February 2020 Announcements

Over ten years of LN translating, and I’m already starting to regret life decisions.


Take this for example, on the 86’ed discord.

Come for war story and mecha but stay for floof
I came for floof the first time but stayed for war story :joy:

…I swear I shouldn’t have provided fluff…
too late

thanks for the hard work as always :person_bowing_tone1:
K e k


I hate happy stories, because I ain’t happy.

To follow the philosophy of the FFF, if I can’t be happy, nobody can be.


Well, for some reason, the only stuff I managed to work on this year are like, 8 sub chapters of 86. I feel pretty lazy at this point.

A heads up status of the current series.

Unicorn. Will be doing 10 and 11. Definitely after Magdala.

Magdala. Will be doing 8 within the next…3 months?

Kamiinai. Starting again in September.

86. Got 86ed


As for what I’m planning to do right now?





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