February 2017 Announcements

It’s a little early, but Chinese New Year festivities mean that I don’t have much time.

Happy New year, time to pull the ears.

Don’t let Ul-chan see this.

Looking back at the past month, it has been pretty boring. I mean, I haven’t been doing a lot of random stuff at the moment, because I was focused on clearing out some stuff. (and spending a lot more time reading new series so that I can horde the karma on knowledge of newer series.)

What stuff were cleared? Oh, Magdala 3 and Kamimemo 7 are done. For those asking me where Kamimemo is, it’s on BT only, silly.

Again, my plan is to fill up the pokedex of Magdala till volume 6. The completion of the Kamimemo series can be considered a sidequest. *Time to the get the Ultima Sword*

Bokushinu is still…somehow alive (then again, we’re talking about reviving). I know baftn is translating volume 3 with huge embarrassment right now over the dialogue that is already sexual harassment…I’m not sure he’s gonna last the climax of this volume though.

Either way, I do expect to finish the Kamimemo series by August this year (which means it will be completed next year instead). On Baka-Tsuki, I am the supervisor for a few series (I’m the second default supervisor when Oni isn’t around, which is…since 2013), but honestly, the one way I want to supervise a series…is to get down to business and do the translation myself. Either I go completely hands off, or I go in 110%. Hey, I got other series to handle too.

And thus, I have one focus right now…

The Clockwork Planet.

I was banking on whether the series would be licensed last December, especially since the anime was announced to be aired this April. After I learned that it will not be licensed (yet), I’m expecting the series to be licensed in March…

So, time to continue my escape from the Chateau d’lf, until I get caught.

And finish Clockwork Planet 4 by the end of February.

…Of course, given that it’s me, this means I’ll end up completing it in February 2027.

Again, looking at the site in general, I’m still looking to revamp it, mostly because I (still) want to add some new series to the site. And yes, I’m still looking to have a horror series on the site.

I have spoken to a few guys in particular, but unless I do a barter trade by offering to pick up one series in exchange for it, I doubt anyone will be willing to redesign an entire website for me.

Now, speaking of what nonsensical stuff I want to talk about this time…

Switching between different series.

I know a lot of readers would rather I continue to focus on a single series (looking at the Clockwork Planet fans who have been bugging for volume 4 before I finished volume 3 last May.), but honestly, looking at myself in general, I take different series to take my mind off focusing on one series and narrowing my vision. Sometimes, when you keep working on the same series ala Hikaru, you’re going to be very melodramatic. This also gets me off my comfort zone of having preferences for certain genres, and

Personally, I do like to do slower series like Magdala. Boring, slow-paced, and I get influenced to translate at the same speed. If you ask me, I’ll say that I work faster in action series and comedy, but I don’t really get to trust the process and get comfortable with translating as I do with a slower series.

Of course, the main reason why I take so many series here is because I have what people call a ‘shopaholic’ symptom. I see anything interesting, I’ll take it. Of course, this means that I have a lot of backlog, but surprisingly, very few of the series are harem related, probably because I rather leave such works to other translators (and that I’m still twice shy over my girl losing in Hikaru). Hey, it’s because of this tendency that you get a lot more than just one series here (Bokushinu, wink wink, Clockwork, wink wink)

With all the series I have, I really have to refresh my memory on certain terminologies from time to time. And thus:

I shall not type Hikari as Hikaru.
I shall not type Hikari as Hikaru.
I shall not type Hikari as Hikaru.
I shall not type Hikari as Hikaru.
I shall not type Hikari as Hikaru.
I shall not type Hikari as Hikaru.
I shall not type Hikari as Hikaru.
I shall not type Hikari as Hikaru.
I shall not type Hikari as Hikaru.
I shall not type Hikari as Hikaru.
I shall not type Hikari as Hikaru.
I shall not type Hikari as Hikaru.
I shall not type Hikari as Hikaru.
I shall not type Hikari as Hikaru.
I shall not type Hikari as Hikaru.
I shall not type Hikari as Hikaru.
I shall not type Hikari as Hikaru.
I shall not type Hikari as Hikaru.
I shall not type Hikari as Hikaru.
I shall not type Hikari as Hikaru.

Sometimes, I do wonder if I should do a few pages with the terms listed…

…Nah, too much hassle.

Anyway, translation of the month?

I shall not type Hikari as Hikaru. (Courtesy of baftn)


Chapter 1 Today I’m in Charge of Writing a Letter, and You Became the Editor

The holiday season is here, and with it came a slightly chilly October.

“If you promise me that you won’t get angry, then I’ll tell you the truth.”

“Where did this come from?”

When I got out of bed and flipped open the diary, this sentence was written at the top.

An ominous feeling made its way into my mind.

“You have to solemnly swear, that no matter what you hear, you won’t get angry.”

“Alright, alright, I get it. What kind of trouble did you get into this time?”

It was probably just another stupid mishap of hers anyways.

“You swear you won’t get angry?”

“I swear I won’t get angry.”

“Are you sure? Are you sure?”

“Yes, yes.”

“If you do get angry, then I’ll have to bring to light that [Hatsune Miku Striped Panties] search history on your computer.”

“If you dare bring that to light, then I’ll definitely get angry.”

Why would this idiot know about that? Please just get to the point already.

“I think it was Monday? Kasumi-chan asked you, ‘Let’s go out on our day off.’ Sorry, I forgot to tell you.”

“Wait, is that all?”

My fellow classmate, Kasumi-chan.

She was a young maiden who possessed large-breasts, talked with a lisp, and had her hair braided into pigtails. It looks like I have arranged a date with her.

“And then, since I have a very important promise that I must take care of on Sunday, I told her, ‘Then let’s meet up in front of the train station at 11 on Saturday!’”

Saturday. Isn’t that today?

So that’s what happened. Was she just worried because she didn’t tell me, and made an arrangement without my permission?

“But then, this is the important part.”


This kind of trivial thing wasn’t that important——I thought in that moment, but what came next was the important part.

