[Bokushinu V2] CUT 1 – Today, I made you angry. You wanted revenge

“Brother, wake up.”

Hm? Morning already…?

“You can’t oversleep just because it’s summer vacation. Yukiko here is hungry.”

Ah…let me sleep a little more…

“Argh! Wake up now!”


Ahh, my blanket…


“Now, wake up already…why are you sleeping naked, you perverted brother–!!!”



I took an Ortega Hammer from my little sister, and immediately tumbled down from my head. I tried my best to widen my sleepy eyes, and saw the back of my sister covering her flushed red face as she ran out of the room.

“What was that about?”

I stand up to see myself reflected on the mirror, and let out a sigh.

Ahh, that girl.

“Even if it’s hot, at least wear some pajamas.”

I put on a jersey, and look at the notebook laid out on the table.

After seeing the diary that’s littered with doodle, I can’t help but let out another sigh again.

“Good morning, Sakamoto! Do your best for summer homework today too! I left a pile of it for your sake! Hikari really is great here!”

“You’re just being the same as usual!

Hikari Yumesaki, you imbecile.

The girl’s voice enter my mind, and for the 3rd time, I sigh at this usual unbelievable diary entry. At the same time, I recall the events of a certain day in early Spring.

It was a certain rainy day in early April, and a girl died unfortunately in front of me. It was Hikari Yumesaki.

I, who coincidentally was at the scene, was asked by a black-robed person “Will you use half your lifespan to save her?”

In the face of this sudden choice, I answered “Bring it on, bastard!”. And so, I ended up using half my life as the price to get her to revive—

“…That was supposed to happen.”

In fact, our personalities would save every alternate day, and we end up beginning an unbelievable life of two souls living the same life. I am in control of my body today, but Hikaru Yumesaki’s consciousness will take over tomorrow. This occurs every alternate day, and thus, taking up half of my life. When I noticed it, I can’t help but hate the sophisms in the Japanese language.

Every day, at 4.59am, our personalities will switch. We will not retain any memories when our personalities aren’t present, and thus, I can only interact with the other me, Hikari Yumesaki, through this exchange diary method.

“Always doing such stupid things.”

She would record the stupid things she did on the diary, and as this ridiculous diary entry has proved, this Hikari Yumesaki is an idiot at a level beyond other idiots.

And then there’s the amazing death she had because she had a fujoshi fascination, but for some reason, whenever she did something in life, there would be all sorts of errors occurring, either that, or that she did some stupid things again. Thanks to that, my life’s so frantic it’s practically at a point of typhoon alerts. And because she’s always doing such dumbfounding pranks, it’s common for me to end up in troublesome matters.

“At least she did show signs of doing something.”

I flip through the maths assignment, and found that she did do a few questions at least.

…Well, she gave up after doing about 3 questions or so, and then there’s an increase in doodles, with a pretty spellcaster that resembles Hikari Yumesaki at the end.

“Hikari’s hard work is used as a sacrifice to summon Sakamoto! I’ll leave the rest to you!”

And there’s also this one vexing line on the illustration. All the questions after that were left blank. Damn it, drawing such a high quality drawing will take about the same time as a question!

“Please, I’ll try my best tomorrow, so forgive me here. You’ll definitely forgive me because you’re so kind, right Sakamoto? I’ll hate you if you’re not. How about it. You’re a covert handsome guy, Sakamoto.”

“What’s a covert handsome guy? You think I’ll forgive you because of that?”

…I’ll forgive you this time!

“Goodness. No exceptions next time!”

I lie my tired body on the chair’s backrest, and continue to mutter to myself as I snark at the diary.

The wind coming from the window feels a little cooling. Ahh, today’s rather hot too.

“Hikari Yumesaki, huh?”

I softly mutter the name of my partner.

Ever since the moment her soul resided in my body, a lot of things happened till this point.

I was once a guy who was ostracized by my classmates due to certain personal circumstances, but thanks to her, I inadvertently became the hero of the class, and I got a confession from a girl, something I never thought I would be able to have. Also, there was the confrontation against the guy called Kazeshiro due to the circumstances involving Hikari Yumesaki’s death, and that was really dangerous.

I close the notebook, and place it on the cover she once touched.

The relationship between us is really inexplicable. We can’t meet, can’t hold hands, and can’t talk to each other.

