now.”

And then, he left.

The black sky was chiding me.


“No reply…?”

I was a little devastated to see that there was nothing written in the notebook.

That was to be expected. I didn’t expect Hikari Yumesaki’s mind to change during these one, two days, and I don’t have the mood to be downhearted because of this.

It has been 2 days since Kazeshiro swore vengeance, July 9th.

Ever since then, I had been racking my brains, thinking of how to stop him.

That guy’s trying to use his own death to gain attention, and exact vengeance on the guys at school through the media and internet.

“Wah, things really got serious, huh?”

As Kazeshiro said, his revenge plot is centered around creating controversy on the internet.

The source of it seems to be the foretelling he left on the imageboards, causing people to debate the authencity of it.

Anyway, looking through the info written on the internet, these are what I can tell,

The revenge plot will be carried out at July 18, time unknown.
It’s going to be at the streets near the train station. Exact location unknown.

These are all I could get. It looks like he really intends to exact vengeance on Hikari Yumesaki’s birthday July 18.

It’s troubling that I don’t know the exact time, but he did say he want to attract attention, so I can at least guess the time to be noon or evening.

There are too many possible places he can choose, but this isn’t the problem here. It’s definitely going to be the cross junction near the station, where Hikari Yumesaki died of an accident. Since he deliberately chose to carry out the plan on Hikari Yumesaki’s birthday, the act will definitely happen at the scene.

“Anyway, is this all I can gather?”

To be honest, it’s still too little information. I can’t do anything with just these.

If I inform the police regarding this, there should be something happening, but it’ll be meaningless. If I can’t heal his psychological wound, locking him in jail is just delaying the inevitable tragedy. He’ll definitely try to kill himself again. No matter what, I have to get Kazeshiro to change his mind.

And then, I find out the biggest issue.

The day of Hikari’s birthday is July 18.

Unfortunately, I’m not in control of my body on that day.

I tried calculating the number of days backwards, but the results are all the same, and I can’t do anything. In other words, I can’t do anything on the day of his vengeance.

Because of this, Hikari Yumesaki’s assistance is needed no matter what…

I write down all the things I heard from Kazeshiro, regarding the revenge plot, the message that was like a will, all the memories. Hikari Yumesaki never gave me a reply after that though. Thinking about that girl’s inner heart, I feel that there’s no way out this time.

“Better make it.”

I mutter to myself in a prayerful manner.

And I then write down the same things I wrote two days later.


“We have to stop Kazeshiro. I need to know some memories only you and him know of. Tell me no matter what it is. Please.”


Other than that, there was nothing else I could do about her. I could only believe in her and continue waiting. In the meantime, I have other preparations to do, so I head out of my room.

Anyway, the most important information I have now is Kazeshiro’s actions.

He intends to kills himself on Hikari Yumesaki’s birthday.

But how does he intend to do that?

Can his plan really work with everyone watching?

To understand this, I need to investigate Kazeshiro’s actions. As a novice stalker, I’ll be caught. I was already caught once.

And so, I thought of the trump card I have.

“Sorry. Can I get you to repeat that again?”

Right now, I’m seated in a seiza in my sister’s room, lowering my head and asking.”

“Please help me stalk that guy called Kazeshiro!”

Trump card number 1, little Yukiko.

There’s no doubt things will go smoothly if she’s involved. As for the reason for this, there’s no need to say.

“…Why do you want me to do such things? And who’s this Mr Kazeshiro?”

My little sister continues to play dumb until the end. Well, it doesn’t matter now

“Kazeshiro’s the one who drank coffee with me at the South Polar Star the last time. I guess you were stalking him every day after that, so anyway, tell me anything that goes on no matter what.”

“Why must Yukiko be helping here?”

“Because it’s difficult for me as I’m too easy to spot. You’re better than me in this, right?”

“Compared to big brother…but why do you want to know?”

“I want to know more about that guy.”



My sister’s face froze like an ocean sunfish.

As you know, this girl’s fetishes is known to me. Thus, I’m making use of this.

“Please. It looks like he’s dating a guy I don’t know of behind my back. I’m still really pissed about it. What is this feeling… I wonder…”

“Ah, eh, ehhhh…?”

See? She fell for it.

“Because of this, I’m a little curious about Kazeshiro. So please! Help me out here!”

“I-I’m curious! T-this jealousy is too cute, moe…!”

Her head all flushed, my little sister continued to stammer.

Very good. Just as planned. Now for a little push.

“Promise me here, Yukiko. That Kazeshiro’s next action may involve my life! I’m serious!”

“L-li-life!? H-have you and Mr Kazeshiro been like this?”

“Yeah, of course!”

My powerful declaration dealt a decisive blow to my little sister, and after hearing it, she was screaming by herself, her face dazzling as she looks up at me.

“…U-understood. I’ll do my best for my big brother! I’ll try my best not to hand him over to any other guy!”