“On Wednesday after school, I was enjoying a sundae at Cafe Moonleaf, and then Misaki said, ‘I want to go buy some clothes for my little brother on our day off, and I hope that you’ll come with me.’”



An underclassman who worked at the coffee shop named “Cafe Moonleaf”. She was a two-faced witch, who would use her extraordinarily beautiful legs to take advantage of men. It would appear that she also invited me to go out?

“So then, what about it?”

A question mark appeared in my thoughts, but I continued reading the journal entry.

“I told her that I would be busy on Sunday, but at that time I had forgotten that I’ve already arranged a date with Kasumi-chan… and then I told her… ‘Let’s meet up in front of the train station at 11 on Saturday!’”


Ah, that previous momentary feeling of an ominous premonition, was coming back with full force.

“In other words, at 11’o clock on Saturday, an extremely exciting and thrilling scene will happen in front of the train station——Kasumi-chan and Misaki will both be waiting there for Sakamoto-san at the same time. And so, now then, um…”


“Uhm, as such…”


“Good luck with that❤”


I forcefully slammed the desk with both of my hands, and yelled towards the ceiling. This situation was completely distressing!

“Hikari Yumesaki, look at what you’ve done now.”

I directed my complaint towards yesterday’s me, and after letting out a huge sigh, I looked towards the window, gazing at the azure-blue sky, while also recalling another certain thought.

It must’ve been been half a year already.

On a certain rainy day in the beginning of April, the young girl named Hikari Yumesaki died in front of me.

For some coincident reason, I was there at the scene, and I encountered a mysterious figure wearing a long, black robe who offered, “Why don’t you share half of your lifespan with her?” I agreed to those conditions, and Hikari Yumesaki, who should’ve been dead, was revived.

As a result, Hikari Yumesaki would take control of my body every other day, and would use this miraculous method to live. And so, we would rely on the exchange diary to communicate with each other.

However, the problem is…

“But don’t you worry, all you have to do is tell them, ‘My heart is big enough to take in both Kasumi-chan’s large breasts and Misaki’s thighs!’, and then you’ll have a happy ending. I managed to think of such a good excuse for you, I’m so amazing aren’t I?”

“What do you mean you’re amazing!? What kind of two-timing, double sexual harassment phrase is that!?”

I continued raging towards the diary, and let out a painful groan. This idiot was still saying stupid things as usual.

Continuing on to the next page, she was still looking for excuses, “But the truth is, you’re actually really happy, right?”, and even included a group of illustrations after this sentence of me, with an evil grin, in bed embracing a completely naked Kasumi-chan and Misaki in my arms, and I couldn’t help but lightly click my tongue. You purposely scheduled an overlap in the times!

…Although I didn’t feel like there was anything to say, honestly speaking, this much was still within the range of my expectations, and for me, it had already become a common occurrence. However, this way of life has recently encountered a new problem. This was because…

“Sakamoto, I’m really sorry. But you won’t get angry, right? There shouldn’t be any reason for you to get angry anyways.”


The entry emitted an ominous premonition, and I braced myself as I continued reading.

“Because Sakamoto is always such a tough guy, but for Hikari-chan… Kyaa! Kyaa! So you wanted to pet my head and hug me! Sakamoto is such a closet pervert!”

“Ugh… This idiot…”

Seeing those words, I could only tightly bite my lips, without being able to say anything. The reason was simple, it was just as she wrote, because of some unfortunate accident, the incredibly top secret that I like… like… like Hikari Yumesaki was exposed. Afterwards, that idiot would use this piece of information to tease me every single day.

“What should I do~ Should I be his girlfriend~ But the thing is, if he wants to be my boyfriend, then he’ll have to know that I don’t like people who get angry over these kinds of small things~ Who knows what Sakamoto’s response will be~ (glances over)”

“Dammit, stop getting so full of yourself.”

There were three choices below, “Forgive/Not Forgive/Tsundere”——What does the last one even mean——Dammit, give this idiot an inch and she’ll take a mile. I better steel my heart and scold her a bit. Steel my heart… steel my heart…


After racking my brain for a while, I circled the word “Forgive”, and this action unsurprisingly made me feel dejected. It wasn’t like I was afraid of her hating me. It wasn’t like that… Dammit.

“I’m always being dragged around on a leash by her.”

As such, I continued reading the ending of this incredibly long entry.

“I know for sure that Sakamoto will forgive me, so I’ll say good night for today! Don’t just mope around and yearn for me, but make sure to do your best for the day!”

Looking at that last line, I couldn’t help but retort, “It’s… It’s not like I’m yearning for you or anything.” and after playing the tsundere, I firmly closed the notebook. Aaahhh, I’m always being lead around in circles by her. Love is blind, just who came up with this phrase in the first place?

Ugh, even though at the end of the day I have to clean up for Hikari Yumesaki’s mess, the feelings of joy in my heart were also noticed by her.


I set the notebook down, and looked around the room.

My uniform was hanging from the clothes rack, my manga were arranged in the bookcase, the candy that was originally scattered around on the floor, everything was perfectly arranged nice and clean. It looks like she has slightly realized the the fact that she was a girl. So she has a cute side too after all.


“My entire life span huh…”

——Are you willing to give up the rest of your life span to let her revive?

I suddenly recalled what had happened one morning a couple of days ago. I didn’t know what these words meant, but it probably had something to do with the problem that we were struggling with.

The problem of Hikari Yumesaki’s time——being reduced by thirty minutes.

After quite some time had passed, for the moment it hadn’t continued being reduced from thirty minutes, but who knows if it would still be like this in the future. Although Hikari Yumesaki pretended to not care, she was probably feeling afraid. Because of this, maybe I should tell her about the phone call from the black-clothed person…

“I can’t say it.”

Because the opposing side had been too vague and ambiguous, making it feel as clear as mud, and adding to the fact that it wasn’t any nice information, I decided to try to avoid causing any commotions.

