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Alright, this isn’t Heretic stuff at all, but I’ll probably need these done by next month or so.

Unfortunately, the scans I have for this one are all in double-page format, and I can’t upload them onto the wiki like that. If you are interested to work on the scans for this volume, please notify me through the Heretic email (if you don’t mind some spoilers, naturally). The scans need lots of work, at least.

PS: I’ll be really grateful if anyone can provide a single page version of the scans here. (Actual work on the novel will begin on the 11th next month (and end on the 14th), I’m still forcing myself to start work on this volume.)

Mizuki: it’s alright now, Shouko-chan
Mizuki: Sakamoto-kun will definitely find a way to turn this around.
Shouko: …Yes.
Yuuji: …Let’s go with this

Yuuiji: can you do it, you guys?
Akihisa: of course.
Hideyoshi: ‘S course
Muttsurini: …Leave it to me.
Minami: It’s only at such moments…that those guys
Minami: Seem pretty cool there.
Aiko: Ahahaha
Aiko: I understand too.
Yuuko: So-
Yuuko: Sorta
Yuuko: They’re not too bad.
Yuuji: I don’t know what you girls are saying,
Yuuji: But you too have things to do.
Yuuji: Do your best now.
Minami: Of course, I’ll do my best too.
Yuuko: How can we let it end like this without beating them?
Aiko: What will we do this time?
Yuuji: Alright,
Yuuji: Then–

Instructions to retreat
Yuuko: Everyone!
Yuuko: Retreat now!
Yuuko: We have to give up on all disadvantageous battlefields!
Limiting the battlefields:
Aiko: We’ll fight against them here!
Aiko: Don’t run away now!
Keeping classified information a secret:
Victim: Oi, 
Victim: I heard
Victim: that Sakamoto and Kirishima-san are together now–
Knowing the points allocation.
Replenishment tests
Eliminating the Radicals

Minami: I just thought that you were being a little cool there! Hurry up and apologize now!
Akihisa: Eh?
Akihisa: What? What?
Aiko: Muttsurini-kun,
Aiko: i’m a little disappointed…
Kouta: …Why.
Yuuko: However,
Yuuko: You guys are a lot more serious than I thought.
Minami: Ah
Minami: that’s true
Aiko: Normally, everyone 
Aiko: Will definitely be jealous of Sakamoto-kun
Aiko: And then they’ll do something.
Akihisa: Erm…
Akihisa: What do you treat us as now…?
Kouta: …There’s no time to do this.
Kouta: When we’re in such an important battle.
Yuuji: Phew
Yuuji: What’s left is
Yuuji: to gather a list of fighting strength for tomorrow’s battle.
Shouko: …Let me help.
Minami: But those two have a good relationship now, right?
Aiko: Ahaha. Definitely.
Yuuko: …Hm.
Mizuki: …How nice.
Mizuki: You can honestly tell your feelings,
Mizuki: To the one you like…
Announce: The summoning war has ended for now.
Announce: Please cease all battles now.
Box: And so,
Box: The first day of the summoning war against the 3rd years ended.
On to the battle! 
Main story GO!

The Summary up till now (Star)
In their rematch against A class, Akihisa and F class saw their victory taken from their very eyes.
The principal received a proposal from exchange student Linne’s maiden school, that ‘the school years will have a match, with the entire school’s facilities on the line’. Due to her dissatisfaction of the 2nd years daily antics, and having considered the interests of the 3rd years, the summoning war between F class and A class was forcefully terminated with the announcement that the 3rd years would be challenging the 2nd years.
The Second Years were unable to reject the Principal’s authority. Furthermore, the losing year would have to forfeit their facilities to the winning year. There was no doubt, points-wise aside, that the 2nd year students were in a disadvantage, for their 3rd year opponents had more experience than them. The 2nd year class representatives reluctantly held a meeting amongst them, and were strongly opposed to F class, which had won through the motto ‘Despicable and dirty are things that only losers will complain about’. On the day of the summoning war, when Yuuji was not put in command–
Akihisa and the rest were put in an unexpectedly tough battle because of the 3rd year Takashiro, Nemoto’s grudge against F class, and Koyama’s strategy. And so, just when they were on the brink of defeat in this disadvantageous situation, Yuuji resolved his issues with Shouko, and thanks to his fiendish strategy, the 2nd years barely managed to scrape through and end the first day of the summoning war…

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