[Bokushinu V1] Prologue

The bleeding would not stop.

On that day, a girl died in front of me.

Raindrops were falling while the body, dampened by the grey rain water, finally stopped convulsing.

This small tragedy, which happened in some unknown place in this world, sucked in people who were living their daily lives.

The crowd, full of curiosity, was watching the scene while the dark raindrops on the ambulance were vaguely reflecting the silhouette of the police car.

The siren was covering up the background noises, aggressively swaying the deep sea this world is comparable to.

Shortly after, the non-stopping rain flushed away everything.

Only a trace of that girl’s blood was left.

Only this trace of blood would not disappear, as it was drying up.

I, who could never go back to my normal life, picked a dropped booklet next to my feet.

It was a booklet completely soaked of a deep, red liquid.

The photos inside were so ruined that it was impossible to see anything. Only the name could be barely deciphered.

Hikari Yumesaki.

The name of a girl who was not living in this world anymore.

This is a name given to someone destined to seize the light of her dreams and future.

A future that would yet never come to her.

A story which has already ended that can no longer continue.

Because she–

“I’ll take half of your lifespan.”

I lifted my head, feeling uneasy.

It was on the dark sidewalk in front of me.

A shady person, wearing black clothes from head to toe, was standing there.

That person, even without holding an umbrella, stayed dry from the rainwater.

However, like a decaying dead tree…

“Use half of your lifespan to save her.”

…that person said, with the tone of someone who’s suppressing its laughter.

Thus, I replied.

“Bring it on, bastard.”

I wanted to ask her something.

At the very moment she disappeared from this world…what did she think of this cruel world?

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