And so in the end, I still have yet to tell Hikari Yumesaki, nor find any solutions. “Just what kind of solution would work,” in the end, each time I could only reach this conclusion.

“…Let’s just eat breakfast first.”

I may have been sweeping things under the rug. I also couldn’t help but feel disgusted with myself.

Our life of two souls sharing one body may appear peaceful, but there was trouble hiding in the shadows. I remained frustrated with this fact, but Hikari Yumesaki couldn’t possibly feel at place because of this. On this autumn day, I will obviously be drawn in another troublesome and more dangerous situation.

And so, two days later such a situation quickly occurred.

“I lost my memories.”

“You spent a passionate night with your girlfriend until you lost your memories? Now this is why you’re a delinquent.”

“I lost my memories…”

“Also, why are you not calling me Miss? Now this is why you’re a delinquent.”

“I lost… my memories…”

“Goodness me, why must you be born with such a terrifying face? Now this is——”

“Memories… sob… sob…”

“Ah, Akitsuki, what’s wrong? I’ll pay close attention to what you have to say, so don’t cry anymore.” (T/N: Try going back to Volume 1, Chapter 1…)

Sunday had gone by, and during the lunch break on the Monday after, I came to the nurse’s office, and I was crying manly tears in front of the school nurse, Higumo. The reason was because of the overlapping dates incident. Afterwards, I tried asking both of them to cancel the dates.

“I went to the beauty salon. It’s definitely not because I’m about to go out with Senpai by the way.”

First I received this text from Misaki, and immediately after came Kasumi-chan.

“I’m really looking forward to our date. I can play until whenever, even until tomorrow morning…”

Getting this kind of text, how am I supposed to ask, “Can we move the date to a later time?” Furthermore, I didn’t want to pass up theses chances for a date with a girl with big breasts and a girl with beautiful thighs, as any virgin male would hesitate when faced with a moment to act without restraint.

And so in the end, I took a risk, and thought up a battle plan to stall time.

“Sorry, since I have something to do afterwards, let’s just end at 4:00. I’ll make it up to you next time.”

Anyhow, first I’ll send this text to Misaki, and then for Kasumi-chan.

“Sorry, since I have something to do beforehand, let’s meet up at 5:00, so I can stay with you until it gets really late.”

After sending the texts, I would meet up with Misaki in front of the train station, ride the train into town, eat lunch together, and pick out clothes for her younger brother. Eventually the time became 4:00, and so we would return to the front of the train station and say goodbye, and then I would meet up with Kasumi-chan at 5:00——It was supposed to be a beautifully perfect plan.

I had terribly underestimated her. Kasumi-chan was a very innocent and kind-hearted girl.

I had clearly changed the meetup time to 5:00, but the true and steady Kasumi-chan unexpectedly came one hour early to the meeting place. As such, my plan was an utter failure, and so when I returned to the front of the train station with Misaki at 4:00, we bumped into Kasumi-chan and I was caught red-handed.

“Eh? Didn’t you say that you would be busy in the afternoon beforehand, so you changed the meeting time to 5:00…?”

Kasumi said, and when Misaki heard this, she had a similar response.

“Eh? Didn’t you say that you would be busy later this evening, so you could only stay until 4:00…?”

As Misaki said this, my face grew more and more pale.

Countless seconds of silence went by, and it felt like it lasted an eternity.

“ “Oh.” ”

The two maidens spoke in unison, and then they each tightly grabbed onto my arms, one on the left and one on the right. Both of them wore a cold smile, and as they walked they would add in a “Heheheh” and a “Huhuhu”, dragging me into a karaoke room. Then at the same time, both of them raised their legs——

“Sakamoto, hold onto the microphone♪”

“There’s a song that I want to sing for you, Senpai♪”

“Eh? …Wha… What song?”

“ “Scream❤” ”

And with those words, I immediately suffered two ferocious kicks directly below my hips, while also losing conscious. When I woke up, I discovered that I barely had any clothes on.

This pain apparently continued onto the next day, for written in this morning’s entry was, “Sakamoto, your balls are screaming out, what happened? Don’t tell me that you spent all night with Kasumi-chan…” and I could only tearfully retort back into the diary, “It was the complete opposite, okay!? You idiot!” Dammit.

I held back all of the pain that I’ve suffered to this day, which still hasn’t decreased, and ran back into the nurse’s office like before. It’s because if I had stayed in the classroom, Kasumi would keep showing me a scary look in her eyes.

“You boys have it rough too huh, but a crying Akitsuki is also quite cute. Hey, can I hug you?”

“What the hell are you talking about…”

After I responded, Higumo looked like she was ready to rush forward and comfort me, so I inspected Higumo’s appearance.

She had a tall, slender body figure, her black hair tied up into a ponytail, her well-rounded breasts bursting at the seams, and the thighs below her mini-skirt dazzlingly blinding. Anyone would rate it as a perfect body figure. If only her personality was more decent, then there would be nothing else to nitpick. It truly was a waste. What’s more, she wears a scarf all year round, not taking it off even during summer vacation, which really surprised me.

These pointless thoughts cluttered my mind.

“Now that I think about it, Akitsuki, how has your condition been lately?”

“Huh, my condition?”

“Didn’t you come crying to me in the spring about having multiple personalities? I’m asking about how your condition since then.”

Higumo held onto her mug, talking as she walked towards the nearby coffee machine. Oh, that did seem to have happened.

I remembered back when Hikari Yumesaki had just entered my body, I was completely terrified by how I would lose my memories every other day. It looks like Higumo is still worried about that.

“You don’t have to worry about it anymore, I haven’t been losing my memory since then.”

“Is that so…alright then. I can finally be at ease.”

I casually brushed it aside, and Higumo easily accepted it.

It was because of this topic that I remembered another thing.

“Oh right, there was something that I wanted to consult with you.”

With her back turned towards me, Higumo turned her head towards me as she poured her coffee and responded with a “Hm?”, and so I asked a question that I have always been meaning to ask. Although it wasn’t anything important, I still had to ask about it.

