December 2015 Announcements

(NOTE: This one might get a little too long-winded and off-topic. Important parts are at the back.)

This is the end.

Hold your breath and count to ten.

Okay, well, it’s the end of the year, so it’ll pass, I guess.

And now that we’re almost at the last volume of Hikaru, I’ll make a parody of the relationship between Koremitsu and Honoka (featuring good ol’ Shirou as Koremitsu. Hey, same voice actor), especially in volume 9. (I tried thinking of a possible Lancer character…Hiina’s still the best fit for this, given how much help she gave Koremitsu, though she’s way attracted to her big brother)

Koremitsu: Fine, but on one condition. We’ll trust you if that’s what it takes to get your help.

Koremitsu: But in return.

Hiina: ‘In return’ what? You wish to know who my ‘brother’ is?

Koremitsu: No.

Koremitsu: Stay away from Shikibu even though we’re working together.

Honoka: Wha–

*Crowd laughter*

Hiina: Ah, I get it! You’re right! That’s more important than knowing exactly who my brother is, Mr Akagi!

Koremitsu: Is there anything wrong with that? To make things clear, I’m not giving Shikibu to you.

Hiina: Of course not. I have a better opinion of you now! Good for you, Miss Shikibu! Mr Akagi has completely fallen for you!

Honoka: !!! W-W-W-What are you saying!? Akagi and I are just…Yeah, we’re just friends…!

Hiina: Is that so~?

Honoka: What’s with that ‘I know what you guys are about’ look?

Honoka: Come on Akagi, tell him something!

Honoka: Say something, you jerk!

Honoka: It’s as good as saying that we’re a couple…

Hiina: No need for that ‘as good as’. You two are already in love. Tehee. You’re in for a wild ride, Mr Akagi.

Koremitsu: Well, I already know Shikibu’s a handful.

Hiina: Well then, I’ll tread lightly around her. Really though, she’s fun to tease. I can just chat with her though, no?

Koremitsu: Alright, we’ll go with that. We’ll accept your help until we beat Kazuaki.

Hiina: It’s settled then.

Honoka: Argh, I’m angry now!

Honoka: If this is how it goes, I’m going to rip him apart by myself!



And speaking of Fate, I recently began to play Grand Order (3 weeks back)…knowing that I have F rank luck in life.

Then this happened.


Yeah, call me out for bragging something that shouldn’t happen to a F-rank luck guy. (if you wonder why I call myself F rank in luck…do remember my hospital and computer repair history)



Well…let’s hope I haven’t used up all my luck for the year. Still need to stay intact to continue translating.

During the last week or so, I decided to take a little break off from translating and focus on some other stuff. So I went to the AFASG2015…




Okay, honestly, can you LNs stop bugging me to get to work?

I took a little over the past 2 days…and then I realized I was in cryo-stasis for the past 5 years or something. Everything just feels foreign to me, to be honest.

Well, always good to try and break out of the comfort zone appropriately once in a while, I guess. Lots of cosplayers and stuff, though I really do abstain myself from trying to buy stuff…and put in more effort to stop myself from eviscerating any loli I saw. (I’m having withdrawal symptoms of not murdering lolis at this point.)

Having watched the anime movie Garakowa at the festival really got my creative juices flowing, and I kinda feel inspired to continue work. It’s a really nice, short movie, visuals, voice work and all, but I must say, there are details where one has to pay particular attention to if one really wants to understand the story (as the director said).

Got to see some seiyuus there (not meet and greet, I’m not rabid of a fan), and met up with an acquaintance, from which I bought this poster (thanks again, guys):


*And I also got a Shiburin*

Yeah, assuming that Yen Press doesn’t license this series in December (and many more), if I do have to drop any of my series, I might be tempted to do this one. (Maybe, just maybe).

Do note that what I just said is really not a hint. No, not at all. You don’t have to save anything. Not at all.

Having said that, I did ask for a request (mostly for fun)…and now, I’m looking for a translator to do the Kancolle Kagerou series (even though I’m not exactly familiar with the series myself, if I really want to boost the popularity of this website, this is what I’ll do, besides spamming every single possible place to notify everyone of updates, which I pretty much used to do for SAO)

If you haven’t realized by now, this is my attempt to do a ‘How to raise a boring translator’, since I have no actual life other than work, translating (work) and housework.


