[Hikaru V10] Epilogue

The following year, Spring—

The Cherry Blossoms had wilted, and it was a warm day where one would sweat wearing a coat out.

Koremitsu had entered the second year of high school.

He made new friends in his new class, and during lunch break, was able to eat his meals with them, and chat with them.

Michiru was still his classmate, and unlike before when she was nominated to be the class representative, she nominated herself to be it. She also intended to run for the presidency of the student council, and requested, Mr Akagi, please help me with my speech.

He was streamed into a different class from Honoka, but the duo would meet after school at the Japanese dance clubroom, and they would leave school together, going on dates during vacations. They watched an action movie Koremitsu really liked, and this time, he was to accompany Honoka to watch the suspense-themed love story she liked.

“There’s a lot of amazing plot twists here. You don’t have to worry about being bored, Akagi.”

With their hands clasped with each other, Honoka spoke with a cheerful face.

She had her hair, usually let down, tied in a ponytail, and she was dressed in a long one-piece dress with frills on the hem. Whenever they went on dates, Honoka would wear clothes cuter than usual.

“You would praise me well, Akagi. That’s why I’m working hard here.”

She smiled cheerfully.

Koremitsu would usually be at a loss of words as to how to praise Honoka whenever they went on dates, but the friend who no longer existed did say before, “’Isn’t it good’ is a line that can only be said once. You have to praise girls well when they work hard to dress smart.”

Honoka started to chat happily about what happened in class.

(This girl’s always smiling now…back when we first met, her eyebrows were usually raised, and she was glaring at me.)

As he recalled how Hikaru said that the latter would help him search for a girlfriend who liked to smile, his eyes and lips naturally began to smile too.

And Honoka suddenly immediately looked up at Koremitsu, whispering bashfully,

“It seems you’ve been smiling a lot recently, Akagi. Your smiling face…is very gentle. I like it.”

—It seems that whenever you are with her, you too would be cheerful and uplifted, influenced to smile too.

The rich sweet voice rang within his eyes.

A fiery lump rose up his throat, and used his hands to cover his face and lift it up.

“Hm, what’s the problem?”

“Ah, it’s nothing. I just so happened to think of a ghost.”

“What’s with about?”

Honoka spoke with interest. Koremitsu held his tears in, and then rubbed his hands that were on his face on Honoka’s cheeks.

“Let’s hurry. The movie’s about to start.”

Saying that, he walked away.

“Ah, you’re buffing me here! Is my foundation ruined? What about the rouge?”

One of these day, he would tell Honoka Hikaru’s matters.

The story of this important friend of me, who brought me a flower that likes to smile.

Yes. Perhaps that guy’s somewhere on this Earth.


—The next time, I will head to your classroom to borrow a textbook, Mr Akagi. When that comes, I have a request to ask of you.


  1. Holy…damn, AkagixYu ship sunk…oh well, let’s see how it ended up here. Honoka is great with Koremitsu anyway.

    1. Brother, I’m totally support your choice!!!
      I also was waiting for something more between Asa and Akagi)

  2. Just a question. What did Honoka say on the second color picture (the picture after the cover)? That expression of hers worries me for some reason.

  3. Happy ending. I prefer Asa more but Hono is really the most suitable for Kor since she didn’t involve with Hikaru. Thanks for translate

  4. I don’t usually comment , but this time is an exception , i thaank you so very much for translating this series , has been a fun ride , i followed this series since it was still in hereticntl , the ending was very satisfying , once again maximum respect for translating this gl with all your endeavors ^^

  5. Thank you for translating. I’m glad I got the opportunity to read this wonderful story that otherwise would have been beyond me.

  6. I wish to express my gratitude from the bottom of my heart Mr. Ping for the very hard work. I am glad that my first Light Novel experience was this good. Also, many thanks to Mr. Mizuki Nomura for bringing us this masterpiece which shall remain embedded into our hearts.

  7. Commenting for the first time.

    I liked the series in general. When I read that this was a deconstruction of certain popular genres, I wanted to see for myself. At first, it felt like it was just acknowledging the tropes much like the flood of LNs at the moment. At times, I felt that certain situations could have been handled really easily if people learned how to use the internet or at least contacted the right people to get things done. I also felt annoyed by the MC’s friend, Hikaru, since he seemed to cause more problems than fix it. And he seemed to do exposition for the most part with lots of flowery dialogue. He also seemed to be the Edogawa Conan of this series. I liked how Honoka was the only girl who had a more concrete belief in love than the other girls who chased after romanticism. Not sure if that was supposed to be the message of the LN though. That love filled with romance and devoid of classical beliefs is painful and quick to fall apart.

  8. Hono it was obvious, because she is the one non-related to Hikaru. Not bad, and she is great, though I pray that relations between Akagi and Asa will develop, because they are still young and relationship could change! So next choice is obvious Asa!)))

  9. To be honest, I kinda wish there would be an alternative endings where Akagi chose either Tsuyako, Aoi, Asa, and Yu (1 girl for each ending of course). Sheesh, this series just has too many likable heroines!

  10. Thanks you.just finish reading in 4days straight Great work. Volume 9 is not good for my heart, still having hard time getting over it. =)

  11. I know I’m late to the party, but thank you for translating and I was either hoping for AkagixAsa or Akagixhono so I’m happy.

  12. Thanks for translating..this is my first romance LN series..glad to give it a try..Love the story and the character development..looking forward to side story or maybe continuation ending with different heroine..nice work..

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