“When I was struggling with my multiple personalities problem, you told me about that one case right?”

“Yes, that’s right. What about it?”

“‘When the alternate personality gradually appears more frequently than the original, the body may get taken over by the alternate personality.’——that’s what you said, right?”


Higumo became quiet. Eh? What is it? Is there something wrong?

“Afterwards, I became more interested in multiple personality disorder, but I couldn’t find this kind of case anywhere. Do you remember when this case happened?”

This question didn’t really have any significant meaning behind it, and I only brought it up because I was reminded of our previous conversation while we were talking. That’s all it was supposed to be.


But I didn’t know why Higumo was so stiff in place.

“Sensei? Hello——”

“Eh? Oh, sorry. Uhm, you were asking…about that case?”

Higumo awkwardly moved about, turning around as she held onto her mug, with an embarrassed smile on her face.

“Uhm, sorry. I actually got it from an article talking about ‘Very Similar Rumors’. I don’t really have any reliable sources, so I can’t really give you an appropriate answer.”

“Oh, so it was just an urban legend huh?”

As I faced towards Higumo and responded, I let out a sigh, while also showing a dumbfounded expression. I had already thought that it would be this way. At that time, I was thrown around in chaos so I had blindly accepted it, but after I thought about it, it must’ve been some made-up rumor.

“I’m sorry about that. Did you take it to heart?”

“No. It’s just that when I thought about this, I felt like asking is all.”

Higumo was more apologetic and ashamed than I thought she would be, but just when I was about to return with a smile——

“Ah, the bell rang.”

The warning bell for the end of the lunch break rang at this moment. It’s time to continue suffering Kasumi-chan’s silent contempt…


I held onto that thought, and while dragging my heavy footsteps, prepared to leave the nurse’s room.

“Good luck.”


Higumo spoke with a sweet, soothing voice. What does she mean?

“Ah, it’s nothing. Now that I think about it, why don’t you cut your hair?”

“If you take off your scarf, then I’ll think about it.”

“Ah, what a shame. Be sure to come again next time.”

“I’m not coming back any time soon,” and as I threw down those words, I closed the door and walked away. I better mentally prepare myself to get down on my knees.

I contemplated these things as I stride down the cold, empty hallway.

Five “I will never do it again”s.

Eight “I will be more careful next time”s.

Eleven “It was all my fault”s.

Nineteen “I’m sorry”s.

One “No matter what it is, I’ll obey”.

One “A virgin can dream too! He can make mistakes too (said with tears)!”

All of those things said above were lines that when a guy who has reached a dead end, who was willing to risk everything, thought up in an attempt to apologize. In the end, having successfully pacified Kasumi-chan after much effort, I employed similar appeasement tactics against Misaki, and finally obtained her forgiveness. Anyhow, by the time I got home, I was completely exhausted. Ah, I’m so tired.

After resting for a while, I gathered up my strength, and put the paper and envelope that I had bought from the stationary store on my way home on my desk. This was because of what was written in today’s diary entry.

“Your penpal, Miyamoto, has sent a letter you know. Sorry but I sneaked a peek!”

“Miyamoto huh.”

Harumi Miyamoto, the girl who wears a headband, was the one who, by a stroke of luck, saved me from drowning when we were little. We’ve been friend ever since, and after we separated, we became penpals. After entering high school, this was the second time I’ve gotten a letter from her, and I didn’t know how she was doing lately.

I had some feelings of nostalgia as I began to read the letter that was clamped into the notebook.

“Mr. Autumn Moon, how are you? The air has been quite cool and pleasant lately.

I feel like the people around me are beginning to worry about their college entrance exams.

Has Mr. Autumn Moon decided upon his future aspirations yet? I really hope you will tell me.

Please remember to return a letter. And also, I still remember about that promise you know.”

“Promise huh.”

Once I finished reading the letter, I shifted my attention back towards Hikari Yumesaki’s notebook.

“You better remember to return her letter! Hikari-chan here will personally help you edit this time, just be sure to clamp the letter into the notebook after you finish writing it. I’ll need to check whether this virgin wrote anything unpleasant!”

“Why don’t you just mind your own damn business.”

I knit my eyebrows, and cursed at that self-conceited entry. Although, it looked like everything was fine, with a playfully mischievous journal entry just like always in the past. The problem was what came next.

“Now that I think about it, if I’m taking care of Sakamoto’s daily life like this, then I’m basically like a newly-wed wife! Sakamoto, look at you, you can’t hide that smile on your face~☆”

“Dammit… She’s always using that against me.”

It looks like Hikari Yumesaki still wasn’t tired of using my secret crush on her.

Following it were things like, “What should I do~ Should I be his girlfriend~” or “I can’t feel like any dependability at all from Sakamoto~” and other kinds of self-conceited stuff. Sakamoto here is completely fed up with it. There was even an illustration of a newly-wed wife included on the side. A Hikari Yumesaki wearing an apron was showing off a flirtatious look saying, “Do you want a bath first? Or maybe dinner? Or perhaps brush your hair?”. That last part, what do you mean by brushing my hair!?

“Although, Hikari Yumesaki as a wife huh.”

I couldn’t help but blush at these provocatively suggesting words, while also beginning to imagine it in my head.

I didn’t know what a newly-married life would be like with that idiot. I’ll probably just get fed up with her. However, ignoring that side of Hikari Yumesaki, she was honestly just a girl who was afraid of being alone. At night, I might be able to catch a glimpse of her tender and affectionate side. For example, after she takes a bath with a bathrobe draped over her body——

——Sakamoto, I probably won’t be able to call you a virgin after today…

——Eh? Why?

——Because Hikari-chan is going to take away your virginity.

(※At this moment, the bathrobe needs to flutter down. It’s very important!)

——H-Hikari Yumesaki!

——Sakamoto, let’s warm up a bit…

“H-Hikari Yumesaki, we can’t! We’re still kids, it’s too early for us to do this kind of thing!”

