A few updates from my side.

-Hikaru Yugao ETA is November.
-Full Biblia v1 (unedited) to be uploaded next week on heretic
-Magdala v1 is still in the sweatshop.
-Unicorn will be finished by hook or by crook this year.
-Starting Black Bullet on March 2014
-Planned another 3 projects
-Translation of IS v9, if I want to do so, will begin on 15th December 2013

Also to note, I don’t have access to the heretic mail either (on my request).

For those sending in requests to be editors, I have some notes for each series (besides the usual typo and structural edits required) so that you will know what is to be expected.


-Make the (3rd person) narration as posh/dreamy as possible. The idea is to be make it as sophisticated as the ‘nobles’.
-For Koremitsu’s lines, a gruffer look would be preferred, to reflect on his lack of social interactions and his poorer background as compared to the rest of the cast.
-Do not change Honoka’s JIS text when they pop up.
-Not to have any contractions for Aoi’s and (starting in volume 4) Udate’s words. Extremely formal, extremely for the latter to reflect on the ‘courtesan’s status, while the former would be the ‘sheltered’ noble.


-Not to make the English text overly sophisticated. Daisuke’s pretty much half-illiterate, but he is not stupid.
-English honorifics to be used by Shioriko (to reflect the introverted nature) and Daisuke (whenever he is trying to be polite)
-(Hopefully, someone to take over my research)


-Language used to be similar to the one used by Yen Press for Spice and Wolf, but not deviating too much from the original I type out.
-Notable verbal tic from Weyland (he likes to drag the end of his lines)
-Fenesis’ lines are ‘formal’.

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