Alright, now that I’m sobered, back to proper business.

As far as I’m told, Baka Test v12.5 is under editing at the moment (don’t shoot the messenger). I’ll hold off until I see it done, I guess. If not, then some time in 2016.

For the Shikkin Volume 1 Chapter 2 that EVERYONE has been complaining about (even me), I’ll probably have to do a retranslation of that story sometime soon. (technically, I did only translate the latter half of the chapter, but I’ll have to rework the entire to make sure it’s smooth). Please do not expect me to do the second (and final) volume though. I don’t want to do it for sanity and sanitary reasons.

Biblia can be considered dead at this point for me because another translator will be doing the work (please be patient).

Magdala will be the main series next year, as stated.

Long title…well, I’ll translate when I’m bored, like stuck in the middle of a queue or something (which I did on BT. I was bored waiting for a friend at the AFA this morning, so I spent the time translating the story out of memory because I didn’t have the book with me. I’m a weirdo, don’t ask.)

I may want to finish up some Bokushinu chapters. I’m not sure. That’s easily the most ‘fun’ series I have with me on this site, but I got bigger priorities. (Hey, nobody missed out on Koremitsu’s confession, right?)

I’ll be overseas for 2 weeks starting from the upcoming Saturday, so two things I’ll like to get done beforehand.

  1. Hikaru v9 (Full volume)
  2. Clockwork Planet v3 (Prologue, 50 pages)

Following that, it’ll be a mad rush to complete my translator afterword, and also, Hikaru v10. I’ll probably work on the afterword while overseas (working on the penultimate chapter of Hikaru v10 right now, to be set to release on December 25th)

I’ll probably release the afterword first, followed by Hikaru v10 (on Xmas itself). After that, I got a week off until the new year where I’ll have to start work…again. Until then, this is probably the one thing ringing in my mind for the next month.


11 thoughts on “December 2015 Announcements

  1. Kek. Why Kiyohime? You can just get Lu Bu instead. Also, grats on Arturia and Rider sluts. My best roll since playing is just Alter and nice CEs. Failed to get Okita.

  2. You’ve got plenty of luck in FGO, played since it was released, and got just one five star servant, so many CE I could die, and two Loli-beths xd Keep up the excellent work!

  3. You have Jeanne and Artoria? I only have Attila…. Nobunobunobunobu. Gotta get all them Nobunaga’s. Also I thought that nanodesu is already translating Saekano… Well whatever.

    1. I’m getting the feeling that Saekano will not be there for much longer, actually, so these words are mostly throwaway…and it’s not like Nanodesu was the first group to actually begin translating Saekano (it’s probably the 3rd, or 2nd if we’re being technical)

      Of course, it may be rich coming from me, but seeing how most translators out there are picking series because they’re hip and in season, I wonder if they’re more interested in building brands than presenting stories. It’s something I used to do, and then I realized that I’m more interested in just presenting stories after all.

      1. Don’t know if it matters- or if someone has already offered and you simply don’t want to, but I would be more than happy to convert your work to e-pub!

        As always, a huge fan of your work! You (and the original authors) have my full support!

  4. Is the new Biblia translator someone we already know; known in the translation scene?

    I find it odd Nanodesu hasn’t announced the project yet. Mayhaps, preparations are being made? I suppose this is where your saying of “please be patient” in the notice comes into play.

  5. I just started reading Hikaru and volume 4 was toooooooooooo cruel *sniff* That guy how can he torment a girl like that I will never forget him
    Also I like all Ln in this site so u can translate anyone you want at your pleasure. Also don’t forget to take care of ur health
    By the way, being translator is not boring. You are doing really great work and if gratitude and thanks could be converted to money you would have been richest man alive translator san.
    I can’t tell you how much grateful I am
    I cannot imagine how tiring it must be to translate and while I cannot properly express my gratitude through typing alone please know that I am so grateful for this that I bow at my computer screen towards u

    P.S:- Isn’t hikaru volume 9 completed already?

  6. I thank you once again fellow Singaporean, for all your work and passion on translating. Thank you for giving me some shit to do before i enlist. Thank you for spending time working on all the series previously on Bakatsuki and also now on this website. Best of luck to whatever you are doing now and have fun. See ya.

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