Boxing Day Announcement specials

Well…doesn’t the English Premier League have its matches held on this day?

This is also prompted by the announcement of the Clockwork Planet, for which I assume the main characters be like this:



To give a quick rundown on my plans, I’ll have Hikaru V10 translated before the end of the year. Just another…230 pages?

Most of the stuff at BT is already being resolved, and the decision was made irregardless of the mayhem in China, where all but one of the major Chinese translation sites were taken down, and the owners got arrested. Before you blame this fully on corruption, do note that at least a quarter of the novels hosted were actually ripped from the official translations…and they had a server in Japan. Full announcement will be made in February.

For future Clockwork updates, after looking at the formatting required, I decided to just host it on Hellping and post a link on BT instead…because I’m too lazy.

Marie Meister


I swore not to translate anything when I was in Taiwan, so for 15 days, I continued to work on the Translator afterword. (If you’re wondering about that teaser, I did that one back in June while waiting for my turn at a job interview) It’s done now, but a little long for most of the readers…and this is where I question the use of the term ‘readers’ here.

Magdala is supposed to be my main project next year. Clockwork 3 is just going to be a detour

(Keep telling myself that)



Yep, I hate lolis

In case anyone is asking, yes, if there is a license, my policy is to shuffle the chapters away. It’s almost expected for Clockwork to have a LN license at this point, so I’m bracing for the inevitable announcements in either March, August or December.

Part of this is an excuse to allow me to focus on the other projects.

Another part of this is an excuse to allow me to do whatever new projects I want.

…I love my life. (Btw, I got another 4 projects planned just in case. Nobody can tell me to limit the number of projects I take except for myself.)

In other words, I’m Trap Dustshooting myself.

This is the main reason why I’ll have Hikaru v10 Chapter 7 translated last.




7 thoughts on “Boxing Day Announcement specials

  1. Well as long as your staying in the community. I am greatful for any jap literature i can read until i am proficient enough.

  2. Even if you haven’t translated it yet, have you read Volume 3 of CloPla?

    I wanna know if that new *character* is actually a new character or just Naoto in drag.

    1. I won’t translate full volumes without doing my research.

      That is not a new character. Hint: Growing up is a pain.

  3. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    I get spoiled on Hikaru
    Why translator san why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But I am really happy she was chosen :3
    Yosh translator san do ur best and Happy New year, may this year be just like last year for you i.s full of enjoyable things
    And be safe

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