Clockwork Planet


Author: Tsubaki Himana (暇奈椿)/  Kamiya () (Author of No Game No Life)

Illustrator: Shino (Illustrator for Sunday Without God)

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Synopsis, from Amazon:

One day, a black box suddenly crashed into the house of the high school dropout Naoto Miura.

Inside it was a female automaton.

The endless cycle of failure and success.

The world that does change and the mankind that does not changes

At a time where reality and fantasy are screaming, the encounters of these two make the gears of fate move! 

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  1. No wonder I thought the writing style was so similar to NGNL… it was made by the same author xD
    Good job translating it Ping! Thanks!!
    Thought I have noticed mistakes every so ofter in the chapters and that there is a need for a proofreader for Clockwork Planet series. I might be up for the job if you still need it 😛

  2. Hi there.
    I’m learning to be a typesetter and was wonder I would be able to practice using this series. I will give you the finished product to put up for download on whatever sites you like.

    1. Ah sure. Story text is typically used for the color illustration.

      For volume 2, the swimsuit one should be in chapter 2, and the showdown in chapter 4

      1. I don’t think I was. I just would visit to see if there was any changes. If there wasn’t, I was praying for translator time.

    1. If he gets one girl/automata per volume then maybe, this thing is only at vol 3 n may have a lot more content left. But right now there’s hardly enough girls and pretty much only ryuzu is a potential love interest

  3. Is there anyone continuing this series? I like this one but feel a bit down since seems like there’s no update. sorry for my bad english

          1. Well took a turn for the worst. You can never get anywhere without looking forwards. Looking backwards can cause an unseen problem.

  4. For those who curious what Vermount is saying for Thai line in volumn 3 epilogue. But, I think you guys can guess it already. lol
    I’m not saying this is an accurate translation cause I’m just a passer by. Here the gist of it.

    “H….hey.. you patrol boat down there! It is upsetting that those virgins are riding you, isn’t it? I’ll make you moan with my waist shaking technique that you’ll beg for more. If you don’t want those virgins to ride you, then make your control room wet. And to virgins who are shaking up there, hurry up and jump off to the ocean already!”

    “เห..เห้ย..เรือลาดตระเวนลำที่อยู่ข้างลางนั่น! มันน่าหงุดหงิดที่พวกซิงขับเธออยู่, เนอะ? ฉันจะทำให้เธอครางด้วยลีลาส่ายสะโพกของฉันจนเธอต้องร้องขออีก!
    ถ้าไม่อยากให้พวกนั้นขี่เธอก็ทำให้ห้องควบคุมเปียกซะก่อนซิ! ไอพวกซิงทั้งหลายที่กำลังสั่นอยู่บนนั้น รีบๆกระโดดลงทะเลได้แล้ว!”

      1. Don’t even link that place. I haven’t used their PDFs, so I cannot comment on those, but their epubs are horribly formatted, with text taking up only half of the horizontal width of a page and images that don’t size themselves with respect to the viewport. (read: always larger than your screen) I champion epub above PDF, but if the choice was an epub from that site versus a PDF made by a user here, I would recommend the PDF every single time I was asked.

    1. Np. I realized I came off a bit harsh when I made that comment, but had no way to edit it. I just wanted to make sure that epub readers were aware that the epubs from that site are very problematic.

  5. I’ve been under a rock for sometime and some friend shed light to this world. Can anyone recommend me other light novels? Totally not wasting my time before final exams…

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