February 2018 Announcements

Once in a blue moon. Or that’s how it appears to be outside my window.

I’m not joking, there is a blue moon outside my window right now. (I swear I sound like one of those LN protagonists who insist they aren’t a pervert)

And speaking of LNs, I have been posting in the Sangatsu no Lolicon threads, even though my utter contempt of lolis have been well documented already. Also, it’s strange since I had never watched a series I translated in anime form, except this one, but I guess it’s probably because it’s on my Animax channel. (shrugs)

(Kinda miss the days when /a/ was renamed as Infinite Str/a/tos. Good times)

I think it’s good that I’m able to still watch anime nowadays given how taxed I’ve been recently. ‘The Wage Slave’s Job is Never Done’ after all. Reports, projects, events, sleeping 4 hours a day…yep, been very busy recently.

So busy that I hardly got to translate anything this year. It’s pretty taxing. But it’s a choice of profession I decided upon, so I can’t exactly say that I regret it. I can admit that it’s making me pretty psychotic though. SAN値ピンチ

Well, due to delays, I might have to reschedule lots of my stuff. The only guarantee at this point is that Kamimemo will have to be done by May latest. Look what I have gotten myself into…

Seriously, there’s nothing much I can report in this year, except that I’ll probably have more chocolates farming in FGO than RL. Such is life.

The end.

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