When everyone reads at this afterword, I suppose it would no longer be a problem to say that I am no longer on this world, that I am dead after a flashback to the schedule. Hello everyone, this is Maru Fuji

Now then, it is time for the afterword. I did try fooling everyone by writing a few words of thanskgiving in the first volume’s afterword, but it will be too stale if I am to follow the same pattern in the second volume.

And so, I seeked the grand master Google on how to write an afterword. It seems that many readers like to read how the making process is done, or any insider information. Thus, this Maru Fuji too will probably follow the trend as well. This is definitely not because I have nothing to write about here.

Anyway, this is the first episode of behind the scenes.

I live in Kansai, and when I have to head to the editorial branch, I will take the Shinkansen. When riding on it, I would naturally encounter foreign tourists here, and it is no surprise that a foreign tourist would be sitting beside me. They however would speak to me in English, and naturally, I do not speak English.

The most memorable moment is probably the Mr Colombia (fake name) I met in late  January.

When he started shouting at me “Fuji! Fuji Fuji!” I immediately began to panic (Eh, what!? Does he know about me (Ore)!?) After panicking for a little while, I realize he wanted to know whether to go to the left side seat or the right side seat to see Mt Fuji. Now that really confounded me.

Maru Fuji has no interests in the scenery, and does not know anything about this either. However, I cannot just ignore the the tourists who finally made their way to come visit Japan, and so I bet on a 50-50 chance, and answered energetically ‘Right!’.

Mr Columbia said “OK! Nice!” after hearing me say that, and was beaming brightly as he took the ‘left-side seat’. Is my English really that bad!? (Tears)

It appeared on the left! That was close! Good thing my English’s bad!

The moment I notice Mt Fuji, I just calmed down for some reason, and peeked towards Mr Columbia, who was seated in front of me. I then saw him stare at Mt Fuji blankly, looking extremely interested. The white brother seated beside me frantically fished out the digital camera as he leaned forward to take a photo. As expected of Columbians, they cannot be underestimated.

I kept recalling such trivial matters as I wrote this down, but it certainly is a little that, huh? This really does not involve any behind the scenes. Well, if I have a chance next time, I will try again, so please forgive me, everyone.

This is it for now, so please excuse me now.


Maru Fuji

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