“As expected of my little sister! You’ll help me here, right?”

“Yes! I’ll help myself!”

Once I heard this vague sounding replying, I again lower my head at my little sister, and leave the room. It looks like things will get very troublesome later on, but for the time being at least, it’s going well.

“Now then, time to call those guys.”

I slide through the cellphone address book as I run out under the cloudy skies


“–This is your mission. Can you do it?”

“Th-this is too dangerous after all…”

I’m currently at a parking lot behind a certain game center, huddling with a delinquent gang led by the mohawk head as we plotted secretly. To create the atmosphere, the delinquents naturally are seated on the floor, and I’m standing up. My waist hurts.

Trump card number 2, the mohawk head and his cronies.

None of the passers-by dared to approach us, and I’m not sure if it’s the strange technocolor hairstyles of these delinquents. I won’t have to worry about leaking the information.

“You guys can do this, right? Just spend some time.”

“Bu-but…even if it’s you asking us for help, Sakamoto.”

Right now, I’m completely pumped up, and the mohawk head looks a little tentative. Hey, you’re a delinquent, and you’re still so cowardly. I guess be became a delinquent because he’s a coward. I understand that very well.

“Sakamoto, I’m not doing it after all. If I can, I’ll definitely do that, but if we do this, the police will get involved. Our motto is that we don’t cause the public nuisance, that we do bad things without obstructing the wonderful future…”

Such a peaceful motto. Then why are you guys delinquents?

But I can’t give up here. This is for a wonderful future too.

“Of course, I won’t let you do this for nothing. I’ll give you benefits.”

I open the cellphone, and start up the address book.

I then glance aside at the delinquents who were staring at us, and calmly ask,

“Do you know what’s the difference between my address book and yours?”

“Eh? Difference?” “W-what difference?” “Dunno.” “Isn’t this question too hard?”

Doubt appear on the deliquents’ heads, and I say to them,

“The mail addresses recorded here…actually have girls!!”


The yells from the delinquents caused the space to tremble, and the passers-by to be shocked. I never guessed that I would be making such a pathetic deal with others. This thing called image is really very important, I think.

“How about it? I have more than 30 girls who exchanged mail addresses with me. There are some girls who like me, and some who asked me out for dates. If I ask them to take erotic pictures of themselves, well, have a look”

I flash the erotic pictures in my cellphone for the delinquent to see, and there are pictures with the Kasumi in a G-string and my sister dressed in a O back(!?), and also the dazzling white pantyshot photos of my female classmates…and me in a T-back. At least respect their privacy by adding eye censors, I retorted quietly.

“I can easily get such photos.”

“That’s despicableee!!! Y-You playaaaa!!”

“Well, I don’t have interest in such girls.”



The delinquents are all yelling with their faces flushed, their hands covering their faces.

I’m sorry. Sorry for toying with those pure innocent feelings of yous. I guess it’s to be expected of the cellphone application that perverted teacher installed. That ‘You’ll definitely get a panties shot!’ actually worked well at this time. And for the record, I’m not the one who went about taking the photos, it was Hikari Yumesaki; furthermore, I can’t delete these photos! Thanks to these embarrassing photos though, I can’t grumble much here.

“I got many of these girls who’ll obey my every beck and call. Do you know what this means?”


“If the operation’s successful here, I’ll let you guys have two-shots with the girls!”


“And I’ll arrange for you guys to eat out with them together!”


“And then it’s all up to you! The bed’s groaning!”


“Are you doing this!?”

“Of course!!”

The delinquents respond in unison, looking delighted as they shake hands with me one by one. We then did a blood seal oath (we used thick red ink because blood’s too scary), and went our seperate ways.

Everything’s going to plan. The defense for July 18 is perfect. Now all I need to do is to wait for my sister’s report.

I quietly muttered, giving a victory pose as I ride on the bicycle, looking up at the cloudy skies.

I think something like a two-shot should be okay…


“Yeah, it’s fine. ”

I tried writing using the black marker pen I bought on my way home.

It’s an ordinary oil-based marker, and for added precaution, I chose one with an extremely large tip. If everything goes to plan, this pen will be the finishing touch.

It has been a few days since I began preparations for war and mobilized the delinquents. I’ve done all the preparations I could.

Hikari Yumesaki still has yet to give me any response, but I can only continue to wait. Again, I write down the same things I wrote two days ago in my notebook, and close it.

And then, I open up ‘another notebook’.

My little sister Yukiko has been going out early and returning home late recently. Her smile, brimming with self-confidence as she hands it over to me, is the hope of humanity.

Yes. This is Mr Kazeshiro’s stalker diary.

The cover has the words ‘~Autumn Wind(Akikaze)’s rotten lewd leaves~’. Well, I don’t understand what that is, and I’m too lazy to be bothered with these trivial stuff. When I received the notebook, I told her ‘Don’t come into my room, I got something going on’, and she was yelping away like a mating ape ‘Something!? Kazeshiro time!? Kyaahh!! Kyaahhh!!’. Well, I don’t know anymore. She’s a gone case.