But, but! If you really want to, then right now we can give birth to a son, two daughters, and become a happy family… Wait! Three children! Turning that around, the least would be——AAAaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!

Following my burst of excitement, I laid down on the ground, and rubbed the floor for around 10 minutes. My little sister entered the room and interrupted, “Brother, can I borrow some white glue… Oh… I see that I’ve disturbed you. I didn’t think that you would be in the middle of lying on the floor. Make sure to be careful so you don’t get white glue all over the floor…” Even though I’ve been subjected to such words, I didn’t care at all. Ahhh, marriage huh… What a beautiful thought…

——After wasting a huge amount of time, I finally recovered. With the piece of paper in front of me, I began to write.

“Uh, what should I write about.”

At first, I was going to write something short and simple, but taking Hikari Yumesaki into consideration.

“Any girl would find this kind of letter boring! This is why you’re still a virgin!”

She would definitely nitpick about it like this. But even so, even if I were to spice it up…

“It’s pretty obvious that you’re just pretending to be cool. This is why you’re still a virgin!”

I guess no matter what, I’ll still get chastised by her in the end.

“Whatever, I’ll just try to look nice.”

And so, I spent thirty minutes of effort trying to look nice.

“Dear Miss Harumi,

Long time no see, and thank you for sending me a letter, I was very happy to have received your letter.

College huh. Although I haven’t spent much time thinking about this question, it’s probably about time to face it.

If it’s possible, I hope that I can attend the same university as you, so we can share a happy college experience together.

However, before that, I’ll need to work hard to make it happen, haha LOL.

But if it’s for you, I’ll feel more motivated to work hard. Yes, I’ll try my best.

Well then, I’ll just stop here for now. See you next time.”

“This should do for now.”

Surely even Hikari Yumesaki, who understood other girls’ hearts, would approve of this letter. Yep, I did a good job.

After feeling a sense of satisfaction, I included, “I’m done, so I’ll leave it to you to edit.” and finally closed the notebook.

“Alright, let’s do some homework.”

And like that, I quickly and easily pushed this issue to the back of my mind, and returned to my normal life as a high school student.

…However, it turns out that I made a mistake at that moment.

Two days later, a heavy curtain would be drawn open on an unimaginable image of tragedy.


Two days later on Wednesday, the image could be seen with a naked eye.

“My room is a mess.”

I said as I looked around my bedroom.

My uniform was thrown on the ground, my manga was disordered, instant ramen was left unfinished, and the TV wasn’t turned off. My room, which was only recently cleaned up, was quickly returned back into its memorable state.

“Why did this happen?”

In order to check the diary, I got out of bed, and flipped open the notebook. And then——

“Wha… what is this…?”

A shiver ran through my spine.

The letter that I wrote two days ago was clamped inside the notebook.

No, it “was” the letter that I wrote——that was the correct way to put it.

That letter was unrelentlessly marked over by a red pen, and I could clearly feel the marker’s annoyance.

“‘Miss Harumi’, why would you refer to her as that? Are you messing around?

‘So we can spend a happy college life together’ well isn’t that subtle.

‘Ha ha, LOL’ What is that supposed to mean? Are you trying to make her angry?

‘For you’… so even you can say those words huh.

What does this even…”

She left behind these kinds of comments. What? Why are you so mad at me?

“She’s just as vague as usual.”

If it was some other guy friend (other than Kazeshiro) they would definitely scold her——what the crap are you doing? Although this time, I’ll just take a step back, since that idiot’s impulsiveness isn’t exactly a rare occassion.

As such, I stuffed both the notebook and the letter into my backpack, and headed towards school. It didn’t matter if it was during class, during break, or after school, I would always be racking my brain on how to fix the letter, and the next thing I knew, it was already 11 o’clock at night.

“Dear Harumi,

Long time no see, and thank you for sending me a letter, I was very happy to have received your letter.

College huh. Although I haven’t spent much time thinking about this question, it’s probably about time to face it.

If it’s possible, I hope that I can attend the same university as you, so we can share a happy college experience that only belongs to you and me.

However, before that, I’ll need to work hard to make it happen, haha LMAO.

But I want to be with you, Harumi, so I’ll feel more motivated to work hard. Yes, I’ll try my best.

Well then, I’ll just stop here for now. See you next time.”

“I finished! It has to be perfect now!”

I completely revised the parts that Hikari Yumesaki marked for me. I think the reason why Hikari Yumesaki was angry is probably because I wasn’t being sincere enough. She’s always getting mad and saying, “I can’t feel any love coming from Sakamoto’s entries!” anyway.

I stuck the revised letter in between the notebook pages, and thought that would be the end of it. Surely with this Hikari Yumesaki’s mood will take a turn for the better.

…I carried this hope with me.

But it looks like I stepped on one of her landmines. Two days later, things took a turn for the worse.


The following Friday, after I woke up, what entered my eyesight was still my mess of a room, and when I read the journal, I couldn’t help but let out a cry.

“That’s not what I meant! Sakamoto is an idiot! You dense male! This is why you’re still a virgin!”

“Sigh, why is she still angry…?”

She continued complaining.

“So you would go this far to play with Hikari-chan’s feeling… I can’t believe it! I was so excited too! I’ve been tricked! Hmph!”

She left behind these words full of indignation.

“Why is she so mad…”

Although I felt an ache of pain in my heart, thinking anymore about it was no use. I patted clean my uniform that was thrown onto the ground, and put it on. Sigh, this situation has become quite troublesome, but I couldn’t think of any way to resolve it.

In the end, I used “I’ll think about it later” as my excuse and pushed the issue aside.

…I couldn’t tell at that time just what kind of disastrous event would occur.

“Where is it… Where can it be… Sob…”

The time was 10 o’clock at night, the location was the changing room next to the bath. In order to not be seen by my little sister who was taking a bath, I was secretly looking through the panties that she had taken off with tears trickling from my eyes. Why? It’s obviously because of Hikari Yumesaki. That idiot was so angry, that when I got to school this morning, her revenge was already unfolding.

