Clockwork Planet gets an anime.

Naoto Miura: Yoshino Nanjo
RyuZU: Kakuma Ai
Marie Bell Breguet: Onishi Saori
Vainney Halter: Matsuda Kenichiro
AnchoR: Senbongi Sayaka

Producer: Xebec


Hello Clockwork my old friend, I came to talk to you again.

It’s been nice knowing you. Having picked you up before the NGNL hype and the KonoSugoi rankings, I knew you would be something the moment you started off with a terrorist attack in the prologue.

Personally, I do find quite a few faults, whether it is my disgust with the lolis, some plot issues I can’t spoil here, or…I don’t know, I hate you because you’re getting popular?

But in any case, it has been a fun ride working with you. Going from Kyoto, to Tokyo ala Kenshin, and wherever it may be, there’s never a dull moment, especially when the expletives start showing up with frequency.

With great power, comes great responsibility. With great exposure, comes great pressure. The pressure will come from everywhere. Fans, corporate, strangers, hecklers, whatever. I do intend to continue, until someone else does express the desire to take over.

If possible, see you at the New Year, steampunk.



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