“Please, any one clue will help here.”

I seemingly beg at the cover as I say this, and cautiously open the notebook.

My little sister’s handwriting is round and cute like Hikari Yumesaki, but it’s a little different in style. It’s a little similar to mine, yet not completely. I then scan through what my sister wrote.

And then, I had this firm belief.

That my sister’s amazing.

The intel she collected over the past few days is enough to fill up a university sized notebook. There are some photo inserts of Kazeshiro bathing and changing clothes, but at this moment, I’m too lazy to retort. Her stalkerish tendencies will definitely come in place in the future somehow (in a bad way).

I cast aside the excessive thoughts in my mind, and focus on reading the contents of the notebook.

Kazeshiro lives a rhythmic lifestyle, and his actions are basically to go to wake up in the morning, go to school, and return home after class. That alone would make him seem like a NEET. However, there were times where he would deviate from his usual actions. In other words, those were actions related to his ‘vengeance’.

“He left home at 4am. Is it for a walk? He went home without doing anything special. He’s showing a scary look. That really left me with quite an impression.”

This alone isn’t enough for me to be sure of his plan.

“It’s morning, and he entered an abandoned building illegally. What’s he trying to do?”

Upon seeing this, I start to realize.

“He’s still waking up early. He just brought a large polyethylene tank into that abandoned building. It looks like a difficult job for his slender arms.”

And my imagination became belief.

“He went to that building in the morning again, spacing out as he looks outside the window, and returned home again.”

“…Is he serious?”

The intel’s limited, but I understood from this much.

He wanted to kill himself, still seeking to suffer in an abnormally cruel way. He was already so determined for vengeance.

Again, I click my tongue, reaching out for the notebook I was so familiar with.

“Please, please! Things are really getting unsalvagable here!”

I again requested for Hikari Yumesaki to write about the memories between them.

If my guess is correct, there’s no issue about the operation to stop Kazeshiro. Everything will go in place if I don’t miss the timing.

But there is a trump card I need no matter what. This plan will not work as long as Hikari Yumesaki does not reply to me.

“I’ll definitely stop you…Kazeshiro.”

Her birthday’s 5 days later, right around the corner.


It’s 2 days later, a Sunday.

And I managed to wake up refreshed, something I never experienced for quite a while.

Did Hikari Yumesaki write it after all!? Feeling extremely expectant, I hopped out and opened the notebook first.



I asked my sister while we were having breakfast. It seems I slept very early the previous day, and that’s why I’m feeling good. But that goes against her principle of not staying up.

What do I do now? This is getting really bad.

The operation will happen 3 days later.

I’ve done all the preparations I can.

There’s still one thing.

I just need one more card to get a royal straight flush, and my plan should trump his vengeance plan.

However, I’ll just hand up with a scratch if this goes on. It’s only meaningful if I can get the last card. This plan will never work as long as I don’t get Hikari Yumesaki’s assistance.


There’s a trembling in my pocket, notifying me of a mail.

Paying particular heed, I stare at the cellphone screen–


“Is it okay to meet you later?”


But rather than the content, it is the sender that shocked me.


And so, with cellphone in hand, I sprint out on the dark asphalt.

The string I once shred off.

Perhaps it did not burn off completely after all.

I begged quietly as I sprinted.

The sky was dyed black, ostensibly ready to cry.


As I expected, I was late. Having read into this a lot, my heart was aching.

“Sorry for calling you out so suddenly.”

The park back then.

The memories back then.

The memories of the recent past appeared in my mind, but it still feels nostalgic to me.

It’s my classmate, Kasumi.

The cold ice cream remains here, now in the form of a memory.

Ever since that confession, we pulled a little distance from us. Thanks to Hikari Yumesaki trying to maintain a relationship with Kasumi, we were at least able to chit-chat a little.

However, there are some things different from before. Different from before are the color of the sky, the positions we took on the bench, and the smile of her face as she chose to sit at the end.

“What’s the matter? Why so sudden?”

“U…um, there’s something I want to ask you no matter what.”

She’s stammering like before, her vision wavering in front of me.

Even if our personalities were different, and Hikari Yumesaki did all sorts of suggestive behavior, I was the one who pulled the plug, and it was the worst episode for me no matter how I thought about it. I thought that my notoriety would spread in school and I might get ostracized by my buddies, but unexpectedly, my class felt I was a reliable guy. Some girls even showed some goodwill to me, so I guess Kasumi didn’t say anything bad about me. I really have to apologize to her about this; I actually rejected a confession from such a wonderful girl, and everyone probably thinks that I have a screw loose in my head or something. I’m really sorry.

Kasumi really is a kind girl.

What does she want from me now?