The homework notebook that I was supposed to turn in had 18+ BDSM illustrations drawn on it, and this wasn’t even the worse part. My desk was crammed full of moe manga, my gym shoes were decorated with Pr*tty Cure drawings, and there were even BL doujins that had textbook covers slipped over them.

“Sakamoto, please read aloud page 83 from the textbook.”

“Yes. ‘Yukio , we can’t! Two guys holding each other in such a tight embrace…’ ‘Akiboshi, no one will see us. Come, bring your delicate skin into my savanna…’ ——What the hell is this!?”

This kind of massacre occurred.

Once I returned home, the troubles still weren’t over. My mom had received a package sent from “me”. “What could it be?” I carried that thought as I watched from the side, and it turns out that there was a t-shirt inside with “Brother❤Sister Incest is Wincest” printed on it, and you can’t help but wonder where they even sell those at. There was even a letter included, which read, “My dearest mother, please forgive this forbidden love.” My mother turned ghastly pale, and a panic-stricken Yukiko stuttered, “Wha… What does this mean… Are you trying to tell me something…? Could it be that you want to declare our forbidden love to mom and dad!” and it costed me a lot of effort to settle and reassure those two.

As for why I’m now hiding in the changing room and playing with the panties that my little sister just took off, it’s because I was about to face an unprecedented crisis.

When I had just turned on my computer, there was a document on the desktop whose title read, “Time of Missile Launch: 00:00” and so I opened up it to inspect it…

“I’ve already set up an automatic email that will send shotacon BL to Kaoru Kinoshita. If you want to delete it, then you’ll have to figure out the password. I’ve secretly written the password on your little sister’s underwear.”

…and saw this utterly retarded advance notice for a crime.

Oi oi… I opened up my email box, and there really was an email. Using the automatic sending function, it was an email that would be sent to Kinoshita. But the most important part was…

“How long are you going to wait before you ambush me? I’m really looking forward to it. Hurry up and seize me already.”

…what was written.

“This is bad… This is bad…”

Seeing those disastrous words, a shiver suddenly ran through my spine, and even though I tried to delete the email, but then I discovered that because I lacked admin privileges, I couldn’t delete it without the password, which destroyed my spirit.

And so, since I didn’t have any other choice, I could only scrutinize Yukiko’s underwear.

Yukiko was in the living room watching TV, so I took advantage of this opportunity to sneak into her room and go through her wardrobe… but I couldn’t find anything.

My only option was to dump out all of the clothes in basket and look through them, but I was still unsuccessful. Because of it, I came to the conclusion that, “Maybe it’s written on today’s panties.” and so I returned to the living room. Yukiko, who was wearing a mini-skirt, sat on the sofa hugging her knees in an improper manner. I plopped down in front of her, and cautiously sneaked looks at her panties.

Where is it… Where is it written…!

——But I couldn’t focus on sneaking looks at her panties for long.

My dad who was reading the newspaper on the side increased his coughing speed, like he was trying to say something, and Yukiko was blushing as she pressed down her skirt, so I just gave up (although now that I think about it, my dad was technically witnessing an unbelievable scene of his son trying his best to sneak glances at his daughter’s panties).

“It looks like I’ll have to switch my target to Yukiko’s freshly worn panties.”

No one can blame me for coming to this conclusion, right? That’s why in the end, I was taking advantage of Yukiko being in the bathroom and sneaking around in the changing room.

“Just where is it written…”

After a series of events, now——

I flipped over Yukiko’s freshly worn panties, raised it high into the air, and brought my face closer to it, but I still couldn’t find any words. Dammit, Yukiko’s panties was the only connection to all of this!

However, only my mind was still calm and collected.

“Maybe the underwear wasn’t her panties, but her bra…”

Upon realizing that, I grabbed ahold of the small-sized bra. Where, where is it——Oh, I found it! Written on the inside of the bra was a small line of letters! This is great! Alright, now I have to quickly write it down——Kathunk——If I don’t quickly write it down, Yukiko will……eh? Kathunk?

“Sigh, the shampoo’s all gone, I really need to remember to replenish——”


In that instance, a moment of silence fell upon us. Although it may be little bit too late, right now allow me to introduce my little sister, Yukiko.

Having just entered middle school this spring, Yukiko was nothing like me. She had a small, delicate figure, and that sour look on her face was probably a plus for some people.

Okay, what is Yukiko actually seeing right now.

She was obviously completely naked from having taken a bath, and water was dripping down her smooth, glossy skin, fully showing just how delicate and supple her skin was.

Her two legs which extended down from her small, cute buttocks seemed to have forgotten how to walk, as I only saw her remain frozen in place. The small towel in her hands and the steam covered up her most important parts, but that was her only saving grace, for the person reflected in the large pupils of her eyes was her dearest older brother.

In my left hand was her panties, and in my right hand was her bra.

Because I was extremely nervous, I let out a laugh, and in an act of desperation, I brought my face closer and looked at her——

“Yukiko, this is a misunderstanding. I have a reason for this that I can’t discuss.”


“Listen, I just need to inspect your panties real quick.”


“It’s true! I have some difficulties that I can’t say and I need your freshly worn panties!”


“Yukiko! I have some difficulties that I can’t say but I must need your freshly worn panties——”

“You hideously perverted virgin of a brother, hurry up and get out—————————————!”


With an incredibly violent tackle to my stomach, I flew out of the changing room and completely fell down onto the floor. This is a misunderstanding… I only wanted to inspect your panties for a bit… Although I lost any valuable dignity I had as an older brother, I finally found the password. I was saved.

And so after I returned to my room, I entered the password “I_Am_A_Virgin” (What kind of stupid password is this…) and finally deleted that email without a hitch. Sigh, I’m so tired.

“Not good, that idiot Hikari Yumesaki is really mad.”

I thought back over what happened today, and grew worried. Dammit, what should I do?

