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  1. Another Chapter, nice !

    So with Hikaru’s long monologue in the end of Chapter 7 there I assume all that’s left is the Epilogue and Special Chapter stuff ?

  2. accidentally found v10 epilogue why would you even do it ? 😀 but man those epilogues are really nice cant wait for this one.

    1. I also found it after reading your comments. Ha ! Favorite ship has sailed ! Now I just need to see how they finally reach this point in the first place. 😀

      1. 😀 i agree that was best possible option for me not gonna spoil anyone by saying why, but story leading up to it is sure to be exciting.

      2. Can u please direct me to it? I know I shouldn’t spoil it for myself but I really wanna know can u plz link it?

  3. This volume ended on a more sadder note than the others left a lot of things still unresolved but I guess this is just the hook so readers will want to read the next one I’m looking forward to the Michiru arc 🙂

  4. Thank you for all of your hard work (and surprisingly quick).
    I have prepared EPUB version of this volume with can be found at: http://www.dropbox.com/sh/5azg9hnlhaagkhe/AACI_YPALMdcm6JCzG0oepvda/Hikaru_v7.epub?dl=0

    Of course there is also MOBI version (created from EPUB) available at: http://www.dropbox.com/sh/5azg9hnlhaagkhe/AAC_WRYl3tbVppKbl_yTgYgja/Hikaru_v7.mobi?dl=0

    Both files were tested on Kobo Aura and Kindle Paperwhite and should work on any ebook reader.

  5. i think this has to be my least favorite volume coming only second to the whole beni hitachi (volume 5) arc. i say this because i understand the author trying to keep this PG13 as much as possible but there is a limit as to how unrealistic you can make a story can be because who the F*CK thinks they are pregnant even though they never had sex? like how it was revealed at the end? i know Sora said the father was an “Angel” and not Hikaru but come on self delusions only go so far. She knew deep down she wanted Hikaru to be the father because of her personality of how she never expected anything of anyone including herself and viewed herself as plain as plain can get but i was hoping for more out of her character. I think it would have been more impactful had it been revealed she and hikaru did have sex and the following story resulted as a cause of that but for it to turn out as some extreme hopefulll wis that she was bearing the child of the most beautiful boy he’d ever seen takes away from her credibility as a character. Clearly the author is stretching to keep the story of Hikaru and Akagi going and this series has by now “jumped the shark”and needs to end quickly. Thankfully there are only two volumes left and they seem to deal with no longer “promise” girls but with Michiru and Kazuaki since he is “Rokujo” and plus the final volume which obvi deals with the mother in law who was Hikaru’s most precious girl. anyways that”s my review on this novel and i hope the next few last ones are much better than this one

    1. Hmmmmmmmmmm havn’t read this one but I also didn’t liked volume 11 as it was just like other harem ecchi romcom (well not whole 5th volume but intial chapters)

  6. Thank you thank you Thank YOOOOOOUUUUUUUU!!!!!! I’ve been looking for this for so long!!! As the song goes, “I have died everyday waiting for you.” Again, seriously… Thank you. Please keep up your good work.

  7. Gracias por traducir estos volúmenes, gracias a ti me he trasnochado leyendo todos los capítulos hasta el momento. Gracias gracias gracias

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