“Sakamoto, I hope you’re not angry, so hear me out.”

Saying that as a prelude, she continues,

“Are things going well…with the girl you like?”


It’s an unexpected question. What does she mean?

“Wh-why you ask?”

“Well, you haven’t been looking fine recently, so I wonder if that’s the case. If I’m wrong, I’m sorry…”

Even she thinks that’s the case after all?

If this girl too has such thoughts, I guess Hikari Yumesaki’s really at her wits end, huh? Damn it.

“Erm, well…did you call me out because you want to encourage me?”

“…No, that’s not it.”

Kasumi lowers her head as she mutters,

“I thought this would be a chance…that if things weren’t going well…then maybe, I…I still have a chance…”


“…I guess not after all. Sorry…but I still don’t want to give up.”

I can’t help but look away.

That’s because I can’t look at her now. Why does she still like me? Normally speaking, she should be hating me now. However, I understand how she feels now. If I liked someone once, it’s impossible to hate that person so easily.

“Kasumi, can I say some cruel things…?”


I look at her straight in the eyes.

And then, I gently weave these words,

“There’s a very important person to me who’s suffering alone in pain. I want to save her, but I don’t know what to do. I want to protect her, to embrace her, to cuddle her head, to comfort her, but I can’t even do all of these.”

I can’t even face her, hold her hand, or exchange words with her.

To us, this is a wish that will never be fulfilled.

I fell in love with a girl I will never meet again.

“…You love that girl till…”

Kasumi muttered as she closed her eyes.

The painful voice is too much that I don’t dare to look at her.

“What do I do? How can I make her smile again? If it’s you…what do you want me to do?”

I know I’m saying such cruel things.

I feel that I’ve did lot of cruel stuff to Kasumi.

“…Sorry for saying such annoying things.”

“N-no, don’t worry about it. I’m happy that you’re…still thinking for my sake even in this situation…”

I hear a choking voice, and that’s soon overpowered by snivelling.

Her eyes a little teary, she gives a little smile.

“Open up your heart. If you are able to convey your feelings to her, she’ll definitely smile. I-I definitely will wish for that from you, Sakamoto…if it’s me… because I want to know that person’s true thoughts…”


I felt something pass through my mind at that instance.

The thing I was always running from has finally shown its true form.

“…You’re kind as I expected, always kind…no matter when…”

“I’m not kind in any way.”

“That’s not true. You are really kind, Sakamoto, kinder than anyone else.”

She spoke with a warm voice that seems to engulf the me nearly burning out like a candle.

And she embraced me gently to prevent me from being extinguished.

“…Fufu, now you owe me a huge favor, you know…?”

She stands up, and turn to me, saying this.

She bares her teeth, showing a rare smile that felt really dazzling.

“See you tomorrow, Sakamoto. Bye bye.”


She smiles, looking as if she has given up on something as she runs off.

I relax my shoulders after so long, and look up at the sky.

I then say the words I was unable to say.

Thank you for loving this me.


“Is that all?”

After bidding farewell with Kasumi, I sat down and face the notebook for a few hours, completing this passage,

“I never regretted saving you, and never will I regret it, ever. So please believe me. I’ll protect you.”

Just writing these words alone caused me to spend quite some time.

But these are the true thoughts I tried my best to think of.

The true feelings of mine which I was unable to convey before.

After my chat with Kasumi, I finally realized how much of an emotional crutch HIkari Yumesaki was to me.

“I’ll leave the me tomorrow to you, Kasumi.”

And so, I fall asleep.

I see a girl in my dream.

And she is standing behind me, smiling.




I was suddenly awaken from my sleep.

Darkness and the silent wind surround my body, and my consciousness resides in it.

I stand at the veranda, looking up at the sunrise sky.

…I didn’t sleep…?

It seems like Hikari Yumesaki didn’t sleep and waited for 4.59am to arrive. What does this mean? I’m starting to be afraid thinking about it, and quickly look over at the cellphone in my left hand to check the date.

It’s July 17, and tomorrow’s Hikari Yumesaki’s birthday


And then, I notice the thing in my right hand.

The only bridge linking her and me.

The notebook that can be said to be the bond between her and me.

“…She did it…!”

And I didn’t have the time to hesitate.

The sound of the pages flipping roamed about as I hurried through them.

Written o it was the long belated reply from her.

The last hope Hikari Yumesaki left to me–

“Sorry. I’ll tell you everything here. You have to stop Kazeshiro!”

It’s rare for that girl to not joke around here, nor was she playing a prank on me. That one line was like a prayer.

…Truth? What is it?

At that instant, I hesitated over whether I should continue reading it, but I chose to shake my head and shake off all unnecessary thoughts.

No matter how much of a painful truth it was.

“Because I’m your partner, Hikari Yumesaki.”

I mutter this, and continue to read.

