February 2021 Announcements

Well, after 9 long years, Magdala is done…for now. Frees me up for Motokano, Kamiinai and Tantei…





I swear my licensing luck outweigh my gacha luck legion to 300…

So as per a rule I set for myself, no licensed series are on this website, unless they’re side stories (86) or WNs (Tenshi). I feel I need to put it out there before people are like ‘Tantei when?’

As planned, Kamiinai will be my actual last series. And yes I’ll still work on it. Motokano V3 to be done by Valentine. Will start on V4 in April.

It‘s gonna be a long time until I reach here…

Health-wise, a brief conversation should explain briefly how it went:


Frozen: how are you btw? made a recovery?

Ping: Ah just finished a volume in 9 days. Good enough I guess

Frozen: >tfw your health is measured by amount TLed


Sometimes I just like to banter with readers/fans as a distraction. Good for some creativity in adding memes to translations after all. Btw I’ve been tracking the comments you readers make, though recently there has been a sugapocalypse.

Oh and here’s a Sayu (no I’m not NTRing yuNS with series, I just snapped it because I was browsing Mamahaha as well)


6 thoughts on “February 2021 Announcements

  1. Well, the recent licensed series were rather popular which gave them a higher chance of being licensed. Maybe if you went for less read series, like a certain series about something leaking…

  2. Ano… ping-san, can you add the covers of the volumes of motokano too? Not just one illustration.

    Anyways this is just a request so dont mind me and Thanks as alwaysssss, lloking forward to the 3rd volume, happy valentines!

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