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    1. Heretic has no obligation to tell you anything. While Heretic appreciates those who might respectfully ask for update information, this is a 100% volunteer effort that doesn’t need ingracious followers.

  1. as a person who cant understand other languages besides english thank you for the updates 🙂 i look forward for any future projects from Heretic

  2. Chapter one is up, is it all right to add the link to this page? Thanks.

    Awesome series, has become my favorite.

  3. Based on the the story thus so far…i expect that asai would be the girl that hikaru is for akagi. Cause hikaru himself said that she’s the only girl that he would never date even if she was the last girl remaining in the world. Well at least that’s what I think.

  4. this should be translated with in 26th jan according to schedule plan of 2014..
    may i know, what is the cause of the delay in the update??

  5. what’s the cause of the delay update? i really love this LN so much cant stop thinking about what will happen in the next arc XD

  6. I really love to help you to translate this series… but can you share the raw for me…

    just couldn’t bear to wait for Asagao to translated.. lol.. but indeed every girl in this series has own unique charm.. that makes me loves them…

  7. thank you very much for the updates i appreciate you doing something that I cannot, best of luck in your translations

  8. Thank you very much for all your efforts in translating this. I haven’t read through any particular commentary posts, but it seems like Volumes 1 & 2 were submitted to BakaTsuki which is how I originally came across this. Is there a reason why Volume 3 hasn’t been posted (not judging at all, just I’ve found it very useful to utilize the ‘BakaTsuki EX’ app on my smart phone for reading fan-translated LN’s)? Ended up extracting your translation and then doing a little formatting work to turn it into a PDF formatted to better align with a smart phone screen, then uploaded it as a personal Google Play Book (little more effort, but obtained the desired result).

  9. I cant believe that I finished an entire volume in one day. yu reminds me of Mashiron and both of them are adorable.
    It breaks my heart seeing Yu goes to Australia.. What a short first love for Akagi… howver I also curious about Honoka conffesion. Love this series. Thank you for your hard works guys, man you are cool! <3

  10. Oh God, i just read the 3 volumes in one day, please tell me that this is going to continue someday, i really wanna know what´s gonna happen….

  11. Volume 3 is the only volume I haven’t been able to get the pdf version yet.
    **rolling around on the floor sulking**

    Just started to read this series few hours ago. So far I’ve finished vol 2 and now reading vol 3. I hope I can get the pdf so I have some archives for the LNs I love to read.

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