The truth about Hikari Yumesaki, what she entrusted to me–



“………Are you serious…?”

Wait…that is…

This unbelievable truth caused me to groan in a deep voice, and I again scan the date on the cellphone.

It’s July 17, past 5am.

Kazeshiro’s plan is to be done on July 18.

I only have 24 hours left.

“…No choice but to go.”

I clench my fists hard under the clouds, while neither the sun nor moon were visible.


The rain continues to pour hard, and it’s 4.30am.

I waited in the abandoned building for that time to arrive.

It’s July 18. Hikari Yumesaki’s birthday has finally arrived.

And also, this is the day of Kazeshiro’s vengeance.

It’s the beginning of the day here, but I only have another 29 minutes to go. After that, it won’t be me, and I have to end all these before that happens.

Even if it’s raining hard, I can see a few reporters here and there on the streets, here after Kazeshiro proclaimed on the internet that he would kill himself. They didn’t know where he would be, what time it is, or whether it would really happen. These guys really have some
free time.

But it doesn’t matter whether they’re here. Rather, it’s a good thing that they’re here.

That guy should be here soon–



There was a startling roar in the rain.

And at the same time, the groggy media bunch quickly look over. Standing over there is–

“It’s me!! I’m going to kill myself now!! RAAAWWWRRRRR!!!”

A man’s standing in the middle of a cross junction that’s without anyone driving through, growling.

A motorbike with its engines roaring.

About the same height as me.

He has a thoroughly trained body.

And, and–

A mohawk hair that’s no less than the rain!!

“What’s the point of life if there’s no two-shots with girls!! Come with me, reporters! Watch how I die here!!”

“Hey, wait! Cameras ready! He’s here!”

“What!? So early?”

“Looks like there’s point in setting ambush here!”

You idiot! Act natural when luring the enemy! Why are you fussing about a two-shot at such a time!?


“RAAAWWRRR!! I’ll get my long-awaited two-shot once I complete this!”


But that mohawk head doesn’t care about my worries at all.

Once he furiously made his suicide declare, he rode off on the motorbike. The onlookers naturally follow him off, and the lured media personnel start to give chase. Ah…I guess it’s fine since it works.

And this really is the perfect timing for me.

“Yo, Kazeshiro. Waiting for you here.”

“…Sakamoto. What do you want?”

Standing at the entrance of the abandoned building is a figure holding an embrella.

Takayuki Kazeshiro has finally appeared.

“What about you? What are you doing?”

“Shut up. That phone call just now was from you…damn it!”

Haha. Don’t be so angry, Kazeshiro, your plan is a little too naive.

Your plan requires the attention of the media for it to be significant. Then, before you put it to action, I’ll just have to get the mohawk head to cause a ruckus and lure the media away. Whether he gets caught or escapes successfully, nobody in the media will notice you. Japan’s already a country with high suicide rates. There’s nothing strange about a copycat criminal.

“Also, the polyethylene tanks got moved away thanks to those delinquents.”

“…Damn it…”

And thanks to my sister’s assistance, I have a rough guess on this guy’s plan.

“This is an abandoned building, and you intend to splash kerosene here and burn away. That’s why you moved the oil tank here.”

If it’s noon, and the empty abandoned building is to be set aflame, it’ll definitely garner attention. I don’t know how he intends to kill himself later on, but doing so much till this point is basically success. Unfortunately, this is all he can do.

“What do you intend to do!? It’s too late for you to move the kerosene again. It’s easy to light it up, but it’s going to rain the entire day! I’ll call the fire brigade!”


Things were simple after that. My little sister found Kazeshiro’s cellphone number for this, and I waited for a moment to give a phone call, saying ‘your plan’s revealed. We moved away the kerosene’, and everything’s fine. That paranoid guy would surely come by to have a look.

“I-it’s not over yet, Sakamoto…”

“You really are a sore loser.”

I give a wry smile at Kazeshiro, who still hasn’t given up.

Guess there’s no choice.

“Kazeshiro! Do you know where this place is?”

I ask Kazeshiro, who dropped his umbrella, as I point at the front of the abandoned building as we face off against each other, the pedestrian crossing.

“How can I not know!?”

“I know right!?”

There’s no way he won’t know about it. This is a place absolutely unforgettable to us both.

This is the place where the girl we loved departed the Earth.

To Kazeshiro, this is the end of the story.

To me, this is the beginning.

The story woven in a corner of the world has to end at this place after all.

“Kazeshiro! What do you think of me!”

I yelled, seemingly shaking away the rain splattering the building.

I’m begging that this voice will reach the crybaby who’s not on this world.

“Kazeshiro, I used to be a guy everyone hated, just someone who caused trouble for everyone. The one who changed me isn’t anyone else; it’s Hikari Yumesaki.”

Kazeshiro didn’t say anything.

And so, I continue.

“But when I think about it carefully, I realize its a mistake. I didn’t change at all. I just feel that I changed, because I didn’t do anything.”