The only thing binding us tightly together is a notebook. She, with her back leaning against mine, is so close yet so far. I wonder how much has she occupied my mind? After the incident involving Kazeshiro, I too wanted to sort out my feelings a little…

“Well, whatever.”

I force down the troubles that’s bothering me in my heart, and decide to respond to her expectations. She’s going to work hard starting tomorrow, so that means she wants me to work hard, I guess? Ah damn it, she’s good at ordering others.

And so, I continue to live the life of two souls in one body on this day with Hikari Yumesaki. However, there’s naturally no way the common life of the deplorable girl Hikari Yumesaki and this fake delinquent in me’s going to go well. Naturally, this summer vacation is no exception, and we spend our days living quite the intriguing life.

Maybe a certain event that happened two days later will just be a prelude to something.


“I lost my memories.”

“You spent a passionate night with your girlfriend until you lost your memories? Now this is why you’re a delinquent.”

“Listen to me seriously! I really lost my memories!”

“Also, why are you not calling me Miss? Now this is why you’re a delinquent.”

“Miss, please don’t joke around here. I’m serious. I really lost my memories.”

“Goodness me, why must you be born with such a terrifying face? Now this is—”

“Enough with this pattern already?”

“Hoho. I really do like this. Too bad, I guess.”

While my body’s gradually getting used to summer vacation.

The scorching sun incinerates the land as the sky remains cloudless. It’s now noon, so hot that I feel like exploding. Thanks to a certain person going bonkers, I had to come to school to take some remedials, and now I’m in the infirmary.

“And so? You lost your memories again?”

“That’s not all this time. Anyway, look at this.”


I fish out a note from my pocket, and the infirmary teacher Higumo picks it up with her long fingers

She’s still wearing that trademark muffler, which could be written off if it was still spring, but it’s another thing in this season. It’s to a point where I want to ask her, “are you training ?”. She ties her long black hair in a ponytail, and whenever she does that, the sights from the cleavage and miniskirt would attack my eyes. Those so happen to be exactly what I like


I look away from the complacent smile Higumo gives. Damn it, I can’t let me make a fool out of me.

“What exactly is going on? Can you tell this teacher?”

She waves the note as she asks me.

“…A-an acquaintance sent this message to me.”

“Hm? A girl you know of?”


“A girl gave you this little message?”


“Ohoho. No wonder you’re showing such a face there.”

She giggles as she stares at the note in amusement.

Shut up, damn it. You,

“I don’t remember writing such a thing before, so, well—”


Do-don’t make me say it.

“Wh-when exactly do girl write…such things?”

“Oho. This surely is youth. You’re so cute despite that scary face of yours.”

Ahh, whatever! I shouldn’t have come after all! I’m going back!

“Wait wait! I’ll hear you out. Sorry, I guess?”

Higumo tightly embraces me from behind just when I stood up, keeping me here.

Damn it. There’s really an amazing smell coming from her hair. She hits all the marks for me.

“Then, you have no idea at all, Akitsuki? There may be some thing you did that may be trivial to you, but important to a girl, you know”

“Even if you say so.”

I can’t think of anything.”

“Hm, I see~I can think of this together with you, but…”

Higumo says such an annoying sounding line with a delighted look as she embraces me further, and whispers alluringly into my ear.

“I think maybe it is better for you to think, you know? Maybe that’s what she’s hoping?”


Tsu—she points her index finger at my cheek, and for some reason, it causes me to bashful.

“Can’t you try and recall what you did the previous day?”

She lets go of my body as she laughs, saying this. Though she did give me this advice,

“I’m troubled because I can’t do it.”


“It’s nothing. I’m going back.”

After letting out this grumble, I’m really readying to leave. While on my way out, she says to me, “It’s hot out there. You should cut your hair.”, and so I reply to her, “You too. You’re wearing a muffler even though it’s so hot”, before returning back to the sizzling corridor. Do I have to walk back down this hot corridor?

“What I did yesterday…huh?”


I continue to walk slowly under the scorching sky.

I guess club activities are in progress, as there are some students dressed in uniform walking towards me while I’m walking home, and immediately shun me hastily.

As for why that’s the case, it’s because I have quite the heinous appearance. It’s already common for me to have people make way for me while I’m walking. Thanks to this, I don’t have any friends, let alone a girlfriend, and once remedials ended, nobody would ask me out to play, so I can only return home. Ahh seriously, I might as well just die.



The moment I entertain such thoughts.

