To the readers who have read “Hello, Hello and Hello”.

Ever since the volume was sold, I started receiving many comments from the readers, and every one of them left me happy. Really, thank you very much.

Alright, let’s talk about the ending, a common topic in the comments.

Many readers had their interpretation of it, and I want to say that these answers are all the same. My answer to you is that this story is without a doubt a happy end.

Actually, the fact that readers have read till the very end will ensure that Yuki’s own ‘redemption’ will become reality.

I mentioned about this, in the afterword. Have you noticed?

In this love story of 214 cycles, while Yuki was removed from the world many times, she encountered ‘a certain person’ related to the world of “Hello, Hello and Hello”.

Unlike Haruyoshi, that person’s unable to romance her. Never once did he talk to her, and never did he hold hands with her.

But there’s one thing that person did, one Haruyoshi couldn’t. That person will remember Yuki’s hard work.

That person watched Yuki’s joy, Yuki’s sadness, Yuki’s hope, until the very end.

More important, that person’s kind, heartbroken to think about her future.

If you want to think who that person is, please think of this story in your heart, think of Yuki, and stand before the mirror. There’s definitely ‘someone’ smiling happily, sadness, painfully.

Have you noticed?

It’s because you witnessed this story.

It’s because you’ll never forget this story, and not think that the story never existed, and will remember this forever. Because you exist.

–Yuki will never be ‘alone’ again.

If you remember her love story with Haruyoshi and step into the future, one day, after the fever over this story ends, it might be possible that in the future, you might know of ‘someone who somehow knows about Yuki’.

So, if you do hear voice amidst the sakura fragrance.

Please praise her for ‘working hard’, and embrace that little body of hers. Then, please talk about her past with Haruyoshi.

This “Hello, Hello and Hello” is a story of Haruyoshi and Yuki’s encounter. At the same time, it’s a story depicting Yuki’s encounter with you.

Because of this, there’s no ‘goodbye’ in this book title.

Because there’s no need for that, no?

–As long as you don’t forget Yuki, this story shall be an inseparable one to you, the reader.

Continued tweets.

Well, I guess everyone understands that what I wrote was just a personal commentary beyond the novel, the afterword and what I wrote might not be correct. I just hope that everyone won’t forget the feelings they felt from this story, from the encounters between those two.

So I thought, sorry. I just wanted to try discussing my own story as an author. My apologies. I guess it is just like me to bail off at the last moment and bluff my way through. If these words allow for everyone to enjoy Hello Hello, I’ll be really glad.

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