Yes, I didn’t do anything.

“I always thought I couldn’t do anything. But that’s not the case. Hikari Yumesaki taught me this, that this me is able to do anything. I can make friends, get a girlfriend, be the most popular guy in class. These are what she taught me.”

I thought I was the one who saved her.

But that’s not the case.

In fact, I was the one being saved all this while.

She had always been watching over me.

And so,

Because of this, I didn’t change.

For her sake, I have to be stronger.

“Kazeshiro, stop trying to kill yourself! Your vengeance can be said to be just some stupid self-satisfaction! Nothing will change even if you do this! Wake up!”

But the haze shrouding Kazeshiro’s face has yet to subside.

“…What do you know? I’m taking revenge for Hikari Yumesaki. Nobody can stop me.”

Standing in a dark corner, Kazeshiro pulls out something from his bag.

That’s a lighter, and a PET bottle…?

“Sakamoto, did you think this will be enough to stop me? The attention has decreased, true, but the media’s just insurance for me. As long as I die here, I’ll definitely gain attention. All the preparations are already done.”


“Tomorrow, when tomorrow comes, my email will automatically send messages to news stations and the press. The mails will include the truth about Hikari and my deaths. I-it’s not over yet!”


“What are you planning, Kazeshiro?”

“I said it many times already. I’m going to die here today. There’s kerosene in this bottle, and I still have more inside. It’s not enough to burn the building, but it’s enough for me to burn myself. It’s not a nice feeling to pour kerosene down my head though.”

And so, Kazeshiro opened the PET bottle.

………That idiot!

“Kazeshiro, stop! Throw away that lighter!”

“Don’t come!”

“I told you to stop!”

Damn it…

Kazeshiro, you bastard! Why haven’t you given up yet?

“Please, don’t come here…I can’t come here any longer…it’s because of me that Hikari died. Do you know how much I’m suffering here!?”

“You’re mistaken! That’s not the case!”

“I’m not wrong! This is the final redemption I can do–!”

And so, Kazeshiro flicks the lighter in front of him.

But, but,

I can’t let him kill himself.

And my feet naturally move forward.

And then, I feel as if I’m casting aside the me that day.

There’s definitely someone pushing me forward from behind.

I, I…

I said that I’ll protect you–!”


“I once practiced swimming with Kazeshiro, but we can’t because neither of us can swim!”



Just when Kazeshiro was about to light the fire, I yell at him while shouting this.

His movements stop, and once I saw that, I slowly approach him, yelling,

“I once held a birthday party for Kazeshiro at the ‘South Polar Star’! I forgot my wallet, so I had him treat me.”

“I once went to Kazeshiro’s house to prepare for chemistry exam, and when I asked him, what is a mole, he laughed at me!”

“When Kazeshiro wrote his career aspirations as a teacher, I said it doesn’t suit it, and he got angry!”

“Kazeshiro got angry that I fed him parsley, which he doesn’t like! I’ll get him to eat that again!”


“…My room reeks of parsley because of you, huh? Take responsibility for that.”

I stand in front of Kazeshiro, and snatch the lighter while he was dumbfounded. Well, that’s dangerous, huh?

And then, I take out the notebook from my shoulder bag.

That’s the secret diary between Hikari Yumesaki and me. To be honest, I’m really reluctant to show it to Kazeshiro.

“Look at this!”

I open the notebook and show it to Kazeshiro.

“I did say at the graveyard that she’s my other half. That girl and I swap personalities every day. This is what the me yesterday wrote, stuff only you and Hikari Yumesaki will know of. This is the proof, and you should believe me now.”


Kazeshiro’s swimming eyes started at the notebook.

Written on it was Hikari Yumesaki’s last wish, the memories only Kazeshiro and she would know of. It was crammed with words, some of them tilted even.

And at the bottom, she wrote,

“I didn’t kill myself. Trust me.”

“…Eh…? Eh?”

“How about that, Kazeshiro? Listen up. That girl didn’t kill herself. You may think it’s all a joke before this, but look closely. The next page shows the true reason for her death.”

“Wait, how did you know about the pool–eh, she didn’t…kill herself?”

“Yeah, that girl didn’t kill herself. Hikari Yumesaki wrote down the truth here.”


While Kazeshiro remained speechless, I let out a sigh

“…Now’s the troublesome part.”

What sort of reaction will this guy have? In a certan sense, I’m looking forward to it.

“Before I show you the next page, Kazeshiro, let’s make a promise. You already believe that she’s my other half–”

“Enough yapping and show me already!”

“I’ll show it to you, but before that–”

“Hurry up!”

“…Okay then.”

And so, I turn over to the next page.

I show the truth written on it to Kazeshiro.

The final words from the girl we liked,


“To Sakamoto and Kazeshiro,


This incident is caused me, so I’m really sorry about this. But I have to reiterate here.