Someone’s coming from in front of me, and my eyes stop on those bouncing braids.

“Ah, Sa-Sakamoto. What’s the matter? At such a time…”

“Hm, ah, I had remedials. I’m going home now. Are you attending club activities?”

“Ah, yes.”

Kasumi Sanada. Everyone in class calls are Kasumi.

This classmate of mine has the unique traits are her petite body, the braided her, and that she would stutter slightly.

The vibe she gives me is that she’s an underclassman of mine due to her passive attitude, but their striking, self-emphasizing breasts tell me that she’s of the same age as me. I can’t take this anymore.

“I-is that so? You’re going back…what do I do now. I don’t have any club activities today…bu-but I want, to go out and play…with anyone who’s free.”

Heh? That’s quite the slacking club life. It’s good to have friends who can go out and play together.

“I-I’m thinking of going to the p-pool, so I bought an amazing s-swimsuit…”

Pool huh? I guess this is the perfect weather for going to the pool today.

“E-especially if it’s you, S-Sakamoto—”

“Ah, I see.”

I stare at a thoroughly blushing Kasumi, and suddenly remember.

It’s a rare thing to be able to meet her. I guess a girl should be able to understand another girl’s feelings best.

“More importantly, do you mind looking at this?”

“Eh? Ah, y-yes…”

Kasumi looks utterly devastated as she receives the note I hand her.

Hm? What’s the matter?

“An acquaintance left this message for me, but I can’t wrap my head around it. What does this mean actually?”

“M-message? Erm…”

And so, Kasumi stares at the message seriously.


Huh? What? Silence? Erm…

“…This is from a girl, right?”

“Eh? So what abut that?”

“This is the message from the person you like…right?”

“Eh? Ah—”

The moment I say this, I realize what’s going on. D-damnnit.

Of course, I got careless. Regarding me, this girl…

“…I see. So this is the message from the girl you like…”

Kasumi’s serious eyes are staring at the note as she ponders over something.

Her face right now looks as if she’s plotting something instead of thinking of a solution.

“…What I think is that this girl you like definitely,”


“This girl you like definitely hates you a lot, I think.”


A lot!? A lot, you say!?

“The words are clearly showing her disgust and hatred for you. I’m a girl too, so I know this very well. It’s better for you to break up all ties with this girl, Sakamoto.”

“No, this is—”

“Trust me, Sakamoto. I’m saying this for your sake.”

“Th-this is…”

She’s saying these words with such fluidity she never showed before, and I’m left speechless by that.

Er-erm, Kasumi?

“Sakamoto, you shouldn’t be getting involved with me. But that means you’ll be lonely, right? I guess you’ll die without girls in your life…”

No, I won’t die like that…

“Th-that’s why, if you need to replace the girl…er-erm…”


“I-I can replace her, if you like…?”

“Ah, erm…”

Such a response will only leave me troubled.

“If it’s you, Sakamoto…I don’t mind ‘being eaten up’—”

“Ah, ahh! Time to go off now! Bye then!”

I can see a black color filling Kasumi’s eyes, and hurriedly cut the topic as I dash down the asphalt at full sprint. That was dangerous. Those eyes were basically staring at a prey…

And I continue to run until I could no longer see her, before I finally stop to wipe the dripping sweat from my forehead.

After doing so, I stare at the note again, muttering,

“A lot, huh?”

There’s no way such a thing’s possible.


“What’s this?”

“A message I got from someone I consider a friend, a female friend. What do you think?”

“Brother, you have friends?”

“Don’t retort back here!”

After returning home.

I gurgle down large gulps of malt tea to quench my throat, and visit my sister’s room.

Of course, the reason is the aforementioned message.


Feeling absolutely bored, I size up my little sister.

Yukiko Sakamoto, my little sister, a first year in Middle School.

Her hair’s a straight, short bob, and like me, she has Sanpaku eyes. At this moment, she’s staring at the note sullenly, making her face more sultry than usual. Maybe it’s because the weather’s too hot as she’s dressed in a pink Camisole, exposing a lot of her body, and the miniskirt at the bottom’s so short it’s at the limit. Looks like she’s beginning to gain the understanding of dressing up.

“What do you think? Since you’re a novelist, you should be able to read what the author’s thinking, right?”

“I don’t have such an ability. This is different from Language classes.

Yukiko says so curtly without looking back at me.

