Since people don’t know how to act in good faith…I’ll do a new version.

Get your downloads by clicking on the hyperlink here, and for those wishing for me to upload their stuff, send me an email at omg2000dmg@live.com. State your profile (The name you want to appear as), and the series you wish to upload.

And now for something completely different.



PS: If you can’t find the folder, click on the entire hyperlink…



      1. Yup. Whenever I get to the drive it only shows a pdf file for instructions to use the drive. Can’t find the files anywhere. @_@ I’m only on mobile tho

  1. I don’t see anything in the Hikaru folder. Is that just because there’s nothing there yet?
    Also, you can probably just set the drive to “view” instead of “edit” and we should still be able to download copies of the files.

  2. Is there anywhere I can find the PDFs for these? Hikaru ga Chikyuu Ni Itakoro will now start its journey across my community muahahahaha [Evil Face]

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