I did not kill myself.

It’s a painful thing to be bullied, but I never intended of killing myself.

I did think of it, but you probably had such thoughts, don’t you, Sakamoto, Akitsuki? When you’re feeling depressed, or when you feel disgusted with everything else. When I thought of mom and Kazeshiro, I couldn’t bring myself to do that.

But on that day, I died.

As the police had reported, I did die of an accident because I was careless. It’s not fully because of me being careless though.

On that day, I…”


At that point, I took the notebook back.

“W-what are you doing, Sakamoto?”

“Wait. Before this, there’s something I have to talk to you about.”


“What? Hurry up!!”

Kazeshiro yelled with his face pale, the bellow mixing in with the rain.

There’s something I have to say no matter what.

“Well, fine, Kazeshiro. Let me tell you first. What appears next is the truth. No matter how unbelievable it is, don’t lose your cool.”

“…Yeah, got it.”

“It’s a promise. Keep calm no matter what you see, ‘kay?”

“…I promise”



Both of us stare at each other.

And then, with the rain echoing in the background, I continue,

“…No, I guess it’s better for you not to know…”

“You’re annoying! What are you hesitating for! Hurry up and show it to me!”

“B-because I told you before–”


…Okay then. You’ll regret knowing this.

And then, I open that page,


–And let a lethargic sigh.


“I’ll tell you the truth here.


On the day I died, I actually passed by Sakamoto at the crossing, where the accident took place.

At that time, Sakamoto was showing a really terrifying face, and the passers-by were shunning him. That’s the reason why he was shedding tears.

It’s really cutttteeee!


Like a guy appearing in a young girls manga

Like the antagonist that appears in games, one that you can’t bring yourself to hate!

And then…and then!

I’ll be honest here, the trending BL sensor within me was beeping away!

I finally found the ‘Uke’ character I was looking for.

A perfect contrasting match to the ‘seme’ eyes of Kazeshiro!

It’s moe if the timid delinquent is to entangle together with the handsome Kazeshiro~

When Kazeshiro pushes down the teary eyed Sakamoto and do things like this, right?

And then I walked on without seeing my surroundings…and then I died.☆

It’s possible LOLOLOL.”




Wow, what an amazing reply to that! I got to hand it to Hikari Yumesaki. She’s really a natural airhead.

“Huh!? What did you just say!? M-moe!? Eh, no, I might as well just die…right now…ahhhhhhhhhhh……”

This is bad. The reality in front of Kazeshiro’s completely gone here. Calm down, calm down! Why are you stripping out of a sudden! Calm down now! Your character’s changing!

“Kazeshiro! Accept this! This is reality! This idiotic girl died because of this stupid interest, and ended up being my other half! Just read on already!”

And then, I open the next page in front of Kazeshiro. Written on it is–


“Because, this is–too attractive!!

Kazeshiro may look a little aloof, but he’s really fleetingly handsome.

And Sakamoto may look very scary, but he’s actually very cowardy.

It’s a once in a generation match here! And also, Sakamoto’s very much like a character in the novel I like!

When Sakamoto’s being all teary and such, Kazeshiro will pretend to be aloof, but will embrace Sakamoto gently from behind…kyaaa!

Well? Don’t you guys think it’s cute!?”



And Kazeshiro’s yell overpowered even the rain.

Hm, you think that way? So do I.

“Don’t mess around with me! This is too illogical! Even if it’s a joke, there’s a limit to that! How can that–person be interested in that sort of thing…….ahh, speaking of which…”

It looks like you have some idea of what’s going on.

Same as me.

–I never thought you would have such interests (LOL). Follow rule number 4 (LOL).

–I don’t really like it that much, but it’s only recently that I’ve interest in such things.

…That novel was the foreshadowing of all of these things.

“The-then, why didn’t you say anything before! I wanted to die–”

“Here, I’ll lend you this notebook to read for the time being.”

I hand over the notebook to Kazeshiro, and then pick up the PET bottle filled with kerosene that had rolled to the side. Ah, on a side note, there’s still a continuation of Hikari Yumesaki’s reply on the next page. The content was really unbelievable, so I read through it many times. Thanks to that, I managed to memorize the contents.


“Actually, I wanted to say the truth! When Kazeshiro said that he wanted to take revenge, I thought that was because of me, so I really wanted to say it right away! But if I say it using this body, there’s no way Kazeshiro would have believed me…and, well, it’s a little embarrassing. I actually liked that sort of thing between boys…but I can’t let this important Kazeshiro die here. That’s why I’ve decided to come out and openly reveal that I’m a BL lover! Praise me now!”


“Like Hell I will! This…idiot…”

Ah, this isn’t good.

Now the usually poised and collected Kazeshiro’s about to collapse. Is his head completely seething?

