8 Replies to “[Hikaru V10]”

  1. Thanks for the translation!!!
    This is complicated, at one side I want this to continue and at other side I’m glad the author decided to end this at right place :3

  2. Thanks for translating the whole series. I do wish i did not read volume 10 though. Well, i guess novels get more and more real, fun and adventurous story with extremely, sadistically boring end. But hey, great job, you are definitely my second most loved translator after Js06-sama, the true and supreme BiriBiri God.

  3. Finally finish this.
    I read it before and I forget too much that I can’t enjoy continuing unless I read it all over again, and I did.
    Thank you. It was a wonderful read.

  4. Never in my have i been so excited and felt such joy reading this thank you auhor and transltor though my words may reach you or not but i will always be thankful 😊😊

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