Actually, Yukiko’s already a novelist at this age, and even managed to publish a few volumes. She usually looks to be very busy, and as for what she’s writing exactly…I do have some vague ideas, but I don’t dare to confirm it.

“This is actually written to you; what exactly did you do to your friend?”

“I told you I don’t know at all.”

“Hm…maybe she’s angry because of this?”

If that’s the case, Higumo too did say something similar.

But even if they do say so, I don’t know anything about what I don’t know.

“Now then, Yukiko, let’s assume this.”


“If I made you angry.”

“That’s quite often.”

Enough with the retorts, please.

“And then, you left such a message for me.”


“And so, in other words, what do you think you want me to do.”

“What do I want…”

This is called a change of thinking. If I can’t think of the reason, I’ll just think of how to settle it.

After hearing my idea, Yukiko lets out a murmur as she frowns harder than before. It’s fine to have a sudden inspiration.

“What? She wants me to apologize after all, right?”

“…I don’t think that’s the case.”

Eh? That’s not it?”

“If it’s Yukiko, e-erm…”


“After a q-q-qua—”


“Qua—rrel…or something…”

“Eh, what?”

I can’t really hear her clearly, so I can’t help but lean my face forward to ask.

Our noses are just inches from each other, and I can even hear her breathing. Once I bring my face to her lips, Yukiko’s slightly red face exploded into beetroot instantly—

“Woah!? We’re siblings, you know?”


“Ah, no! It-it’s nothing! Y-y-you can think about it yourself! Yukiko has nothing to do with this!”

She yells out her thoughts as she turns her face away angrily.

“Wh-what’s going on? Why are you angry out of a sudden?”

“Shut up! You’re always garbage at such things all the time!”


Ehh…What was that…?

Goodness. You’re the one writing such a weird blog, and now you’re being so aloof to me. Have you got sick of me? Your brother’s just a disposable thing?

“Uu…recently, there’s only one so…ap…soap play…every two days . I-I feel lonely that there’s so few times of it…what’s with that service period back then…i-is it because Yukiko looked disgusted…th-that wasn’t what I actually thought. That…uu…”

“Eh? What play?”

Did I do something again yesterday?

“It’s nothing at all! Start making lunch now! Yukiko’s hungry!”

Okay okay. Nothing happened, huh? I’m sorry then.

With Yukiko raging and demanding to eat, I can only rummage through the fridge for leftovers to make some lunch, and we proceed to eat without saying anything in particular. I then return to the room, dive into the bed, raise the note to the ceiling, and stare at it intently.

“… ‘I’m angry‘—huh?”

I found this note sticking on my forehead the moment I woke up this morning.

There’s no doubt about it. This is the message from the me yesterday.

I thought there would be an additional footnote on the notebook, only to find a blank. That girl’s always having such major mood swings, prone to entire anger or mischief. It’s often said that a girl’s heart is as tumultuous as the Autumn’s weather, but she’s never as gentle as the Autumn weather. It’ll be better to describe her as having the temperament equivalent to Venus’ atmosphere.

However, even if she does write such a thing to me suddenly, I can’t think of anything. When I asked Kasumi and Yukiko, both of them too were stuttering.

She wants me to show concern for her…right?”

Well, if that’s the case, you could have given me a hint.

And so, I add a line on the notebook “…(Give me a hint).”, anyway, let’s leave this issue aside for now. There’s definitely something; maybe this is just a prank.


And so, two days later.

I open the notebook, and read the entry written inside.

“…(Hint: ChaCha Cha Cha Chaa Chaaaa~)”

“I don’t understand what that is…”

Wait a sec. I’m being serious here. What is this? Eh, I really don’t know.

However, she merely added on this line in the notebook. Well, it’s impossible for me to undertand this.

“Whatever, let’s apologize first.”

Feeling very impatient, I feel it’s nothing much,

“I don’t really understand, but sorry. I apologize.”

I write this down in the notebook. She’s someone with a lot of pride, and if she sees this apology from me, she’ll probably feel a little better. It’s just a small matter, and more importantly, you have to write your diary probably. That goes for two days ago too. I didn’t know why I got sunburned because you didn’t write the diary. I got scalded in the shower.

“She’s always giving me trouble.”

And so, I close the notebook and ignore this problem again. Surely this will be settled within the next two days, I think.

But I’m too naive.

Because Hikari Yumesaki’s really terrifying.


“…(You’re apologizing even though you don’t know anything. How useless are you as a guy?)”

