1. Changing servers will basically mean transferring all the data onto a different host. Literally copy and paste, same domain, different server host

      The key is that the site domain and stuff will remain the same, but we’ll have to host the domain in a different country. The data can be restored easily.

      Of course, this depends on what kind of hosting it is. Static, VPS or whatever.

        1. Russian server is no good. RKN thinks about pics with half-nude loli as CP. (nowadays https-version of BT still unaccessable due the block by order from RKN. Color ill of Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance v.5&11 were recognized by those dumb-ass as CP >。<)

          But not only blocking access. If site, which hosted in russian datacenter, disobey order to delete the “content that pollute mind of children by displaying suicide, weed, or CP”, then site goes through deregistration.
          Sadly its not freenet here nowadays.
          With sincerity from Russia

    1. Given that the servers will be hosted in a different place, it’ll likely mean that BT will have to follow the country laws. If the country doesn’t follow US copyright laws in this case, which is most likely, the projects will definitely have to be reinstated.

    1. Well, for one, BT will have to follow the rules of the country, or sometimes, the lack of rules.

      Given that the rules were made based on US laws (tlg was well advised on this), this means that there will be changes, mostly the reinstatement of licensed and DMCA projects

  1. Yo. So with the change of server host, which region are you guys looking into to host your domain? Is there any preferences?

  2. Since this time the LNs affected are under the Dengeki Bunko imprint, what are the chances for other publishing imprints LNs to be affected by other DMCA attacks?, or at least before BT switches servers?

  3. hopefully server relocation solve the problem. and small chance (is it?) of licensed LN to reinstated, damn have yet to finish DAL latest volume!

  4. Let me ask directly please

    If all this “move servers” action work correctly, the projects will be reinstated?

    And a bit related with this news

    I saw that campione has disapeared completely of Baka-tsuki.

    Someone know if is completely dropped?

    1. As stated, Baka-Tsuki follows the laws of the country host. If the server is moved, the projects will be reinstated if the new country isn’t affected by US or Japanese copyright laws (or at least one of the 21 TPP countries)

      Campione was deleted completely because of something like this too. BT was DMCA’ed by Shueisha. The council had no say in the matter as tlg (the host) himself immediately demanded that the series was to be taken down.


  5. Thanks ping for keeping us informed. The last two years roughly 300 volumes (45% of B-T in terms of volumes) have been taken out whereas only 30 have been published in English. Every publisher just by seeing a main page page with 160 titles and thousands visits per day would try to shut it down. Personally I believe the best choice would be:

    01. Relocation of servers
    02. Becoming private (only registered member should be able to view the main page)
    03. Reinstatement of licensed and DMCA projects
    04. If it’s deemed necessary you could remove only the volumes that have been already published in English.

    1. Well, the most important thing however is to look a new person willing to be the host. That person will also have to be someone we can trust, because if the new host isn’t reliable, he’s going to lose my trust, and so on, and it’ll be more jumbled than it is.

      Pardon my bluntness, but in my opinion, I don’t think randomly giving full power to a guy on reddit or /a/ who doesn’t know what’s going on, or that BT isn’t supposed to cater to their whims is going to work out.

    1. It’s IT, there isn’t any ‘true deletion’. The files are always there to be reinstated if needed. Never publicly accessible even to admins though.

  6. I will not ask anything… but I just want to say thank you for all the work you’ve done! I really like all your translations 🙂 Hope the matter with BT goes through though…

  7. Just food for thought: ping if you can’t find any other country, can’t you just go with Russia, minus images? (just put images in some other place)

  8. Well, it’s the last resort- a wall of text is better than zero.

    Also in the new site, please refrain putting the kanji title or the hiragana/katakana, the jp can’t find it in google search in the future…

    1. Noooooooooooooooo. Not deviantart. Theres a bunch of reasons not to use them, but I guarantee you, using them would fuck over everyone.

  9. i think the best way relocate the site and make a dummy or fake site to fool the japanese company. im not sure if it would work tho.

  10. lol i guess the japanese publisher would lose their mind after this, cuz there is no more centralized english translation (meaning less publication to their novels and many pirated translation [without(baka tsuki) that sorting the ln translation community] let’s see how long they last though)

    1. They don’t care. It’s not eating into their profits. Why will the Japanese publisher involve themselves in English translations?

      In a sense, Kadokawa bombed Yen Press, the local distributor they will earn money from the English speaking market, but it doesn’t matter because their profits aren’t affected at all.

      And if you think that’s bad, the Chinese translation scene is in complete chaos now because their site owners just got arrested on the urging of the local distributor and Kadokawa Guang Zhou. Why? For profits.

      To add insult to injury, they had a server based in Japan, of all places.

  11. Why not relocate to .to domain?
    I don’t know if this would help,though.
    I could say this is a good time to shut down BT for good?
    All the wild ride must end someday.Move on with life or so?

  12. Just going to restate a question from above because I wasn’t really clear about your answer: Would it be fine to host ONLY the text in Russian servers, and then host images in another place or put it in sites such as Imgur? Another suggestion if having a link to the images in the text is a problem, is to have an announcement saying “pm mods for link to pics” or something of the sort. This would require an account, however, that much is not a problem for most people I believe.

  13. Hellping although you mentioned that more announcements will be made in February I wonder if you could share with us some info (positive or negative). BT is down from yesterday, Skythewood received DMCA for his blog etc. As things go all the time translators sacrificed will go to waste…

    1. Nah, BT server is just down. Just need to get the guy to reboot the server.

      A decision was already made, and I can confirm that BT will continue on. Any further and it’ll be spoilers.

      As for Blessings, well, given that it is a Kadokawa work, it got nuked as well.

      A distinction has to be made between licensing and DMCA. Licensing is a lesser evil because it affects only one language based on the publisher (the French actually have more licenses than USA). DMCA affects all languages because none of the translations are allowed, not even Vietnamese.

      I have to say, DMCAs are killing the translations faster than the licenses ever did.

      tl;dr, BT is not shutting down.

      And if we thought that was bad, the Chinese had it worse with Kadokawa Guangzhou and their local distributors actually arresting Chinese light novel translation site owners (on Xmas too). Then again, when half the stuff on their sites are ripped directly from official Chinese translations, I can’t say that they’re completely innocent.

  14. Just curious, but can’t baka just make a members only forum where the text and images are just posted as messages/post?

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