Maybe I could follow Hikari Yumesaki’s advice in fixing the letter. However, seeing how angry she is this time, I don’t think this would be enough. But even so, casually apologizing would only make her angrier.

“…I really have no idea on what to do.”

I tsked with a bitter expression on my face, and flipped open the notebook. Even though I really didn’t want to write these words if possible, I couldn’t take anymore of it.

“Please don’t be angry anymore. Making you angry is only causing me pain. You know how I feel about you, right? I’m begging you to please tell me why you’re mad. The one thing that I never want to feel is being hated by you, my beloved.”


Although I wrote those words myself, looking at them still made me blush red in embarrassment. Eh? Do I really have to do this?

All things considered, Hikari Yumesaki has a kind and sweet personality, so if I write this honestly, she’ll probably forgive me. But the thing is… Ugh~

After racking my brain for a while, I ended up erasing the ending “my beloved” part. This action would probably cause her to ridicule me as a virgin again, but it was really embarrassing. My cheeks were still burning red.

“Please don’t be angry anymore.”

I carried this plea in my heart, and got into bed to sleep and end this day.

Two days later, seeing my room and tidied up and cleaned, I couldn’t help but let out an “oooo” in amazement, and then opened up the notebook. What entered my sight was a tiny handwriting that lacked any self-confidence.

“………It’s because the letter you wrote for Miyamoto sounded like you were writing to a girl you liked.”


Uh… What does this mean?

Although I didn’t expected that letter would make her feel this way, what did this have to do with her being angry?


As I pondered that, I continued reading the next line.

Once I saw those words, I couldn’t speak for a moment.

“I don’t know why, but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.”


Eh? Uh… Does this mean that…

I immediately felt a smile grow on my face. Could it be that Hikari Yumesaki had a bad taste in her mouth because I was being friendly towards Miyamoto? In other words——


Crap, my smile won’t stop growing.

“Heheh…… Heheheh.”

I even let out a disgusting laugh.

I don’t know why but my mood became a lot better, and I threw myself onto my bed. And then, while holding onto Hikari Yumesaki’s hug pillow, I laughed like an evil overlord for no less than ten minutes. My little sister entered the room at some point, “Brother, I’m sorry for ignoring you for all of yesterday………. Oh…. I see that I’ve disturbed you. I didn’t think that you would be in the middle of humping your hug pillow… I’m sorry for getting angry at you over my insignificant panties…” and even though I’ve been subjected to such words, I didn’t care at all. I was at the height of the moment. Banzai!

“What, she was only mad because of this?”

I smiled as I bowed my head and apologized to yesterday’s me. Hikari Yumesaki, I’m really sorry.

Once I finished apologizing, I sat back into my chair, and laid back as far as I could.

I gazed up into the sky outside my window, and immersed myself into the dawn’s light blue sky. Aahhhh, I feel so happy.

It must’ve been because I felt completely relaxed, but I suddenly spoke:

“…It’s already been half a year, huh.”

It’s already been half a year ever since my strange encounter with Hikari Yumesaki. At the same time, I remembered something else related to this.

One morning——I received a strange phone call, and words the person in the black robes said at that time.

“………My entire life span.”

Hikari Yumesaki’s time was reduced by thirty minutes, along with the meaning behind the black-robed figure’s words.

Not only did this lend to what they meant, but it also hinted at what was to come, which the current me had no clue on. However…

“I really do hate not being able to do anything and just waiting like this.”

I definitely don’t want to lose Hikari Yumesaki like this. Furthermore——

“I’ve already made a promise with Miss Hinako.”

On the night of the fall equinox, under the light of the full moon, I made a vow to Hikari Yumesaki’s mother, Miss Hinako.

I will definitely let Hikari Yumesaki revive, and definitely let her come see you.


For some unknown reason, I felt strength course through my body.

Afterwards, I kept searching for a clue that would help allow Hikari Yumesaki to revive, but I couldn’t find anything at all. But even so, I still shouldn’t think about giving up. I definitely can’t give up.

No matter what I must do, I must allow Hikari Yumesaki to revive.

“We’ll definitely go see Ms. Hinako together.”

There’ll definitely be some solution, a solution that will allow Hikari Yumesaki to be saved.

That’s right, I carried this impossible hope with me——

And clenched my fist at the sun rising above the cloudy sky.






Marie muttered unhappily, and cut off the trunk of the ‘Cylinder Train’.

The air was humid, and even after loosening the collar, it was still unpleasant. The sweaty blond hair felt disgusting when clinging onto the forehead, and the stench of waste was all the more nauseating.

Through the bottom of her sunglasses, Marie scanned the ‘Platform’.

The floor was sticky due to some unidentifiable dirt, and the walls were covered with wanton graffitis and advertisement posters on the wall. The ceiling lights were dim, and the display board with the station name wiped out was dangling.

It appeared to be an abandoned station, and did not appear to be managed by anyone, but the ‘platform’ was filled with passengers who just alighted from the ‘Cylinder Train’ that arrived.

“Absolutely horrible.”

Marie again noted, removing her sunglasses.

Shown from beneath the black sunglasses was a thoroughly peeved face.

“It’s to be expected for a trash of a city to have a trashy smell. Disgusting, absolutely disgusting! Even I’m getting pissed off, damn it–can’t I just burn everything to the ground?”

“Hey hey. That’s the first thing you say, Princess? This is the most popular tourist attraction in the world, you know? Can’t you say some happier thoughts about this?”

A voice of comfort could be heard from behind, and Marie turned around.

Right in front of her eyes was Vermouth, giving a cold sneer.

His appearance was that of a smoking hot blonde babe of an automata–but the voice was that of a frivolous man. It was a strange existence of the expression, voice and gender being completely disoriented.

With much impatience, Marie said,

“Tourist attraction? More like a garbage dump, right? You can say it’s a cockroach nest.”

“–Maybe, but don’t forget. To the world outside, we’re pests living in the toilet–large ones too.”

Vermouth said as he curled his smile.