“Ah goodness! You’re still angry!?”

Two days later, I quickly open the notebook, finding a chiding.

“Is this really alright!? You’re apologizing even though you don’t think you’re in the wrong, and that’s the one thing you shouldn’t be doing, you know!? It’s because of that…I won’t say anything more now!”

What are you saying now!? I’m curious!

“Because of this, Hikari’s affection of Sakamoto has fallen by 530,000 points! You virgin, humph!”

The diary entry ended here, and she even has a meter drawn with a color pen by the side, “Current affection for Sakamoto, -529,996 points”. Wait, you only have 4 points of affection before this? Even though I worked so hard? I just want to end this useless quarrel. Why did it fall so much? Aren’t you too reckless?

“Goodness, women are really a pain.”

Ah, I feel like I just said the line of a winner in life. I should use this more often.

“Speaking of which, even I’m angry now.”

That girl’s not something who’ll get angry so easily, right? I already apologized, so why’s she still fuming at me. Hm, yes, I didn’t do anything wrong.

“Do you think I’ll know because of what you said? You call me virgin here and there, it’s annoying. Aren’t you a virgin yourself (LOL). Tell me the reason if you want me to apologize.”

I think I may have gone overboard here.

In an instant, I thought of rewriting the thing, but I shake my head to remove my weakness.

No, this is fine. That Hikari Yumesaki has been getting a little too greedy nowadays. If I don’t tell her that I’m scary when I’m angry, I don’t know how much longer she’s going to torment me.

“Right, it’s decided. I’ll definitely not apologize until Hikari Yumesaki apologizes.”

I close the notebook violently, say some forceful words, and give a snort. What expression will the me tomorrow show? She’ll definitely be breaking down in tears.

Haha, I’m looking forward to it.


“Ah, Akitsuki, why are you crying?”

“Save me. I did something wrong…”

Two days later, I arrive at the infirmary to cry at Higumo. The reason? Don’t ask me that. It’s definitely because of her.

If it’s about why I’m crying so much, I’ll have to go back to this morning.

It seems Hikari Yumesaki’s really angry. For some reason, I found a porn magazine beside my bed this morning, and I’m cuddling a Dutch wife. And then, I find a lot of some sticky fluids between my legs. Thanks to me, mom showed concern to me, saying, “Th-the weather’s fine today! Time to wash the bedsheets! We have to wash it once in a while!” And of all days, Yukiko just had to enter my room.

“Brother, I came to wake you up as what you told me yesterday. Hurry up and wake—WAAH!? B-b-brother!?” My sister’s words gave way to a shriek midway through. And during breakfast, she’s giggling away, muttering to herself, “Yukiko saw it❤, it’s all sticky sticky❤”

And on a side note,

“You’re just teasing me here, Sakamoto! I definitely won’t forgive you! I’m going to cast the eternal puberty spell on you! You’re going to wake up like this every single time! Prepare yourself!”

I’ll say that instead of it being the eternal spell, it’s an instant death spell. Are you that desperate for revenge?

“Good grief. I can’t do anything about it.”

Higumo says this as she raises her leg with a poker face. Damn it, now you’re showing an unconcerned attitude. How am I supposed to face mom in the future, dammit!?

“You get it, Sakamoto? Girls want compensation.”


“Yes, compensation.”

Higumo slowly mutters those words.

“This isn’t give and take at all. When girls do things for boys, they will always hope for something back. They hope the boys will do things that will make them happy, that the boy can give her a wonderful memory. Sakamoto, try giving a proper response to her.”

“Even if you say so…”

I end up thinking that I’m the one who did all sorts of things for her. What did she do for me—


Wait, maybe—

“Oho, you thought of something?”

“…It’s nothing.”

Though I say so, I stand up from the seat.

Damn it. She’s grinning away. I just thought of something urgent! Don’t give me a look of ‘so this is puberty’ with that tongue sticking out! I’m angry!

“Bye then. I may come back.”

“Sure, looking forward to it. Do your best, boy.”

…I guess I better not come back after all.

I close the sliding door violently, and walk under the summer sky.

I see. So that’s how it is. If my guess is correct—

I guess it’s understandable why she’s so angry.


Two days later.

I reach between my legs once I wake up…and there’s none of the sticky stuff! Bingo! My guess is correct. Now this eternal spell’s gone.

I flip through the notebook on the table, and the message left by the me yesterday enter my eyes.

