Clearly, Koremitsu felt that he made a mistake once he saw the many ladies shoes lying on the entranceway.

(These…aren’t Koharu’s shoes, right? Shiiko’s friends? No, they aren’t of kid sizes…)

“Welcome back, big brother.”

Shioriko came out to greet him, clearly feeling unhappy.

“We-Welcome back, Akagi.”

“Erm…sorry to intrude, Mr Akagi.”

“I just happened to pass by because of student council matters.”

“Can I have an interview with you, Mr Akagi?”

“Sorry, sorry! Hono’s too embarrassed to come here alone.”

One after another, the girls appeared at the Akagis entranceway. There was the blushing Honoka, a hesitant looking Aoi, cold looking Asai, Hiina poking her body forward excited, and Michiru apologizing profusely.

“Wow! Everyone’s present.”

Hikaru marvelled as he floated above.

“Ah, there’s still Tsuyako left.”

If that glamorous looking upperclassman is to appear here, how am I going to last!?

The moment Koremitsu thought of that however, a beauty with bright red long hair poked her head out from behind him.

“Good afternoon everyone. Oh, you actually came by, Miss Asai.”

Koremitsu was practically living a nightmare.

(This is impossible.)

Koremitsu glanced aside, and found that Yū had her eyes widened. It seemed she was wondering if those girls were the ‘savage looking’ family members Koremitsu talked about.


At the same time, Honoka’s face froze the instant she saw Yū, who was supposed to be in Australia, right beside Koremitsu.

“Miss Kanai…!”

Koremitsu felt a chill in his heart the instant he heard Honoka’s shocked voice.

She knew that both Koremitsu and Yū were in love. She was the first one to read his feelings.

–You certainly are working hard here, Akagi. Have you fallen for Kanai?

Once she saw Koremitsu remain silent with a serious look, Honoka tried to joke around and divert the topic. At that time, she had already realized that he had feelings for Yū.

(And Shikibu ended up meeting Yū in such a situation!)

Though Yū had never met Asai, Aoi and Tsuyako directly before, they probably had heard rumors of Hikaru visiting her apartment. At this point, Asai was frowning at Yū, and Aoi harbored mixed feelings as she looked on.

Yū should have known that Aoi was Hikaru’s fiancee, and that Asai was his cousin. She immediately tensed up, looking terrified.

(Argh, what a mess this has become!)

It was beyond Koremitsu’s capability to handle such situations.

At this moment, Koharu went out, calling for them,

“What’re you doing, making the guests wait on the corridor like this? Welcome them properly.”

After Koharu had prompted him, the gang went off to Koremitsu’s room.

There was practically no space left once everyone sat on the tatamis in the room.

(What’re you girls here for anyway?)

And all on the same day, to boot.

Honoka and Aoi probably came here, hoping for a reply to their confessions after the commotion involving Shioriko the previous day. What about Asai though? Why did Tsuyako came by too?

It was strange.

There was a tense, silent atmosphere permeating through this cramped room, and they seemed to be testing each other.

Hiina was the first one to start things off.

“Eh, it seems that everyone has a question to ask, so I’ll ask this on behalf of everyone here. In other words, are Mr Akagi and Miss Kanai dating?”


The females gathered at this place gasped in unison.

Yū’s feeble expression was harboring expectations as she lifted her head at Koremitsu. Might as well admit this, maybe this can solve everything.

Yū was Koremitsu’s girlfriend, the girl he wanted, and there was no room for anyone else to interferer. That would be fine.

But the moment he was about to this this–

His words were stuck in his throat the moment he sensed Honoka’s stare.

It was helpless, sad, the same expression she showed when she asked whether Koremitsu liked Yū.

Naturally, Koremitsu was unable to say such words that would make it seem that he was running away.

Once she sensed Koremitsu’s tentativeness, Yū lowered her eyes slightly.

At this moment, Shioriko, who had her cheeks puffed, yelled,

“I’m Big Brother’s girlfriend! I just slept with him in the same bed last night!”

She placed her round knees upon the tatami as she pushed herself onto Koremitsu.

“Didn’t you say it? You said that you’ll take care of me until I grow up!”

Honoka’s shoulders quivered, her eyebrows raised.

Is she about to kick him? But since she was seated on the tatami, she might hit him with the hand instead of the leg, or maybe she might throw the tea bowl at him. Koremitsu got down to guard himself, but Honoka lifted her head, saying.

“Sorry Shiiko. I’ll make Akagi fall for me before you grow up.”

“Wow. This new version of Miss Shikibu sure is different.”

Hikaru marveled.

Aoi widened her eyes in shock, and Asai’s shoulders were trembling.

Yū stared at Honoka tentatively, while Tsuyako and Hiina were grinning away.

“That’s right, Shiiko. Hono’s a strong opponent.”

Shioriko pouted, and argued,

“Don’t get cocky just because you dare to eat the 7-spice tempura! I can also eat some adult curry once I reach 10!”

