December 2021 Announcements



Well, this just accelerated the retirement plan.

I did mention in this tweet that my tentative planned retirement is April 1st 2022.



Ultimately, I don’t think I’ll be deviating from that this time. The following segment is me going on a tangent. I’m not typing this because I want to feel anything, but I just want to just this off my chest.

Two main reasons why I think it should be permanent this time:

1. Fatigue

I started translating in September 2009, and covered a lot of series. Not to boast, but I probably translated the most series that end up licensed. (I hate my licensing luck).

Overall, I feel I’ve done a lot, enough to be proud of. But there’s a lot of cost that goes into it, and it’s not the monetary cost.

I feel like I devoted so much time into this, I missed out a lot of other things. While I am fortunate to have my actual job, there are so many other things I want to do that I haven’t gone about doing so.

I think the one moment that really got me to say that I should stop for real was when I was discussing 86 on Discord, and I realized I just couldn’t connect myself with the anime, or even watch it, because I had been translating for so long, I hadn’t watched an anime show in years.

So yeah, that’s the mental fatigue part for me. The licenses didn’t help either.

Shana (Licensed)

Index (Licensed)

Baka Test

IS (Licensed)

SAO (Licensed)

Accel World (Licensed)

Gundam Unicorn

DenYuuDen (DMCA)


NGNL (Licensed, did first chapter section)

Oregairu (Licensed, did a small section after the tennis match in the first volume)

Tokyo Ravens (DMCA)

Shin Seitokai

Black Bullet (Licensed)


Clockwork Planet (Licensed)



Ryuoh no Oshigoto! (Licensed)

Imouto sae Ireba ii (Licensed)

3 Minutes

Tada Sore Dake



86 (Licensed)

Tenshi (Licensed)

Tantei (Licensed)


Myex (Licensed)

Hello x3

Riku and Chise (On Frozensama’s blog. The -sama part is a loose definition)


So yeah, I’m tired Robbie


2. Health.


I offhandedly mentioned this elsewhere, not on this site though, I believe.

I suffered a stroke late last year, relatively mild one, but enough for me to be wary about.

Recently though, I’ve been experiencing some memory loss, frequent headaches, and increased sensitivity to loud noises. I don’t know if these symptoms will get worse, and i should get them checked out soon, but I really should be prioritizing my health at this point.

At the same time, I’m getting a little more fearful of how this may potentially impair me, so I’m kind of in a rush to finish what I want to finish.

Kamiinai will be finished, for sure. V5 should be done this week. V6 and V7 within December.

At the same time, I got another story I want to work on. It won’t be hosted here, but on Baka-Tsuki.

And before I forget, while MyEx is licensed, I don’t plan to remove it from my site, since this domain is set to expire next year or so. (I remember it being April). I won’t be continuing the series though.

I already finished the 86 side stories so far, so if there’s more, please look for someone else.

No tanmoshi v6 from me.

…If there’s something else I missed, please reply so.



7 thoughts on “December 2021 Announcements

  1. Well, I would say that the latest few licenses were sort-of expected since they were on top of the list of このラブコメがすごい. But really, you are an absolute legend for working on all these series, especially those that wouldn’t have seen the light of the day otherwise (*ahem* Shikkin). I’m sorry to hear about your health, take care and all the best. You said before that fan-translators never retire, they only go on indefinite hiatus, so I can’t help but wonder if there’ll ever be another series that makes you come back for that “one last series”. Anyway, you’ve more than done your part, the fan-translation scene is now dead to me (except for js06, that guy must be a robot or something). I’ll watch the official publishers with low expectations, or maybe not.
    A final question, will you be interested to work on Ryuoh no Oshigoto! Vol 15.5? For completion sake.

  2. Really sad to see you go. Thanks for everything you’ve given the community over such a long period of time and I’ll never forget the time where I woke up to 20 tenshi chapters . Have a good one in whatever hobbies you do after this!

  3. Thank you for your hardword, my friend.
    Followed all Motokano series, and your translation was awesome.
    I hope you be well, and have a an awesome end of the year.

  4. OH MY GOD. I was already fan, but now you’re like an angel to me. all this work you’ve done, so impressive.
    Thanks for everything.
    I’ll be following you at Twitter, become healthy, goodbye.

  5. Welp new reader here, its sad to see a good translator retire, but hey thanks for all of your hard work. I really like and appreciated your translation (altough i still in the middle of it). I hope you well and have nice day

  6. You probably don’t remember me,we talked via fb during your hikaru TL time. I just want to thank you for finishing hikaru and TLing lots of other stuffs too. Good luck for the future and happy retirement 😁

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