“Because of…this reason…I was really going to kill myself…”

I understand that feeling very well. I did swear in front of Hikari Yumesaki’s grave, saying something like “I’ll definitely stop you, Kazeshiro, definitely…! (pumped up)” . That’s a black mark in my history now. Ah, but those words coming from you “I won’t lose to anyone if it’s my feelings for her.” probably would be somewhat similar.



“What’s with the contents of that message…?”

“The last message? You mean that? That “I can’t live on alone in this world anymore. The ones connecting my life to this world are the cold, yet gentle eyes line?”

“How do you know about that!?”

“I picked up her student handbook at the scene of the crime, and those words were inside.”

Of course, Hikari Yumesaki did explain about it.

“Actually, that’s a line that appeared in my favorite novel.

I wanted to use it when I have someone I like, so I copied it into the student handbook.

But that line really sounded like a will.

Ahaha! Sorry!”


Right now, I’m not the one clicking my tongue at the illustration of a pretty girl kneel down and grovelling her head. Kazeshiro is.

For I too am reflecting on my actions, that I should have noticed it earlier.

I found the BL novels she hid before, and there was that one line inside it. I saw it before, but it’s only now that I noticed it…

“Then why did she send that message in the first place! And at that moment too!”

“Just sit down already, Kazeshiro. Stop stripping yourself! Anyway, read the next page.”


“Well, Kazeshiro just wouldn’t listen to my calls.

I thought even if it’s a line from the novel, it wouldn’t be out of place in this situation, and then I tried to see if it works (laughs) It’s like when I buy my umbrella and shoes, I think of using them immediately! It’s like that feeling❤

And I thought that if I were to send some deep stuff over, the overly serious Kazeshiro will definitely reply to me. But then I died immediately afterwards LOLOLOLOLOLOL



“…Ahh, is that so?”

Yeah…Kazeshiro finally looks over at me…

Same here. I too think this girl’s an idiot, really.

And to conclude,

Hikari Yumesaki wanted to hide the fact that she died because of the stupid reason that she’s a fujoshi.

But Kazeshiro was so stubborn in thinking that she killed herself because she was bullied, and thought of taking revenge. As for me, I thought she killed herself, thinking that the words she left on the handbook was a will.

Hikari Yumesaki wanted to clear the misunderstanding, but also wanted to hide the reason behind her death.

And so, she could only think of a way to settle this alone. Things later got more severe though, and Kazeshiro declared that he would kill himself.

And so, left with no choice, Hikari Yumesaki decided to come out of the closet.

A full throttle fujoshi is really too strong…

Hahahahaha, haha, hahaha…


Seriously…even the way she died…was pretty cute.

“Hey, Kazeshiro, at least finish reading the explanation..

Having been fooled completely by Hikari Yumesaki, Kazeshiro’s like a woodlouse which had just woken up, and I turn over the page for him to read. That’s the explanation Hikari Yumesaki racked her brains trying to add on…I think.


“But I can’t help it! Kazeshiro and Sakamoto are both so handsome!

It’s because you two are too cool!

There was a time when I felt at pain because I was bullied.

But it’s because I’m able to see Kazeshiro every day that I’ve been working hard to live on.

I’m sad that I died, but because of Sakamoto, I still intend to live on, I guess.

I love both of you. *Blows kisses* Here’s my love for both of you virgins!

And so, the fault lies in both of you being so amazing!

Right, right, I’m not the one at fault!

Okay, based on Hikari-styled’s majority vote, it’s decided that I’m not the one at fault–

That’s all~”



Kazeshiro looks like he’s either enraged or was about to burst into laughter. Yeah, I understand your feelings. I really feel angry–but I can’t get angry because the girl I like said that. I too…



“Let me punch you.”

“Do it to the me tomorrow.”

“…What’s the time now?”


“I see. So you planned it?”

“Yeah. I can’t possibly punch myself.”

“With that face of yours, there’s no reason for me to hold back.”

“I’ll leave it to you, in more ways than one.”

It’s really great that he’s an open-minded guy. I get along wth you really well. Maybe we’ll be good buddies.

Giving a wry smile, I take out a black marker from my bag.

“Lend me your arm for a bit.”

And then, I scribble some words on Kazeshiro’s arms, while the latter showed a gentle smile he never did before.


“I’m already played my part as the good guy. It’s your turn next, the time to be decisive!”


I’m returning those words you once said.

With an impish heart, I snicker.

Maybe my feelings were conveyed as Kazeshiro smiled once he met me in the eyes, saying,



“Your life is filled with joy.”

“…Yeah, it really is.”

And so, I look out of the window.

I raise my hand, looking at the watch, and reach out to the narrow rainy sky.

Sleeping behind it is my sun.

“There’s still 10 seconds till 4.59am.”

I then smile at Kazeshiro, who’s unable to hide his embarrassment.

“What will you two do after this?”

“I’ll leave my other half to you.”


And so, I die,

And she revives…

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