February 2016 Announcements

Well, it’s been a tough 2 months for the LN translation community. (as I use that term loosely)

DMCAs from Kadokawa, BT admin issues, Clockwork getting animated, Biblia being converted into a nanobot.

(Not to mention my now-increased workload IRL. Tah Boleh Tahan)

I’m still working on Clockwork 3 right now (and Magdala 2), but after volume 3, I’m putting it on hiatus until the anime airs, for a few reasons.

1. Magdala is my main project, and I want to put more focus into it.
2. Volume 3 marks the end of the Japan arc, and volume 4 has 454 pages, 9 more pages than volume 3.
3. Still gotta edit Bokushinu (and Biblia for that matter)
4. A Yu Kamiya series is probably going to be licensed again. I’m not so sure that a DMCA will come because the series is under the Kodansha label, and not Kadokawa, who has a majority stake in the LN market. Thus, I’m guessing it’s more likely to get a license.

As I have repeatedly mentioned before, if a series gets licensed, I’ll drop it to direct focus elsewhere. Sure, fans will complain, but I still have another 4 series I can fall back on. I’m a fairly adaptable LN translator when it comes to genres…I think.



^I’m expecting this to be popular if I start working on it. It’s called Harem Baseball^


You know, with the recent takedown of projects, especially Gifting, it really reminds me of the series I could have taken, but didn’t.

So, story time with Teh_Ping as he goes full Arsene Wenger.

1. Spice and Wolf

Now this one was sad.

When I first started out in 2009, Haruhi was still hip, and people go to BT to devote her prayers to her.

If Haruhi-sama is the Kinkaku-ji, Horo would be the Ginkaku-ji.

Somehow, I lost my way and drove to Shana…and it was the tougher one to translate.

Some of you may know that I started off as a Chinese translator (given that it is my mother tongue, and my best language to boot), and how I chose my project…was by coin toss.

At least the coin flipped unlike the Cardinals and Packers game.

Well, given that there were 4 translators on the Spice and Wolf project, and none for the Shana project, I thought I’ll take the empty one. But it didn’t matter because both were taken down on January 27th, 2010. Even though Shana did return from the Denizens, my passion for translating dipped so much (after IS, DYD and SAO), I was pretty much going through the motions by the time I was working on the last volume.

In a way, my plan to put Magdala as my main project is to make amends for the error.

2. Gifting this Wonderful World with Blessings

Alright, I’ll admit. If I had taken over that series, I’ll be much more relaxed about my translating style, and I’ll have translation notes and honorifics everywhere if I can.

As I said, part of the reason to set up the old Heretic was to provide projects that would run against the meta. Magdala being a story about heretics, Hikaru being a deconstruction of the harem genre, Clockwork being a modern steampunk, and so on.

So Gifting, being a parody of the reincarnation and OP protagonist genre (which I really, really detest at this point), also parodies the harem genre (all the main girls are actively rooting to be the worst girl. I think this is a fitting punishment for Funny Story-kun).

When Sky took it, I was thinking that it’s one less option for me. Sometimes, when you see a menu of powers offered to you, you’ll have such a hard time that you wish someone will make the choice for you (Or in Kazuma’s case, choosing the worst girl). That’s how I felt about Gifting being taken by Sky.

There’s a lot of funny stuff online, but if you have noticed my stance on DMCAs and licenses, you don’t need to ask of my opinion.

3. Another

I always wanted to do a horror story.

So far, I covered harem, comedy, action, philosophical, slice of life, mystery, dystopian, high schools, meta works, ecchi (thanks IS), reincarnation (sorta. Does Bokushinu count?), sci-fi.

Naturally, I’m still missing a horror genre (well, some might consider Black Bullet as a horror to them.)

I did work on a Another, a part of the story in a little translation sample I did.

It was the part where the girl fell onto the stump of the umbrella and was stabbed through.

Each of the sample translation I did was something I wished I could continue to work with (especially Tokyo Ravens, but that’s for later).

Because of licensing, I have to look for new series to translate. I got 2 horror series stacked so far.

Though I think the fact that I’m delaying Clockwork is horrifying enough to some readers (read, most of the readers left).

And with that, I beckon a new audience.


Some additional notes:



Baka Test is all but done as of now, but I don’t suppose I will be able to get the Special Edition booklet as you see, so let’s consider it done.

Regarding my personal stance on Hellping series, you have to go through me if you want to kill-steal them. I’m looking at the guy who tried to do Clockwork 3 only to fade away. (and I expect this to happen again when the anime comes out)

Well, with Hikaru down, there’s one series I can say that I have completed. Been a long 3 years 1 month working on it. Now to work on another (relatively) low profile work.

13 thoughts on “February 2016 Announcements

  1. Thank you for your work so far, I really appreciate it. I can’t even imagine what life would be like without translators like you and others lol. But then again, I can read Japanese, only I suck at it.

  2. Thanks for your hardwork. Without a doubt one of my favorite translators out there. It is fun reading your posts, also yor editorials(are those what they are called? I can’t remember). By the way the page header(?) image of Aqua is hilarious, I replayed that scene about ten times just for the laughs.

  3. Awesome to heare that magdala is top priority, Bingeread all your currently translated work and the manga in 2 days, LOVE it so far and cannot wait for more!

  4. Pretty rare to see you write in melayu, yeah i think the dwt did a good job in finishing it, but i admit its better if you take that spice and wolf seat. But life is just a gamble you musn’t regret your own choices.

  5. Ah, IRL… tak boleh tahan indeed. I’m honestly grateful that you can continue translating because,well, its Singapore….. i myself am gonna take O levels this year, die liao……

  6. Well I’m sure also that Clockwork Planet will get licence but that’s not for now (or at least I hope). I think it getting an anime is pretty quick but then again they can do it like what happen with Spice and Wolf as in the one season covering 2 volumes. That would great to me.

    Anyway, Thanks for the translation so far and I do hope that volume 3 of Clockwork Planet will be ready soon (like in march the latest).

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