“Seriously, why are you always so dull? I had to do this much just so that you’ll notice, Sakamoto…I’m too lazy to say the rest.”

“So what happened in the end?”

I let out a bitter smile as I look over at ‘that thing’ on the table. Two days ago, after my conversation with Higumo, I went to the department store to buy a gift, and wrote my name as the recipient, to be delivered on the next day.

“It came late.”

Happy birthday, Hikari Yumesaki.

A bitter smile and relief appear on my face as I mutter this to the me yesterday.

It probably happened two months ago, and though it wasn’t my birthday, I received a birthday gift from Hikari Yumesaki. She did prompt me to return one to me, but due to all the hijinks that occurred, I forgot all about it. Looks like this is the reason for Hikari Yumesaki’s vengeance.

“Okay? I’ll forgive you this time. You better pay attention next time! A girl really pays attention to events! The next time won’t just be revenge alone. Remember this well.”

“Yes yes, I will.”

If she’s to do something more outrageous next time, it may be serious enough to warrant a family meeting. I’ll be mindful of that.

On a side note, the present I bought for Hikari Yumesaki’s a pen tablet. It’s a terminal used to draw illustrations on the computer, and I got a relatively good model amongst the available ones. This digital one’s a lot more effective than drawing on paper, and since she likes to doodle so much, she’ll be able to use this well. Leaving aside the fact that she normally draws those female erotic illustrations, she leaves them around in the room after she’s done drawing, and I would end up interrogated by my mom’s eyes the next morning when I wake up. I really hope that she’ll leave me some mercy with regards to this.

On a side note, the diary content behind really make me realize that I really don’t understand a girl’s feelings, and what sort of significance a girl’s virginity has.

“I don’t mind having many boys going out with me as long as I like them! This Hikari here has 50 confessions at day when she’s popular!”

She spent a few pages rambling about such things that clearly are lies. 50? Looks like the word virgin hurt her pride already. I guess I won’t say that.

I don’t know how Hikari Yumesaki felt just from the diary alone, so I switch on the computer to open my sister’s blog, “Yukirin’s big brother observation diary☆” . It doesn’t say much, but my sister’s blog has all sorts of things related to me.

Let’s check out the me yesterday.

“There was a package wrapped as a present, and when I look at it, I notice that it’s from brother to brother. I really don’t know what’s going on. Brother even kissed the present once he got it, muttering ‘I’ll treasure it well’. It doesn’t feel right. He even let out such a large amount of that sticky…….ahem!!”


…Hm, well, I guess Hikari Yumesaki’s happy after all.

I pick up the pen tablet on the table and face it to the sun to see if there’s a kiss mark, though it really looks like something a desperate guy will do, and after checking it, I continue to read the diary. Then, I see the very last paragraph.

“Ahaha, but you’re the first one to give Hikari here something she wanted. As expected of you, partner! As thanks, I’ll elevate you from virgin to super virgin! Good job☆ !”

“And I’ll still a virgin?”

And the way she says this makes me feel like it’s a downgrade.

“Now then, please remember to reply. Good night~gguuu…ZZZ”

“Yes yes, good night.”

Though it’s morning here.

After looking at the exchange diary that’s oozing warmth, I feel that though I’m teased by her, her joy’s reaching me through her words. Well, a lot of ruckus happened before this, but this has finally come to an end.

“I guess I should be doing my homework then.”

Compared to two days ago, there’s only so little homework done today, but I still can’t help but smile.

What shall I do starting noon? Speaking of which, I remember the afternoon drama she likes is airing this afternoon, if I’m not mistaken? She’ll forget to record it beforehand anyway, so I’ll do it for her. Ah, I remember the ice cream’s finished. Guess I got no choice but to go out to buy it. She won’t do it herself anyway.

“She’s really a troublemaker.”

I grumble as I look out of the window.

The blue, tall sky is extremely clear, looking like it’ll bring about some inexplicable encounter.

Such a wonderful summer sky cause me to let out a smile unwittingly.

Now then, summer vacation has just begun.

……After thinking of how carefree I was, I can’t help but punch myself.

For the summer vacation with Hikari Yumesaki, the tumultuous days, are just beginning.


And then, two days later, I found something.

“Sakamoto! News News! It’s a newsflash!”

“What’s with this usual ruckus of a diary entry?”

Grumbling, I continue to read on,

“Yukiko has a boyfriend!”

What the…

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