[Bokushinu V3] Afterword

The last time, I said I wanted to reveal the behind the scenes, but I didn’t, so this time, I want to complete the challenge.

This time, I want to talk about the book spine.

I’m sure everyone knows that every author at Dengeki Bunko has different colors for their spines. Also, everyone should know the spine color of Maru Fuji’s books. This time, I’m going to talk about how this color was decided.

It all happened on a very cold day…

Editor-in-charge: “What color do you want for the book spine?”

Maru Fuji: “Erm, this kind of color, I guess.” (The color of the attachment in the email.

Editor-in-charge: “Hm. But it seems that red suits Maru Fuji.”

Maru Fuji: “Ah, yes (why bother asking me…)”

That’s all.

This thing about the spine is that it’s decided in such an unreason…ahem…surprising manner, but in fact, Maru Fuji does like this color. Red is eyecatching! Whenever I just so happen to see the spine, I’ll really think, ‘good thing I didn’t get to choose my color’.

Well, leaving this unimportant thing aside, I have something I have to report to everyone.

Actually, once this volume’s done, the series ‘Tomorrow I will die, you will revive’ shall end.

A lazy person like me’s able to write three volumes. Thinking about it, it’s all thanks to the warm-hearted letters from the readers. I really want to give my sincere thanks to every reader.

And just to note, Maru Fuji’s next work has been decided. The editor-in-charge has been encouraging me, “I won’t be letting you rest (laugh)”, so I guess the new work should be announced, unexpectedly soon.

And so, everyone. The recent ‘unreasonable red’ (named Maru Fuji) should have a new work on the bookshelves. It should be enough for me if there’s someone who can recognize it “Ah, that author has a new work?”. I hope everyone can continue to support my new work. I’ll try my best to write, and make sure that everyone won’t regret buying it, surely.

And so, this is where it ends.

“Tomorrow I will die. You will revive.”

Thank you everyone for reading until the very end.



Maru Fuji

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