At this moment, Aoi spoke seriously,

“I can only eat sweet curry, and I am not good at taking sugarless coffee. But I want Mr Akagi to try some spicy curry I make.”

Asai was looking more enraged, her eyebrows crammed together.

Tsuyako was smiling away like a blooming red flower, saying,

“Oh my, I shall feed Mr Akagi some super spicy red wine with my mouth then. I do have feelings for him; I will be angry if Miss Aoi and Miss Shikibu are to monopolize him.”

“Se-Senpai!? What’re you saying now!?”

“I can be a mistress, Mr Akagi.”

“Goodness me, don’t make such a joke.”

“I am only half-joking about that though. Depending on your decision, I can add on to the seriousness in my words.”

Tsuyako narrowed her pretty eyes as she said.

“Ev-Even if my opponent is you, senior Tsuyako, I won’t hand Akagi to you.”

“I will not lose to you either, Miss Tsuyako. I also will not lose to Miss Shikibu and Shiiko.”

Honoka and Aoi declared.

“Big brother’s cellphone screen saver is a photo of me in a school swimsuit! There’s lots of pervy photos of me inside there!”

“Me! Me! I’ll join in too! If the Moon Matriach is Mistress 1, I can be mistress 3 or 4. How about that, Mr Akagi?”

Hiina showed Koremitsu her cleavage as she slowly leaned towards him.

Michiru’s eyes were spinning about as she said,

“M-M-M-M-Mr Akagi! I-I-I don’t think it’s good to-to-to have something li-like a mis-mistress 1, 2 and 3! If you are really going to woo so many, I can be mistress 7…no-no, that was just me talking to myself, Hono!”

“Mr Akagi, if you date me now, I can let you touch these breasts.”

“Oh? My breasts are much more beautifully curved. They’re more bouncy too.”

“Mr Akagi does not look at others by their chest size.”

“Right, Akagi does like big breasts!”

“Is that true, Mr Akagi!?”

“Shiiko here still has room for development, Big Brother!”

While everyone else was yapping away, Koremitsu had no idea as to who he was supposed to argue against or retort. There were several voices wailing away in his mind.

“You do have potential as a harem king after all, Koremitsu. Just as I had said.”

Hikaru floated about Koremitsu, speaking in a matter-of-fact tone.

(Is this a harem!? I don’t feel happy at all! Were you always smiling away in the middle of such commotions? Can you still talk about flower knowledge so calmly in such situations?”)

This isn’t something a normal man can do!

Koremitsu was incredulous and amazed at Hikaru, unable to lash out at him.

While all the girls were insisting on themselves, surprise lingered on Yū’s face, and Asai was still frowning, her arms folded.

After being in this state for quite a while, Asai finally spoke up.

“That is enough already, all of you!”

This sharp sword-like voice severed the commotion.

The might was such that everyone could only watch her silently.

Asai looked around with a chiding expression, saying,

“Such ruckus in someone else’s house is going to sully the pride of a Heian Academy student. Do you not feel embarrassed by this? As the student council president, I cannot condone such acts that will damage the reputation of the school.”

Aoi and Honoka were dejected, Hiina and Tsuyako were looking on with wry grins, seemingly thinking that they went overboard. Shioriko closed her mouth and glared at Asai, having made the decision not to oppose her when she was exerting so much pressure.

(That’s some great help, Asa!)

He did not understand why Asai would be around, but it was great that she was around. That was what Koremitsu had thought.

“A love confession has to be fast and effective.”

Asai spoke coldly.

And then, she turned her eyes at Koremitsu.

“I hope to have a relationship between opposite genders with you, Mr Akagi.”

Asai coldly declared.

Aoi widened her eyes, and everyone else were taken aback, their mouths open in shock.

Koremisu too was stupefied, ostensibly thrown into a different dimension.

“Well, this certainly is Asa’s way of confessing.”

Hikaru too grimaced.

(A love…confession?)

That term too was something of a different dimension, something he could not comprehend.

At this moment,

“This is bad, Akagi!”

Frantic footsteps could be heard, and Tōjō, carrying Lapis in his hand, opened the door with a look of terror.

“I just checked with the vet! Lapis’ pregnant! Which cat’s the father!? It has to be a noble blood one that can match her, right!? I won’t forgive that cat if it’s a stray, especially those fat, slobby ones with black and white all over it!”

After shouting all that, it seemed Tōjō realized the surrounding atmosphere.

“Eh, Aoi…”

“Big brother Shungo, that fat, black and white cat you talk about is just like Shell Blue at my house, no?”

Tōjō gasped as he saw Aoi glaring at him in annoyance.

“Lapis…is pregnant?”

And upon noticing Yū mutter this, Tōjō widened his eyes.

“Miss Kanai…! If there’s any other guests around, at least tell me beforehand!”

Tōjō raged.

He could only hum away, after having shown his silly side in front of Aoi, whom he doted, Yū, whom he had affections for, and the many girls present. Lapis elegantly leapt out from his clutches and went towards Yū.


It purred, ostensibly asking her if she was doing well.

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