And he inhaled the air as though he was tasting the smoke, and exhaled.

“–Phew~this sewer-like air…feels nostalgic here, doesn’t it?”

“More importantly.”

Naoto Miura interrupted.

It seemed his ears were hurt by the ‘Cylinder Train’, for his face winced in pain.

“Can someone please tell me where are we already?”

“Anyway…you can change out of that disgusting outfit now.”

Marie narrowed her eyes, and coldly stated.

Naoto was wearing a local traditional dress made of layers of colorful cloths–a female outfit that could cover the curves of a body.

Naoto, who had a petite body and some adolescence in his voice, clearly looked like a girl.

Of course, that outfit was not his fetish–

“Listen up. You were the one who said my appearance was revealed, and I’m now wanted as an international terrorist–and also!!”

Naoto opened the paper he was holding with one hand, and shoved it before Marie.

“There’s a report that we kicked up a fuss with the Thai navy port. So I said, you’re the one who told me to disguise myself and avoid attention, right?”

Naoto laid out a little English Tabloid.

Right in front of Marie’s eyes was a photo of the Thai Navy docked at a port, and an eyecatching headline.


“Second Epsilon (Y) hijacked a boat! Thai Navy Port Devastated!”


It was a report on the ‘Second Epsilon’, terrorists currently on the run–who devastated the Thai navy base, fought off the local military and police, and terrorized the Thai people.

Marie slapped away the Tabloid that was pressed at her nose, and growled,

“I told you to disguise yourself–not dress yourself up as a girl!”

“Master Naoto, you do not have to mind the suggestions of the lowly peasants.”

Interrupting with a refreshing chirp was the automata RyuZU.

She went forth to shield Naoto,

“Master Marie, it appeared that you have an inferiority complex to Master Naoto with regards to the score of your appearance, to a point where it goes beyond gender, but it is understandable. Throwing a tantrum to escape from your inferiority complex is the final privilege of the vulgar, foolish ones. Before your final rights are taken away from you, please do not–”

“You’re the one who got him to crossdress, okay! Half of those words can be directed at you, you piece of scrap metal!”

“–I say, Milady.”

Interrupting was Halter, the cyborg.

This hulking figure bent down to get off the train, and sighed, saying,

“That’s enough already. Do you guys really want to be chatting on the ‘Platform’?”

“Before you ask me, how about you ask that flawed automata who started any ruckus without a second thought? Do you want me to tell you how many times I took insults over the past 2 weeks?”

“Oh my. Are you trying to boast that you can count to more than ten? You may, you know? You can boast all you want–”

“16 times!! Your! Fault! For causing so much trouble!”

Marie raised her voice, and glared at RyuZU.

It had been 2 weeks back since they were discovered in the Indian Ocean by the Thai Navy and fought back into the Navy port at Grid Phuket.

They chose to take the land route after that, and though they tried their best to maintain a low profile, and moved about quietly and discreetly, they were pursued by the police, military, and even the paparazzi.

Whenever a gun–or any suspicious item was pointed at Naoto, as befitting of her nature as an automata, RyuZU would eliminate all malice, killing intents or hostilities.

And so–this ended up being the case.

Whenever they attracted some attention, there would be commotion.

Whenever there was commotion, the pursuers would figure out where they were.

And whenever they tried to evade their pursuers, they would continue to change destinations, and wander around.

They went from Chumphon to Bangkok, Pataya, made a detour to Cambodia, returned to Thailand through Ubon Ratchathani, north to Khon Kaen, and Nong Khai.

They went through practically all the main cities of this country, went through the Laos border, and finally arrived at this nameless station.

During this long escapade, they were discovered 16 times.

If they were able to evade from their pursuers, their journey through local transportation would be no more than 3 days, yet they spent 5 times the duration.

And as for the reason–

“Isn’t it because you’re always being so obvious?”

“…But Milady. Unfortunately, it is difficult for us to be moving around discreetly, isn’t it?”

Halter coaxed, and Marie remained silent.

Even if Marie was completely left fuming, she had to admit that Halter’s words were reasonable in this context.

Halter and Vermouth had no issues, and so did Marie and Naoto, the latter in crossdress. They would not be spotted easily if they disguised as foreigners.

The probably however was RyuZU. Her alluring appearance, and radiant, glittering silver hair would surely garner much attention.


“Papa? Where, is this place?”

“Ohh, AnchoR, sorry~ that annoying shitty old hag–ah, I just said something bad for a kid’s education–that blond landmine of a girl wouldn’t speak, so papa can’t answer you.”

Naoto tenderly answered the automata with the appearance of an adolescent girl, AnchoR.

Her adorable appearance consisted of black irises were flickering uneasily, the round cheeks tender, and the pink lips. Coupling that with insufficient repair, and she was swaying around.

Her appearance at this point garnered a desire of anyone around her to protect her.

As Halter said, it was a little difficult for this group to move around discreetly–

“Those guys there! Stop giving AnchoR weird thoughts!”

“Mama, where is this place?”

AnchoR tilted her head in confusion, and the latter rid herself of her displeased look, beaming as she answered,

“Grid Chiang Mai, AnchoR.”

“That’s right, but Missy, you’re the only one still using this place.”

Vermouth interjected with a grin on his face.

Those words left Marie displeased as she pouted and argued back.

“International law-wise, this is Chiang Mai.”

“Even though Thailand used to have such a place, they don’t use this name in official documents. Right now, they seem to be calling it something more official.”

Hearing this, Naoto asked in surprise,

“…? What is the common name?”


Vermouth answered, and Naoto looked around with more skepticism.

“..You’re referring to this torn down place of a station?”

“There’s nothing that’s not sold here, and nothing money can’t buy. Arms, weapons, automata, illegal parts, drugs–and even humans or human rights. It’s a haven for criminals, terrorists, armed forces, and radicals. Later one, someone called this place–”

With a smirk, Vermouth revealed the answer,

“The premier crime capital of the world–Grid Shangri-La.”

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